Sun of Blood and Ruin Readalong: Day 2!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong for our September Adult featured book: Sun of Blood and Ruin by Mariely Lares!

I hope you’re all enjoying the book so far! Crossing my fingers that we’ll see Pantera in action today. 🤞🏼

Today we’re reading from chapter 10 to the end of chapter 18. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Sun of Blood and Ruin by Mariely Lares from chapters 10 to 18. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Ayyyyyy, Pantera’s back!

I love how feisty she is. I want to be her.

Andrés has found her… and has her sword. He somehow deflects her tonalli and even though she doesn’t want to hurt him when he heads to leave, she slices at his cheek. What I didn’t expect was for it to just knit back together like it’s nothing.

She might have actually met her match with him.

Ok but Leonara referring to a sword the length of her arm a letter opener? Iconic. We have VERY different ideas of a letter opener, she must have some big letters to open.

Carlota, once again, showing why we all hate her. Every time she appears I just dislike her more and more. But why is it Carlota mentions the green sickness and I hate her for it, Inés does the same and I’m cackling! I think it’s because with Inés it’s friendship and mocking. I don’t like Carlota’s motives.

Ah. “The promise of rain is in the air.” this line evoked nostalgia in me. I love those days where you step outside and the smell of rain is just everywhere. The air is heavy, everything feels gloomy. You KNOW that’s gonna be a good reading day!

I feel like the fact Prince Felipe can’t even mount a horse correctly is not the best sign. “I’m not especially delicious”. Truer words have never been spoken. I can’t say the same, I am utterly delectable and am always a mosquito’s best friend on holidays.

They’re chatting about his past now, he’s uh, been around hasn’t he? Suddenly they’re being shot at and tell me why I can’t help but find it hilarious that Prince Felipe is so useless that Leonara has CHOKED HIM OUT, I’m laughing even harder at her brushing it off saying it’s time for his siesta.

She’s completely trapped and her only option is to shift. She’s struggling to make the change, but eventually the panther is here and she makes VERY quick work of getting rid of absolutely everyone.

Leonara feels like she lost control and broke her oath. I mean… self defense though… All I’m saying.

I love that Leonara doesn’t treat Inés like a servant, but a friend. While they chat it seems like Leonara is questioning her morals. She asks Inés if she thinks she’s a coward. I think she’s far from a coward, what do you think fairies?

Pantera is paying a night time shady visit to Andrés and there’s SO. MUCH. TENSION. between Andrés and Leonara, and every time they speak I’m getting the sense that he knows. He’s not alone but once Pantera dispatches his lady friend she’s free to throw more threats about. Him though? Oh he’s flirty… and she finds she’s actually not repulsed by him.

It’s odd that she trusts him enough to heal her leg. She’s exposed not only to his touch but his tonalli too and they have a lil vulnerable moment while he heals her. He tells her he honestly doesn’t know what he is, and she believes him. Still no sword though.

Leonara and Inés are sparring and while they do, we learn more about what tonalli is as she tells Inés. It’s complex but also really interesting!

Oooooop. Inés knows she likes Andrés. 👀 I can’t tell if Leonara starts riling her up because of that or genuinely because she wants to help Inés avenge her mother but she does rile her up and their spar turns real… until Pantera’s call is sounded.

Andrés is also there and kinda helps Pantera. It’s not enough though cause as she’s helping prisoners escape, one of them betrays her and shackles her.

Um. How did she do that???? She just conjured up like a whole storm of magic? Unintentionally! That was incredible. Even Andrés is beaming up at her. Did he know she could do this? Did ANYONE?

It’s a shame Leonara’s magic didn’t kill Nabarres though. I’d have liked that.

Oh it’s ALL 👏🏼 COMING 👏🏼 OUT 👏🏼 NOW. Felipe has really been getting around. He did the dirty with Lady Amalia AND, she’s pregnant. Very shady behaviour. Leonara sees now that him refusing her dowry and now this is just different levels of insult to her character. What a fool (Felipe not Leonara!)

I’m not sure how to feel about Lady Amalia. Gotta appreciate her going after what she wants. Actually, after the way she just threw a petty insult at Leonara about her brooch I’m taking that back. And so much for Jerónimo supporting his sisters wants! The wedding seems confirmed.

Oh dear. This isn’t a normal dinner, rebels are attacking.

Ok, I expected Leonara to protect Inés, I expected a battle to ensue, I expected it to be La Justicia… did NOT, however, expect Felipe to be an imposter. There were signs but my brain just apparently decided to ignore??? I knew I didn’t trust him but I think his side pieces being outed kind of gave me a false sense of safety that that was what he was hiding all along!

Speaking of side pieces, the guy in his closet was Nezahualpilli, he’s also part of La Justicia. Gets worse… they know Leonara and Pantera are one and the same.

Interestingly, Leonara thinks they should marry anyway. His real name is Martín Cortés. He’s a bastard and given his heritage more like Leonara than she knew.

Except his father was a greedy murdered, mustn’t forget that.

Anyway, we’ve finishing this section with Pantera allying with La Justicia – who’d have thought it???

Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀
Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?

What a section! So much drama, so much action, so much Andrés. 😆

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s section brings, see you then fairies!


11 thoughts on “Sun of Blood and Ruin Readalong: Day 2!

  1. Phew! That last chapter was a lot to digest! So. Many. Reveals!
    I did not expect Felipe to be an imposter! I thought the reveal was his side pieces.🤭
    I LOVED the scene with Leonora and Andres in his room, so much tension! I just know it’s gonna get spicy between those two!🥵 Can’t wait to see what happens next 🤗

    1. Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
      – when I started to read this section I had a passing thought that he might not have been who he said he was but didn’t think too much on it 😅
      How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀
      I like him but I think he knows that Leonara is the Pantera. I’m curious to know more about him and his healing power.

      Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?
      If they can work together without her them back stabbing her along the way then I think it’s a good idea. She is just one person trying to fight so any extra help would be a good thing.

  2. The book gets even more interesting!

    Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
    Nope, did not see that coming at all. Obviously he sounded sketchy from the beginning with his own agenda but I never saw it coming.

    How are you feeling about Andrés?
    Well, it does seem that he is getting more and more involved, now even with some tension between Leonora and Andrés. And he seems to be helping Panthera (may even know her real identity?) so right now I feel like he could be a good guy. I hope we’ll learn more about him and his intentions rather sooner than later.

    Do you think it’s wise for Leonora/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?
    I think it’s her best option right now. She can still continue doing the good she has been doing for some time now, but have some help doing it and maybe have a wider reach because of that. She can continue to try to persuade his brother but we have seen several times that nobody really cares what she has to say.. so it is her best option right now. They also know her identity so she must consider that as well.

  3. I definitely didn’t expect Felipe to be an imposter. I actually thought he was okay (if not a bit one dimensional) until the reveal of Amalia’s pregnancy. I feel this is going to add so much more intrigue to his character and I’m excited to see where their relationship ends up. There is potential for a bit of a love triangle.

    I loved Andrés from the first meeting. I really want Andrés and Leonora to get together at the end, but I think whatever he is is going to prevent them from being together initially.

    I think unfortunately Leonora will get double crossed by La Justicia.

    Loved the book so far, can’t wait for tomorrow’s section!

  4. As much as I like this book, I wish it spent longer on the action scenes. They’re well written but keep getting dropped for people standing around talking really suddenly lol

    Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
    I thought he wasn’t who he said he was, but I never guessed he was with La Justicia!

    How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀
    Mmm, he’s fine. I prefer him for a romantic interest still but in terms of actual storytelling I find Martín a lot more interesting. Also I totally thought Andrés would be revealed as a rebel so now that reveal has been given to Martín I’m not sure where Andrés’ storyline is going.

    Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?
    It’s probably going to bite her in the ass, but at least it’ll be a fun ride!

  5. I didn’t guess the reveal about the prince being an impostor – I love her plan to marry him anyway.

    I don’t mind Andrés, but I want a bit more of an understanding of what he wants politically speaking. Leonora and him do have smoking hot chemistry but is that sustainable? I did think it was funny when the girl he was with what like we aren’t together, I barely know him and he was like I thought we had a good time lol

    I don’t think we know enough about the machinations to know if making a deal with La Justicia is a good idea or not… Time will tell!

  6. Yessss I knew Felipe was an imposter! There were so many clues, like not knowing how to get on a horse. European aristocracy 100% knows how to ride horses. I wasn’t expecting his true identity to be revealed so soon, though!

    Still very intrigued by Andrés. Still getting lots of love interest vibes — he healed her, her straddling him in bed and then him flipping their positions, all the banter about his nudity. Very curious to know what he is, though (a reincarnated god? A member of a little-known indigenous tribe?) and I don’t fulllllly trust him yet. He might still betray Leonora at some point.

    I wish I felt better about La Justicia. Right now they’re allied but only because they share an enemy. I think someone is going to betray Leonora at some point though.

  7. Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?

    I literally had NO idea! What a plot twist! I just thought he was a prince with ulterior motives!

    How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀

    Loving the tension between him and Pantera! But not 100% sure I trust him yet! He seems to have a lot of secrets we don’t know about, and he’s still a little sketchy.

    Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?

    I’m not sure! Their goals seem to align more with hers than the viceroyals’ but I’m not sure she will agree with their execution of their plans!

  8. 1. Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
    While he was suspicious to me, I’d never have guessed he was actually an imposter!

    2. How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀
    A lot hahahah. I’m really enjoying his character, I find his personality funny and I’m living for the chemistry between him and Leonora! I also want to get to know him better, since there’s such a mystery about him

    3. Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?
    I’m not sure yet. I do believe it can help end the war, but I also feel like it’ll make things worse before they might get better. I also don’t really trust them, since their “partnership as allies” only seems to hang by a thread and can break any moment, probably not in Leonora’s favour

  9. The imposter Prince makes total sense as he couldn’t even ride a horse.

    I hope we see more of andres….. he is a firm favorite and such a mystery still.

    That alliance is not going to hold. No way. Its too chaotic and their views are too extreme. However pantera didn’t really have another option. I hope she can salvage this….

  10. Did you guess Felipe was an imposter?
    I definitely believed his was not who he was, but was not sure what his alliances truly were.

    How are you feeling about Andrés? 👀
    He seems like a fascinating character and definitely curious how the relationship with Pantera will go.

    Do you think it’s wise for Leonara/Pantera to team up with La Justicia?
    I think each group will hold their own motives and may be like an “enemy of my enemy” situation. Curious if one will cross the other.

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