Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken! Things are getting tense, and with two sections to go I have a feeling these chapters will be full of drama!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 27 to the end of Chapter 37.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken, from chapters 27 to 37. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We begin with everyone doing their own little tasks: Emrys is checking soil, Cabell is practising fighting with Bedivere and Tamsin is helping Mari with her tasks.

Tamsin is shocked to see that they only have enough food in the pantry for a few weeks and decides to help them stretch out their supplies.

Tamsin and Neve make up after their fall out when Neve found about the Ring of Dispel. Tamsin vows to help her get into the Council of Sistren so she can get her mother’s Immortality.

Neve and Orwen have been researching Cabell’s curse and they have a theory that his human form is actually the curse and he is another being entirely. Interesting.

Emrys takes them to another hidden tunnel and Neve lights it up with her magic as she sings instinctively.

There’s a crypt here where the priestesses who died getting revenge on the druids are buried and someone has been visiting and leaving flowers.

Further along there are four cages with varying degrees of silver bones inside and druid marks on the floor meant to sever a soul from a body. Eek.

Tamsin almost faints and sees Children climbing from the sludgy moat and up to the platform they are standing on…then it happens for real.

They are chased through the tunnel but Neve casts the spell to extinguish the Children with light again. They venture back up to find the Children attacking the castle and Neve needs time before she can cast the spell again.

As they are fighting the Children, Tamsin is attacked by Cabell in his hound form. Emrys manages to get him off but then he heads towards Neve. Caitriona throws herself in the way and is attacked pretty viciously before Bedivere can help Cabell to shift back.

When the fight is finished, Cabell runs to the stables and Tamsin finds him tearing up a wound in his arm to check for silver bone.

Bedivere tells Tamsin he thinks he can help Cabell to control his emotions so that he will not shift again until the curse is broken.

Tamsin and Emrys spend their nights in the tunnels, hunting the hooded figure. One night, Emrys ventures down without Tamsin but she catches up to him in time to speak with Merlin, who is now part of the Mother Tree. He speaks in riddles and tells them about a woman who “thought to master death but became its servant instead.” Is he talking about Caitriona?

Speaking of, Olwen appears and takes them to her to prove her innocence and worship of the Goddess. It turns out the weird bone sculptures hold memories of the person they belong to and were preserved by the Druids so they could access these memories later.

Unfortunately, the skull of Viviane (their late High Priestess) is incomplete so they are missing 7 years of her memories, which could give them the answers they need.

Olwen and Cait reveal that there was no silver substance in the cauldron. Excuse them?

They also explain that they cannot do a ritual cleansing of the isle to heal the land and break the curse as they are not “full of power”. After some discussion, they decide to try the ritual with Neve replacing the young Flea but they must find the Athame first.

Tamsin dreams about a sword that shines with blue fire…oooh.

Bedivere confesses to Tamsin that he buried the Athame with some of Viviane’s bones so part of her could be with the other High Priestesses. Tamsin sets out to retrieve the Athame.

When she reaches the grave, a silver boned figure rises from the lake with the Ring of Dispel on one hand and the other hand replaced by the Athame.

The undead Viviane slices Tamsin’s arm with the Athame and she notices that the bone beneath the wound is silver before she is dragged into the lake.

Tamsin realises that she is reliving her dream and feels for the sword, slashing the Revenant to escape. She is too weak to swim and starts to sink but Emrys saves her and swims them across to the shore. (I love him!)

The Children advance on them but the High Priestess leads them away. So she‘s controlling them?!

Tamsin passes out as she tries to hide the silver bone from Emrys.

Do you think the ritual will work? Will it break Cabell’s curse too?
Why do you think Tamsin and Emrys saw silver in the cauldron? What’s up with that?
Did you see it coming that Tamsin would have silver bone? What does this mean?
Do you have any theories about High Priestess Viviane and the Children?

I feel like so much happened in this section and I’m still reeling from it all. I can’t wait for the conclusion tomorrow!


40 thoughts on “Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Oh my gosh, I read this on my commute this morning and I’ve been waiting to talk about this!

    1. So, in terms of my thoughts (got a bit happy with the enter button!)

      I’m in two minds about the ritual, but that’s mostly because I feel like someone might sabotage it because they don’t want to heal the land. But I hope if it does work that it breaks Cabell’s curse!

      I think Tamsin saw the silver because of her silver bone. And I think that might also be why Emrys is covered in scars – because he’s got silver bones too.

      I had no idea Tamsin would have it, but I’m not surprised. Something way more secret is happening that we don’t know about and I think this is the just the start.

      Not sure about High Priestess Viviane and the Children, but I wonder if this whole hatred of Sorceresses was to ensure no one could break her curse, and that might change with Neve.

      1. I totally understand your excitement, this book really has me on the edge of my seat! 😍

        1. Honestly the temptation to read tomorrow’s chapters today is very high, I just want to know how it ends!!!

  2. And the heartbreak continues with Neve’s story and Cab once again losing control. I was really afraid for Cait’s life there.

    1) I maintain that the ritual won’t work. There has to be a reason why Flea’s magic isn’t manifesting too. And maybe that’s linked to the curse suppressing it?
    2)Like someone else said, it could be the silver reacting to Tam’s silver bones. Or it could be some sort of signal for her, like the visions she has?
    3) I did *not* see the silver bone coming, but maybe it has to do with the curse over her heart? Since the Children are cursed, and silver is supposedly one of the three worse curses… But she’s not “dark of heart”… Safe to say I’m intrigued.
    4) It’s odd that Viviane had both the ring and athame, and not just *had* the athame, but *attached* it to herself. Could be for self-defence purposes, but to go to that extent… She could’ve been trying to use death magic to help but got corrupted.

    I do have a theory about Tam and the sword, though. I agree that she’s from Avalon, but I also think she might be a lady of the lake. It was mentioned before that someone left Avalon for the mortal world, Tam doesn’t remember her parents, Tam resisted a death curse, now the sword lit up for her… I don’t think this is Excalibur, but it’s still a sword at the bottom of the lake. Anyway, I doubt we’ll find out in this book, but I hope we do in the sequel!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love that theory! I’m so excited to find out if you’re right! 😍

  3. I can’t see the ritual working. Feels like someone is going to sabotage it. Also, I wonder if there’s some truth to Cait saying there’s no silver in the cauldron? Or would it be the silver in Tamsins bones or her one Vision helping her? But she wasn’t the only one to see it and Emrys saw it too! Could it have something to do with the scar over her heart as with the scars all over Emrys?
    Her one vision led her to the sword and I feel it’s more than that. I think she’s actually from there. Maybe the scar or curse on her heart is the reason she doesn’t have powers or know nothing of her parents. The sword came to her and maybe it belongs to her? Or she has a connection to it and her parents would have been the key

    1. Oooh that’s a very interesting idea about the scars having something to do with them being able to see the silver in the cauldron! 👀

  4. I don’t think the ritual works the way they think it’s going to work, I honestly feel if it was successful it would back fire heavily against them, I don’t think that it will break cabell’s curse or help them on any way. I think tamsin and Emrys saw silver in the cauldron because Tamsin is the one who is silver in the bone and black of heart, she has that dark bruise above her heart and the cauldron was responding to her, and when she was brought back did reveal its self to protect itself. I think Vivienne is trying to stop the ritual because like earlier I think the ritual will back fire if they do causing more issues, Vivienne was the one who saw the ritual and there’s probably a decent reason she didn’t want the ritual performed.

    1. Oooh interesting, I want to believe Viviane is good too! 💜

  5. Omg I had goosebumps and my feeling is all over the place.

    I really like reading with you !!!

    1) I don’t think it will work the first time. But I think they will have to try it again. Hear me out : if they succeed to get the ring back and if they find who will give them a favor, maybe they can ask how they can proceed for the ritual ..

    I do remember about Nash note : the ring will win the favor of her heart.
    But who’s heart ?? The goddess ?

    2) maybe the nine sisters are bad .. maybe they are the ones to pray the death god. It’s would explain a lot a things…
    I don’t know why emrys and Tamsin saw the silver in the cauldron..
    3) well my new theory with Viviane would be that she is bad and all the priestess are bad too. That would explain why Neve saw book in Olwen infirmary about dark magic. And it’s sure that the ring didn’t win her heart 😅.

    4) Olwen is too kind. I have a bad feeling about her …

    Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow!!!!!

    1. I always suspect the nicest characters too! 😂

  6. Such an intense place to stop! I am gonna have to start the next chapters as soon as I finish writing this cause I cant wait!

    I hope that this ritual will work but I am skeptical. If it dosent what will they do though? There is no way for everyone in Avalon to survive if they cant break the curse and get rid of the Children. Maybe it will be a temporary solution but will have to be cast again once Flea has her powers.
    I am hopeful that it will break the curse on Cabell. He deserves to catch a break. I am nervous that what Neve said might be true and his human form is the actual curse and that by trying to save him Tam will lose him anyway.

    Ohhhh the silver cauldron of death. I thought they could see the silver because of the One Vision…but maybe its something deeper. Could they both possibly be a part of that prediction Merline made? I kind of thought that Nash, Cab and Tam filled one of them out. ‘One who dies but might yet live, one who lives but yeans to die, and one left behind, waiting.’
    Maybe they are both marked by death somehow and they can see its magic?

    I have nooooooo idea what her silver bones mean, maybe its a mark by Lord Death? Maybe its what protected her from the death mark? Possibly Tam has part of Viviane’s soul in her, since only a fraction of her was returned to the ground for reincarnation resulting in only part of her soul coming back. Tamsin does have similar visions to what Cait mentioned the High Priestess would have.

    It looks like Viviane was trying to rule over death like Merlin mentioned but my question is why? She went centuries following the Goddess and her teachings to then turn towards Druid magic even after losing her love in the fight with them. Maybe she thought she could bring Morgan back somehow and that’s why she possibly created the children? I really have no true ideas, just a bunch of random possibilities. I am super excited to see the end of this book!

    1. I also have no real ideas, my brain is just throwing out random theories! 🤣

  7. Ohh and can we talk about the fact that Emrys came to save her. Tamsin thought nobody would notice her gone but he did !!! He came !!! 😍

    1. I almost cried! 🥹

  8. 1) I hope it works, this story could use some light. The idea that Cabell might be cursed to be human instead of the other way around is really fascinating.
    2) What IS up with that? I would love to know. Silver seems very significant in this book in multiple ways.
    3) I totally did not!! I was like, wow the book title just became so relevant LOL. I can’t wait to find out what it means.
    4) I feel like there’s going to be another twist here and I’m kinda dreading it…

    1. I agree! I almost feel like I should have seen it coming because of the book title. 🤣

  9. Tamsin has prophetic powers it seems? And Silver bones. The sword lit up for her & she could see silver in the cauldron (bit so could Emrys) when apparently no one else does and she has the mark on chest. I guess she must be super special but I’m not sure in what way??

    1. I need answers about this girl! 👀

  10. 1. I’m not confident that the ritual will work and if it does, I don’t think it’ll break Cabell’s curse because he’s not off the island. I think it would only work on the island and those who are born there.

    2. I think they did and I bet it has to do with the One Vision. I don’t think the priestesses have it or maybe the cauldron was cursed to hide its contents from the priestesses.

    3. I had a feeling that Tasmin might end up with silver in the bone. I’ve had this sneaking that Tasmin is actually born of Avalon. If Nash was able to get it, in stands to reason that at some point people could also have gotten out. I think her bones are silver because she’s an Avalonian.

    4. It’s pretty odd that Vivian was able to live all those hundreds of years while the other priestesses seem so young. I have no ideas what her motives could have been. But I think maybe it could have something to do with the fact that she and Morgana were lovers?

    1. Ooh it would be so interesting if Tamsin is from Avalon! 💜

  11. Woah, that was an intense last couple of chapters O_O These are some high stakes that our characters are working with.

    I don’t think the ritual will work because it seems like they need Flea, and Neve won’t be an appropriate replacement. I’m not sure if it’ll break Cabell’s curse because the theory about how his HUMAN form is the curse is…disconcerting. Plus (unless I missed it), we don’t know how Cabell got cursed in the first place so…maybe I’m just pessimistic *shrugs*

    Ok so my theory is that Tams and Emrys are some sort of reincarnation of Merlin and Morgan. It would explain how they have the power to see things others can’t, as well as Tamsin being able to see the future. Plus, Emrys was drawn to Merlin.

    So either Tams really has silver bone, or she merely thinks she sees silver bone. If that’s the case, then it goes back to her being able to see the silver in the cauldron while no one else can. But what could that all mean…

    Honestly, I think that the one who tried to master death was Viviane, probably because she wanted to save her love Morgan. However, it all went wrong and she accidentally cursed the land instead and created the Children. Then when Viviane died, she is able to control them.

    I completely agree with you tho, so much happened and I must read on to find out what’s next, immediately!!

    1. Ooh I love your theory about Tamsin and Emrys being reincarnations of Merlin and Morgan! 👀

  12. 1) I think it’ll /work/, but on /what/, I’m not sure. Seems like the perfect opportunity for a twist!
    2) I’m thinking Tamsin can see it because of her silver bones [the silver in the bone type of curse], but maybe Emrys is cursed similarly, even if it’s maybe not the exact same?
    3) It makes sense, between it being brought up and the title of the book. But I’m curious if Tamsin “earned” hers because of the White Lady or was she born with it, for whatever reason? Perhaps it’s a different sign, one that’s confused with/for the “silver in the bone” curse?
    4) SOMETHING is going on there, but I dunno . . .

    1. I need more information on Tamsin’s silver bone ASAP! 💜

  13. I believe the ritual will work and break all the curses. But I think they need to get the ring from undead Vivian first
    I have no guess to why they saw silver that one time but can no longer see it.
    I don’t think the silver bone necessarily means there is a curse or that they turn into children. I think if people have been touched by death that’s what happens. Tamsin is just the only one still living
    I think Viviane is very old and was around when things went down originally and basically brain washed everyone into thinking what she told them was true. I think she’s the one behind all of it

    1. I like your theories! 👀

  14. The ritual will break Cabell’s curse, but since we’re nearing the end of the book, I’m afraid something may go wrong, and they will have to try again.

    Tamsin and Emrys both have some kind of magic that helps them see the silver. It’s related to their scars. Maybe Emrys has silver in his bones too.

    I was completely surprised to discover Tamsin has the silver, and my heart was soaring when Emrys rescued her. She thought no one would notice she was missing, and he totally did and showed up for her! 😭❤️

    Morgan probably found out about her lover Viviane, and this caused all the turmoil between them and in Avalon.

    Tamsin is most likely a reincarnation of one of these legendary people, if not descended from them.

    Trying my best to catch up and finish this weekend! ❤️

    1. I love the dynamic between Emrys and Tamsin! 🥹

  15. Do you think the ritual will work? Will it break Cabell’s curse too?
    I think the curse will be broken but I think that Cabell will lose his human side.

    Why do you think Tamsin and Emrys saw silver in the cauldron? What’s up with that?
    Maybe it’s bone marrow from a spell?

    Did you see it coming that Tamsin would have silver bone? What does this mean?
    I can’t figure if she a child of the night or just an Avalon descendent.

    Do you have any theories about High Priestess Viviane and the Children?
    I think she wants revenge but for what idk yet.

    1. Ooh bone marrow, that’s an interesting theory! 👀

  16. These visions, her encounter with The White Lady & how she survived that, her perfect memory except around a few key things, being able to activate that sword from the lake (Excalibur?), & maybe even the silver in her bones now… I think there’s a lot to be revealed with her past/ancestry. Is the missing part of Viviane’s skull in there with the bones Bedivere saved from the ashes?
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think the ritual will work? Will it break Cabell’s curse too?
    2.) Why do you think Tamsin and Emrys saw silver in the cauldron? What’s up with that?
    3.) Did you see it coming that Tamsin would have silver bone? What does this mean?
    4.) Do you have any theories about High Priestess Viviane and the Children?
    1.) It stands to reason that it should, the way it’s worded.
    2.) Originally, I was thinking it was the One Vision, but with what’s happening at the end of Ch.37, maybe they have ancestry rooted in these Arthurian Legends – maybe on the Druids side?
    3.) Maybe because they’ve stolen, maybe because they’re just hardened/jaded or otherwise no longer “pure of heart” is my guess.
    4.) If she’s a Revenant, she could have enough of her wits about her to be controlling them. If Merlin’s words are too be believed, she might’ve even created them before her death while trying to “master death.” She has the ring that Nash brought to Avalon, so was it she who killed him? Is she “1 of 3 who sleep but do not dream”?

    1. So many questions, I need answers! 👀

  17. I hope for everyone’s sake the ritual will work but I am not sure if it will help Cabell… I mean maybe it will but I really hope the theory about his human form being the curse is wrong. Don’t do that to my girl Tams.

    I have so many questions about the cauldron. Maybe they have some deeper connection to what is happening in Avalon or maybe even Death. Otherwise, it probably has something to do with the One Vision.

    I was definitely not expecting her to have silver bones but maybe since the priestess does too Tamsin will be able to control the Children too. If it weren’t for hearing more of how she ended up with Nash I would still think she is related to the nine but now I am not so sure.

    I don’t really have any theories other than the feeling that Merlin was referring to Viviane but who knows he could have been talking about someone else or just rambling like we are told he does.

    1. There’s so much mystery surrounding Tamsin, I need to know more! 😂

  18. 1) I think it will absolutely break the curse, but not sure if it’s the right thing to do for Cabell (what if it leaves him in Hound form) and Tasmin has to murder him to protect the others? So many more questions are arising then answers!
    2+4) I think they were able to see silver in the cauldron because they have not been under the influence of Avalon long enough for it to have influenced their minds. I think now that Cait thought she was helping keep at bay the Children, but was unknowingly helping the High Priestess Viviane heal (and become the Reverant she is now) and with the Ring of Dispel and the Athame she is more powerful then before, when she was a mere High Priestess.
    3) I figured that Tasmin was special, but didn’t realize or suspect she had Silver Bones. Now I’m more convinced then ever that she is the New Lady of the Lake (honestly, I’ll be a bit disappointed if she isn’t haha).

    1. I love the theory about Tamsin being the next Lady of the Lake! 👀

  19. I don’t think the ritual will work, something or someone is going to sabotage it. I don’t think that it will break cabell’s curse or help them on any way. I think Tamsin is the one who is silver in the bone and black of heart because she has that dark bruise above her heart and maybe the cauldron was responding to her. I have no idea what her silver bones means but I have a theory that maybe it has something to do with Lord Death. Maybe Vivienne is trying to stop the ritual because maye the ritual will back fire and it will cause more issues.

    1. Ooh I like your theories! 👀


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