Skyward Readalong: Day 5

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Welcome back fellow readers!

We’re on to day 5! And boy, a lot of happens between chapters (Interlude) + 30-36! Let’s just jump right into it.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Skyward chapters 1-36 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!



Rig is fixing the ship and we learn the ship could teleport. Actually teleport. But the device is missing so they can’t get out of the cave. I have a theory here but I’m afraid that it will be correct and I’ll spoil things so I might just leave this one out and let you speculate!
They actually did go up for a spin! She calls out M-Bot for being a coward, you’d think that she would be a bit more cautious with the word, huh? Plus, Spensa, we know he’s programmed to follow the commands! She keeps acting as if he has free will on that. Also she keeps hearing these whispers and she thinks it’s the stars but I’m sure it will have something to do with that thing they’re testing her for? I feel like the only reason she thinks of these whispers as “starts” it’s because of her Gran-Gran; it’s a ploy to distract us, I’m sure! (Remember, I did mention I’m paranoid haha)
This is the first time she acknowledged her inner “badass” thoughts as try hard. Saying her father never talked like this. I think that’s the thing, isn’t it. A true hero never seeks to be one.
I’m getting anxious that the longer she keeps her ship a secret the more catastrophic it will get when they learn about it. Enough to call her a traitor? Actually shun her out? Kill her? It’s Ironsides, you never know!
Ooooh they use recordings of battles for practice! So there might be a recording for battle of Alta and we could possibly learn what happened but I doubt it wouldn’t be tampered with. That’s a big risk if someone is hiding something, why would they leave an actual recording of it laying about for people to expose them with?
We have a 75 ship breach and she dashes back towards Alta, but she’s so tired! This can’t go well, and we already know Sanderson kills people off!
Okay all hell broke loose and Hurl went down and made the whole “brave till the end” remark, didn’t eject, and died. That is the dumbest thing ever and I’m almost (but not quite) glad that she did because. if. you. fall. you. eject!! It’s simple, people! If Spensa learns anything from this accident, dear God, let it be this. But it can go either way now, she could also feel pressure to stick to the “bravery” thing. If anything, I think it’s more cowardly to not eject and face the fear of the judgement afterwards. Why don’t they listen to Cobb?!  There will be other ships but there’s only one you.
I am sort of ready for her to realise that.
Kimmalyn also leaves. She feels guilty as the one shot that counted, she missed. But I think it must be the pressure too. The first crew members we lost were fairly at the start, and whilst still very scary, not as drastic as seeing your very close friend perish. If she simply doesn’t feel like following Hurl’s faith, can we really blame her? I suspect Cobb actually feels relieved every time somebody leaves.
Spensa is intent on finding Hurls body as they said it will just be left there otherwise. Jordan joins in for the funeral. I was wondering when we will get a one to one with him. We learn his family expectations and the plan for him. Six months. Man, that sucks. Mind you, I still think he shouldn’t have outed her to the others, but less punchable. Especially since we’ve seen him after Morningtide’s death, trying to desperately figure out what he could have done to save her. That was a moving bit.
She noticed a booster in the crash zone. We need that for the ship repairs! Takey takey.
Jerkface is starting to be Jordan, have you noticed? She actually refers to him by his name more often now. (I also saw someone spot that in the comments yesterday!)
I enjoy the little chats with M-Bot where he muses whether he should fear death. He clearly is starting to have some internal conflicts.
“You have nice shoes” Haha, best compliment. Now whenever someone else around me is sad, I shall just say that and move on with the day as if I’ve been super helpful. This is gold.
We leave with a resolve to go get that recording.
The cliffhangers!! I’m sorry, I promise I didn’t separate these chapters with that in mind!

Leave your thoughts down below and remember to check your fellow reader’s ones!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday 🙂

Tomorrow should be interesting!



37 thoughts on “Skyward Readalong: Day 5

  1. I keep liking Jerkface even more. We are seeing a much more human side to him. Even if he is insufferable and has obvious flaws (like Spenda clearly does), he is still a good guy at heart. I love that little bonding moment they had as they buried Hurl and when he helped Spensa tow the thing for her ship. I still lowkey ship them.

    Hurl’s death was a bit shooking. But I think it proves the point that YOU NEED TO EJECT. Spensa is also starting to realize that there should be a balance between being brave and being reckless and retreating. Being a coward isnt really retreating when the time is right.

    Something is blatantly wrong with the DDF. But still cant put my finger on it. The thing that Spensa hears stars is odd. Is she hearing something else? Is she imagining it? Is she hearing maybe some distress call from the Krell or another place? Is the DDF keeping them from something? Is the Krell maybe actually fighting against something bigger than just shoot humans? MANY QUESTIONS.

    Also….Rig. What is his purpose? Why is he in such a high egeneering position? How can he really get away with bringing tools or showing up at the cave? I find it suspicious.

  2. Hurl!! Her comment at the end. It’s like Bim’s end. Its this brainwashed sounding talk. Makes ne suspicious. And Cobb’s reaction! I love that he’s trying to get them to see past that sort of thinking.

    All this talk about free will has me thinking “the defect” is associated with that. And her “hearing the stars” has got to be associated with it too. I mean it’s weird, my theory it’s her hearing the Krell.

    M-Bot though? Love him.

    I don’t know if I can just stop for today… I. Need. Answers.

    1. I agree on that theory, also think that the stars whispering might actually be the defect and the Krell getting into her head with the mind Controlling… that‘s so scary.

  3. My heart can’t take this.  I mean who is even left any more! I really feel for Jerkface, he reminds me of Mr Darcy – all bravado and steel faced, but underneath a big softy.  I think Spensa would learn a lot from him.  If she gives him the chance.  I love that he followed her with the car for the burial.

    I feel like the next two days reading is going to have to be a binge read because I’m sad every time I put this book down now.

    Would be interested to hear what people think who have read Sanderson’s books before, do you think that Skyward lives up to them? If I like Skyward do you think I would like others as well?

    1. The only other book I have read of his is Warbreaker which I also loved. Another witty one but a fantasy this time. I have a handful of others on the TBR too.

  4. Writellum section of brain? Interesting it is only showing in battle with the Krell and not when talking to M-bot in class. Hopefully that means he isn’t Krell.
    Grrr I want clarification of exactly what the defect is meant to be. Free will maybe? Questioning authority and stupid directions?

    So Jorgen has been bigging Spin up to his dad and his dad wrote a letter of support. Wow.

    OMG. Sudden thought. What if Doomslug is a Krell ?

    Powerful chat between Spin and Rig about bravery, cowardice and humanity.

    Rig has a crush on FM – I hope he gets his date. Not that Spin has asked on his behalf yet.

    This reminds me of the spaceship in Flight of the Navigator a bit and now I want to rewatch that.

    AIs can’t be insane. Squeeze me have you met Aidan?

    He flies. M-bot has skillz but he still wants to lay low and categorise mushrooms. I like the counterpoint of having a supposed non emotional AI thinking staying safe is the right thing. Really makes you think about the nature of bravery and courage.

    Oh no. Battle when her flight are tired. I’m scared. Hurl. ? Refusing to eject even though that had been the training. The fear of being branded a coward is worse than death. Glad they got to try out their theories about Krell tactics and were proved right tho.

    Impressed they all still showed up for class despite being given leave. I want to meet this Dr. Sad Quirk quit. Cobb rightly gave them a bollocking.

    Common theme of war and justifying casualties with heroism.

    I got my hopes up with Spin that Hurl might have survived the crash. Glad it gave her and Jorgen time to talk and to steal the booster.
    I wonder if that letter from his dad came because he thinks that she can protect his son considering the limited plan for him. Reminds me a little of the Royal Family – doing their duty in the military presumably under safer conditions before taking up a more ‘political’ /charitable position.

    Ok I’m finally warming to Jerkface along with Spensa.

    M-bot’s attempt to soothe her ?

    She’s going after the recording of her dad’s flight. Will we get to see it this book or not? What questions will it answer or pose?

    1. Doomslung being a Krell ??? Nooooo please ! ??

    2. I’m not sure I could handle Doomslug turning out to be the enemy. ? I just love that little cutie too much!

    3. Doomslug being a Krell ahahahahaha what a theory! ? Haven’t thought of that one yet! ?

      1. It’s the way he moves without being seen and the repeating what she says think could be repeating back?? ??

        I do go out with the madcap ideas sometimes.

  5. HURL AND QUIRK… So who are we going to lose tomorrow then 🙁 (Sorry my bitterness was talking then) I really liked Hurl too, even on that first day she made me laugh, and Quirk although I’m sad to see her go I am kinda glad she didn’t leave us by dying, does this mean that FM is now going to be Spin’s wingmate? And Jerkf… no, Jorgen he seems more supportive of Spin now which I am happy about and Spin not feeling the urge to punch him as often is also a major improvment. 🙂 Now RIg and FM?? I can see that…as long as she survives of course.

    Now its come to my attention that I always seem to write a paragraph about Ironsides and how much I distain her, so I’m just going to say I still hate her and move on.
    Now this defect thing, is it somehow related to the fact that she can hear the stars talking to her? I will say the defect feels a lot like the divergence in the divergent trilogy… just me?

    I’M SO HAPPY M-BOT CAN FLY! I can imagine he would be a force to reckon with up there, I mean we all know Spin’s only real issue when she’s up there is those pesky G-forces and when she’s up there with him she didn’t feel them. I really hope by the end of this novel we see him in at least one fight, please don’t make us wait for the next novel Brandon.

  6. G, your response these chapters is hilarious! I think I’m going to finish the book today, I just can’t wait! Hurl!!!!! My heart!! There’s like., 2 or 3 people now plus Jerkface? ? Nobody is safe! This is making me super nervous for the other Sanderson series I’m reading lol.

  7. Also side note, how did y’all get your photos on your ID? I couldn’t figure it out ????

    1. Skyward Flight is down to 4 : Spensa, Jorgen, FM and Arturo ?.

      For the photo, if you have a google account or WordPress (I’m not really sure which one it is) it will be automatically added when you tape your email address before leaving a comment ?

      1. Ah ok thanks! I do have gmail account but it’s not the one i use for Fairyloot :/ oh well!

        1. I think you can also do it via Gravatar, too.
          If you upload a profile pic there, it should follow you around on message boards from place to place. Good luck!

  8. Hey remember yesterday when I asked if anyone else thought that Sanderson is cleaning the team way to fast ? Well, would you look at that : two more down ! I can’t wait for the finale battle of this book, you know, that one where no one from the Skyward Flight will be participating cause they will all be dead or gone by then ?.
    Back to those we lost today : Hurl death wasn’t a surprise for me. I felt it right when the chapter began. I am more sad that Quirk left, she was amazing, I loved her from the start, hope she will come back at some point !

    Also I don’t know about you guys but this all “coward” thing is getting on my never, it’s getting ridiculous. I’m sorry Spensa but Cobb was right, Hurl was an idiot, not a hero. Putting your life first isn’t being a coward. I mean, no offense but now she’s dead, her ship was destroyed anyway and the Krell are still here so what was the point ?

    I love that scene with only Spensa and Jorgen, (yep, like you said G, we’re using his name too now ?) we finally learned things about him, finally !

    Now I’m getting back to the book, need to know what’s next. See you tomorrow ! ?

    1. Yeah, sadly I saw Hurls death coming too… as soon as she’d helped Spin sneak in and was redeemed as a character that was a flag to me, and her behaviour had been becoming more risky as things went along

  9. Hurl dead. Kimmalyn leaving… I’m so furious at Hurl. She should have scudding ejected. Why did she have to be so stubborn? That’s not heroic, that’s just dumb.
    And Kimmalyn – I‘m almost glad that she and Nedd are out, at least that means they are safe. But I’m not okay about Kimmalyn blaming herself for Hurl’s death! ?

    It was so sad, when Spensa and Jorgen burned Hurl’s body. But the scene made me like Jorgen even more.
    I‘ve actually liked him from the very beginning and I love getting to know him better. He‘s a good guy. He makes mistakes but he just wants to do everything right. I hope he’ll find his freedom as well.

    But guys, we have a booster now! I hate that we only have it because of Hurl’s death, but at least WE HAVE A BOOSTER. M-bot will be properly up and flying soon, I can’t wait!

  10. Wow, a lot happened in these chapters. we finally got to see Spensa fly M-Bot— yay! Hurl is gone. And then Quirk leaves. Oh my gosh they’re dropping like flies ? Jorgen and Spensa making a pyre for Hurl was nice — good to see them bonding. And Spin finally has a booster! Yus! She’s totally gonna kick some Krell butt when M-Bot is working properly. I wonder if she’s going to go out past the debris ring, or whatever it’s called?

    I agree with you G about the whole listen to Cobb and eject people! I mean why do you not value your life?? The thought of never eating another delicious meal again would be enough to make me eject but I guess if you’re eating algae I can kinda understand it ?

    Oh my gosh doomslug as a Krell… whaaat! ?? love that.

  11. I’m sad and mad that Hurl died. And I don’t think that’s heroic, it’s that scudding brainwashing crap the military deos with their teaching and harsh punishments for anything that might be seen as a cowards act. Good that Spensa is starting to question the meaning of that word.
    I was so glad that we got that scene with Jorgen (even if it was for a heartbreaking reason) and that we got to lern a bit more about him.

    Btw. I hate Ironsides “humans aren’t as valuable as ships” crap. Sadly if she ever does figure out that it’s crap it will be at a horrible cost of human lifes….

    I stand by my theorie from yesterday, that there is somethnig up with the Krell and that this “hearing the stars” might have to do with hearing/understanding the Krell… We’ll see.

    And I love love love M-Bot. He always makes me laugh, he has the best one liners ever XD I think he might be my favorite 😉

  12. “Is silence number two?”
    “I didn’t even put that on the list.”
    “Move it to number two.”
    This is so good ???
    And when is she finally giving him some mushrooms?
    I’m really sad about Hurls death. In every battle someone dies and someone leaves. I’m afraid how many members of their team will be left when the book is ending. Also FM is now alone in the dorms. That’s also pretty sad.

    1. Oh my gosh I never even thought of poor FM left alone in the dorm. There goes my heart again.

  13. I like Jerkface, he is trying his best to be a good boy.
    The politics of this book is great.
    And another chapter where I cry, Hurl is dead and this one is a hard one for Spensa.

  14. This is the one where I think Jerkface is more than just jerkface; man I love his character more and more now ?

  15. I think those whispers Spensa is hearing are bad news. I mean, if they aren’t coming from some nefarious source, they could distract her at a crucial moment. Also, what if the helmet that Ironsides keeps forcing her into is ‘causing’ her to hear the stars in some way? Maybe Ironsides is trying to cause her to mess up so she can throw her out of lights school!

    I miss Cobb. I just didn’t expect it to happen like that. I honestly thought that somehow, maybe Rig and M-bot would fly in for a last minute rescue, or that she’d land without killing herself. I was really shocked that she actually died.
    Then Kimmalyn leaves, too, and it’s starting to feel really lonely. Maybe, if they weren’t sending up cadets before they were ready they’d have more pilots that made the cut.

    1. I don’t know why I typed Cobb, I meant Hurl!
      Sorry, Cobb was just on my mind ‘cos I think he’s cool.

    2. Yeah! I wondered if the things in her helmet were whispering the ‘cowardly’ things to her, and if Ironside was hoping to make her do something bad by brainwashing/subliminal messaging by having the words repeating constantly…. but I feel M-Bot would have warned her about that if that was the case?

  16. I honestly didn’t expect so many deaths… but I like the way the story is going!!
    I think that there are some terms not well explained such as: where does the water, energy, etc come.
    But if there will be a sequel… all of these will be explained.
    About Spensa’s mother and Gran-Gran… Spin is like so independent and I don’t like, she seems to love her granny a lot, but she didn’t even go visit her in all the flight course!!!
    The story is awesome but I need more details about everything!!!

  17. Soooo… took me quite a while to get here – I couldn’t start the readalong the day it kicked off coz I had an essay due the next day ? then the second and third day I couldn’t join either…. last night I finally got to read and couldn’t put it down! Read till 6am and caught up days 1-4, and finished off day five just now ? It’s such an awesome story, I love the characters and their personalities (Spin, Quirk, Nedd, Cobb, M-bot and Jerkface especially) though there’s not a single one I dislike, and Doomslug is simply the best thing ever!

    When I started reading it and we first met Jerkface I thought she’d end up falling for him, and I definitely see that as more of a possibility now! Still thinking about a short bit back she couldn’t figure why it hurt so much more to hear Jerkface call her a coward and treat her harshly, but now he’s done a lot to help her! I hope she defends him from others sometime soon.

    I am starting to worry about this Defect thing… and about the fact she could watch the battle her father died in… I feel like both things might actually really really hurt to learn…

    Also their flight is decimated ? I really really feel that soon those who left will be forcibly drafted back in… like Quirk at least I feel must join back… (unless! She’d so amazing sniping down Kril from a camouflaged and cloaked M-bot, providing he had guns… i think M-bot would like Quirk and that she’d give him all the mushrooms he wanted ?) but I also feel kind of like Nedded and should come back too…

    Big thing… are the Kril really evil? Okay, they’re defiantly the enemy, but we just don’t know enough about them… I wonder if they’re some insect like thing with an expsceloten and that’s why they never find any remains but armour? And the possibility of a hive mind would be interesting…

    Is it odd I occasionally get irrationally worried about doomslug? Like every time she comes back or jumps into the cave I’m worried he’ll accidental get killed ;-;

    Just want to say how well written this book is… only has anyone else noticed how little it focuses on appearance? We know Spin is short, but it wasn’t until about Part 3 we learned that her hair was brown – whilst a little more description of eyes of faces I would like I’m glad there isn’t too much of it, as some books can overdo it I feel? If that makes and sense ?

    Definitely one of my favourite books this year, and with the exception of Bin, Hurl, and Nedds brothers there weren’t really any big plot points or deaths things I predicted and I love that!

  18. Today’s chapters have been really interesting! I loved how the interlude was in Ironsides point of view, even though I hate how she is treating Spensa it was interesting to read her thoughts. And omg, is she starting to think that Spensa isn’t a coward? That no matter where they come from or what history they bring they can still provide for the state? Talk about a twist to the story.

    Okay so Rig does have a point, what happens if Spensa’s dad did retreat? There must of been a reason if that does show up. Also how Rig brought up saying that if Spensa thinks that he and Cobb are cowards, that crushed my heart.
    Spensa finally got to fly M-bot, it wasn’t very fast but she went higher than she ever been when she was with her flight. We also found out that M-bot could teleport and that might be how he got underground in the first place, it will be interesting to read how that works out once they have fixed that part of M-bot.

    I feel sorry for everyone, they just spent hours training and suddenly they get called for a battle of seventy five Krell ships. I mean come on! Something bad is going to happen, this is why they say you should drive while being exhausted it’s the same for flying.
    Of course we have another death in the story, poor Hurl. I knew something bad was going to happen, why didn’t she listen to Spensa and Cobbs instructions from class to eject! I know she wanted to be brave and everything but hasn’t the flight been through enough, and was going down in bravery worth your life?
    Poor Kimmalyn too much loss and her doubt on how good she really is caused her to leave the flight. That leaves Spensa, Jordan, FM & Arturo. I am hoping that nothing happens to FM because Rig has a little crush on her.

    Spensa decides to go and give Hurl the proper pilot burial she deserves since her body will be left out there by the DDF for a while. And in comes the night in shining armour Jordan. I have noticed that Spensa is calling him by his name more than her personal nickname for him Jerkface. I thought it was sweet how he offered to drive her to the site where Hurl died and then they both did her funeral. I was wondering when there would be a chance to see them together. I have a strange feeling that something may develop between them to by the end of the book ?

    I know M-bot said not to involve more people but Jordan is now getting suspicious after Spensa first took his power matrix and now he is helping her take a booster somewhere. do you think Spensa will tell or even show Jordan M-bot later in the book? I have a funny feeling that something is going to happen the longer she keeps M-bot a secret.

    Now M-bot is getting a booster fitted it will help him fly faster. I felt sorry for M-not when he asked if he should fear death, for that moment I wished he was a human so I could hug him.
    I thought Spensa was a bit harsh on M-bot when she said to put silence as number 2, if you think about it he has been powered down for 170 years without talking to anyone I think he is just lonely it doesn’t mean she should treat M-bot like that. I know she is grieving but he just wants to help perk her up, even if he is a bit rusty with cheering people up.

    And of course the chapter has to be left with a cliffhanger! I hate cliffhangers! But it will be interesting to read what Spensa see’s in her fathers last battle. What happens if Ironsides finds out what she is up to and orders someone to destroy them? Or what happens if her father did retreat? I wonder how Spensa would feel?
    I hope everyone enjoyed today’s chapters! I certainly did! ? can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters x

  19. Ahhh I’m sorry my comment is so late in the day! I had to read my chapters yesterday because I was working all day today so I had to wait to post my thoughts ?

    I’m so sad about Hurl and Quirk. Really sad about it. I think Hurl dying the way she did was rather sad and it’s because it was drilled in to her from her childhood about not being a coward and I think that’s why she chose not to eject. She wanted to try to save her ship and her pride which unfortunately just didn’t pay off. I’m glad Kimmalyn didn’t die but was sad to know that she too had left the cadets. So how many cadets are we left with now? FM, Spin, Arturo and Jerkface? Is that all or am I forgetting someone?

    Spensa going to actually find and bury Hurl made everything that more devastating and I started to think that this book could potentially be a World War Two book if it wasn’t set in space. Our characters could be training in the Air Force, they could be training to fly and to attack and be lost in the war and it would still be as devastating. That is basically how this hits you once someone either leaves or dies. It’s a war story. A story of losing your family, the family that you share wings with.

    This book is filled with conspiracies and questions and even so I haven’t a clue what will be revealed before the final page, I need to know too whether this battle was recorded. I’m pretty sure there will be two versions of this. The real one and a tampered one. We shall have to see!

    I’m loving Jorgen more so, I think it won’t be long before Spensa introduces him to M-Bot and then things could go either way. He hasn’t turned her in yet but M-Bot is a huge discovery! I too think the longer this pans out the more dire the outcome!

  20. I got greedy and couldn’t stop reading so I’ve finished the book haha.
    Awesome seeing all the discussion about the book though!
    Buckle up people, you’re in for a fun weekend!

  21. Every time I finish a section for the day and it leaves on the big cliff hanger I always think if you did it on purpose ?

    Can’t wait to see what comes of spensa looking for her dads video. ?

    Also, doomslug is still my favorite and I freaking love mbot ?

  22. I could not write about these chapters last night, I was too emotional. Today I’m ready to taste the blood of my enemies, Brandon Sanderson I’m looking at you!

    My heart. Oh. My. Gosh. First of all, Hurl is an idiot, bravery isn’t plummeting to your death, the DDF and every parent in that forsaken place should be ashamed of themselves for saying ejecting is for cowards. Pilots are literally stopped from flying for ejecting. That Ironsides needs a good shake. With that being said her death still hurt like hell, I really liked her. And Quirk.. It’s like whiplash, you’re trying to comprehend what just happened then boom, he’s ripping your heart out again.

    Okay. Okay. There’s eyes around the planet preventing even them from leaving. I spy experiment.

    Spensa needs to be more mindful of using the C word. Calling Cobb out like that was mean, grief or not. I hate that she thinks feeling frightened means she’s a coward. That self-doubt could get her killed. Even M-Bot isn’t afraid to admit his feelings and he’s a machine.

    I’m so glad we got that little Jorgen moment. I like that his parents are saying this defect thing is codswallop but I don’t like them for only giving him six months of living his dream. As a parent I wouldn’t want my son up there either but that doesn’t give them the right to control his life.

    I can’t wait to read more!

  23. I was saddened by Hurl’s death and I am so frustrated that she didn’t eject. If she was fighting slightly higher then perhaps she could have made the land but I still wouldn’t have risked it. I think Cobb’s reaction the next day was necessary. I think that the cadets being taught that to eject is cowardly is absurd. Clearly the DDF need all the pilots they can get to fight the Krell and they can’t do that if they are all dead.

    Kimmalyn leaving was about what I expected after what they had been through and because of the way she is. I think she should have kept her pin though because it shows what she has accomplished even if she felt like the weakest pilot.

    Jorgan is becoming much nicer to everyone and I thought it was nice of him to go with Spensa to give Hurl a proper send off. I feel like him and Spin are very similar in the fact that they live in their father’s shadows but still they are in the same fate. I loved that he tried to offer her an option to fly so at least one of can live their dreams.

    I love that Jorgan helped Spensa bring the booster back. It shows that he does care even if he was hard on her in the beginning.

    Hopefully Rig can fix up M-Bot so that Spensa can live her dreams. I’m glad that Rig has found somewhere he belongs, being an engineer. I did hope that Spensa would tell him where she got the booster though because I feel that he could help her through the grieving process. It would also stop him asking all his questions.

    I can’t help but think that Ironsides is hiding something and I personally can’t stand her. I know Cobb is trying to tell Spensa all he can but unfortunately he can’t. I hope that the medical leave will help the flight team recover from the losses and keep them strong.

  24. I am finally starting to like Jerkface. He isn’t as bad anymore. He still has his moments but overall not a bad guy. It must be hard trying to live up to his families expectations and not being able to follow his own passion. He seems to envy Spensa in a way because of the freedom she has to make her own choices and be truely Defiant.

    I am both devestated by Hurl’s death and Quirk quiting but at the same time angry about both of thier choices! I agree with you G, that Hurl is more of a coward for not ejecting. It would have been hard to live with that choice because she would probably not be able to graduate to full pilot but at least she would still be alive!

    It is interesting tha they use real battles during simulations but not entirely surprising. It helps them train for real scenarios that have a high probability of occuring. She definitely should have realized sooner that it meant her father’s battle would be recorded somewhere too. I do think it will be harder to find and access though. It also makes me wonder if there is a recording showing the original battle that caused them to crash on the planet since Ironsides says the defects were a major factor in that as well. Either way, both of these battles are so covered up that it’s likely any recordings are considered classified and only to be viewed by top officials in the government. Maybe Spensa will recruit Jerkface to use his connections to get her access to the recording.

    I am glad that Spensa nd Jerkface both went to give Hurl a proper burial. It’s too bad the others didn’t join them though. That would have been a cool bonding experience for all of them. It is exciting that Spensa was able to use the booster from the crash for M-bot. I wonder if she will eventually bring Jerkface in on the secret?

    How hilarous was it that M-bot’s first response was “Mushrooms” when Spensa said she had a gift for him. I love his responses to everything. It is interesting the philisophical questions he asks Spensa. For an AI who has no emotions, he certainly knows how to show emotion at times and show curiosity for learning new things.

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