The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 1!


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Hi fairy friends!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our Adultreadalong! We’ll be reading The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon. I’m excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of chapter 8. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon from the beginning to chapter 8. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Kicking off with a bang with that prologue – enemies is right and I am very intrigued!

We begin with a wedding. Our main character Talasyn is very defensive about the prospect of her own wedding.

Oh I like her. As far as first impressions go, using her elbows to push her way through a crowd is feisty indeed.

Whyyyy does the Nenavar Dominion give her tummy flutters? Interested to hear more about that.

This wedding sounds so sweet. It’s beautiful that they found time for moments of love.

Our girly seems a lil bit jealous of Sol and Khaede. She just wants someone to belong and someone to belong to. Oh Talasyn. 🥺

The moment of beauty ends suddenly, the Night Empire are attacking. Ominous.

Talasyn is not afraid to fight, but she’s fuming when she finds a pregnant Khaede also heading out into the drama. With ten to one odds, it’s not looking overly promising is it?

Oh she’s secretive! Talasyn has a power, but it’s secret. Amirante has told her no one can know.

She’s been shot down already which isn’t ideal, but from a readers perspective it’s good cause being unconscious thrusts Talasyn into a dream/memory and we get to see one of these stormships through her.

So much for no one seeing! When she ends up in a tousle with someone from the other side Talasyn opens herself to the Lightweave.

It doesn’t entirely go as planned though, while she disarms the person she’s fighting with, her sword hits a scythe conjured from the Shadowgate. All this Lightweaving and Shadowgate business makes me think we’re in for a fun ride! This magic world sounds really interesting for sure.

Without further ado, we’re introduced to Alaric. Master of the Shadowforged Legion, the Emperor’s son. Piercing gray eyes.

Talasyn is not one to back down though. It seems like they’re a good match as far as sparring goes. BUT, now the Master of the Shadowforged Legion knows Sardovia has a Lightweaver on their side… considering Talasyn was inherently warned against telling anyone this feels… not good.

Oh, did his father wipe them out???

Talasyn makes it back to Frostplum and Thea Guanzon is already out to hurt us. Sol didn’t make it.

Vela and Darius are quick to tell Talasyn that Alaric knowing she’s a Lightweaver has essentially put a target on her back.

Suddenly someone called Bieshimma is hear calling a lot of shots, many of which involve Talasyn going out in her wasp, alone? They’re sending her to Nenavar. No pressure, hey? 😅

For the next two weeks, Talasyn trains, as an orphan, she feels some kind of emotions about Nenavar, it’s like she’s convinced that’s where she hails from.

Oooh interesting. Vela – the Amirante – was once part of the Kesathese army. She tells Talasyn she didn’t join the Shadowforged legion because she knew the darkness would swallow her whole, and that Talasyn is their chance to become the light that guides them out of the shadows. Very profound.

Oh I LOVE that with the third person perspective we get to see inside Alaric’s head too! He knows he needs to kill her. WILL he though? That’s the real question.

Waiiiiit, has someone from the Sardovian army tipped him off? He knows where Talasyn is headed and he’s going after her.

Alaric was FASCINATED with her. Stop I can’t.

Talasyn reaches the Nenavar Dominion, blissfully aware of Alaric on her tale. I like that we’re experiencing it for the first time with her!

Alaric finds her, they’re alone this time and he’s a lot chattier than I expected him to be, especially considering they’re quite literally battling! 😂

Oh that’s interesting… if they’re touching can they not access their powers? Or is it something else?

Regardless, they’re caught!

When she wakes, the biggest thing I’m concentrating on is that Talasyn also seems fascinated with Alaric seeing him without his helmet for the first time! Their bickering really knows no bounds.

The Nenavarene soldiers take them to be interrogated and their burning question for Talasyn seems to be her parentage. They want to know how she knows Hanan Ivralis (she doesn’t) and who her parents are (she was left at an orphanage when she turned one). Rapat seems intent on having her meet His Highness Prince Elagbi and when he sees her, he whispers the name Hanan… because Talasyn, is his daughter.

‘Alunsina’ is her name. IF it’s her, Elagbi seems prettyyyy convinced though. She’s adamant that she can’t be because they’re royalty and why would they have left her. He’s adamant he sent her away to protect her. They apparently tried to look for her but couldn’t find her.

If this is true, her mother is not Nenavarene like she thought, she’s also no longer alive.

Before they can delve any deeper, they’re informed Alaric has escaped. That’s not very good is it!

When Alaric escapes into an airship, Talasyn isn’t far behind, commandeering one of her own and tearing away into the sky.

Ok, fairies – hit me with all of your thoughts! What are you thinking so far?

I feel like this section had a lot of worldbuilding but we’re starting to get into the plot a bit more and I’m very excited to see where it’s heading!

Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess?
First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric?
Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home?

So excited to keep reading this one with you, fairies!





  • Katie

    Hi everyone,

    I am tired for YALC on Saturday (which was super fun) hope you’re all well.

    I’m a bit unsure of this so far. I think it’s because it was very hyped so I am really hoping to love it. It’s not that I don’t so far, but I feel like it’s leaning heavily on the tropes. I hope to become more invested in the next section.

    I think she probably is the missing princess (this isn’t a trope I like much – unless the new royal tears down the empire/kingdom.) Fingers crossed that’s what happens here lol

    I really like Khaede so far – I knew that something bad was gonna happen when we started with a wholesome wedding.

    Not sure on Alaric anc Talasyn but it’s very early days. I hope it continues to build in next section.

  • Katie

    Also, weird question – does everyone else’s little ship move on each page? So when you flick it looks like it’s sailing along?

    • birch_library

      I love the little ship! Thought the edges had just smudged for the first few pages🥲

    • susy34633

      Yes! In the first pages I thought it was a printing error or smudge, until the boat started to appear xD

  • daisycogley

    Ok Ive just finished Chapter Seven!! Daddy is in the building!! Im loving it soo far. Who’s the traitor then? I hope it isnt Khaede 🥹

  • birch_library

    Ok I’ve just finished the first section🧚🏼‍♀️

    Woh. I think there was a lot to take in and remember…the names/places/magic system has my brain a little frazzled but Im sure it will all click into place!!

    Enjoying it so far and love love the ship concept! Anyone else think it was a little smudge to begin with? SO CUTE!

    I think Talasyn definitely has missing princess written all over her and I cant wait to see what Alaric makes of that (although I think he does have a softer side…I mean he could of killed her right?!)

    Sadly I think the Kesaths are going to have even more of an advantages once they see Alaric’s new toy!

    • TupaKitty_Reads

      I like the little reminders for the magics & Kingdoms on the map page as well as the Glossary (etc) at the very back. I’ve already flipped to both a few times to keep everything straight.

  • AllicynA

    I’m having a really good time so far! There is a lot of information thrown at you in this first section, but I’m interested in where the story might go. So far I’m liking Talasyn and Alaric, I think their dynamic is fun and likely to get even more entertaining as the story progresses!
    Anyway, I’m having fun so far and can’t wait to continue!

  • Holly Groves

    Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess? yes

    First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric? not a huge fan of them ngl. can see the reylo vibes though which I like

    Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home? follow him

    honestly, not enjoying this book so far, was looking forward to it like the idea of the story. but got a bit lost with the world building and didn’t really get into it :((

  • Laura J.

    Hi everyone, I hope you had a good start to your week:)
    I am very pleasantly surprised by the book so far! I was afraid it was too pretty on the outside to be just as pretty on the inside as well, but the writing style really is captivating. For some reason the story reminds me of a Marvel movie so far — intricate in worldbuilding, politics, magic and lore infused with sci-fi elements, snappy characters, bickering and banter… The writing is very cinematic as well, I think. Interested to see where it goes from here!

  • Bryony

    Hello everyone! I think this book is interesting so far, but I don’t think it’s explaining its own world building all that well and j really feel like I’m treading water trying to keep up with it lol. It’s not bad, like I said I like the story itself so i’m focusing more on that, but it’s kind of reading to me like the author has all this extreme and probably really cool world building in their head and thinks somehow we already psychically know it all. Like, slow down a lil ma’am… 😅

    Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess? Oh for sure.

    First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric? Well based on this month’s art print, they sure are Rey and Kylo Ren. I don’t have any strong opinions about either of them beyond that. I guess I’d say I wish Talasyn was little more proactive; she seems to just be doing what everyone else instructs her to do and occasionally fighting Alaric. And Alaric… uhhh, I’m fond of his name lol I had an OC called that once? But THIS hasn’t done enough yet for me to feel any particular way about him. I don’t like him, but it’s not like I dislike him either. But he’s only been in 3 scenes so I’ll give him a chance.

    Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home?
    Following him would be the more proactive choice here in terms of storytelling, but I don’t really see why she would at this point? And yet I still think she will follow him anyway.

  • susy34633

    So far I like it. Had a little trouble to imagine the ships as I had a starwars like image, but the little boat helped xD
    The merging of the two forces seems really interesting and a major factor for the story.
    Can’t wait to read the next batch of chapters.

  • Joana Neves Pereira

    Ngl, all the names in the beginning overwhelmed me, but as the chapters progressed and we focused on Talasyn it was easier to follow what was going on and single people out.

    Probably because the author loves star wars I did pictured a bit of the battle ships in resemblance of it.

    I really like the magic system so far as well and adore our main character. I believe I know who the Traitor is but it will prob be confirmed towards the end of the book.

    I love how Alaric is not evil, he is on the side of the conquerer power but as soon as they conquer a territory he considers the people in it his own people and treats them as such, which isn’t the norm and does tell us a lot about him and his principles.

    The tension between Talasyn and Alric is soo good, can’t wait to see more of them, and of course they had to have opposite powers.

    Also turns out the is a princess?!?!?!? And an heir?!?!?!?! She is pretty much in equal foot royal wise with Alaric withing the first few chapters and she met her father even if just for a moment.

    I can wait to read more tomorrow and already can feel the reading hungover I’m gonna have from this book.

  • Selina

    I absolutely loved this section!
    The world we are getting thrust into seems super interesting and I can’t wait to find out more about the magic system.

    I really hope that Talasyn is the missing princess as it would make the whole situation between her and Alaric even more interesting.

    I’m already quite fond of Talasyn and I need her to be protected at all costs. Alaric is still super mysterious so I’m really invested to find out more about their dynamic in the next sections.

    Alaric probably plans to tell his father about his new findings and I reallyyyyy hope Talasyn follows him because I live for their fight scenes.

    I’m super excited to keep on reading and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • sparks2much

    Ok so wow. There was a lot happening at the beginning, which I don’t necessarily mind. Sometimes it’s nice to kick off a book getting thrust into the action. I agree with some of the other comments. There’s a lot of information getting thrown at the reader right away. However, knowing that this is sort of Reylo fanfic and that the author loves Star Wars helped me tune in and connect with the story. Especially when Talasyn and Alaric have scenes together. I love that they keep ending up on each other 😂

  • DeeAnna

    Hi everyone,
    So not going to lie, this book has me overwhelmed with all the characters, magic and world building. I think it has potential to be really good, but my brain is struggling (part of that may be from the Iron Flame hangover I’m currently experiencing). I usually enjoy a lost princess trope, but so far this book isn’t grabbing me yet. I’m going to continue, and hope things turn around and start to get exciting and pull me in. There has been a lot of action so far, but almost too much too quick. Anyone else feel this way?

  • Bookcrazykim

    Sorry for the late comment. Forgot that we could react here as well haha. I am having a very hard time with this book. It doesnt feel like a fantasy book at all. It is so heavy on the sci-fi and Star Wars vibes that it is killing my mood. I don’t really care for Talasyn at all. So I hope this will change

  • j.iris

    Wow, so this book started off strong. I had to reread some pages to make sure I didn’t miss any important worldbuilding stuff.

    So far I really like Talasyn and I 100% believe ,she could be the lost princess. It’s also interesting to see her reaction to suddenly having a family after being orphaned and at war all her life. I’m not yet 100% sold on her interactions with Alaric, he doesn’t seem to have much character development yet, but I hope this will change in the next sections.

    I also love the little airship travelling through the pages as the plot progresses, it’s a really neat touch!

  • Lisa Spanu

    I did struggle with the beginning, as so many names were mentioned and I got a bit lost in them. From the point that Talasyn left to go to the Light Sever though, it became easier to understand and I started to enjoy it more.

    1. Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess?
    Yes, especially if she looks so much like her mother who died when she was a baby.

    2. First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric?
    I kinda like them! Their chemistry is good! Curious to see where they’ll go. I also feel like they aren’t really enemies at the moment, but more people on opposite sides of the war. Alaric also doesn’t feel like the bad guy with how he seems to care for his people, and even those from conquered lands.

    3. Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home?
    I don’t think he is going home just ye. Talasyn still possesses a threat to him with her powers. If he went home, he’d give her free reign to grow her powers. I think he’ll be captured again actually

  • Roxanne

    I am a bit late to the party but gonna catch up!

    So far from the first 8 chapters I am not really loving it. It just falls flat or something.

    Also am I the only one that thinks it’s more scifi than fantasy with their airships/spaceships etc?

  • Amelia Jayne

    I’m a little late with my commenting but I’m catching up quickly!

    There was such a hype around this book I wanted to love it but I just don’t feel like I am super invested yet. There is just something missing for me idk what…

    I think Talasyn probably is the missing Princess it was mentioned she looks so much like her mother that it’s impossible now not to be right? I think I’m going to really like Talasyn and Alaric. I agree with a few comments that I’m not sure if it’s enemies to lovers more like just opposites though but I really want to see how their story plays out.

    Also love the little ship flicking through the pages and it merging with the edges.


    Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess?
    I got to stop reading ahead and doing multiple day prompts at the same time 😅. But after I finished section one I did think that Talasyn was the missing princess. There was too much lining up and hinted for her not to be.

    First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric?
    He’s feisty she’s feisty. Together they can be feisty. Honestly, I am a sucker for an enemies to lovers romance so sign me up. These two fire crackers are going to be an interesting foil to one another.

    Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home?
    I wasn’t sure. I figured he would head back to his home but you never know.

  • Julie N

    Okay, I’m kind of late to this, but i hope I can catch up.

    So far I’m pretty confused, and not sure what to think. It’s a slow read, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that I struggle to get drawn fully in. Though I am still hopeful that this will get easier to understand and follow.

    I also really like to see everyone’s comments and what others think of the book.

  • TupaKitty_Reads

    Interesting. Lots of bread crumbs to follow for her past. (Lots of information in general, so I’m glad there’s tips added to the book to help keep things straight, but it’s also making for a slow read because I can’t get fully sucked into the story when I’m constantly going back to confirm the boatloads of world-building facts.) Alaric seems more compassionate than his dad but raised with his dad’s beliefs instilled in him. I feel like his fascination with Talasyn combined with his compassion will lead to him coming to face some hard situations in the future concerning his loyalties. Also, yay! She’s a princess & a badass, so she’s totally on equal footing with her man now. Let’s see how long it takes for her to realize he’s more than just a pretty face!

    Also: It’s a ship! 😅 The little stormship drawing made me worry there was a printing error/smudge, but how neat is that little flip book feature!?
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think Talasyn really is this mysterious missing Princess?
    2.) First thoughts on Talasyn and Alaric?
    3.) Where do you think Alaric is going and do you think Talasyn will follow him or go home?
    1.) It would make since with her connection to a place she never remembered being, her lack of known history, her dream memories, her resemblance to Elagbi’s late wife, etc.
    2.) Enemies-to-lovers in the making, for sure. He’s already fascinated with her. 😋 Plus, their magic is compatible when it should be at odds making them stronger together.
    3.) It would make sense for Alaric to be going home or to a previously agreed upon rendezvous site to debrief, but if I remember correctly, his dad isn’t aware that he went on this mission, so I’m leaning towards rendezvous. As for Talasyn, she seems pretty single-minded about stopping him, but I’m curious if she does get sidetracked by her need to alert the Amirante to the traitor.

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