The Bright and The Pale Readalong Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

I hope you are all doing well and having fun taking part in the readalong!

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Okay, now it’s time to talk about Chapter 13 – Chapter 18

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Bright and The Pale by Jessica Rubinkowski, from chapter 13 to chapter 18. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Chinua comes into the cave with supplies for Alik and Valeria, letting them know that they stayed with the Storm Hounds safely. When she hands out bottles, Valeria notices the Thieves Guild symbol on the bottom. She realises the Storm Hounds must have stolen them from the Guild when Valeria fled after their plan was discovered. Alik suggests that Luiza may have handed them over, and they argue. Alik urges Valeria to see that Luiza is not good, that she abandoned him because of his injury. Enraged, Valeria storms out.

Outside, Valeria sneaks up on Ivan as he speaks to a member of the guild. The guild member makes a threat about his children, warning him to complete his task.

Is Ivan working for the Thieves Guild? Is he being manipulated? What are your thoughts and theories?

Valeria doesn’t trust Ivan, and suddenly Alik and Valeria’s relationship is on edge. Valeria believes Alik isn’t appreciating all Luiza done for them when they were young, but Alik is determined to get Valeria to see that Luiza is cruel, that she cast him away and stopped Valeria from receiving his letters, allowing her to believe that he was dead for an entire year. Alik even goes as far as to suggest that Valeria is manipulating him too.

Can we trust Luiza’s intentions? We only see her in the opening moments, but she still manages to keep a firm hold on these characters.  

One night, around a campfire, Valeria finally opens up to Alik about her feelings, telling him how important he is to her, and how wretched she is without him. Alik just stares into the fire . . . sigh.

Finally, they reach Ludminka, and as they make their way through the village, Valeria hears the voice from her dream trailing behind her. Where is this voice coming from?

In Ludminka, we see the harsh reality of the freeze, adults and children held frozen in time, unable to move on. We visit Valeria’s home, and see her family.

Unable to stay in the village, Valeria sleeps inside Knnot alone. It’s dark and quiet. And then, suddenly, she hears a knock on the door. Going to look, she finds it covered in scratches. Running back to the group, Valeria tells Alik about her night and how terrified she is.

Comforting her, they share a moment of healing and almost kiss! It would have been the perfect moment, but Serafima enters, having spent the night away. Does anyone find this suspicious? Serafima tells them that she has been looking for her father, who she believed to have been caught in the freeze. He wasn’t there.

Throughout, Alik has made his dreams clear, he wants to move away to somewhere where they will be safe from Storm Hounds and live a peaceful life. Valeria wants to overthrow Czar, but she soon realises she wants to live by Alik’s side too and that she can’t stay without being manipulated by Luiza. Valeria tells Alik “Let’s get all the lovite we can carry and never look back.”

With just over half the book to go, there is still a lot that could happen. What are your predictions for inside Knnot? Will the trip go smoothly, or will this book take a darker turn?

I hope you’re enjoying the book so far! Let me know what you think and I’ll join you tomorrow for day 4 of our readalong!



51 thoughts on “The Bright and The Pale Readalong Day 3!

  1. I am definitely suspicious of Luiza and her intentions, I fully expect her to make a reappearance in the latter half of the book, and not in a positive way. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she engineered the attack on Alik and that she is the reason Valeria’s mission was compromised.

    I’m pretty sure that whatever Valeria encountered in the mountain has been awaiting her return all along and is actually the voice she hears ‘on the wind’, so no, I do not expect their adventures into Knnot to run smoothly.

    Valeria doesn’t strike me as the type to just run-away from her problems, I think she is going to see this through to hopefully get some answers about the plague, and she still wants to help the Champion over-turn the Czar.

    Seems like a lot of plot that needs to develop in only a couple hundred pages remaining.

  2. Oooh we got monsters in the mines! It has “eight will fall” vibes and I’m here for it. I just hope they won’t be too scary, because I’m easily spooked.

    I’ve already posted my photo because I loved it too much now to show it off immediately ? I’ll add the hashtag, my Instagram handle is @Sputnik.books

    P.s. If while reading the inn scene you heard a distant yell of “kiss already!”, know it was me. I regret nothing.

    1. ? I’m ready to jump the next person that interrupts these two

  3. What is inside of that mountain? The comments from yesterday saying some thought she was the pale’s champion is making more and more sense, and I think she is more connected to the freeze than originally thought. One thing I think for sure; Those Who Dwell Within definitely exists, in some for or another.
    I have entered the giveaway, handle: hbmslittlelibrary

  4. This section was so eerie!! The scratches on the door and the footprints with claws really made me curl tighter into my blanket (which we really need when reading this book because brrrrrr). Also with Val and Alik, JUST KISS ALREADY OMG SERAFINA HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT THEM. Looks like Alik is at least feeling the same way as Val despite his silence over the campfire!

    Still don’t trust Ivan or Luiza, I definitely feel like they’re working together. And poor Serafina 🙁

    I also just started an bookstagram account just so I can take part in the competition and show off this lovely editon! My handle is

  5. I was hoping for comments. I want to see all the thoughts on what is happening.
    I’m bummed the kiss got interrupted.

  6. Ugh, so, I was right at the start when Luiza was suspicious. :/ Poor Alik! :'( And poor Val! It is so bad she had to meet her family again like this. I loved their almost kiss, I hope we’ll have the chance to see them kiss and not in the context of anyone dying..!

    As for the Knnot… I’m not sure everyone will survive this book, I have very bad feelings, especially about Chinua. Val will definitely have some connection thing to that monster (did the Storm Hounds look at that when they got frozen..?) and things will turn really bad I think. I’m really anxious to continue!

    I already posted a picture of the book, my instagram handle is: @serenity87hu

  7. I’m the only one who is seeing a lot of drama between Valeria and Alik. Anybody? One they are a perfect couple and after few minutes of the convert they are barking and can’t discuss at all…

    I think Ivan works for Guild, but it isn’t the voluntary cooperation. It can explain his previous behavior, but I don’t like him. Xd

    Ludminka’s chapter was so emotional, poor Valeria. She had to see her whole family one more time and the memories run through her whole body.
    Knnot creature is weird. Why didn’t it attack Val? She was alone and nobody will notice her death untill morning.

    I think the Knnot will be full of the surprises and we will have another few “moments” between Valeria and Alik. So far everybody are alive, but I think we can expect someone will die… I’m eating for the Pale God, he has to be somewhere, especially that Bright God Champion has been mentioned before.

    I will participate in the Giveaway. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

  8. I’ve really enjoyed today’s chapters again – hoping that Val and Alik will open up about their feelings towards each other soon! Seeing all of the frozen people, particularly Val’s family, sounded really horrible, and whatever is in the mountain also sounds scary but we shall see! I’m entering the giveaway, thank you! My Instagram is @briony2181 – I will add the hashtag to my photo of the book I will be posting tomorrow, hope that’s ok! Thanks:)

  9. It’s getting mysterious. Finally! I guess something is waiting inside that mountain? Waiting for Valeria? Why didn’t she freeze when everyone else did? Does she have special powers? So many questions!
    I hope we get some answers soon.
    And I really really hope Val and Alik manage to finally kiss. I’m waiting for that ?

    And i will enter the giveaway (tomorrow i hope ?): lunas_book_page

  10. I really don’t know. I still have so many questions!
    Maybe Luiza’s champion of the Bright God is in the encampment?? (Because of the guild insignia on the bottom of the glass bottle?) Or maybe Ivan is the one??
    I think Valeria is making a mistake not to confront Ivan with wat she saw, him talking to someone from the guild. Maybe she would’ve got some answers??
    I’m wondering what will happen next!?!! What/who did Valeria see in the mine??
    See you tomorrow!

    1. Ps I forgot to mention that I’ve posted a photo for the giveaway ? ( @beppie125 )

  11. We’ve arrived at this part of the book much quicker than I thought we would. I’m not sure what to make of it all.

    I’ve posted my photo and my Instagram handle is: onlybooksiveread

    Let’s see what happens in the next section.

  12. Don’t trust anyone! Everyone has their own intentions and they are all trying to survive.
    This book is getting exciting! Not going to lie… I was freaking out when something was outside her door in the mountain! (Ahhhhh!)
    I think the creatures are real. I think she is going to be captured by them!
    I’m nervous.
    Alik wants her to run away with him, but I don’t think she’ll do it. She’s still too concerned about Luiza… I MEAN WHY!?! I knew she was up to something from the beginning. Luiza is NOT a redemption character… I know it!
    I’m excited to keep reading!
    I posted and entered for the challenge on my book Instagram page @torisbookshelf
    Happy Reading Everyone!

  13. I think Luzia is working with the storm hounds and is blackmailing Ivan with his family. Maybe she wants to get whatever is trapped inside the Knott out.
    In Valerias dreams there is something there that wants to get out and I think Luzia wants it.
    I also think these dreams Valeria has and the voices she hears could be the gods. Maybe they’re trapped in the Knott and they want her to get them out. Maybe that’s what she woke in there.
    Lastly I really like Chinua and i want more chapters with her and i want to know more about her.

    1. Also I participated. My Instagram name is @jolinesbookshelf

  14. Entered! IG handle: @bookisheden
    Ohhhhh myyy goosshhh!
    So much going on.. I 100% love Alik & Valeria, but they do still have a bit to work out. I’m so tired of Luiza! She’s obviously working on much more than is apparent, and I can’t quite figure out why she would work with Ivan, obviously knowing Valeria is helping him. I’m wondering if Luiza knows what Valeria’s scar means. I’m the most invested in finding out how all the pieces fit together regarding the scar and Knnot.
    Ahhh! I might read the next section early haha.

  15. How is everyone doing?

    It’s so cold, gloomy and stormy here… it’s almost like nature knows we are reading The Bright & The Pale haha

    I don’t know what to think anymore. First, I was a little suspicious about Luiza’s intentions and then about Alik.. (boy is too sweet pff) but Luiza being cruel? I don’t know. I don’t want Luiza to be bad, but I also want Valeria and Alik to be happy. Hmm… I think Val might be the Pale Gods champion… BUT we will see. Random thought while reading: I love the descriptions – the atmosphere – in this book. It feels so real.

    I have entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is: @pumpkin.letter

    1. I was literally just thinking that. It’s the middle of May and freezing ?

  16. OMG not another possible kiss scene between Alik and Val interrupted getting angry here hehe.
    But it also makes me think what if they are the solution to breaking the curse and maybe freeing all the people from the ice when they kiss and true love brakes the curse that would have been sooo awsome

    Oh my the scene with her family made me cry por Val

    I hate Ivan and I think Luiza is his partner in cime but what will they use the lovite for this entrigues me

    I will post a picture and my handle is danica.brnot

  17. Hi Nicole, hi everybody!

    I don’t know how I feel exactly . . . all of the characters besides Val are pretty sketchy and I don’t necessarily like all of the unknowns? We know what Serafima (who I don’t like, by the way) and Chinua are after, but what about Ivan? Was he, in fact, talking to a member of the Thieves Guild? So many questions, and hardly any answers. Who is the villain in the story? Ivan? The Czar? Or maybe even the Brother Gods?

    However, I do like the journey so far, even if it seems really fast (not enough obstacles perhaps?). There should’ve been more forces against the team. I also don’t feel like the world is fully immersive because I find myself skimming a lot and there are so many things I WISH this book had, setting-wise.

    I think it is all but confirmed that Val is the Pale one’s Champion. I mean, she SEES this vision of herself with all this power AND she wasn’t frozen. She can also sense the mountain, which adds to my suspicions.

    Val’s and Alik’s relationship is REALLY strained right now. It hurts my heart to see them arguing and not trusting each other. I’m glad they made up at the end of chapter 12 kind of though. I hope they figure out what’s between them.

    Inside of Knnot . . . I think it’s some sort of resting place of power. Perhaps it is actually the Pale one itself.

    I will be posting a picture of The Bright and the Pale tomorrow and posting it to my Instagram @the_ya_assassin if anyone wants to check it out!

  18. What happened inside the mines was so freaking spooky! And I felt so so sorry for Val when she saw her family and village – I’m glad Serafima is being less mean now. I’m really sad that Alik and Val keep fighting though – I just want them to kiss and make up!
    I’m so intrigued about what’s going on in Ludminka, though. There’s someone else there and I really really want to know who and why!

  19. Ahh that almost kiss was intense!

    I’m nervous to find out was is lurking inside knott, it sounds like it’s going to be creepy haha! Loving the atmosphere of this book.

    I have entered the giveaway on Instagram, my handle is – TheBlueBookBear

  20. A read-along giveaway is such a cute idea! My edition needed showing off anyway it’s beautiful <3 Insta: onenovelexistence.

    As for the chapters!?!? So much happened! I guessed it was Chinua at the start so glad I wasn't wrong about that – Valeria and Alik deserved a break. Did NOT see the Guild's involvement coming however!! I really don't trust Luiza but I am interested to see how Ivan plays into this – current theory is that his family is somehow being used as leverage against him. Thought perhaps Valeria might have mentioned more about the spooky goings on during her night in Knott! O-o. She seemed to skip right past mentioning whatever she'd woken up to the others!

    Interested to see if this plays into the voices and visions Valeria has been hearing/having, as well as the time she got lost in Knott as a child.

    (And of course, fingers crossed Serafima doesn't interrupt anymore Valeria/Alik moments for their sakes).

  21. I’ve entered the giveaway


  22. Things are heating up and I am so excited to see what is sup with this mountain and this curse! All I need is for Alik and Val to kiss and move on from their pain. I wonder what is up with Luiza and her motives *thinking emoji*

    I’ve never been good at thinking about the possibilities of what could happen but I feel like we are about to take a dark turn.

    I have entered the read along giveaway over at @enchxting_books

  23. The constant fighting over Luiza is getting annoying. Valeria should just make up her mind about the subject. I think the day Val disappeared as a child in the mines something happend to her what is causing the dreams and te burning of her scar. I think this is also the reason she wasn’t frozen like the rest of her village. Maybe the last champions did something that caused the mountain to get cursed and somehow it got triggered 10 years ago…..

    I will participate in the photo challenge tomorrow. My insta is Curlies.stories

  24. I think there’s some scary things going on in knnot… Also, why didn’t Alik go with Valeria? I don’t like him. What he says and how he acts seem to be completly different from each other…

    1. Forgot to say this, but I’ve entered & my handle is @the_b00kish_elf

  25. I’ve entered @penguinograce

    Absolutely loving this readalong. Can’t tell what’s going to happen next!

  26. I fully thought I posted this yesterday and apparently I didn’t! Its been sitting in my notes for like 48 hours whoops ?

    Is anyone else NOT really shipping Valeria and Alik? I feel like everything that might have caused their romantic feelings for each other happened off page and out of narrative so I don’t really have much to hold on to in order to feel their romance. All we have really seen so far is arguments and worries about things that… also happened off page ?

    I feel like this could be a good book but its really just falling so badly victim to throwing it to the exposition to carry the plot, rather than giving due attention to the plot itself (which is there but seems secondary to me, almost!)

    Posted my photo at @hearthstonereads

    1. I don´t ship them either. You´re not alone xD

  27. I really hope they make it. I have so many trust issues from past books and authors but I really want Valerie and Alik to be together and live happily ever after.
    Also, if they have one more argument, I will riot. Or if they accuse the other of something I will also riot?

    And why did Serafima have to walk in when they WERE ABOUT TO KISS?? so annoying!

    (Also finally posted the pic for the read along, @bookish.fantasy)

  28. Okay I have thoughts. Obviously Val is more than just a thief. She’s getting crazy dreams and she survived the freeze when no one else did. I have a theory…

    And Luiza is shady. I keep thinking back to the beginning when she told Val something like “Everything I do is because I love you”. Only someone guilt of something would say that.

    And lastly what is Alik hiding? I feel like there is more he isn’t telling Val…

    1. Oh and I’ll post the photo on my Instagram at Ricki_reads before the 10th

  29. I felt like these chapters really made me want to keep on reading more than the previous 12. I loved how the story was progressing and it was just overall a really intriguing section. I had my suspicions about what was at the door of the supervisor’s cabin the night she stayed in Knott.

    Also, I posted on IG, and my handle is @wynniereadsandplans 🙂

  30. Serafima comes always at the wrong times!!
    also i think that Valeria’s dreams has to do with the Pale god, it’s really suspicious.
    I’m really excited to read what is going to happen next!!
    *i post the photo on my instagram account @miou_miou7

  31. So much angst & misunderstanding with Alik and Val….. I need Val to hurry up & accept that Luiza has been manipulating her.
    My theories on the motivations of Luiza & Ivan continue to shift constantly….

    I have posted my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  32. The end of the last chapter of the previous section had me very curious and tense about who it would be arriving at the cave! Luckily it was just Chinua!

    Val might be immune to the cold to some extent, she said the cave felt warm. Or they just got very lucky!

    Ivan talking with the person from the guild has me suspious! However, I don’t think they want to overthrough Luiza..

    1. I also forgot to mention that I am joining the giveaway/photo challenge! I will be posting this weekend! My instagram is: bookishly_crazy

  33. I’m a few days behind ? but am getting there! E joying this so far ?have entered the Giveaway- Insta tag is @FaeFolkReads ?

  34. I’ve entered! @storydrinker

    Loved the book! Beautiful box

  35. I can’t wait for the suspense on Luiza, and the guild will be over. Valeria and Alik really need to start talking properly about this. This woman is using her; why cant she see it!!! I am not so sure about Valeria and Alik relationship. There is so much confusion. Also, after knowing Valeria for so many years, Alik still thinks she is the bad one, which is really weird to think of and the silence after she poured out her heart. Wow. that was not nice. At least he could have said something, fine he doesn’t want to tell her he like her but at least just say “UM,” LOL.

    I really want to know what the story for Ivan is. Is he a bad person? Or just getting blackmail? Does he know about the monster inside?

    Okay, I cant wait for the Monsters to appear properly!!! It’s getting dark and interesting now. I love a bit of a scary monster in a story!!

    I will be participating in the giveaway; my Instagram handle is

    I will post by Sunday; I hope that’s okay.

  36. Hey Everyone!

    I love the tonal shift that is happening here! It wasn’t until I read that part where she goes into the mountain by herself here’s the knocking on the door – only to find scratches – that I really how spooky/ creepy the frozen people are! Something that Rubinkowski does really well with her writing is making us see what is happening and using diction to invoke a certain feeling scene by scene. The dreams are a fantastic example of this, and of course the scene in the mountain!

    I think that Val is misreading the situation with Ivan. I think he’s being forced/ blackmailed into this partnership.

    I will say, I’m a little confused about Luiza and her influence over these characters. Since we only saw her in the beginning of the story, as readers, we’ve seen very little of her and are told much more about her through Val and her dialogue with others – especially Alik. I wish Rubinkowski added a flashback of Luzia finding Val and Alik as children or seeing more of how she interacted with them instead of being told about their relationship, because Val’s loyalty and anger towards Alik feels hollow to me since I’m not invested in the relationship that Val has with Luzia.

    Overall, I’m excited to continue, and I think the story becomes more and more intriguing as it goes!

    Also, I will be participating in the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @chaos_books_16 and will be posting sometime this weekend!

    I’m new on bookstagram and am still trying to get back into social media!

  37. uff, that was a hard read with these chapters! BUT for the first time i started to feel heavy for Valeria, like i totally get her reactions and her visit to her parents house was just heartbreaking and i really, really hope the village can be revived like if they still are just frozen maybe there is a way to do it.
    Also i really have my doubts about the brothers like i still believe Valeria is someone’s champion but maybe the brothers really aren’t good creatures. also what the f was in the mountains that woke her up?? the claws on that humanoid features?? oh i will go right to the next day, catching up all the reading now.
    also let’s see if she really flees with Alik – honestly i don’t trust Alik at this point anymore, he really feels off and Ivan also, like… uff Ivan is a really difficult dude.

    entered the challenge btw with my instagram @ nightinsparrow

  38. Hi!
    I wanted to participate in the giveaway after finishing the book,
    so I’m here now. I hope I am still in time 🙂

    I’ll post the picture now. My instagram is @alittlepieceofsoul_7

  39. Absolutely loved this book! I joined the give away. My handle is jasmijnmazier

  40. Hi everyone!
    I finished the day before yesterday already bc I wanted to get trough this in hopes it got better ?
    Not to spoiler on here, so you can find my readalong giveaway entry PLUS a review on our insta @kissesbetweenchapters
    Hope you enjoyed your reading 🙂

  41. The story is a little flat for me, but still enjoyable. I think Valeria is naive, but in a good way. However for me Luiza is a villain and she is working for the Pale God (or maybe the Pale God is the good guy in the war…)
    I love Alik and I hope he will teach Valeria how to open her eyes.
    I entered the contest. My Instagram profile is @silvia_hookingbooks

  42. I was behind reading but I managed to binge the whole thing on Saturday.
    I found it a quick easy read.

    I have posted a pic of the book my insta is Books0507

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