Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 5!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

It’s finally day 5 of the readalong! I hope you have all had a great time reading Six Crimson Cranes, I have loved it! I cannot wait to get started on the final chapters and see what you all think!

Today we are reading Chapter 33 to The End!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim, from chapters 33 to The End. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Its winter festival time! Looks like things are beginning to get serious between Shiori and Takkan, he is finally telling her how he really feels! And it sounds like the feeling is mutual…  Yayyy!

How do we think Seryu will feel about that? I don’t think he will be very happy!
So close! But Shiori’s decided she has to finally go and meet her brothers and end this curse once and for all! But what is this? Kiki sat on the gold threads and now they have turned black, looks like Zairena was responsible for the four breaths all along

I don’t think she should trust Hasege! It looks like Zairena has set her up and she has taken her bag, how will she get the net back now? Zairena is magic too? And now she is using a trick and wolf shadow to convince them all of Shiori’s guilt. Poor Shiori can’t catch a break!

Everyone believes Shiori is a demon and the real traitor!! Now she has been sentenced to death after the festival is over… what is she going to do?!
Zairena knows who she is! And it was the wolf who had set them up to steal the pearl all along…

The gold sash has been poisoned all along and it was Raikama who figured it out and saved her! The curse was used as a way to protect her and hide her from the wolf. They want to kill her so that the holy mountains will be at peace! I can’t believe it!

Guiya was Zairena all along, at least that explains the umbrella! Her brothers are here to save her but will they be able to help?  
But wait! She doesn’t need their help as the fire cannot touch her! Seryu’s pearl has saved her, except… Guiya has the net, blocking the magic of the pearl!


Takkan is back, Shirori finally spoke to try and save him and now the fire has got her? The bowl was a shield, looks like Vanna had it planned out all along! She finally has her voice back and Takkan is heading back with her, anyone else swooning? Just me?  

Takkan had his suspicions that it was her the whole time, so cute! And just as they were finally going to kiss… here comes lord Yuji and his soldiers, they have captured her brothers! 🙁   
The wolf has killed Lord Yuji and now the wolf is turning into a demon, what is happening!! What did the wolf need Seryu’s pearl for?

Raikama sent the seven paper birds with the red thread to help try and save Shiori and after a very tense showdown between her and the wolf, they have finally been reunited. But Raikama is not well!!

Channari was Raikama all along and it was her in the memories not shiori’s mother! This is so emotional! Looks like Shiori has just completed one quest only to begin another, Raikama’s pearl needs to be returned to its true owner!

Oh noooo, Raikama! I can’t believe she had set out to protect her all along, is anyone cutting onions? That was an emotional goodbye. After all of that work Shiori has joined Seryu in the Taijin sea to complete Raikama’s final wish. 
But, the wolf, Bandur is still waiting in the mountains…

Oh no, that can’t be the end, I have so many questions! Wow what a journey that was!  

Thank you all so much for joining me in this readalong! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and do be sure to share your photos on Instagram to celebrate reaching the end!

We’ll be back soon with a readalong for our next book, so be sure to stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!



26 thoughts on “Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 5!

  1. Oh my, I loved this book! The first half is a little slow and repetitive in my opinion, but the second one makes up for it.

    And I have the feeling it’s not sure that Takkan is endgame. The fact that they have not kissed gives me a sense of foreboding…like she will fall for Seriyu in the next book.
    So far I cheer for Takkan, but again, Seriyu just had a few cameos in this first book so I might change my mind!

    This book was five stars for me! I can’t wait for the sequel, thank you for the readalong ☺️

    1. I thought the middle was a little slow. I loved today’s chapters though. So much going on!

  2. This book was so gripping! I am beyond satisfied with Raikama being a good person all along, and I teared up a lot during the goodbye scene. It all suddenly made so much sense.
    Shiori was a wonderful protagonist to follow, her developement was amazing and I loved every second of it.
    The only thing I’m worried right now is, that the next book will lean heavy on the love triangle thing. Seryu seems changes – even though we don’t even know him that well – and very jealous. But that will be seen when the next book comes out. Which can’t be soon enough!

    Thank you all for the lovely readalong, it was great to experience this book alongside you! Thank you Grace for hosting it and for the great recaps!

  3. This book charmed me! I expected it to me more towards the mature end of YA, but once I managed to recalibrate I found myself pulled in by the story almost immediately. When I finished this book I felt giddy – I’ve had a few rough days but this book allowed me to pause from the heaviness, and it has remained with me. It was a magical and exciting read, and it’s a 4.5 star read for me.

    Thank god that it’s a trilogy (if I’ve understood it correctly) and that we will be getting more! But still… that ending wasn’t fair – we’re gonna have to wait a year for the next book! I want more of everything, and am really excited to see more of the dragons and Seryu (though I’m bracing myself for a love triangle – I don’t want it! I just know that I’m gonna adore Seryu too, like I do Takkan, and I’m gonna feel conflicted no matter who I ship with who because I’ll want everyone to be happy. Oh well, a problem for next year!)

    Thank you FairyLoot for supplying us with such a treat and hosting this readalong!

  4. The end!

    I liked this book, though the ending did miss its mark for me in quite a few ways… that said, I love the characters enough that I will definitely read the sequel!

    The build up was fun, and I love all the whimsy and magic and the way it felt like a folk tale in a lot of ways. I loved the family theme throughout the book too. In the sequel, I was hoping to see the brothers more fleshed out as individuals but based on that ending, it seems like we won’t. Ah well.

    My biggest issue with the book was how much happened off page; we didn’t really get to know enough about either of the real villains to really fear them, imo, and I do remember thinking when her brothers told Shiori that they’d met an enchanter who had told them Raikama’s ‘true’ name that i wished it was something that had happened on page. So yeah, fun little book, but does lose points with me for falling victim to telling instead of showing…

    3.75 stars from me, which is way more fussy than I normally am but 3.5 feels too low and it didn’t quite make it to 4 for me. 🙈

  5. I really enjoyed this book! Thanks for the readalong. Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. I may have been the only one, but I didn’t realize there would be a sequel! Now I’m reading everything online, and it’s set as a duology. I was not expecting there to be another quest, but can’t wait to delve deeper into the dragon world – I missed Seryu for a lot of the book.

    That being said, Takkan?! Swoon. I really wish he could accompany Shiori so we could have more of their dynamic especially since she can finally use her voice with him!

    A bit of a surprise, but may be my favorite piece is that Raikama (Channari) is who she kept seeing in her memories thinking it was her mother. Super bummed they can’t reunite and have that bond again, but so glad everything is out in the open and she can be remembered for the good and not just the “bad” of the curse.

    When is the next book coming out?! Cannot wait! Especially for a matching Fairloot gorgeous set (swoon, again).

  7. I really loved this! I do feel like I have way more questions than answers at this point. I kind of forgot about the Wolf because there were only a few scenes where he was mentioned so I was caught off guard at the end! I also completely forgot that Guiya existed, so I feel like I need to go back and read the beginning again! I wish we had seen Seryu play more of a role in this. He just sort of disappeared for 75% of the book, so to see him jealous just made me laugh – like, you barely know her? I also don’t understand why Shiori has to go alone to give back the pearl. Ughhhh she’s going to be separated from Takkan and they just finally got to the point where they can talk to each other!! I’m dying for book 2. This was such a cliffhanger.

  8. What a ride…the ending left me tearful, exhilarated and on edge for the next book…there is so much more ready to unfold here! It felt so multilayered, with whole other stories woven in in the background that you only see a glimpse of…I feel like this book could have expanded a lot if it wanted to. I really enjoyed the pace, though sometimes it felt a little shallow, but that may have been me rushing to solve the mysteries in the plot! A great read, thankyou Fairyloot!

  9. I really enjoyed this book! It has become one of my favorite reads of the year. I think the story was told so well, can’t wait for the sequel!

  10. 😮 that took a whole new turn. So I was right Raikuma is protecting them. Raikuma’s story was so sad; it does make me feel sadder for her ending. 😔 you hardly get to read about a good stepmother in books, and I love that this book provided that.

    Honestly, I thought Zairena was on the good side for 1 min. She fooled me. Wow 😠

    I am still processing the ending. I am guessing we will get to see more of Seryu in the next book. Don’t get me wrong, Takkan has grown on me, and yes, he is an adorable, cute guy. But I can’t resist a dark, sarcastic and full of himself dragon prince!! 🤣 I know, I know I need therapy 😂

    I can’t wait for the next book! 2022 please hurry up!

    I loved this book. It’s become one of my favourites of 2021! The whole pace, plot twist and story was just brilliant.

    Thank you, Grace, for arranging this Read-along. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic book with you and everyone here. See you at the next Read-along, everyone. ❤️👋🏼

  11. The winter festival omgggg!!!
    I always thought seryu and shiori would be together in some way but takkan and her are definitely a match madeeeeee!!
    I wish he’d of asked her if he knew her
    But what a twist with Raikama trying to save her and keep her safe, I knew there was more to her then meets the eye.

    I knew there was something not right about Zairena especially with her having to use that umbrella all the time she always had an edge to her that I got a funny feeling about and I was right all along!!

    I’m so happy with this book it’s opened my eyes, I’m left feeling curious and I love it!!! I knew used to be one for books but the more I read these amazing books I can’t stop myself

  12. I didn’t know this was going to be a series!! I’m so excited for the next book(or two?) to come but its a long wait >.< And Zairena! I knew there was smething fishy about her – i remember in the beginning when Shiori wanted to find her brothers to tell them about Raikama being a demon, Guiya held something behind her back when Shiori was frantic…I knew something was up then, didn't expect her to pretend to be Zairena, what a plot twist.

    Now my question is (maybe I missed it) how did Raikama figure out Shiori had this forbidden magic from the start? I'm glad she married and found her family, but I'm sad it was under these circumstances where she had to suppress Shiori's memories when she was young.

    SHIORI AND TAKKAN <3 Why oh why were they interrupted during their kiss again crie. I'm still team Takkan, and I assume the next book is going to have more SeryuShiori moments so I just gotta push through

    I love this book!

  13. I got so teary eyed at the end. She loved Shiori and those memories were with her! Ugh, it was an emotional rollercoaster at the end and I look forward to the next book but not the wait for it. I loved Takken but I’m looking forward to Seryu in the next book!

  14. Unfortunately, it’s late and I need to be up early, so I’ll have to try to gather my thoughts [and then try to remember to come back to share them 🙃], but, for now: WHY DON’T I HAVE BOOK TWO YET? I can’t wait to finish this duology! Only a year, right? 😂

  15. I am now bracing myself for a love triangle in the sequel. I was hoping we’d get to avoid it with how strong the bond between Shiuri and Takkan was by the end, but the mention of time passing differently in the dragon realm combined with Seryu’s obvious jealousy doesn’t bode well. Bah.

    I also wasn’t thrilled with the pacing for this last bit. Things were already moving along at a decent clip, then it was like the last hundred pages were at triple speed. Too much going on at once, especially when it was all referencing things that had been mentioned once 200 pages earlier.

    Overall though, this has been one of my favourite books of the year. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that drew me in as easily. Going to have to start marking off the days until the sequel is released.

  16. AHHH TOTALLY CALLED IT! About Raikama not being a bad person but having her magic corrupted by the dragon pearl. I love the idea that it was kinda granting her wishes but in a warped way.

    I really loved when Shiori was in the mountain and said to herself, “And this too, I will overcome.” I thought that was going to be my favorite quote, but then Raikama had her little blessing that she gave to Shiori right before she died and I just bawled. Every time I read it I get all teary-eyed again.

    This is definitely my favorite Elizabeth Lim book so far and I can’t wait for book 2. I agree with some of the other comments, I really love Takkan but the fact that they never kissed makes me think something might happen with Seryu instead.

  17. I really loved this book! I had a hard time putting it down!
    Can’t wait to read the next one, I’m very curious about the Dragon Kingdom!!
    Thank you for having a read along!
    Love, Sandy.

  18. This book really surprised me in the best way possible, I ended up giving it 4 stars overall! I had a lot of fun with this book! I didn’t realize going into it it wasn’t a standalone but thats ok – the ending wraps up some of the plot lines enough that I was satisfied and it wasn’t a huge cliffhanger, but I’m already eager for the next installment to read more about Shiori.

    I’m so glad I joined this readalong and read this book now! I have to go and read Spin the Dawn soon, I love Elizabeth’s writing!

  19. All I have to say is I can not wait till the next book! There were so many twist and turns that I wasn’t expecting! I would love to learn more of his step mothers back round like holy crap! All the lost she had and what the dragon pearl did to her.

    I can not wait to learn more about the dragon place and the dragons! And now that the whole court is sleeping until spring how are they staying safe from the impending war! I have so many questions!

  20. It was such a good book! Really enjoyed it! And glad i bought unravel the dusk so i can read that next 😉
    I thought it would be a standalone. When comes the sequel? I need it right now!

  21. This book has shown me that I suck at predicting anything 😂 I liked the twist that Reikama wasn’t evil after all and that Shipri’s memories of her mother were actually of her. I think it’ll be interesting to see how the demons and dragons play out in book two.

    Overall it was a good book but certain things happened that kept me from rating it 5 stars

  22. This book was amazing! I went into it not knowing a lot about it, only what retelling it was off.
    This one definitely became one of my favorite books.can’t wait for book 2! Hope we don’t have to wait to long for it 😅

  23. Absolutely loved the book, thought I’d left a comment already but obviously forgot on day 5.

    I had a feeling Raikama was protecting them but it was hard to believe with the whole dying if she spoke aspect.

    I loved how Takkan knew who she was all along! But was disappointed we didn’t get the big reveal with his family and could see Megari’s reaction.

    I’m really intrigued to see how the story will continue 🙂

  24. I thought it was a stand alone and now I desperately need book 2 😭

    Anyway, I really love the story and I need more 😂!

  25. A lot happened in the last chapters. I got the confirmation that Zairena was not to be trusted and was indeed an imposter. Also, we got to see that Takkan suspected that Lina was Shiori and it was just there in the back of his mind although he couldn’t be sure.

    Also, as I suspected because it had been hinted at throughout the book, Raikama was protecting Shiori and her brothers all along. It was quite emotional when Shiori realised that the memories she had of her and her mother were actually of her and Raikama.

    I didn’t realised this book was just the first of a series, so I was a bit disappointed when by the end of it Shiori and Takkan had to separate. Even worse, all those hints at Seryu being jealous of Takkan made me wonder if it is the set up for a love triangle in the next book. I hope not.

    All in all, I enjoy reading this book quite a lot, as well as the comments of everyone in the read along. This being the first time I had a chance to participate, it was a great experience, kind of like being part of a virtual book club.

    I look forward to reading the sequel, and also taking part in the next read along!

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