The Beholder Readalong: Day 1

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Hi all!

Welcome to day 1 of our The Beholder readalong! It’s so nice to see so many of you back, and the warmest welcome to anyone who has joined for the first time! I really hope you will enjoy reading the book with your fellow FairyLooters!

Have you ever read any other books where the main character travels with the goal of finding a suitor? Or a book involving sea travel in general? Maybe some piracy? If so, let us know in the comments what that book was!

Let’s set sail then and see if we’ll find some pairings we can…do I dare?…ship.

I will see myself out haha

On this gorgeous Monday, let’s find some down time to get these 12 chapters read! And let’s chat about them!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-12 of The Beholder by Anna Bright . Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Oh no, I feel rejection coming, I feel it in my bones ?

And look at that, here it comes. That hurt. To be rejected so publicly and by proxy! Why didn’t he come up to her and say it beforehand? I suppose for the same reason she didn’t ask him directly too. There’s a moral here somewhere, I am sure of it 😀

Her father seems sickly but very supportive. Anyone else is suspecting the stepmother to be poisoning him? She be shifty! Or is that just the leftover of all the fairytales we’ve read as kids that really did stepmothers dirty?

Their little country is a newly independent colony that she describes as freed only because it wasn’t worth holding on to. This means there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to keep up the morale of the public and keep the country running. I found this quite powerful wording!

The council speaks of her need to marry and set an example. To have a man “to advice her”. And the snake like ways of the stepmother come out to play, she wants to send her away. I really think she’s poisoning the father now! She wants to take over maybe?

Alessandra “foresaw” this?? I doubt it!

What if she PAID for Peters family to refuse?? Or threatened him? Maybe that’s why he said it was never just about them. That might make sense, no? What do you think?

She’s being sent on a ship called The Beholder and her godmother suspects something might be plotted against her during the trip, however fleeing would make things worse. So she is to go on this journey and be cautious, and honestly, just hope for the best. Possible motive for Alessandra is that her new born would be the senechal-elect instead of Selah.

Peter does mention his family! It must have been arranged!

She is sailing to Europe! Woop woop!

I’m also very interested in hearing more about our captain. I sense some possible romance there. Hehe. I imagine I will “sense” it with every character here. But it is made into a point how much younger and more handsome he is compared to the rest.

Apparently one or more of the suitors are from the Imperiya, which I’m thinking is maybe parallel to Soviet Union maybe? In any case, not something our heroine is keen on! But it’s also surprising that her suitors are actual men of power and rank. She was expecting lords not princes. What is her stepmother actually plotting?

Because of her tale she’s read as a child she is terrified of Imperiya. It would be cool if it ends up being safer than her home! Plot twist?

Yay someone actually stands up for our main character and it’s this girl that swoops down like some awesome pirate!

And that’s a wrap on day 1 – well done!

What do you guys think so far? Any predictions on where this is going? What do you think about her having to see them all before settling down, is it a ploy or simply politically smart decision?

Let the speculations begin!

Until tomorrow!


67 thoughts on “The Beholder Readalong: Day 1

  1. I’m currently LOVING this book! I find her stepmothers behaviour really sketchy and really feel sad for her father!
    I love the writing style of the book and the way the story is going, I found myself flying through the pages so quickly and cannot wait to see how this book and the characters develop!
    Just something about this stepmother….I feel a bit plot twist is going to happen! X

    1. Omg me too I’m actually in love with this book it gives off so many fairytale vibes and I really feel bad for Selah but it was a bit selfish of her to assume Peter would marry her but I get that she was living in a fantasy. I have already fallen in love with so many quotes for example, “I gulped down my embarrassment, a bitter pill” (P.g. 27), “ I knew our history as well as I knew my duty. But duty had felt different when it had looked like Peter” (P.g. 28), “Pages thin as butterflies wings” (P.g. 64). I definitely think Alessandras poisoning Selahs father with the doctor and his new diet. I still can’t get over how one of her suitors is 27 like that can’t be legal and what would her dad say? I don’t understand why she is so afraid of the Imperiya over some stories (that reminded me of Hansel and Gretal) I just think it was a bit of an overreaction if I’m being honest, I’m excited to learn more about it though. Another thing I can’t get over is everything Selah needs to change “So I need to be thinner and prettier by the time I reach England?” And he said “Exactly” like that’s a disgrace someone can be aloud to tell her that. But anyways I love this book and how it’s making me feel so many emotions, I’m so excited to continue as I feel something big is coming.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised with how fast I am reading this. Chapters are short and to the point. It makes the plot go faster. I was worried it will drag on a lot. Definitely appreciate we just dived right into the journey!

    I suspect Peter was forced to say No to Selah. It doesn’t make much sense for him to have rejected her and to have done so so abruptly. It obviously did not favor Alessandra for them to be engaged. She surely threatened their family, most likelt taking advantage that his mother was sick. Alessandra is quite a bitch, and I am worried she will plot to send Selah’s dad to an early grave.

    With how much Selah seems to fear Impriya, I kinda want it to be different. Like the stories are just rumors purposely fed to make the country appear horrible. It would be interested if Impriya ends up being a powerful ally for Selah.

    What I am not enjoying much is the world. It has real life countries, but also made up countries and territories. Its rather confusing since I can’t exactly picture where I am located or how this world is. I would have personally preferred either actual countried with madeup cities, or entirely madeup world rather than a mix of both.

    I am already ahead of schedule! So I hope the story keeps me interested!

    1. I completely agree! I wish there was a map too!

      1. me to a map would of been great

      2. Yes, give me a map, please.

    2. Agree with the unusual world, I have no idea where we are, wish there was a map!

      1. I have wished for a map several times already.

    3. I agree. The use of made up countries and real life countries is confusing. It’s taking me out of the story to try and figure out which countries they’re representing in real life, but not so much that I’m not enjoying the story.

  3. I agree with everything you just said G!

    I think the ‘smother’ is dodgy as hell and definitely planned all this to get rid of Selah so her baby could be in charge. She totally could be poisoning the dad too!

    I did not like the whole rejection thing, I really hope for Peter’s sake that the stepmother was behind it otherwise that was just mean ?

    I’m loving some of the characters on the ship and really think there’s going to be some romance ?

    I flew through today’s pages so bring on tomorrow’s x

    1. I really agree with you except that really think it was mean that Peter said no he is free to choose who he marries, and I do think it was selfish or inconsiderate of Selah to assume he would marry or as she mentions how to conversation was scarce or lacking. I hope that he was made to say no though I think that will make for a more interesting plot, but I would love to hear why you think it’s mean or your thoughts on if Selah was being selfish.

  4. I was very sceptic at the beginning, but now I´m intrigued! Í like the writing and the story so far! I´m flying through the pages. I think the stepmonster is poisining Selah´s father and maybe Peters mother, so she blackmailed him, to reject the proposal. I can´t wait for the next chapters

  5. On page 9 I thought ‘Oh a Stepmonster, possible Cinderella-Vibes?’ Turned the page and was like ‘Yeah, I hate that bitch ?’ And those spooky doctors? I think they’re helping her poisoning Selahs Dad. It was kind of awkward that the stepmother takes the lead in this country sonce she is only the Emperors Consort and speaks for her husband??‍♀️
    I really think that she threatened Peter and his family so that she could get rid of Selah. Also what is it with this road she has to travel? She has to visit four Kingdoms to make her first choice? So that the stepmother can pop that baby and kill her husband before Selah is even near home?!
    It’s kind of interessting that she just has to visit the crown princes of the countrys.. So that even if she takes one of those guys as her fianceè, she has to stay in that country to become ‘only’ the wife and not the ruler of Potomac!
    I see what you did there Stepmonster, well played! No way for her to come back and take her birthright.

    1. Omg I never thought of it like that, if she was to get married to one she would have to stay there instead that’s so smart and such a good theory/ not theory because they’re actual facts.

  6. This book started great. Can’t wait to read more

  7. I’m already enjoying this book so much. I definitely think Selah’s dad is being poisoned by her Smother. I think there’s going to a plot twist and soon maybe I’m curious to find out more about the ships crew and what is below decks that they would warn Selah not to go there. Happy reading everyone.

  8. Hello fellow fairylooters ?

    I did not even read the blurb for this book cause I enjoy not knowing anything when I dive into a fairyloot book.

    The concept of this book is really intresting. As far as the characters go, I’ll have to keep reading to reallly get a feel for them.

    Everything on the boat was super nice to read about so I am excited to continue with the next chapters.

    Hope everyone has a great time reading. ???

    1. I never read the blurb. its makes thed book more exciting.

  9. Reading some of the other comments, I feel a bit like I’m the only one a bit iffy so far on this book?

    I think the way Selah is written makes her feel really young or naive, and so I’m struggling to connect properly.

    I think the stepmother also feels a little too cartoon-y-evil for my liking?
    I think she’s definitely poisoning the father now that she is pregnant. Why did he marry her at all?

    That said, it’s been really quick and easy to read so far, and really looking forward to seeing how Selah might change or grow, especially as she starts to meet the suitors!
    They are definitely all crown princes for a reason though.
    and think there will certainly be some romance with Lang down the line too….

    1. I am also seeing Selah that way! Just felt like I couldn’t put it to words after 80 pages…

  10. I’m not completely in love just yet, but that might be because i’m head over heels for another book at the moment 😉 (acowar).

    But i am enjoying it already! I definitely think the stepmonster is poisoning the father and somehow got Peter to say no. I agree with a comment above that she chose princes as suitors so that Selah would have to stay there instead of come home. Probably so that the stepmom’s child can rule instead.

    I agree with you all that it would be cool if the Imperiya turned out to be the oposite of what we think!

    And as far as the matchmaking goes, as soon as we met Lange i thought Selah will choose him in the end. Just a ship captain instead of those damn princes 😉

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  11. So, I’m loving it so far! The mix of real and made up places is a bit confusing, but I’m sure it’ll make sense as we carry on!

    I think I must be the only one who’s noticed all the ship crew share surnames with famous fairy tale writers, but I nerded out big time hahaha that’s attention to detail!

    1. That’s a good point! This is such a huge mash up of all things from Baba Yaga to Asgard (and even though we havent met that prince yet im rooting for him as that’s some basic characteristics of my own hubby!) I love it so far 🙂

  12. It’s a good start. The stepmother seems to be pure evil like a fairytale. I think see might be working for the Imperiya to take control of Potomac.

    I love the names of all of the places around the world but I would have loved a map to better visualise it.

    Lang seems like such an interesting character, he’s so young to be a captain and there is definitely something in the cargo hold that shouldn’t be on the ship.

  13. Hello everyone!! Omg, I can’t put this book down! I am loving it so far. I feel like it is a mixture between Cinderella and Snow White.
    Poor Selah!!! To be publicly rejected, I feel so bad for her! But it seems it was not meant to be, or maybe someone interfered…(that evil stepmother?!?!)
    She is truly mean!(which makes her a very interesting and intriguing villain!) And I totally agree with G, I think Alessandra is behind his bad health condition, that evil monster, she wants to be Potomac’ s ruler! And I believe she wants to get rid of Selah, and probably schemes something so she can keep the throne for herself and her baby!
    “The choice of Selah’ eventual spouse is a matter of state. The man she marries will guide her and our country. This is not a job for any woman to take alone, let alone Selah” ohhh noooooo!! It reminds me of the Princess Diary 2. So she has to get married in order to rule!
    I think Selah has a long journey ahead of her, but no matter what, she will become a great ruler, with or without a man by her side.

  14. So one suitor is of the Imperiya, appearantly a cruel conquering empire. I’m betting the rumors won’t be true, and they will actually be nice, or they will learn from her or something, and she’ll find in them an alley to defeat her stepmother? (Because I feel like her dad wil die soon?). Meaning an important love interest will be the red-haired Prince Harry-lookalike Fritz, and the secondary looming love interest Peter? Lang seems important too, but that will most likely be a slow-burn that will progress in the sequel, possibly damaging her alliance with the Imperiya? Since Peter was introduced so soon, it seems very unlikely he’ll still be a love interest in the next book.

    So yeah, I’m definitely loving the romance here, and the plot. I like how it’s not one retelling, but several mixed up ones, even though I don’t understand half of them? The world is very confusing though, it would have been easier to comprehend if there was a map. Some countries are fantasized, others are real? Why? Will that ever be explained? Is this like an alternate universe? It sounds like a fantasy world, definitely Potomac with the whole tree palace gave me that vibe, but then there’s technology and proper geography included?

    I do love the names of all the characters though, rather unique.

  15. I agree with everything you said before and I am really surprised about, how everything goes. But one additional thing I am curious about: why is it so important, that she is not allowed to go down to the ground of the ship? Is it really just because she can get injured or is there more behind that? Does the crew plan something on their own or smuggle something or am I just too suspicious? I already love the book and unexpectedly it catches me so much, that I just break into tears in the first chapters.

  16. I’m already all about Captain Lang! That’s who I’m shipping with Selah!
    Also, how are you pronouncing her name? I’m thinking maybe “say-luh” is that how others are pronouncing it?
    I really love the different fairy tale references all throughout!
    I can’t wait to meet all the different suitors!
    So happy to be doing this readalong!
    – Shannon

  17. This book is so cool! It is so fast to read and the main character seems to have her wits about her. I definitely think that the stepmother is planning something and that the father is possibly ill of her doing. I am glad that her godmother is rooting for her and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lang and Selah hit it off. Every one on the boat seems nice except for Perrault and it is so weird that Alessandra has sent her to meet princes … is she planning of keeping her hidden in Europe so her child can be Senechal-elect ? This seems so cool anyway and I am definitely getting parallel universe vibes ! I can’t wait for the next chapters tomorrow !

  18. The book starts quite fast but I kind of like that, there is also a lot of characters just in the beginning and makes a little bit hard for me to remember who is who (I fell like I need to clarify… I suck at names, its just so easy for me to forget someone’s name the second after I heard/read it) and the world and time is a little hard to understand (maybe in the next chapter it would be less confusing)… But the story is already interesting and is just the beginning, I already want the rest of the series to come out so I don’t have to wait and know how it ends.

    1. I feel the same to many charcters to remember so soon

  19. Hello from Germany and sorry for my bad English 😛
    I’m really loving the book so far! I feel like there are a lot of stories with much explanation at the beginning which is absolutley fine! But at the start of the Beholder I felt like beeing thrown into the story, right in the middle of happening and I really love that!
    I agree with the thought of poisoning the king and maybe blackmailing Peters family. And I also like the Captain very much so far.
    And I’m really curious about downstairs and can’t wait to meet the different suiters!

    1. Your English is good ?

  20. For everyone wondering how Selah is pronounced, I looked up the audiobook. It’s say-la.

  21. OMG! I am LOVING this book so much. It started off a little weird for me but now that it’s picked up I’m trapped. May as well be me on that ship staring into Lang’s Captain-y eyes.

    I mean what…

    Yes. My ship is setting sail. I have hardcore fallen into the boat of SeLang and I will go down with it. Hi. Let me just warn everyone reading this, I have a tendency to fail the ship that sinks at the end because she always goes for the other guy. Anna Bright please be my heroine and let this be one of the 1% times I actually boarded the correct ship.

    I feel like there’s so much more to Lang than he’s letting on. I’m sensing possible exiled prince vibes maybe? Or maybe this is just my sad shipper self looking for the ways in which this relationship could work in the end.

    I am curious to know more about him and what’s on the Beholder. What’s inside the crates that she couldn’t translate the writing on? Possible explosives? Other weapons? The crew seems kind, but if Lang was hired by Smother (that’s her name for me. I refuse to call her by her birth name.) there’s no telling what she’s paid him to do. This is HER ship after all. She could have put anything on it she wanted, and I have a strange suspicion that Godmother Althea put the soil in that spot on purpose.

    Theory B, I also have a strange suspicion that Lang may be tied somehow to Godmother Althea. Hmm…

    Smother is infuriating to say the least. It’s very clear she’s set in Selah never returning considering the suitors she picked are all first born son princes. Um… so tell me why these fellas who are likely heirs to their kingdoms are going to pack up and go back to middle of nowhere farm land (which I love so much by the way)? Yeah. No. Smother has no plans for Selah to return at all. Thank God there’s Lang… I’m in too deep already. SOS.

    As for Selah. I love how well written she is. She’s still a child and still very much acts like one, but when the time comes she seems to have no problem saying what she thinks. I’m really looking forward to seeing how she grows along with her little herb garden (and with Lang of course) as we continue on.

    The urge to keep reading is so real right now.

  22. Omg! Yes I think the smother has everything to do with Peter rejecting Selah, and about Selah’s dad being sick ☹️ And she wants Selah away so that her baby can take her place.

    I’m also interested on knowing what the Godmother knows cuz I’m pretty sure she gave Selah the soil so it would help her in the future? ??

    I’m really liking the Captain ?‍✈️ yessir! ?

  23. I completely agree with everyone. I wish there was a bit more character building and storyline. Maybe hopefully yet to come…. I am still trying to figure out who I am missing on the boat. It said only 14
    1 Selah
    2 captain Andrew lain
    3 homer maionides
    4 sir Perrault
    5 will Grimm
    6 skop konlay
    7 cobie
    8 Anderson
    9 Vishnu
    10 yasumaro
    11 yu
    12 basile

    Missing 2 people

    Wondering who the 4th prince is as well

    1. I too am confused, the characters are distinguished by their citizenships but no world map is provided and I can’t get it in my head to figure out who’s who. Except Lang is Captain and Sir Perrault is from New York.

    2. There was Jeanne and J.J. that you are missing. J.J. had soup dribbling on his shirt and Jeanne was when they were talking about chicory.

  24. Another question I have is how does Captain Lain make Captain at 20? Who’s side is he on? Something more is going on.

  25. So sorry finally finished my notes for chapters 1-12. One thing just dawned on me, the third suitor a Fritz is like courting the mob…. no one in their right mind would actually do that with having no true intentions of making it work straight from the start. Unless you kinda want to set up your step daughter to get offed. What if Sir Perrault is warning her? Why would he waste all his time explaining that it was important to keep that meeting, if his intentions where bad. It would be so easy for him not to say something and let them “feel dismissed” and off her. I think he is warning Selah to help her…. not harm her… and who is the fourth suitor? Another mob prince??? That would be a no win situation. Unless you clone yourself.

  26. Not fully in love with the book yet, found these chapters slow going (but I think I just burned myself out by reading too much yesterday)

    I agree with the majority that Alessandra is poisoning the father.

    I also agree with G that something might happen between Selah and Captain Lang.

    I think Alessandra has done something to Peter to make him refuse, as she had this trip planned for Selah on the off chance.

    Looking forward to reading more and seeing if it picks up a bit.

    I would like some more description of the world layout (some maps would have been a good idea to add, just so you could follow the journey that Selah takes)

    1. I too wish some sort of map or general idea was given about the world, it is really confusing!

  27. I’m torn so far… I love all the Fairytales that appear and all the connections to different ones in the story itself. I’m always on board for fairytales.
    I really loved that they included the fairytales in their original language <3
    But I don't really like/connect with our main character… Hope that'll change…
    The smother is a bit on the nose plotting/evil. Many faiytale vibes here. And of couse she is poisoning Selahs father… And she (or someone else) had a hand in Peters decision…
    I like the captain so far, I'm sure there is a story hidden, maybe something will evolve there. Also I would like to get to know the rest of the crew more.
    But the world is pretty confusing.. For now I have given up on figuring out how it is built and where we are in that world…

  28. Hello!

    It’s a good start for the book but I hope it gets better for me… I’m interested in seeing more world and that country (forgot the name) that’s supposed to be so dangerous! But i think it’s the last one they are going to visit? Mmmmm… I need to know more about the Captain, maybe love interest? I think that Alessandra is also poisoning Selah’s father!! And also forbid Peter’s family to accept, somehow… we’ll see!!!!!

  29. Hi All! This was my first box, and I loved the blurb of this book!
    I loved the cover and the character art. It made me really interested into the story. The story starts really good with Selah being shy and trying to put forth her proposal through her parents. I’m from Asia and marraiges arranged through parents is not uncommon, thus I know so many cases where the proposals are rejected due to friendzones and people not liking families! Asian culture is about families after all… Back to story… As everyone says I foresaw her rejection, it was painful and humiliating. Selah’s dad is amazing, her step mom is a snake in disguise as she exiles her for fault which is not her own. The council and other people just seem like puppets, no one stood up for Selah. This makes me not care what happens to Potomac, tbh! Also is Potomac —> Americas? or some of the Caribbean Islands? Bharat is India, Imperiya is Russia, England and Norje are self explanatory. I like the starting and can’t wait for tonight’s 12 chapters and what you’all thing of it. I have read quite a bit as I was on vacation last week. Hope you’ll like it.

  30. I ha e a sneaky suspicion that the suitor she chooses will be from the Yotne and that will end up being the safest place for her.

    The mother is so dodgy and it’s clear she’s setting Selah up to fail, but I think Selah is going to surprise everyone and be a badass.

    Also does anyone else get the feeling that Selah is going to end up working a sword or other weapon at some point? I can totally picture her learning to fight!

  31. So I finished the chapters a little late but anyways the book has me intrigued although I am not yet sure what to think of it. I still have no idea who on the ship she should/can trust but I think I like the captain a little bit so I really hope he turns out to be really nice!
    Looking forward to getting in deeper with this story 🙂

  32. I agree with all of you that tje stepmother is poisoning her dad, plus Peter definitely said no because some kinf of pressure.
    I love Captain Lang’s description and suspect something more going on here, he has his secrets, but on the other hand is very protective and fond of Selah, maybe some kind of romance?
    Selah is also a wonderful charachter, you adore her instantly.
    I also love the writing of this book, I just slide through the pages and suspense is killing me, so I am a bit ahead with reading because I just can’t stop, it’s been a while that happened.

  33. It’s my first box and I’m so happy we get to read The Beholder!
    I love the little extracts from actual fairytales (in French and in German…) and the hints to famous storytellers with some of the characters’ names such as ‘Grimm, Andersen, Perrault’. I like the quick and efficient writing style and there are very nice quotes.
    I was actually dying from second-hand embarrassment for Selah when she got rejected. I COULD relate. I wish she would stand up a little bit more for herself but I guess that’s the whole point; to see her become braver and more confident. I love her godmother.
    I also suspect some romance with Captain Lang and I can’t wait for Selah to meet her suitors and see which princes they’re inspired by!

  34. Really enjoying it so far. Not a huge fan of Selah herself, but I love the myth, legend and fairy tale references and the plot! Right up my alley!
    Certain the evil stepmother is poisoning her dad and that she made Peter turn her down. Can’t wait to continue and find out more!

  35. What if the stepmother is actually trying to help her and that’s the twist? ? she seems sketchy so I would be surprised if she was actually not up to something and thought she was helping ?‍♀️

  36. very late at finnishing these chapters. but i’m loving the book so far.

  37. I was skeptical about this book to start with because I don’t really like romance heavy books these days, and that is the way this one seemed, but I am quite enjoying it. It is easy to get wrapped up in the story so far that the first 12 chapters just flew by.

    I definitely agree with your thoughts about the Stepmother. I think she is poisoning Selah’s father and might possibly kill him while Selah is away. I also think that she threatened Peter and his family or else, if his mother is still sick, I think she bribed them with the best Doctor’s and medicine to help her get better.

    I am also really liking her Godmother, Cobie and Captain Lang. I really hope that Cobie becomes a really good friend and ally. I also want Selah to end up with Captain Lang instead of any of those royals/suitors. They are already so cute together!

    1. The Godmother character is absolutely perfect. And immediately after I typed those words, I got super suspicious of her for no reason whatsoever XD

  38. I agree with most everyone’s comments about the Smother.

    I also wish there was a map to help the setting organized in my head.

    I’m waiting for the soil to do something magical.

    I have a feeling there might be a love triangle in this book.

    1. I love the fact that she abbreviated it to “smother” (despite the fact that I generally hate the Wicked Stepmother trope).

  39. Oh my gosh, I *felt* that rejection, it was like a physical blow! I feel kinda sorry for Peter, there are obviously other players in the game. Namely Alessandra. And I think she’s definitely trying to off Selah’s father and take power for herself.
    I loved how Selah referred to Alessandra as Smother, it gave me a giggle.
    Does anyone else think that the first sentence in every chapter is STUNNING? Like, stop and read it again, out loud. Incredible writing, right there.
    Cora |

  40. These first 12 chapters were hard for me to get threw. It might just be me but, who knows. The smother is definitely poisoning the dad.

  41. I agree the stepmother is super shady and yes I think she had something to do with Selah fathers illness
    I hope the godmother finds out what she’s ploting
    Going on a journey poor Selah she has to leve her father and family behind I hope all goes well
    I do agree with you G I think Imperya is not as everyone says
    Girls got to stick together Good girl for sticking up for Selah jeeey Coco was her neme I think
    Oooh I can’t wait what happens next

  42. I love this book! I love the little hints of classic fairytales and in their original language too! Yes the rejection was so cringe I definitely had second hand embarrassment! I totally think she will fall for caring captain Lang!

  43. I got a late start on the readalong but I would be SHOCKED if I didn’t finish today! It’s so hard to put this book down! I definitely agree– Alessandra seems like the sketchiest and I’m sure she’s oh so carefully arranged everything to keep Selah out of her (and her future progeny’s) way. One of the things I’m intrigued by is the mash up element of this book– not just the wide collection of fairytales and folklore that Selah references (and that start different sections of the book) but also the bits and pieces Anna Bright has strung together to make reference to. I’m also super interested in the world building. It’s familiar enough so I have a sense of what’s going on, but also removed from reality so that I have a sense of whimsy and fantasy around it. I’m terrible with geography so stuff that draws on geography that’s easy to understand is super helpful for me hah.


  44. I’m hating so much on Smother XD and I’m also thinking that Peter didn’t just reject her because he wanted to. Alessandra is E V I L!

  45. Okay… So first impressions… Smother is definitely evil and is plotting against “Daddy”and what’s better than send her far away?
    I’m still not quite feeling Selah… She seems kind of naive… Expecting some growth on the character or some sudden twist…

  46. Okay… So first impressions… Smother is definitely evil and is plotting against “Daddy”and what’s better than send her far away?
    I’m still not quite feeling Selah… She seems kind of naive… Expecting some growth on the character or some sudden twist…

  47. I’m starting very late on this readathon but I just raced through these first chapters. I agree, Peter didn’t want to reject Selah, though I don’t think Alessandra threatened him, I think Peter and his family know that for him to marry Selah would mean they would be connected to Alessandra. Speaking of the smother, I’m liking how manipulative she is. I always love an intelligent villain, it makes things more interesting.

    I also love the fairytale vibe I’m getting from this book. Selah seems naive and fairly innocent at the start of the book, much like many girls start off in fairytales, and I like how she’s fit in with the ship crew. Promising start (though I agree about the confusion of real country names with made-up country names).

  48. I think the Imperiya could be Germany. Because „Reichsfürst“ is german and „Shvartsval‘d“ sounds like „Schwarzwald“. And because of the fairy tales elements… and the „authors“ of the fairy tales perrault, andersen, grimm…. the brother Grimm are Germans, too. So I expect the Imperiya could be a part of Germany

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