Seven Faceless Saints Readalong: Day 3!


Beautiful photo by @tranquilreads!

Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving Seven Faceless Saints so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

Before we start reading, we have our secret giveaway! What’s that? Oh, just a chance to get your next FairyLoot for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 15 to the end of Chapter 22, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Seven Faceless Saints by M. K. Lobb, from chapters 15 to 22. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Leonzio’s room is… strange. Superstitious sticks and stones with blood are laid on the floor as if he was trying to ward something off.

Damian starts feeling something, an eerie kind of sensation. He thinks he can see someone and then he thinks he can see blood on his hands, but Roz can’t. It seems to be an illusion, and a freaky one at that. Roz tries to put it down to a lack of sleep but, I’ve never known lack of sleep to provoke that kind of response.

Damian is only just telling Roz that he actually has the coroner’s reports, but they’re not much use because parts of it are redacted. That’s important info! What’s redacted? Who did it? WHY? I need answers!

Roz tells Dev that she’s coming close to finding out who killed his sister, and the rebels start to come up with another plan to free the rebels currently trapped in prison.

It seems Roz’s talk with Damian had some impact, he’s standing up to his father. When his father doesn’t back down, Damian asks if he had Roz’s father beheaded. He doesn’t tell him whether he gave that order, but he did give the order for him to be killed. He thinks Roz and Caprice are lucky that they don’t bear Jacopo’s shame. Yeesh.

Siena gives Damian some good advice and it’s kind of mind blowing that Damian hadn’t considered just talking to Roz, apologising for her loss and being honest. Again, though, it seems to come back to some guilt surrounding his time up north. Siena gets it though!

Damian finds Roz and opens up to her. He tells her about Michele, his best friend up north. He thinks it’s his fault Michele was killed even though it just sounds like an unavoidable mistake. Damian can’t pin that kind of blame on himself.

That’s not all though. It was Damian who told Battista that Jacopo was missing. He thought he was doing the right thing, he had no idea Roz’s father had deserted. I agree with Roz, Damian is very complacent, but what else can be expected of an unfavoured son who feels he’s not good enough? Maybe now this will allow him to see he can change?

They have a moment. Damian sitting on the bench, arms looped around Roz’s waist, head against her stomach while she holds him there. Roz can’t allow herself to forgive him though, and ends the moment by pulling him up and demanding he leaves.

Another murder in the Palazzo… and a betrayal. Roz has stolen Damian’s key. She still has the uniform too, an excellent opportunity to snoop. She finds the coroner’s reports in Forte’s office but that’s not all… there’s a letter from Battista. He wants to take over the investigation and he’s already arranged for Damian to head back north… and Damian has no idea.

I really don’t think Damian believes Roz is behind this woman’s murder. In fact, I think his anger is about something else. Her betrayal. He thinks she faked being upset. Roz won’t let him believe it though, she tells him she loved him and he left her to suffer alone. 

Roz shows Damian the letter, and he’d really rather die than go back up north, so the investigation continues!

So they know the name of the poison now, and not only that, they know who wanted it redacted from ALL reports… Damian’s father. Isla sends them away with a book on herbology that might give them more information on the vellenium, The poison has a significant connection to the fallen saint, Chaos. Is that why it’s been redacted?

Well, it sounds like someone is performing ritual killings for the fallen saint… Now to find out who.

Do you enjoy slow burn romances? This one is killing me!
Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
Do we think Battista is responsible?

Some really important discoveries have been made in today’s section and my head is REELING! I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!





  • Sophie Renshaw

    Entered 🙂 @soph.isreading

  • mytypeisfictional

    The story is getting exciting!

    1) I love well-written slow burn romances.

    2) I’m pretty sure Chaos is back. I suspected it from the beginning, but now I’m quite certain.

    3) Maybe he IS Chaos? Or at least one of his disciples.

  • j.m.albert77

    Joining in the readathon for the first time so obviously had to join the competition too @bookbuffsuk ?

  • Amanda Arsenault

    I do enjoy a good slow burn romance. I think Battista is perhaps working with Chaos. For where the poison is from and having been stationed there, I certainly think he’s up to something. But there was something drop the beginning that was along the lines of Patirnce could wait for revenge. I think that could also come into play at some point.

  • Meggan H

    I want to know how no one else found the sticks and stone that were in the closet on the floor.Don’t you think that the security would have done a full sweep of the room and any ajoining areas? It seems a bit suspect. And why does Damian suddenly freak out? Is there someting in the air or is it just the presence of blood that triggers him. We don’t hear much about the other saints and I wonder if they could help damain with his mental state and his lack of sleep? I need a novella about the other favored. Damaian’s dad had to have Roz dad killed because if not then it would have come back to him and he would have the position that he currently holds. He would have sort of aided him in his survival if anyone discovered that he had successfully left the north without being discharged. Also how did Damian not notice that the key around his neck was missing? It seemed as though it was a set up. He is always very aware of everything so whu did he let he take the key? Maybe he knew that she was more daring than him and that she would be able to get the answers that they both need in order to solve the mureders. I am not a fan of slow burn romance because it is TOO SLOW. I need more interaction and there is just not enough for it in this book. Chaos has to be back in some way or another because why is it is that there always seems to be something lifelike about the statue? Does no one else think that its weird that the hood over that statue seems to move? If I were one of the main characters I’d be getting on a boat and LEAVING. I think it would be too obvious if Battista were responsible so it has to be someone else. But there aren’t a lot of characters so who is it? One of the rebels?

  • Megan Hill

    Entered @starless_eyes_books

    Damian needs to grow a backbone for sure. I think he also beats himself up too much. Roz hopefully realizes that he was just trying to help, even if it may have resulted in her father’s death. Damian also should’ve reached out to her but at the same time it seems like he was dealing with a lot on his end- he definitely has PTSD. Which is why I do not understand why his father wants to send him back to war. How cruel.

    I do like slow burn romances but this one is also killing me. Maybe it is because they have so much history and Roz is so angry at Damian.

    I think there is a chance that chaos is back, but more likely someone is trying to bring him back with these killings.

    I don’t think Battista is responsible. I think Forte is. Roz and Damian both noticed him acting weird on two separate occasions. Maybe it isn’t even Forte anymore- someone is impersonating him.


    Do you enjoy slow burn romances? This one is killing me!
    I do like a good slow burn if it’s done right. This one is a pretty good one and the second chance /enemies is a fun twist on that slow burn.

    Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
    No. Due to the pov in the first chapter. The character seemed surprised he was dying and not like he had enacted it.

    Do we think Battista is responsible?
    I do, but I don’t know what is motive is or what his end goal is. I can’t read him but I don’t like him. The cold calculating character he is doesn’t lead me to trust him.

    I will be entering my insta name is @mangapenguin

  • Rebecca Pearce

    Entered 🙂 @bekkibee22

    Well this book is certainly getting more and more interesting as we develop, and its got me hooked and guessing so much.
    Do i enjoy a slow burn romance, yes if its done correctly and fits within the storyline correctly, this one certainly works, as I said in previous post, they needed to expel everything thats gone on with them and then settle within each other again, I think its going correctly, as its really nice watching their journey of falling for each other again.
    Oh defintely think Chaos is back, there so much that doesn’t seem real, but Damian and Roz haven’t put the pieces together, i’m trying to figure out what going on, its a tough one as there so many pieces to add up but that the best thing about it, solving a mystery.
    You know I don’t think Battista is responsible, I feel like it’s someone else, close but not what you expect and let be honest Battista is too obvious, plus secretly he’s a coward I feel sitting behind a desk instead of being on the streets, also when he was at war, I feel like everything been may up to a point and really all he did was delegate, I don’t think Battista has it in him to be the murders.

    I have to say though I am loving the suspense and the trying to figure it out.

  • Hayley Comerford

    This is my first read along and really enjoying it thank you, although I am a day behind schedule!

    Entered @hayleys_readss

  • Sasha Cardinal

    I just entered the contest and my instagram handle is @sasha.cardinal1

    And in answer to the questions:

    1) I prefer the slow burning romance as it is more believable, it’s either love at first sight or slow burns that are my favorite types of romance that’s for sure.

    2) There is definitely a good chance that Chaos is back and with a vengence. I personally think (as I mentioned on Day 2 posts) that I think Patience and Chaos are working together to wreak havoc after the First Saints’ War. I hope we find out more in the next passage readings. I am completely enthralled by this novel and hope Fairyloot added more novels like these in upcoming Fairyloot boxes, so far, they have always been excellent reads.

    3) I don’t think Battista is the murderer; I rather think that Battista may be under the influence of the murderer without being aware that the is under his spell (if I recall, he was discheveled when Damian came to see him, which to Damian was unlike him), if Leonzio was having visions (illusions) and Damian as well when he was in the Death’s disciple room, who’s to say Battista isn’t also having illusions, maybe of his dead wife or even Roz’s dad…

    Looking forward to the rest of the novel!

  • VJ

    Entered the giveaway @vasundharajayender

  • karoliina.laakso

    I will enter the giveaway @aleinaaa1.

    It seems like somebody is trying to maybe wakeup or resurect Chaos. With Death wispering in Damians thoughts and Roz being a decendant of Patience I can’t wait to find out what it means!

    I did suspect Battista or Forte, but is Battista now too oblivious?

  • Jane Austen Obsession

    I honestly do and don’t enjoy slow burn romances, they are so difficult to be patient with, but in the end you are super glad for the long drawn out romantic tension! I think someone or a group of people are trying to bring Chaos back! I’m not sure if Battista is responsible, he seems like he’s in such a good position for himself as a disciple of strength, why would he risk it by trying to bring back a different saint through murder? What would be the benefit for him hmmmmm…
    I am entering the contest and my Instagram handle is jane_austen_obsession

  • agsing

    Lots to process, with the redacted reports a new body and betrayal between Damian and Roz. I love a slow burn, so I am fine with Roz and Damian slowly coming back together. Roz is gonna be our linchpin it seems letting Damian back back in since he has opened up about his time in the army to her now. She has to see that he meant no harm to her father by reporting he was missing. He honestly thought he could have been hurt on the battlefield somewhere. On the flip side though while it was an honest mistake it still helped get her father tracked down and killed. Which is very hard to forget. I would love to have a flashback of Jacopo looking out for Damian during the war. As well as some insight as to why after years of being drafted Jacopo decided to desert in the first place.

    I think Chaos is being released but not back yet. These ritual killings are giving him power to return. He could be why Damian saw the blood and a man in Leonzio’s room. Could have also been a disciple of Chaos manipulating his mind, whoever the murderer might be.

    Battista is covering a bunch of stuff up. I do not believe he is responsible for the murders though. He most likely has a much clearer idea on who is committing them. I really believe it might be Enzo, that he might actually be a disciple of Chaos from the North.

    Entered @ramble_reads

  • ladymeg

    1) I love slow burn but honestly they are getting really ridiculous. They can’t even focus on ANYTHING else without getting distracted by the other. GUYS THERE’S A TIME AND A PLACE!

    2) I think there’s a 100% chance Chaos is back

    3) This one I’m not sure on…I think maybe whoever is impersonating Forte is involved, but I’m not entirely sure if Battista doesn’t just have something else going on.

    I’ll be entering the contest as @sonata_ix!

  • TupaKitty_Reads

    His guilt about Jacopo’s death seems more reasonable now. Who’s Bianca? Was there any connection to Daniel, Amelie, Leonzio, & Bianca as people or was it merely situational (or by location)? Damian’s dad is a dick & so is the Chief Magistrate. Vellenium – the poison of Chaos disciples – Blood of Chaos. Chaos, the Saint who has been shoddily wiped from Ombrazia.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you enjoy slow burn romances?
    2.) Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
    3.) Do we think Battista is responsible?
    1.) It depends on whether the reason the burn is so slow makes sense within the story or seems forced/contrived.
    2.) It could explain the shape-shifting theory I had early or simplify it to possession, I guess.
    3.) Well, clearly, he’s had a hand in things, but it’s uncertain if he’s working alone or even consciously (not that he lacks the unconscionable ability, but there’s still my shape-shifting/possession by Saint theory I haven’t ruled out yet). Plus, the page before Ch.1 mentioned Patience waiting to strike revenge for Chaos falling during the 1st War of Saints.
    *I’ve already posted my #FairyFacelessSaints photo under @TupaKitty_Reads ????*

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. Do you enjoy slow burn romances? This one is killing me!
    Yess, I love slow burn romances so much more than the Insta-love ones! I feel like I get super invested in the characters and their growing bond when it’s gradually and slowly developing!

    2. Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
    Yess, I do think there is a chance.

    3. Do we think Battista is responsible?
    He seems like an obvious choice. I feel like he might be more of a scapegoat/puppet than the true puppeteer

    Entered on my account under @lisashelves

  • Linda Smolders

    Entered @vae_kaelas_reads

    1.) Do you enjoy slow burn romances?
    I do like a slow burn of the story line makes sense. Although I can be caught screaming to my book to please get together already while reading.
    2.) Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
    I think Chaos was never completely gone, but he/the deciples had a low profile until now.
    3.) Do we think Battista is responsible?
    I’m not sure of his role yet, but I don’t think he is responsible. His motives are unclear for me. He might have played an unconcious role, but it seems to on the nose that the person who redacted the reports is also responsible. Battista feels like a character who would have hidden it better if he was really the murderer.

  • Jennifer

    Why did Damian have the delusions in the dead disciple of deaths room? PTSD? Was he drugged? Is he reacting to traces of the drug that killed the disciple? Is it a reaction to the symbol on the floor? Is the killer making him see the illusions just like the killer probably used an illusion to look like Forte.

    1. I like slowburn.

    2. I think it highly likely chaos is either back or never really left.

    3. Battista is a bad person and a bad father. But I don’t actually think he is the killer they are looking for.

    I will post my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  • Victoria Todd

    Do you enjoy slow burn romances?
    I do enjoy them, but Roz and Damien’s isn’t really doing it for me. There’s a lot of heavy stuff between them and it feels like it’s resolving a little too easily.

    Do you think there’s a chance that Chaos is back?
    Absolutely yes!

    Do we think Battista is responsible?
    Maybe? I could see it happening. Might have something to do with the death of his wife in the north, but I can’t think of other motivations based on what we know of him so far.

    I entered the giveaway! My instagram handle is @giggenbach.reads

  • mikaylazm

    So first up: gonna post my entry tomorrow but the handle is madamepincers!

    This slow burn, which I love, is absolutely fantastic and I adore the chemistry between Roz and Damian. I definitely think Chaos is back (and is hiding/lurking in Forte… I am still so suspicious of the office break in and I’m fixating on him.) While Battista is an absolute donut of a human being, I think he’s just a jerk who wants to maintain the status quo– I don’t actually see him as the one behind everything!

    Can’t wait to finish this up tomorrow! ?

  • hbaileyw17

    I posed, my handle is read.ingbee.

    The hallucinations are weird, and they come out of nowhere. Are there more hallucinations that we haven’t noticed yet, throwing our characters down the wrong path? These ones were obvious but there could definitely be more subtle ones at work.

    Damien forgetting to get the uniform back from Roz was only going to come back to bit him, there is no way she was not going to use that. And the snooping results were so fruitful. I am starting to really enjoy Damien more as a character.

  • claudia.zanetic

    Entered the giveaway! @anotherbookishadventure

    1) I love slow burn! But I agree – like hurry up!!

    2) absolutely Chaos is back! It’s the only thing that makes sense. He is always mentioned, so he definitely plays a role in all this!

    3) I don’t think Battista is involved, only because it feels too obvious… maybe unknowingly involved? Otherwise, it’s definitely someone with access to the Palazza

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