The Beautiful Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone!

It is the 5th and final day of this months readalong! Its gone so fast! However, you still have until the end of this week to enter the little giveaway we have going (see day 3)!

I really have enjoyed this readalong and chatting to you all in the comments has been so fun! I really hope you enjoyed the book!

But without any further ado, lets read the last section of the book starting at page 354!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


As soon as the Grimaldis leave, Celine takes the opportunity to escape and she manages to do so fairly easily which is surprising for what has been described as a heavily guarded building…

As soon as she gets outside, however, she comes face to face with Bastien’s uncle, Nicodemus. 

He doesn’t seem too friendly…in fact he basically threatens Celine’s life if she doesn’t stay away from Bastien and it seems many of the others in the court of the lions feel the same.

“I am not so captivated by the beautiful, Monsieur. For I know beauty is only a moment in time.” I will definitely be using this quote on a daily basis, I love it!

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Omg nooo Odette is on Nicodemus’ side as well 🙁 That’s so sad I thought she had a friend. So if Celine refuses to do what he asks, will she be forced to face what happened in Paris? 

Yaaaass we love a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man to help with her plans.

I can’t believe Celine still finished Odette’s dress after she turned her back on her! I would definitely be the kind of person to hold a grudge and not finish it for her…

The ball sounds so magical! I would so love to experience one like that, everyone dressed up in their finest attire. And then there’s Bastien, gorgeous as always. Unaware of all the girls fawning after him as he’s too busy looking at Celine.

Oh no Pippa is there! I hope nothing bad happens to her!

Nicodemus offers to help Celine forget about Bastien and everything that has happened but of course she refuses and comes up with a negotiation of her own…for some reason I have a feeling when she gets to meet with Bastien without prying eyes, she won’t refuse him but instead has a plan of her own…

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Pippa is one of the nicest and most forgiving people ever! She’s still there for Celine even after the way she’s been treated but I’ll be so mad if she’s targeted because of it!

Ahhhh who is controlling everyone?? Their plan hasn’t exactly worked and now Celine is trapped alone. 

Omg Loup??? Le Loup means “the wolf” in French right? Could this mean its wearwolves after them? And what’s going to happen to Celine, does he mean to kill her??

Yay Odette is going to help him, even though it means going against her maker.

So not only is Bastien in the middle of searching for Celine and a killer but has also just broken the treaty with the Brotherhood! It’s not a great night for him. I thought perhaps, he would join forces with Michael to find Celine but maybe they still can!

Whaaaat Nigel is the killer :O and who is the ‘we’ he was working with? All of the court of the lions? Nicodemus?

Nigel is basically fed up of working and protecting a human (Bastien) and wants to be free and is using Celine to get to him. Bastien is, of course, en route to walk right into his trap!

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Celine is such a badass! She literally just stabbed a vampire and saved herself from being killed.

Omg no Bastien can’t die, please noooo. Nicodemus could save Bastien but only by turning him into a vampire and he doesn’t want to turn him into a monster! 

Noooo Celine can’t forget him! There has to be another way!

Omg Bastien’s sister isn’t dead, she’s a wolf!! And Michaels brother is with her? It always comes down to vampires against wearwolves doesn’t it!

So Celine has forgotten about Bastien?? That must mean he’s alive and been turned though right?! 

Ahhhh it can’t end like that!

I literally can’t even comprehend everything that just happened, wow!

Thank you for joining me for this readalong! I really hope you enjoyed it!

I want to hear all of your thoughts on this last section and let me know all your favourite parts!

I hope you have a lovely weekend we’ll see you soon for the next readalong!



20 thoughts on “The Beautiful Readalong: Day 5

  1. Oh my I just loved the book! This was most definitely one of my favorite books this year. I love how strong Celine is. I can’t wait for the second book. I just need to know what will happen between Celine and Bastien. Hopefully fairyloot will make a special edition for this! This was my first fairyloot box and it did not disappoint me.

  2. Okay, I was not expecting Bastien’s sister at all, that took me by surprise. I was trying to work out who it could be and I just never thought of her. And Nigel too!
    I hope Celine can somehow get her memories of Bastien back… she has to! My heart hurts, she gave him up to save him, she has to remember him! I ended up enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would, the ending really left me wanting that sequel right now. I can’t wait for it to come out!

    1. I kind of suspected his sister but it was written so good that is diverts you from thinking its a woman but the saying at the beginning that the demon/vampire was a saint germain should have led us to that but nope

  3. Ohh, going to be constraversial but this went from a 4 star read to a 3 with that ending. So many loose ends, I know now another book is coming but I feel some things should have been wrapped up. Celine really grew on me through the course of the book, strong and independent, willing to put herself in the firing line for those she loved. Umm so Nigel clearly wasn’t the main player and I’m still unsure what the whole vengeance thing was about.

    Was Sébastien’s sister in love with the person that got burned in the pit and that’s another thing – if Odette is a vampire then why was she walking around in the light? Because clearly the one in the pit burned?! This isn’t as simple as wolves vs vampires as there seems to be both on each side.

    I’m invested enough to want to read the next book as I can’t believe that Celine will end up with Michael and we’re still to know why she can sense the other worldlyness about the Court. But I do think that ending was rushed and messy.

    1. I agree. I loved this book, up until the last chapter. Why did it have to be warewolves? Literally any other creature! The end was too rushed and tropey for me.

  4. This was so amazing! But now I really want to read the next book. You can’t just end the book like this

  5. Dear god no no no no nooooo she sacrificed her memories of Bestian to save him noooo I want them together I hope love between them wins in the second book it has too

    But aside that heartbreak ufff the last sevtion of the readalong was intense first the enqunter with Nicodemus and the betrayal of those who she thought wete friends was tough but then she rise like a queen of the dark regaind a friend in Pipa (such a kind and forgiving person a true frien) back only to get caught by the killer omg and wtf Nigel is the killer and then he almost kills Bestian(of corse now he is a vampire them you NIgel)
    We find out his sister is a warefolf and is part of the brotherhood so is brotherhood a pack of warefolfs uuuuuh so curious but I mean that ending I am daying over here I cant wait till next year to see what will happen next nooo demit

    But all in all I loved the book good one fairyloot

  6. So I liked part of the ending and then I didn’t like other parts? Celine continued to be the best character, I love how she was so determined to take back control of her own life. And the whole thing with Nigel and the resentment over having to look after a human for so long – good villain, even if he wasn’t the main player. And Pippa was okay and continues to be the best friend ever – I want to see more of her.

    But I’m really not a big fan of the trope of memory loss, especially with regards to a love V plot like what happened with Michael at the end. It’s not something I like reading about, even though I was pleased that it was Celine’s choice in the end (though it appears Michael isn’t going to tell her anything which doesn’t make me like him a whole lot more).

    I think I’ll check out the sequel but I was a little iffy about the end.

  7. I did not see the Werewolf sister plot twist coming. But what was it about the vampire thrown in the pit then? If she was not much older than Bastien and Nigel was specifically made for taking care of Bastien……. who else is in the picture?

    1. She meansthe sister in the third sentence.

  8. So I finished the book a day early cause it just got too good to put down! It was a great book and I can’t believe it ended like that! I think in the second book we will find out more about the werewolves and who Celine REALLY is. She’s probably some type of fairy or something… and Bastien is going to fight his instincts to get her back from Mivhael in the beginning but I know he will eventually cave and try to help jog her memories of their relationship. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 originally but because I did NOT like the way the book ended and that I have to now wait for the sedlvond one I lowered my score to a 3.5 out of 5… booooooooo! But I really loved Renėe’s writing. It’s so wistful and beautiful.

  9. Not going to lie. I’m kind of upset by the ending. The way it ended. I can’t believe she gave up her memories to save him. In the fairy scoop and says each book is supposed to be a stand-alone but the experience overall will get stronger with each book. This better not be a standalone. Why would she even say that. Because I don’t really like Michael and the fact that they’re hinting that Michael is going to replace Bastien is absurd. The fact that Nigel was the killer was just so random because I felt like he was barely in the story, I feel like it would have been better if we knew more of the court of lions. There was just so much mystery and I felt like they revealed random stuff at the end and now I have a lot of questions. I feel half and half about this book…but it was better than I thought it would be.

    1. I just saw that part in the Fairy Scoop. I really enjoyed Celine’s perspective and I can’t imagine enjoying anyone else’s….

  10. I have to say, like many of the other comments before me I am also disappointed in that ending. Not only are there soooo many loose threads, but the scary culprit turned out to be someone so insignificant to the story?? I did appreciate the “loup”, but for someone who does not speak a word french it didn’t help me much in figuring out who the antagonist was. Also how did he fake his own death exactly? Who in the court of lions was helping him? If any? Does Michael know anything, is he also a werewolf?? Also how did Celine literally almost get drained of blood (he said her heart was slowing) and get flung across the room into a pew and then just get up and run to Bastien’s side?? Shouldn’t she be too weak to move?

    I really did love Celine and her badass-ery in this book though, especially since she managed to be badass without being a fighter without equal or someone with amazing powers. She was simply smart and resourceful. I liked the story a lot, all the way until the end. It had these amazing parts of suspense and I loved watching Celine and Bastien fall in love! I’m looking forward to the sequel, I have so much I want to know!

  11. Oh my gosh. I cant believe it ended that way ? I need book 2 yesterday!
    This was so so good! Definite 5 stars! I loved the atmosphere and characters and it was just such an amazing, moody read?

  12. What I wanna know the epilogue at the end ……does this mean she can remember ?????

  13. There was so much suspense and emotion in this last section of the book! And now we have to wait for the next one to come out! I have so many questions that need answering. ?

  14. Wow – the “dead” sister! I did not see that one coming at all.

    Nigel’s return from the dead was a bit weird, and not really explained.

    And I’m gutted that it looks like Celine is gonna end up with Michael. Although I think, next time she sees Bastien, she’ll either start to remember, or those “love at first sight” feelings will return even if she can’t remember him.

    I missed the hint at werewolves with the “loup” reference – I did spend a fair amount of this book doing google translate on french phrases ?

  15. I absolutely loved this book it gave me sooo many feels. I can’t believe the ending I need to know what’s going to happen like right now!!! I can’t wait to read the next book!!

  16. I will be honest. I really wanted this box for the vampires and while the other goodies were freaking amazing, the book was a big let down. I DNF past page 300 and read the spoilers here. The book started off good but git boring. . I love the idea of vampires but it was too drawn out only to start adding werewolves into the mix. The plot is there but the execution needed a bit more work to keep me interested. The characters only interesting were Odette and Micheal and I could have went without the other characters. The story could have been so much more. Renee’s other book was so much better. 2/5 stars .

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