The City of Stardust Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies,

I hope you are all loving the story and are ready for Day 4 of the January Adult Book readalong of The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers. Yesterday we left off with Erriel dying at the hands of Yury!

Today we are reading from chapter 35 to the end of chapter 45. I am excited to see where the story goes next!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers from Chapter 35 to the end of Chapter 45. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Erriel is truly dying and that door is closing for Violet to find her mum!

Wait, what? Yury is drinking Erriel’s blood to feel warmth and those of the scholars. He is a monster and one now with power.

I am glad Violet put Aleksander before finding her mum, it shows her morals.

Why does he not believe her about Astrals like magic is real?

Finally Violet realises he is not on her side and only out for himself.

I really hate Penelope but at least Violet knows who she truly is, unlike Aleksander who is in the dark.

Penelope bestowed power and skill upon the Everlys. Do they have stardust in their veins?

Her plan to get to Elandriel I hope fails!

The start of part 4 has a story about Astriade and an Everly but it is the opposite of the previous story I wonder which one is true.

Violet has gone home as there is nothing else she can do but I don’t want her to give up hope.

I really want to dislike Aleksander but I just pity him as he wants what he can’t have. How can he be so snobbish about the forge workers though?

Ambrose and Gabriel know that Marianne is gone and Violet will have to die in her place. It breaks my heart.

I am glad Violet finally spoke to her uncle but it broke my heart, her knowing that she had been abandoned again by her own mother. The moment between Ambrose and Violet is so tender.

Aleksander has realised that everything he thought he wanted is actually not what he wants. Also, he is not accepted by the scholars and won’t be.

He is going to find out that Penelope has lied to him the whole time and is only out for herself.

Violet is going to fight for herself and her family! I have no idea how she is going to plan to do that but I love that her uncles are prepared for her.

Aleksander will know how evil Penelope truly is as her test for him is to steal a child as he once was stolen.

He has also drank her blood so his small ailments are fixed but I wonder if he will go through with the test?

There is only a week to go before Violet might die at Penelope’s hand but she won’t stop trying.

THE SWORD IS REVEURITE and has been this whole time!

Violet is getting her sword fixed! Caspian is the best but why do I ship them?

The god-metal comes from the sky how interesting, is it from another world I wonder?

Aleksander stole a child so Penelope could kill them! That is so awful! At least he will become a scholar but I am no longer sure he wants that.

Violet has her blade and I assume will try to kill Penelope with it! I hope it works.

Aleksander has come to see her? I still don’t trust him.

Penelope is here ready to take Violet not a minute late, but why does Aleksander not listen to Violet and realise all the scholars (well some of them) are in on it?

Violet is holding the heavy sword but her dropping it was so hard to read especially as she does in front of Penelope.

The little scuffle was fun to read but not Aleksander hesitating, it is all he does.

Violet is still going to fight and try to defeat Penelope but she is not strong enough to hold the sword but Aleksander is.

She has told Aleksander and his response is not what I expected it to be but at least he now knows the truth. They are going on a mission to save her family and destroy the ‘curse’.

Penelope is going to eat all the scholars??

This whole section was intense and heartbreaking as Aleksander can’t be trusted and Violet might die!

What do you think will happen to Yury?
Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?
Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?

We have one more day left of this book and I am ready to see how it ends!


26 thoughts on “The City of Stardust Readalong: Day 4!

  1. This section really was intense, so much happened!

    I don’t know what’s going to happen to Yury but hopefully he dies. He is nasty and out of his mind, trying to gain more power. I felt sad for him in the beginning with all his pain and necrosis but now he is so evil.

    I think Violet will be able to defeat Penelope or if not defeat, then somehow catch her and have her kept somewhere, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like she is as easy to kill as Tamriel or Erriel was.

    I do think Violet will forgive Aleksander eventually, but there is a lot of things that need to be discussed first. Since Violet does not trust Aleksander it will take time and I believe Aleksander needs to prove his allegiance and actually do some healing for himself first. He has known nothing else besides life with Penelope so it will also take time. But in the end (maybe in the next book?) Violet forgives Aleksander and they will get together. Even though I actually like Caspian right now more for Violet.

    1. I feel like most people have a mixed opinion of Aleksander with Violet!

  2. Maybe Yuri will become a statue of the godmetal. That’s my best guess.
    It truly depend if the book is a standalone or not. If is a standalone violet will defeat her. If it’s not a standalone then in this book she will break the curse, but only in the next book(s) she will defeat her.
    I think Violet is fighting not to forgive Aleksander so easily, so if he prove his alliance then she will forgive him. I am not sure I will forgive him! 😂

    1. It is a standalone!

  3. What do you think will happen to Yury? not sure, he doesn’t seem very nice so I hope he’s stopped soon

    Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope? I think she will yeah, Violet will probably struggle though, Penelope is tough

    Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander? I think she will, but I don’t think she should. Slowly disliking him more and more. I don’t think they are as good a match as I originally thought

    1. I feel that way about Aleksander as well!

  4. Really enjoying where this is going!

    What do you think will happen to Yury?
    Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?
    Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?

    Unlikely but maybe Yurt will kill Penelope. More likely I think he’ll meet a horrible end, probably of his own demise!

    It may not be Violet alone who defeats Penelope, but Penelope will come to some sort of end – the end could be banishment or something, but I think it’s likely that she will be killed as she can heal from the blood of scholars/those with the gift, so there will always be a chance she can come back if she survives.

    I don’t feel like Violet and Aleksander are endgame material. Too much has happened between them, but part of this is these pre-concieved notions Aleksander has had. He now knows they true story of the ‘curse’ (aka Penelope), and he didn’t realise what he cost her. He was so focused on himself and the idea of becoming a scholar he became oblivious to what was happening around him. So there’s a chance they could end up together but they’re going to need to do a lot of talking.

  5. I think Violet will come to forgive Aleksander, it seems like she’s half way there already.

    I’m very curious to know what is going to happen with Yuri when he makes his appearance again. Whatever happens with him I don’t think it will be good.

    I don’t have much to ramble on about today, so I’m going to get back to reading! I can’t wait to see how this ends!!

    1. I agree that Violet will forgive Aleksander!

  6. I’m gonna start off by saying that my prediction of Aleksander stepping up and helping her and having his hero moment, was sadly wrong 😅 And then he doesn’t even hesitate to leave her alone with Penelope. I kinda ship her with Caspian as well. Just saying.
    I wonder if Penelope could use Yury like she did Tamriel to regain her strength instead of the children. Or maybe he hasn’t fully transformed like that yet and he will just be left there to rot. Horrid ending either way.
    I liked that we got to find out what Aleksander has been up to in the last year and why he cut off all his hair. I really do feel sorry for him but also, how can he be so willingly naive when it comes to Penelope and Violet. What does he think she wants with her if not something nefarious? He knows firsthand how she is even if he doesn’t know the stuff about the test. He has been a frustrating character so far so I’m hopefully he can actually help her in the next part instead of constantly hesitating. Because I don’t think Penelope is going to be quite as weakened as they think the next time they find her.

    1. Hopefully he might be a hero in the final section of the book!

  7. What do you think will happen to Yury?
    – I think he will die in the next section I did initially feel sorry for him and surprised he lasted this long but he is too far gone now.

    Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?
    – I hope so but I hope we get some more backstory on Penelope before she does and we still don’t know much about her.

    Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?
    – I think she will but I don’t think she should. Caspian again for me came through as a more worthy match for Violet. Even though I do feel for Aleksander for what he’s been through with Penelope he’s betrayed Violet too much for me to be happy if they end up together.

    Can’t wait for the final section tomorrow- depending on the ending, this is turning out to be one of my favourite fairyloot adult picks.

    1. We are so glad you are enjoying the book!

  8. 1. What do you think will happen to Yury?
    I have a feeling we havent seen the last of him just yet, so he’ll probably return at some point during the confrontation between Violet and Penelope. He was surrounded by scholars last time so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he stole a key somehow. I think he’ll go after Penelope in the end in his “quest” to become a god

    2. Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?
    Yes, I believe it’ll have a happy ending

    3. Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?
    Forgive but not forget. I also think they might stay friends but nothing more as to much betrayal happened between them

    1. I hope Yury stays gone!

  9. I think Violet is going to have to kill him. But I think he’s going to try and kill Penelope first.

    I think she will be able to but I think somebody’s else is going to die before that happens.

    I think she will forgive him but he will never be trustworthy. I know I wouldn’t forgive him.

  10. This part got intense!

    1) What do you think will happen to Yury?

    This made me realise I made an assumption that he’s dead and his body consumed itself or something. But there is absolutely no reason for me to think that. Now I’m scared.

    2) Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?

    She has to! Or Maybe Marianne will return last minute and save the day.

    3) Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?

    Yeah she will.

  11. These chapters were intense! So many things happening. I really been reading series and reading a standalone is so refreshing as everything is condensed in one book.
    I didn’t understand why Penelope-Astride had to go when she was already there. She lost her form? But they already know who she is, so she could stay as Astride and just claim their blood, didn’t she?
    Anyway, I can imagine her eating up all the scholars and ending what she started in the first place. It will be a bloody and interesting ending for sure.

    1. The story is getting more and more intense as it goes on!

  12. What an intense 10 chapters!! So much has happened between the start of the book to now and so many unanswered questions like “WHERE IS HER MUM?!?!”

    What do you think will happen to Yury?

    I think Penelope will kill him and absorb whatever power he has.

    Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?

    She has too right, she has been through far too much and seen so much bloodshed at the hands of Penelope, she’s got to defeat her.

    Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?

    Yes, as I think she understands that everything he knew about Penelope was a lie and also Penelope has been the only person he has considered some sort of family since he was a child. Violet might understand why he did what he did and now he is making it right, surely that deserves some sort of forgiveness.

  13. Wow, this section was just, wow!! It was so worth it staying up til 4 am to finish it.

    I have no idea what’s gonna happen to Yuri or if we’ll see him again. Last he was mentioned, he was trapped on a remote part of Fidelis, turning into a reveurite creature (an anti-Astral?). If Violet and Aleksander go after Penelope maybe Penelope will try and use him to stop them. Or maybe he’ll be the one to kill Penelope, taking is due vengeance.

    Aleksander with the hesitation again killed me. Looking at his character I feel both frustration and pity. He was clearly jealous seeing Violet and her uncles, a family that sticks together. All he’s ever had was Peneople who horribly mistreated him and the wish to belong amongst the scholars, who’ll never accept him as one of their own.
    I’m not sure if Violet will ever forgive him, or if she should. I agree her and Caspian are def the better endgame.

    I have some theories about how they’ll be able to defeat Penelope. I keep going back to those cards the asteria showed Aleksander, and so far all of them were true. Fillea and Berias & Tullis was Aleksander making a choice and betraying Violet, Etallantia and Illios was him finally gaining a place amongst the scholars and drinking Penelope’s blood, and the Tamriel card is most likely Penelope killing the scholars to sate her hunger. The last two cards were the unknown Astral with Aleksander’s face holding Violet’s body and Erriel, Astral of the lost. So my current theroy is that either both Aleksander and Violet will die to stop Penelope, either he’ll sacrifice himself to save Violet.

  14. Poor naive, manipulated Aleksander. Maybe if he figured it out sooner he could’ve helped Violet instead of working against her. Like you said, I mostly pity him; unfortunately people in abused relationships often have that same sense of love and loyalty that he’s exhibiting towards Penelope. It is kind of funny that the boy in the scholar’s world most of his life knows less about certain things then the girl who grew up confined to her house.

    Will Marianne show up at the end to help save the day? Or will this story be about Violet realizing she can save herself?

    A little confused with the different versions of the curse origin story. Based on Penelope’s attitude and Violet starting with “a clever man” I think the one with the reveurite cage is the truth?

  15. 1) Is it insensitive to say I hope he dies? Not just because he’s bad news and literally killing people, but because it’s so hard to watch him suffer. He didn’t want to become a monster. Penelope manipulated him into this position. I hope he dies so that his torment ends.

    2) Yes lol it’s a fantasy novel, obviously it will end with the big bad being defeated.

    3) I think that she will, even if I personally don’t think she should. Aleksander has lost my respect. He has to do something pretty impressive in this final battle to win me back. But Violet is an overly-trusting person. She forgives and forgets way too easily.

    1. Violet does forget and forgive very easily!

  16. What do you think will happen to Yury?
    I actually read ahead. So I can’t say because I know what happens to Yuri. I will say I wasn’t shocked with what happens to him.

    Will Violet be able to defeat Penelope?
    Honestly, I thought that Penelope has so many cards up her sleeve. Just as I think I figure her out I am wrong and she surprises me.

    Do you think Violet will forgive Aleksander?
    No. He has betrayed her one too many times.

    1. I agree Violet shouldn’t forgive Aleksander!

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