Seven Faceless Saints Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong of Seven Faceless Saints. I hope you’re all loving the book so far!

Today we’re reading from chapter 8 to the end of chapter 14. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Seven Faceless Saints by M. K. Lobb, from chapters 8 to 14. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Well, this is an interesting development, Roz is a rebel! She’s in an awkward position though, as it does seem some of the other rebels don’t have trust in her with her being a disciple. She has as much passion about this as anyone though, and even comes up with her own plan to see if she can figure out if the deaths are connected.

Roz attends the choosing of Death’s next disciple and through Forte we come to learn a little more about the saints and why they only honour six. A shame, because I definitely think my chaotic vibes would have me be a disciple of Chaos!

Turns out, Roz wasn’t the only one who had the idea of snooping through the morgue while all the raucous took place, Damian is here too. Awkward. 

They’re arguing about justice, from Roz’s end, a lot of this seems to be directed around what happened with her father, which while what happened was awful, I do believe Damian when he says he had no idea Battista sent Roz her father’s head in a box. 

This is an interesting development though, it seems they’re going to work together. She does kind of blackmail him, but needs must!

Damian’s feeling a lot of guilt toward Roz, a lot of it seems like it could be PTSD from the war. He doesn’t feel like he deserves to be alive.

It seems like a difficult thing to be unfavoured within this world, Damian, who isn’t blessed feels like that means the saints don’t care about him. Roz doesn’t see it that way, but it’s easy for her to cast that aside when she IS blessed.

After discovering that the murders are in fact, linked, Roz and Damian speak to Mariana, from Death’s guild and they learn that disciples of death cannot read a body if the eyes are gone. That leads them to believe the killer might be a disciple of death. We’re getting somewhere!

Roz tries to make Damian see that even though her father was a deserter, what happened wasn’t right. It’s not right that the unfavoured are forced to go to war while the blessed stay home, safe in their temples. Damian seems blind to it though, he did what his father asked, and that’s all there is as far as he’s concerned.

Damian follows Roz after she departs and it leads him to her mother’s house. He remembers Caprice, and it takes him a while to realise that the Caprice he’s hearing now, broken and crying, is a result of the trauma wrought by his own father. With that, he decides he needs to speak to Battista. 

For now, Damian takes Battista’s advice and asks Enzo to keep an eye out for anything unusual. He also tasks him with taking a note to Roz’s home. It’s kind of cute how nervous Damian is to be sending Roz a note. I don’t know where Roz’s head is at, but Damian definitely still has lingering feelings for his childhood sweetheart!

If Roz is trying to get the rebels to instil more trust in her, I’m not sure it’s the best idea that she’s avoiding telling them who she’s actually meeting. Then again, I don’t know how well honesty would go down in this situation, maybe it’s for the best. At least she tells Piera, and she doesn’t seem remotely surprised.

When Roz meets Damian, he takes her into the Palazzo, after hiding in close quarters, he instructs her to put on a guards uniform and before they can get much further, Enzo comes to alert Damian of something strange, the door to Leonzio’s room is open…

Did you see it coming that Roz is a rebel?
How do you feel about Roz and Damian working together?
Do you have a favourite character so far?

Ok fairies, things are really getting interesting! We’ve paused at an interesting moment and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. See you tomorrow for day 3!


21 thoughts on “Seven Faceless Saints Readalong: Day 2!

  1. 1) I admit, I did not see it coming. But it kind of makes sense, the rebellion needed an inside man, and since Roz is a disciple who doesn’t like it, it’s a perfect position for her.

    2) I hope they won’t kill each other. I do think if they can trust each other, they could make a very good team! But I feel they are still unsure about this whole situation, so it might take a while for them.

    3) I like Enzo and Damian. And while I love the friendship between Roz, Dev and Nasim, the latter two still feel a bit off for me. Not sure why.

    1. They can’t kill each other or die at this point because there is too much left of the book!

  2. Hi All,
    Yes I saw Roz was going to be a Rebel, as she says how when before she became a disciple that she didn’t agree with how the unfavoured were treated, and then once her father was murdered and his head left at their door it was the last straw, so she wanted to help, and then she became a disciple she knew she could help, even if they don’t trust her the true ones do.
    I’m excited for them to work together, i’m hoping they reconnect and they work things out but i’m hoping for some drama first.
    My favourite character so far Roz, I love her style, i mean any character who love her heels i’m all for, but her energy and attitude towards those she care for is empowering.
    I am most defiantly looking forward to what comes next

    1. It was even worse for Roz because she though she was an unfavored until a few years ago after Damian went to war and he was ruled as an unfavored. She felt guilty that they were not equals in that way.

  3. Yes, I did think Roz is a rebel.

    I am really enjoying the switching of POV between them, how we are getting an equal insight to how they are feeling. Makes them working together very interesting.

    I like both Roz and Damian. From the side charcters Enzo is my favourite.

  4. I did not see Roz being a Rebel coming at all. However, after it was revealed I think it made sense. I like that Damian and Roz are going to work together. I think it will provide some good banter and maybe they can work through some trauma they both clearly have. I really like Damian and Roz, I like Enzo, Piera. I am concerned about what could happen if the rebels find out she’s working with Damian.

  5. I don’t think it’s that surprising that Ron is working with the rebels given all that we know about her so far. It’s also smart since she’s in a position to gather more intel because she is considered “one of the good ones”.
    It’ll be interesting to see how they work together all things considered. While they both might feel like they know each other, a lot has happened since the last time they were together and they are different people now. I would like to see some character growth from the both of them with the time spent together.
    So far Damian is my favorite, I feel for him and his need to please the people around him, especially his dad. While he know what is wrong, he is still trying to find his footing after coming back from the war and feeling like a fraud. I’m also interested to see what role he plays with Death.

  6. Roz is a little spitfire rebel. I am not shocked that she is one of them but honestly surprised they are willing to work with her since she is a disciple herself and her Mother was as well. Hopefully she can earn some trust by discovering who the killer is but working with Damian will not help her cause.

    I love that these two have banded together but its not gonna look good once they are discovered to have been working together. Legit no good way for them to walk away unscathed. I am scared one or both of them will have to choose between their current life or their love.

    I am enjoying Damian and his friend group. I love that they have Damian’s back and are looking out for him. However, as much as I like Enzo I am starting to get suspicious of him. He was at the dead disciples room very quickly, he has easy access to everything in the Palazzo, he started working there only a few months ago which is the same time frame as the murders, he swiftly directed the conversation that Forte was acting strange away, and happened to find the door to Leonzio’s room open. Why was he running unless he was not supposed to be near that room and was almost discovered?

    1. I totally suspect Enzo

  7. Did you see it coming that Roz is a rebel?
    I didn’t but I feel like I should have considering how much hated she had for the system that killed her father and made her mother a shell of herself.

    How do you feel about Roz and Damian working together?
    I like it. The tear between them is based on the higher society. Yes they have issues in that Damian wasn’t there for Roz when her dad died but he also wasn’t able to really be there for himself either with being in the front lines of the war. With that being said I’m hoping that them working together can begin to bring these two childhood friends and lovers back together. Even if the relationship will never be what it was.

    Do you have a favourite character so far?
    I like Roz and Damian for different reasons. I like that Roz is trying to fix the system and creat a world where some are not higher than others. Damian is interesting he has been through some stuff and I want more from him but from what we know he really just wants to do a good job and make people happy.

  8. Forced to worked together in close proximity toward a common goal WHILE reminiscing their childhood romance. Yeah, I forsee “second chance romance” in the future. Airing their grievances (even if by lashing out) is necessary to healing their wounds, & they’ve certainly been doing a lot of that already.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Did you see it coming that Roz is a rebel?
    2.) How do you feel about Roz and Damian working together?
    3.) Do you have a favourite character so far?
    1.) Makes sense considering her feelings about the Palazzo, being a disciple, her father’s death, the disparity between the disciples & the unfavored, etc.
    2.) Hopefully it’ll mend the rift between them, but it definitely puts them both in a precarious position (her as a rebel disciple, him as an unfavored security officer on thin ice).
    3.) Not yet, but I have a feeling it’ll probably be Enzo or Dev by the end, if they don’t end up turning traitor before then. Out of the main couple, I favor Damien.

  9. I had a hard time last time to stop just at Chapter 8, so I was very much interested in finding out that Roz was a rebel. I did not see it coming, I thought they might recruit her throughout the novel though due to her position as a disciple. My initial thought had been that Damian might have been a rebel himself seeing as he has access to the Palazzo and the chosen disciples.
    I think it’s a very good thing that Roz and Damian are working together to solve the murders, they will possibly find more than the murderer and I’m hoping they can topple the current corrupt system in Ombrazia.
    Damian is definitely my favorite character so far, since he is the most mysterious. I was so intrigued when I read that Death was actually speaking to him. Makes me wonder if he is in fact a disciple of Death because of what he saw in the war but is renouncing it since he wants sp desperately to be a disciple of Strength like his dad.
    I just have to throw it out there, wasn’t it interesting that Forte was in the Shrine with the new Death disciple worshipping Chaos…something odd is brewing that’s for sure!

  10. Roz has to be a rebel because she has to be the complete opposite of what Damian is and what he stands for. She is so hurt by the fact that her father was murdered by his dad that she can’t see anything else. Its why her magic doesn’t seem to work for her the way that other people’s do. I’m surprised that they havent’ kicked her out since she does the bare minimum-if that. I want to know why Roz can’t get her mother help? Do they not have a doctor or a herbalist or a disciple of strength that could help her frail mental state? I know that she doesn’t want anyone to pity her, which is why she hides her mom, but maybe it would release some of her burden of taking care of her if she let someone else in. Also, IS THERE NO ONE ELSE BUT DAMIAN THAT SHE CAN INTERACT WITH?! It would be a interesting if she had someone else that she was interesting in romantically other than her former girlfriend. I think that would really get Damian fired up-but I get that it would be way too complicated with the investigation that the two of them are getting into. In a sense this reminds me of Belladonna with the Murders and the subtle romance. I don’t usually read books with a male main character, but I have to say that Damain is my favorite character because he has such turmoil inside that I relate with. Roz is the same way but there is just something different about him. I recognize all of my emotions and how I view everything negatively, but I wear a mask to conceal all of them in order to be available for other people and I wish that there were someone who could really see me.

  11. 1) Soooo not surprised hahaha.

    2) I’m here for the romance so sticking them together where they can both be all conflicted is great with me.

    3) Probably Damian. I feel like the war really messed him up. His best friend hates him for reasons that aren’t directly his fault but he feels like he deserves it due to other things he’s done. I want to just wrap him in a blanket and protect him from the world.

  12. 1) I expected Roz was a rebel. It made sense with the way she thinks and it suits her personality.

    2) I’m thrilled that Roz and Damian have started working together. I’m looking forward to see more of those two together.

    3) My favourite character is Damian. It’s obvious he has been through a lot and that his time in the war left him traumatised. He is also suffering from PTSD and carrying so much guilt over his shoulders for things that were out of his control. I just want to give him a hug. I’m rooting for him.

  13. I absolutely knew Roz was going to be a rebel. I was not surprised at all. I think I suspected and was positive when she stopped and listened to Damain talk about rebels before they met face to face again.

    I hope that Roz and Damian can work through their issues with each other and others – together. It seems like they were friends for a long time before they were romantically involved and it is sad to see how they interact now knowing that they shared so much.

    I don’t have a favorite character yet. Roz kind of annoys me with her attitude towards Damian and Damian needs to just be honest.

  14. It did not surprise me that Roz is a rebel with how she distrusts the decibel system and what happened to her father at the hands of a decibel. Yes them working together is very interesting because they really aren’t being open with how they feel so the tension is thick! I think my favorite character is Roz so far!

  15. I wonder if the late emergence of Rozs’ Pateince powers later in life has anything to do with the meaning behind the god. She waited until she was at the end of her rope the first test of devotion or something. Also, is running around trying to hunt down a serial killer the best way to make people like you? Could she not just bring them muffins or something? The new disciple of death being dressed and ready for the job was very suspicious, even more so after he and Forte were in the basement together late at night. As soon as we read about them together, it was so sadly obvious that Damian is desperately in love with Roz, the poor boy. Did he not realize that failing to call after her Father was brutally murdered was a bad idea?

    I didn’t see Roz being a rebel, but it makes sense with her purposefully being a bad disciple.

    Their partnership will result in true love, but the road there might be bumpy.

    I am still determining if I have a favourite character, but I want Vittoria and Siena to meet!

  16. 1. Did you see it coming that Roz is a rebel?
    No, I hadn’t seen that coming, but it also didn’t come as such a shock because it made sense to me. Her thoughts about having powers were very different from the rest and seem to aline more with the rebellion.

    2. How do you feel about Roz and Damian working together?
    I’m all for it!! I also like how two different sides are working together and will have a change to get more information!

    3. Do you have a favourite character so far?
    I just love Damian!

  17. 1. Damian and Roz are very opposite in every way and after what happened with her father she would definitely be anti establishment.

    2. Hopefully solve the crime, get back together, not die.

    3. Damian is probably my favourite

  18. It absolutely made sense to me that Roz was a rebel– if anything her father deserting sorta set the stage for rebellious thoughts or patterns to have preexisted even before his murder etc. Also she is fierce AF so it makes sense.

    I’m really excited for them to be working together. I’d wondered what mechanism was going to bring the two of them together for this and I love that it was this it rather than some kind of immediate emotional softening or forgiveness– or Roz using him point blank in an overtly manipulative way.

    So far I’ve got such a soft spot for both main characters for totally different reasons: I have a tendency to adore fierce female MCs and softer male MCs so this fits perfectly into what I like to see!

    On to the next section!

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