Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 2

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Hello friends! Its Tuesday and its day 2 of our Sorcery of Thorns readalong! Elisabeth was having a tough time at the beginning of the story, losing a parent figure, fighting off a grimoire even though she isn’t fully trained, being accused of a crime she didn’t commit and taken from her home! Let’s hope her luck starts to change!

We’re reading chapters 7-12 today! Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-12 of Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Elisabeth and Nathaniel make it to an inn for the night and after failing to escape from Nathaniel, Elisabeth finds a grimoire hidden in her trunk by Katrien. In the book, she reads about the Thorn family, learning that Nathaniel’s ancestor, Baltasar, used some kind of necromancy to create an army of the dead! Could Nathaniel be dangerous too?


It would be so frustrating to keep forgetting what you’re are going to say or forgetting things that have happened! Is it Silas or Nathaniel doing this to Elisabeth?

She’s finally realised that all the jokes he’s made about drinking blood and sacrifices are actually jokes and she’s maybe not hating him so much? Nathaniel is so full of himself and sassy but I kinda love it!

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They’ve literally just made it to the safe house and she’s already been kidnapped, the safe house isn’t as safe as they thought! Who would know she’s arriving and why would they want to kidnap her?

Nathaniel and Elisabeth eventually manage to fight off the pack of Fiends (lesser demons) but Elisabeth passes out and wakes up in Nathaniel’s house. We learn that all of Nathaniel’s family members have died and that Silas, the family demon, killed his father Alistair. Silas seems bound to Nathaniel and has so far been helpful, but can we trust him?


They make it to Ashcroft manor to meet with the Chancellor where Elisabeth is told that she is no longer a suspect in the Director’s death! That happened fast! On top of that she is even being recommended for warden training due to her heroic efforts in saving the town from the Book of Eyes! Just as Nathaniel is about to leave Ashcroft whispers about him doing something for Elisabeth but she doesn’t know…what did he doooo?

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Okay so didn’t take long to learn that he had insisted that he personally collect her as he wanted to prove her innocence…cute!  After a quick makeover, Elisabeth joins the Chancellor and some members of the Parliament for dinner. They spend a lot of time talking about Nathaniel but I think I’d wanna know more about him as well since it seems he keeps to himself a lot!

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I have an odd feeling about Chancellor Ashcroft and I’m not sure if I 100% trust him! What do you think?

After dinner, Elisabeth gets lost trying to follow the servant Hannah and finds herself following the sound of music playing. Reaching the room it’s coming from she finds a demon who seems to have been waiting for her…must be Ashcroft’s demon but why would she be waiting for Elisabeth?



And that’s it for day 2!

What are we thinking about the Chancellor? Something weird is definitely going on! And why was his demon waiting for Elisabeth?

Hopefully day 3 will bring us some more answers!

See you then!






40 thoughts on “Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 2

  1. I still love Nathaniel, especially with all the snark during their battle against the fiends! I was pretty sad to see him go when he left Elisabeth with Ashcroft. I hope we see him again soon!

    I was pretty suspicious of Ashcroft from the beginning, as he used meeting Elisabeth, taking her in, and both of her battles as some sort of a publicity stunt. He’s a major public figure, so he has to look good, but it just felt kind of… slimy? I don’t know. Looking forward to figuring why his demon was waiting for Elisabeth. Could it be some kind of trap? I’m thinking it could be related to how Elisabeth seems to connect with the grimoires, but I’m not sure how!

    Lastly, I think Silas is trustworthy. We’ve heard a lot about demons doing anything to kill their sorcerers, but Nathaniel has been in his care since he was a child and he’s still around! He came under Nathaniel when he was only twelve and he didn’t take advantage of him then, so why would he now? Maybe I’m putting a little too much trust in a demon whose nature is to consume human essence. The scene where Silas is fussing over Nathaniel’s cravat was cute!

    I barely stopped reading, so I think I’m going to read the chapters for tomorrow a little early 🙂

    1. Silas does seem to really care for and want to look after Nathaniel so maybe he is trustworthy! Ashcroft definitely has some ulterior motives! Can’t blame you for wanting to continue, hope you enjoy!

  2. I definitely think that Ashcroft is up to something. The quick turnaround on Elisabeth’s innocence is what makes me suspicious of him personally.

    I feel that Silas killed Nathaniel’s father as a ‘mercy killing’ because he couldn’t handle the death of his wife and son. I also feel that it was hinted at that he was trying to bring them back to life and maybe that spell went wrong. If that happened, maybe Silas took the blame so that the family name wasn’t tarnished.

    1. Yeah, it was a super quick turnaround so something is definitely going on…
      That’s a good theory! I hadn’t thought of that!

    2. I agree! I think that there is a lot more going on with Silas and Nathaniel than is being let on.

  3. I haven’t quite finished but had to pop in and see if anyone else thought Silas is “one hell of a butler” 😀

    1. YES! I was literally giggling the whole way through the scene where he’s fixing Nathaniel’s clothing as I couldn’t stop picturing Sebastian ?

  4. This demon servitude and the cat is very
    Reminiscent of the Sabrina tv show on Netflix but I like it! Also I’m already in love with Nathaniel those silver streaks and grey eyes! His family legacy of necromancy was VERY interesting and then the conspiracy of a secret in the Otherworld is VERY promising! “What is the point in life if you don’t believe in anything?” Resonated with me SO much and it’s so true! I loved the fiend attack scene her fending them off Anna from Frozen style and the green lightening! The explanation of Nathaniel’s solver streaks that I adore ? and I love how he is the most eligible bachelor! ? swoon! He just left almost without saying goodbye! Her comment about having to run in a dress when she can’t breathe was hilarious!

  5. Oh I want to read so much more! I’m really enjoying this book 😀 Another nod in my head to Black Butler with the Chancellor’s ruby eye. Magic is sounding wonderful and I want to see more of it! My favourite line was ‘He took her hand and kissed it. All the words flew out of Elisabeth’s head like a flock of startled pigeons. Brilliant visual 😀 I accidentally read too far whoops but it’s looking interesting!

    1. Such a good quote! Hope you enjoy!

  6. Hi fairylooters ??

    I think Ashroft ia more of a villan than Nathaniel. I look forward ro finding out if that’s true.

    As for Elisabth… I am not really liking her. But we are still in the beginning stages of the story, so let’s hope for the best.

    Hope everyone enjoys the next chapters.

    1. I found her character started a bit slow for me… She’s a bit naive AND a bit high and mighty for me to start.

  7. It’s funny how everyone is about the Chancellor – I am suspiscious too. But then… his motives?
    He is the last (?) In line of the family who grounded the libraries, so he could be able to close them? He liked the Director Irene, so why don’t send her to sleep as well? Wouldn’t make any sense. He is described as good looking, show making, sleek… and he is for technical progress.
    More likely someone who’s against that? Against the supremacy of the sorcerers?

    I kind of think we haven’t seen the last of Warden Finch – his hate must have some deeper meaning, hopefully not just the plot starter.

    Again it’s interesting to use a newspaper and journalist in this situation to explain why information travelled that fast to everyone in their high society. Nice trick, maybe also for a reason? Just my old sherlock-fan-heart : Who’s most likely invisible to everyones eyes? In this case servants, despite their demonical compagnions, and journalists. ?

  8. The Chancellor’s demon waiting for her definitely set off alarm bells for me. I love the back and forth banter between Nathaniel and Eilsabeth and can’t wait to see how it develops. I ship it SO HARD.

    Also, I feel like the bit with manipulating newspapers and media is more than a little applicable to our world today. It was an excellent moment in this section!!!

    1. I’m definitely on board the ship of Elisabeth and Nathaniel! Their banter is the best!

  9. I think the chancellor has good intentions but being a being of higher power has to put on this fancy front which could make him seen as a bit dodgy.

    I love Silas! I also think that Nathaniel’s dad may have been either a cause of his wife and son’s deaths, or maybe he worse himself out trying to resurrect them and begged Silas to kill him as he couldn’t bear it anymore. I also have a feeling we’re going to get a very broken story about Nathaniel’s grief too. I feel like Silas is going to be revealed to genuinely care for him.

    I feel like Elisabeth is very well written. For the most part she’s lived an extremely ignorant and naive life, believing everything she’s been raised to believe. It’s understandable she’s going to be a little vulnerable to manipulation and may not understand some of Nathaniel’s humour. I hope she’ll come into herself a little more though. My only major critique is that she seems to refer to get height an awful lot. We get it, she’s unusually tall. I’d like to know a little more about her though other than just that!

    I still feel she is going to show a gift with magic and have a feeling she may be a long lost daughter from one of the family lines, or possibly even from a line everyone thought was dead?

    Another crazy theory that is probably wrong but would be so emotionally tragic for her is if it turns out Elisabeth is actually the Director’s own daughter!

    I’m struggling SO hard not to keep reading!

    1. Oooo can you imagine if she was the Directors daughter! That would be a twist! Yeah I feel like there is going to be a very tragic grief story about Nathaniel!

    2. Maybe the height will end up being important later in the book and that is why there is so much emphasis on it?

  10. I think Silas is a very intresting person … or demon. I don’t think that things are as black and white like Elisabeth thinks. I do belive that Silas is someone you want to have on your side and I think that he is loyal to Nathaniel. That he and Elisabeth can trust him.

    So Ashcroft seems a bit too good to be true. I find it suspicious that everyone now thinks that Elisabeth is innocent. Sure, its good that she isn’s a suspect anymore, but it feelt like it happend a bit to easily … Well, i’m very excited to continue tomorrow. Why did that demon waited for Elisabeth???

  11. There is a lot that I have to say but I am so so tired.

    How many of you think that we need some time to recover from book trauma?

    I hate how hectic my schedule is and so today I won’t be waiting a big review. It’s almost 11:30 here and I have to wake up by 4:30.

    But damn this book? Isn’t it freaking amazing? I somehow am sure Ashcroft is involved .?

    I am so excited.

    The Demons.??

    That fight. Oh damn. I love how fast paced it is. It may seem like I read only couple of chapters but there is so much in those chapters. I state it, I am in love with Silas. Nathaniel is totally a bae. I can’t wait to see them again. I am surr there is going to be again and it will be soon.

    There is a lot that has happened and I cannot wait to read further. ?

    I may come back here with long comments tomorrow.??

  12. There is definitely something up with the Chancellor and his demon. I’m always suspicious of people that like to “look good” in front of a crowd and use every opportunity to do just that.

    On the other hand, Nathaniel Thorn is from the House “known for the darkest of all magics-necromancy…” Hmmm… I’m not sure how to feel about that because I’m really liking Nathaniel and his sass! Plus he’s the most eligible bachelor right now! He doesn’t seem dark and evil. But, considering the title Sorcery of Thorns, his heritage may play a big part in the story. I hope we get more of his story soon.

    I’m really liking Silas as well. He doesn’t seem to be the typical demon. His relationship with Nathaniel and the way he treats Elisabeth is not fitting with the notorious deceiver description. However, we have quite a bit more to the story so maybe this is foreshadowing…? I hope not.

    On to the next chapters! ?

  13. I also find Ashcroft very suspicious. Am I the only one that is curious as to why all four Great libraries were broken into? And that Elisabeth is the only witness? So many questions!! I am loving all the little tidbits we’re learning to find out more about Nathaniel.

  14. Wow, what a great Day 2!

    I’m definitely thinking there’s something a bit off about Ashcroft. He just seems a bit TOO welcoming. Elisabeth is an unknown orphan girl from a library, who has recently been suspected of murder, and he just opens his house to her? Doesn’t feel right…?

    I’m wondering if the whole thing of break ins at the libraries was with the sole purpose of getting Elisabeth to Brassbridge? There’s clearly something more to her than meets the eye. And I wonder if her height is something to do with it, which is why it’s mentioned so much? Maybe not, but who knows!

    Gutted that Nathaniel left without a proper goodbye ? but I have no doubt he’ll be back before long!

    Happy reading all x

    1. I hope Nathaniel is back soon! I’ll miss his sarcasm and wit too much otherwise!

  15. After reading your super interesting comments: I‘ve overseen, that the Chancellor met the Director long ago.

    Now a new theory forms in my mind. What if the Chancellor and the Director are her parents!?

    I don‘t think Nathaniel is her brother but somehow I have the feeling that we will meet her parents.

    Good night

    P.s.: still want to read the book of eyes next week. Who is in?

  16. Does anyone else get Alfred & Bruce (aka Batman) feels from Silas & Nathaniel, I’m already loving them ☺️

    I’m guessing they’ll return shortly I hope we don’t have too long to wait ???

    I get the feeling either Ashcroft or his demon are going to be the villain of the story ?

    Can’t work out what’s gonna happen next but I get the impression Elisabeth has more to show us

  17. Day 2 and I still believe the book has set a fair pace. I don’t quite feel connected to the characters yet, Elisabeth especially, but I’m enjoying the story. I do like seeing Elisabeth try to reconcile everything she “knows” about magic and sorcerers from the Summershall with the more modern reality . I don’t think Silas clouding her memories is helping on that count.

    New questions after today’s chapters:
    -What’s behind the locked door at Nathaniel’s house? To quote Barney Stinson/Amy from above “I gots to know!”.
    -What is the story behind Silas’ servitude to Nathaniel’s family? I feel like the circumstances surrounding Alistair Thorn’s death will have greater meaning later.
    -Can we trust Chancellor Ashcroft? The consensus seems to be no and I agree. His entire persona seems to be for show, which probably means he is hiding something big.

  18. Really, really loving this book so far!
    I’m starting to think that Margeret Rogerson should be one of my auto-buy authors!

    I really adore Nathaniel – though now need to know more about his past!
    I don’t know why, but I still trust Silas? I feel there was more there with him killing Nathaniel’s father (I got the impression it was even grief on the father’s part maybe?).

    I also do NOT trust the Chancellor and something super shady is definitely happening there…

  19. The Chancellor is definitely weird and hiding his deamon hmm good theories thats he’s trying to overpower magic mabey got to keep un eye on him his planning something
    His demon waiting for Elizabeth gives me a theory that she could be connected somehow to the demon world
    Oh that goodbye between Nathaniel and Elizabeth was ooooh just take her with you you foul
    I love the charisma they have when their together and yes they do have good banter

  20. They do say that criminals like the limelight like hiding in plain sight. So he is definitely suspicious. I wondered if the demon might know her since we don’t know a lot about Elizabeth’s past.

  21. I really don’t like Ashcroft. He just seems too perfect that it’s to good to be true.

    I love Silas, especially when he fixes Nathaniel’s cravat! ? So cute! I think that Silas is going to be a trustworthy character. I mean he didn’t take advantage of Nathaniel when he was younger, so why would he now?

    On the topic of demons though, why is Ashcroft’s demon waiting for Elisabeth? I guess we’ll find out soon….

    1. Ashcroft seems like a shady character, yes. His demon intrigues me. I get a feeling she might know something about Elisabeth or her darkest secrets. Love Silas’s and Nathaniel’s bond. I think Silas is trustworthy too.

  22. I’m super suspicious of the Chancellor! Also, it seems weird that he so quickly went from Elisabeth being a suspect to now recommending her to be a Warden after her apprenticeship. She deserves it, but it just seems sketchy!

    I love Nathaniel so much! ❤️

    I want to learn more about him and what actually happened with his father and Silas.

    I’m loving this book!

  23. I really don’t trust Ashcroft. He seems too willing to take Elisabeth in and introduce her to everyone and praise her… I just don’t trust it, it seems too good to be true and I never believe anything like that.
    I really like the demons though. Silas, obviously, but also the whole idea of the demons, with the contracts with the sorcerers but that that’s something that shouldn’t be out in public while everyone knows it’s happening. I’m really curious what Ashcroft’s demon wants with Elisabeth though (it wasn’t much of a secret that she stumbled over her, I expected that to happen).
    I really hope we’ll see Nathaniel back soon, I like his sassy attitude :D.

  24. I do not trust Ashcroft and demon! They are just coming off as too conveniently nice, big red flags!

    I think my favourite character is Silas. He just seems so easygoing and helpful but not in a sinister way.

    Got to keep reading!!!

  25. I really am enjoying the story so far. Silas does remind me of Sebastian from Black butler, which amuses me ? I’m inclined to almost point fingers at the chancellor as to the murder of the director. He has taken her in quick, and I can’t help but think that his words about making technology and magic work alongside is a bit of foreshadowing. It might also explain why he wouldn’t worry about the grimoires being destroyed. It makes people question the effectiveness of the librarians so he and his could get more involved or more control.
    I do love how kickass she is though!

  26. I agree with what everyone else has been saying. Love Nathaniel and Silas’relationship. I feel like Silas is actually quite loyal to thebThorn family because hebhas been with them for soblong and has a soft spot for Nathaniel specifically; kind of like a father figure. I hadn’t thought ofbit myself but I like what someone above suggested abut Silas’s connection to Alistair’s death; that it was a mercy killing because Alistair wanted to be with his Wife and younger Son after trying to resurrect them failed.

    I also agree that the Chancellor is untrustworthy. He reminds me of real world politicians. His demon is sketchy too.

    I hope Nathaniel and Silas come and take Elisabeth back. I also ship her with Nathaniel. I am also still quite curious about her abilities as now we also see she is resistant to demon glamour too.

  27. I find that the Chancellor is quite odd and I don’t trust him at all. I definitely think he has other motives.

    I really want to get to know Nathaniel more. He is the person that interests me the most.

  28. I am curious as hell as Elisabeth.
    Like I want to know what happened to Nathaniel’s family. And Silas, I think he’s somehow a good guy, I mean demon. ?

    I’m also wondering about Ashcroft motive of clearing Elisabeth’s name that fast. And just like her, I don’t want Nathaniel to leave her behind the Chancellor’s manor.

    I want to read more of them! ?

  29. I was surprised at how quickly the charges were dropped against Elisabeth. That changes what I expected from the plot and I’m looking forward to see where it takes us. I definitely don’t trust Ashcroft, while he may be genuine in his smiles and politeness, he’s a public figure so he knows how to play to a room. There’s something going on beneath the surface and I really can’t wait to see what his demon is like (if that is Lorelai).

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