Serpent & Dove Readalong: Day 4


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Hello & welcome to day 4!

How are you getting along with the readalong so far? I hope you’re enjoying it! Only today and tomorrow left now, if your motivation is low just know the finish line is so near! Although I doubt that our curiosity wouldn’t carry us through the rest of this, as we keep pausing during such intriguing bits!

Today’s section is 308-398! Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin pages 0-398! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


They decide to go for a little bit of a shopping spree to get each other a gift for Christmas (Yule). The moment Lou was left alone in the smiths shop I had a bad feeling. The man made it clear she has betrayed them all, she’s not usually naive but it was a big oversight on her part not to leave while she could. maybe she was just too happy to notice such thing, you know when you enter that blissfulness and forget that others might not be so benevolent? No, me neither haha

Lou nearly got killed! But she’s won against the guys, thankfully, although she almost got caught using magic by Reid! Lucky for us, Reid is in denial. I mean, come on dude! You have a girl who miraculously survives situations that are entirely unlikely and odd things seem to happen around her. He must suspect but just not listen to that thought! 

Oh and they kiss! I’m relieved they don’t get to business on the bloodied floor, I still can’t get over a certain scene where paint was involved! No thank you! ?

Reid calling BS on Lous threat to strip naked in public was hilariously and unexpectedly accurate!  Yeah, we knew you wouldn’t do it. 

On a more serious note, it must really hurt going through these days especially as she’s getting closer and closer to him emotionally. Knowing full well that his view of her would change within the matter of seconds if he knew what she was. But we’re all hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’ll see past that and notice his own prejudice. One can hope!

Oh I forgot he was afraid of heights! 


Wait wait wait.

If the witches get rid of all the male born children and the church takes in loads of abandoned kids that just happen to be almost exclusively male…. (P.S. These are my notes from reading it in “real time” in preparation for the readalong, but I saw one of you guess that in yesterdays comments too! How funny we have such similar thoughts!I love that!)  

A wedding ring, aw. Lou brings up Reid’s religious views on women. It’s good to hear him say Archbishop is mistaken and I understand from his upbringing why it would be hard to say it out loud. He seems to worship the guy. I wonder what else he disagrees with him about. Wish he sometimes disagreed with him loudly.

Okay so you know how I noted it was getting steamy  yesterday….. NEVER MIND! Good LAWD. Does “get a room” still apply here?

Even though obviously this was a very explicit and blush worthy chapter I think it was done so well. His hesitance and longing, her experience compared to his, their secret rooftop moment, her realising she truly loves him, her soul aching for as it still stands, he doesn’t know she’s a witch and that can change everything. And obviously this moment changed things too. Reid better not hurt her feelings, man. I’m nervious!

Oh sh*t!! Madame Labelle is Reid’s mother??! And most likely a witch (see above!! Hehe) but most importantly, on her side?? I did NOT see that one coming! 

And another mother, Lou’s, is in town – confirmed. 

Oh no, y dey do dis to us. She was about to tell him the truth it would have been the perfect moment! Now I’m sure when he’ll find out, and he will, it will not be through a private controlled conversation. I just hope when he does that he sticks by her & remembers that she tried to tell him right now! But let’s be real, he probably will not haha! 

What does our dear Archie boi (Archbishop) wants with her now?? Odd timing! And Reis leaves after saying he loves her for the first time. If this is not some type of curse for a dangerous plot line, I don’t know what is. 

Oooookay plot twist. Archbishop is her father??? EVERYBODY IS EVERYBODY’S PARENT! *freaks out*

Did he know? For how long? Is that why he told her to stay near him? Is this why he hunts witches, out of personal hurt?? Can I even get more questions than I did just now????

Funny how Reid says Archbishop acted in her favour as if to protect her. Funny way of showing that, giving your daughter as property to do with as someone else pleases is not something I’d consider parental care.  At this particular moment it’s very hard for me to sympathise with Reis, I know he’s in shock and weak and all sorts of hurt and betrayed but damn dude. Rewind a bit and realise that she just tried to tell you! 

The tension when Archbishop comes back is amazing! Some students don’t even bow. 

Thank goodness for Ansel! If not for his pushing even if Reid would have come to the same conclusion I’m sure it would have been too late. 

Hold on Lou, we’re coming for you!!

Sheesh, what an intense session!

What was the biggest reveal here that you loved the most??






  • Chronically_bookish

    I did not see the Archbishop thing coming nor whom was Reid’s mother because I did not see her witchiness coming either! Hah yes that was me in the comments I think, and I think I am still right about Ansel being Lou’s brother. Reid even said that he looked so much like Lou at a certain moment. I’m actually finishing it today. I can’t stop now. This might be a top 5 Fairyloot book. (Nothing will kick these rebel waves from number one that easily though)

    • G

      Maybe I should put These Rebel Waves on my TBR! :O

      • Chronically_bookish

        It was the best! Not necessarily even because it was well written, because the writing was average but I haven’t read many books that get you emotionally invested in characters in such a deep way.

  • AmbraMoth

    Ok, I was very skeptic about this book at first: forced marriage? A witchhunter? Not exactly a good start for me. Also 100 pages a day seemed a bit too much for my tight business/houseworks schedule and I hate to be late for the readalong…long story short: I pulled an all-nighter and devoured this book in one sitting!! I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved this book, one of my favourites of this year. The best part? I don’t think I would have bought it if not for the fairyloot box. Thank you for choosing this book, I love it, I love you, I love everyone (even if I ended up sleeping only three hours the other day ?)

    • G

      Honestly, i was sceptical at first too but bOI am I glad I read it too! 😀 I’m so glad to hear you loved it!!

  • Lucy

    Ansel is officially my favourite character. To be raised in the same atmosphere as Reid and not only makes up his own mind but also mentally slaps Reid when he’s letting his hurt feelings dictate his actions was amazing to see. And the Archbishop – such a hypocrite! But I would have guessed he was Reid’s father before Lou’s.

    And the secret is out! I knew it had to happen and I did like how it went down. I was wrong about Jean Luc betraying Reid but he’s far too eager to take his place. Not a good friend at all.

  • Ella

    This might just be one of my fave Fairyloot books so far… ?

  • becca (@beccainwonderland_)

    Okay I was not expecting the twist of the Archbishop being Lou’s Father! That one got me!

    And holy hell that scene, it was more explicit than I was thinking it was going to be, given it’s ya, but I agree G, it was very well done and nicely written.

    And the moment I was dreading happened, I was dreading Reid finding out about Lou. I really wanted him to understand and have nothing change. I can understand his feelings, but at the same time I want to shake him and tell him to stop being silly. Thank God for Ansel though, I love him. I hope they’re not too late to save her ?

  • Mikayla

    I think the biggest reveal for me in this chapter was definitely Reid’s mother…. I had my suspicions about Lou’s father because of the way the Archbishop had been described previously. I do have to say I have no self control and ended up finishing the book (but would never spoil it!!) And I love the role that parentage and family plays in this book so, so much, even when showing that it’s not gonna be an idyllic reunion, a la Lou and the Archbishop!

    • G

      That’s so interesting, for me it was the other way around! I did not see Archbisjop thing coming at all and I’m always so glad when a book surprises me!

  • Sumha Junaid

    For me the biggest shock was finding out Lou’s father was the Archbishop. I mean, come on! You can’tjsut spring that on us…
    But it also explains how adamant he was in Lou and Reid getting married and then having them stay in the tower.

  • Danica

    Oh boy those were some chapters it took all will power to stop reafing and comment here hehe
    Poor Lou they must save her oh the scene when Teid finds out and says you are not my wife I cried with her
    Glad they had sex and conected on deeper level it was steemy and oooh boy soo good their relations is so sweet and it warmed my heart
    Did not see madame Labelle to be Reids morher but I did suspect that the Archbishop was Lous frather that scene with the cinnamon buns got me supspecting he is conected with her
    Ok I must read on i have to know how it finishes

  • Tina

    YES!!!!! Yes yes yes yes, I was right!! Archbishop is Lou’s dad, and Reid is the son of a witch!!!! I LOVE this book!!!

    It’s getting too exciting, I cant think straight, so I’m going to finish up, and comment again on the last day’s post!

    Happy reading all x

  • Anne

    Yesterday I didn’t finish my pages for the day, but on day 5 I was back on track!

    Entered the photochallenge @furandpaper

  • Ariana S.

    Oh my gosh this book is definitely becoming one of my new favorites! It’s just written so well and the pacing is amazing and the characters ?
    I was shocked about finding out who Rieds mom is. And definitely about Lou’s parents, it was such an interesting way to reveal it!
    This has been such a slow burn romance that the rooftop scene was so heartwarming. I honestly went through so many emotions in this section, most of it made me tear up a bit ?

  • Connie

    Omg!!! These chapters were packed with reveals! I think the most surprising was the Archbishop being Lou’s father… WHAAAT??
    It was SO hard to stop in the middle of everything going to hell! On the plus side, I’m enjoying this book immensely!

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