The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 4!


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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon! Let’s get comfy and get reading!

Yesterdays section finished at an interesting point so I’m excited to see what’s going to happen!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 23 to the end of Chapter 30.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Hurricane Wars, from chapters 23 to 30. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Vagabond pot stirrer? But why does that just make him sound interesting to me. 👀

I mean, Surakwel really wasn’t wrong about The Night Empire posing a threat, and he wastes no time jumping into sideeyeing and throwing digs at Alaric though. Awkward!

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from Urduja, it’s that she should not be messed with nor argued with. Surakwel needs to reign it in.

I’m not sure challenging Alaric to a duel is the right move to make here but go off. Talasyn knows that if Alaric kills Surakwel there’ll be an uprising, so makes a last ditch effort to split up the duel by stepping in between and ends up hurt. She thinks Alaric will be angry and want to spar with her, but instead he’s staring at her wound.

In an unusual kind of way this benefitted them both, because she fact she couldn’t conjure a shield leaves Alaric with no choice but to publicly call out Urduja for denying Talasyn access to the nexus point. If gives them an ultimatum, if the negotiations aren’t finalised by tomorrow, he’s gone.

“You […] are a beautiful little idiot.” Stop. I’m ruined. RUINED. Tattoo that line on my heart.

How does he call her beautiful and then somehow still end up in an argument with her. I thought they were getting somewhere! It’s only once she makes up an excuse that she was there to ask about when they’re going to Belian and he shoos her out the door that she actually realises he called her beautiful. I want to bang their heads together and make them see sense.

Alaric knows something’s changed between them. Is it love, has their passion moved on from hate? What do we think????

His father isn’t happy with the union, he thinks Alaric is letting her cloud his common sense. Where’s the lie though?

Alaric’s chat with his father seems to have set them back again and now he’s demanding searches. Kinda valid considering the Nenaverene are hiding the Sardovians but it’s ok cause Urduja has a plan to hide them and it seems to work?

Well… this is awkward. Elgabi wants to discuss the consummation of their upcoming marriage. Alaric and Talasyn are equally flustered by the idea.

They agree to share a room to keep up appearances and nothing more… do I see an only one bed in the near future?

They’re arguing again, but hear me out, I have a theory. They’re not arguing because they hate each other but actually quite the opposite. They don’t know how to handle their overwhelming feelings of love so they’re hitting out at each other.

Talasyn is at a loss and decides to try escape the palace to visit her comrades, but doesn’t account for popping into the very same broad chested man that causes her anger and infuriation. Her only option it to make up a completely different story. She’s off to the night market to get something to eat. What she didn’;’t account for… is him wanting to come with her.


I actually think some alone time away from the pressure of training and their marriage is proving beneficial to them both.

I can’t imagine anything hurting Talasyn more than overhearing people refer to her as an outsider. From the very beginning of this story she’s longed for somewhere to fit in.

Rather than focus on that she puts her energy into quizzing Alaric, why didn’t he kill her when they met, why did he save her from the falling column, why did he let her go?

He was curious to start with, and letting her succumb to a falling column felt too unceremonious. Interesting answer.

Talasyn eventually coerces Surakwel into taking her to her comrades. I’m glad we get to see them again!

Vela convinces her she has more power as the Night Empress, it gives her opportunities. This is exactly what Talasyn needed to comfort her I think. She’s more than a marriage pawn.

Alaric spends a lot of time ogling Talasyn, watching her eat, whilst Talasyn spends a lot of time ogling Alaric’s low slug trousers and clingy undershirt.

Many cows, mischievous gazes and companionable moments later, we arrive at the shrine and it’s time for the real training to begin.

He’s a good trainer and it’s not long before Talasyn creates a shield. When she does, she’s so excited that she surges forward and grabs him in a hug. BUT WAIT FOR IT… when she gets embarrassed and tries to pull away, HE HOLDS HER THERE!

Ugh the tension in this book has been so good that I’m legit excited for a HUG. What is happening to me?

My body officially just left my soul when she touches his bicep and he shudders and reaches for her thigh and they continue to just hold each other.

What a way to end this section!!!!

Do we think Talasyn and Alaric have finally reached a point where they’re not going to shut each other out?
Do you think Talasyn should trust Surakwel? I’m on the fence.
Do you think they’ll even go through with the wedding?

I am SO EXCITED to see what’s going to happen in tomorrow’s last section! See you then, fairies!





  • Katie

    I really don’t know the answer to any of these questions…. I am not sure on Surakwel…they keep doing own step forward to steps back with each other…

    We got ourselves some a grade sexual tension here. I didn’t think she could pull this off I thought we’d get a resolution to this earlier or that I’d get annoyed but this hasn’t been the case at all.

    More more more lol

  • AllicynA

    I do not trust this Surakwel character one bit. But, maybe he’s honorable enough not to keep his word. He did owe her a life debt after all. I’m still suspicious.
    I might just go ahead and inhale the rest of this book today. I’m so anxious to know what happens. There’s too few pages left for everything I want to happen to happen and I’m on the edge of my seat!!

  • birch_library


    The slow burn is starting to kill me (in the best way possible🥹)

    Will they…wont they… They will they will!! Eeeek! I hope I definitely think
    Alaric has reached that point. How cute was it when he saw her laugh🥲I just have a horrible feeling he will find out she has been hiding the Sardovians and then they’ll be back to square one!

    Im getting a little suspect of Vela…also why couldnt she help instead of Alaric? Was there a reason their magic didnt work together? Or was it the moons too?! Did I miss something 😅 not that Id want that to happen!

    I’m on the fence with Surakwel aswell… I really didnt like the way he just strutted in like that and think he might drop Talasyn in it!

    Damn I do hope they go through with the wedding just so they have to spend the night together. One bed trope pleeeeaaaaaseee 🤞🏻

  • Selina

    I really need Talasyn and Alaric to get it together because this tension is killing me.

    I’m still a little suspicious of Surakwel, so I don’t think Talasyn should fully trust him.

    They better go through with the wedding so we can have some one bed action happening.

    I’m super excited to read the remaining chapters tomorrow, the book definitely is on its way to make it to my top reads 🥳

  • Bryony

    I don’t understand how yall are able to keep up with this club read lmao I’m swapping between physical and audio and I’m still struggling. So many WORDS.

    Do we think Talasyn and Alaric have finally reached a point where they’re not going to shut each other out? Ehhh, it will probably still be a little slow to get to that point, but I think they will start.

    Do you think Talasyn should trust Surakwel?
    No, i think it’d be more of a plot twist if he turned out to be trustworthy lol

    Do you think they’ll even go through with the wedding?
    Mmm I think they’ll intend to, but this is a series so it’ll probably get drawn out until the end of the series lol

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. Do we think Talasyn and Alaric have finally reached a point where they’re not going to shut each other out?
    I hope so, although I do think there will be a moment towards the end where one of their schemes come to light and they’ll fight again.

    2. Do you think Talasyn should trust Surakwel? I’m on the fence.
    I’m not sure. I do believe he wants what’s best for Surakwel, but he will act impulsive and on his own at some point. He might even reveal Talasyn’s secret to Alaric in a fit or something.

    3. Do you think they’ll even go through with the wedding?

  • DeeAnna

    Oh it’s getting good now! I can’t wait to finish this book. I think they are about start falling HARD. I don’t see how all of this can be wrapped up pretty by the end of this book though. I’m thinking there is going to have to be a sequel (which may have already been announced, but I haven’t checked – I’m trying to keep from spoiling things for myself 😅) I’m also starting to think the others who said it’s probably going to end on a cliffhanger are right.
    As for Surakwel, I don’t think I like him much. I don’t think he can be trusted. He seems cunning… and something just isn’t quite right with him.
    I’m excited to see this wedding. I think it will happen but I think it’s about to get awkward if they can’t get past pushing their feeling down. Im hoping for a burst of real passion though. 🔥Although I’m living for this slow burn. Definitely my kind of book, despite not caring for the first section much. It’s definitely gotten much better! Now I’m loving it!

  • j.iris

    Finally had time to finish this section, the ‘will they, won’t they’ is killing me! And the huug!

    Surakwel is definitely intriguing, but like other people said, I feel he’s too sus to be untrustworthy. Maybe a red herring.
    I have no idea about the wedding, there are so many ways this book could end and I can’t wait to see what happens!


    Do we think Talasyn and Alaric have finally reached a point where they’re not going to shut each other out?
    I’m not sure. I think they still will especially considering the big secrets that Talasyn has and her plan for revenge.

    Do you think Talasyn should trust Surakwel? I’m on the fence.
    I don’t. Honestly, I don’t trust a lot of characters motives in this book.

    Do you think they’ll even go through with the wedding?
    Yea then he will find out about her secrets! Bum bum Buuuummmm. 😂

  • Julie N

    Ahhh! The tension! I really hope they are done shutting each other out now. And I’m also not sure if we can trust Surakwel, I feel like there is something there.

    But I also wonder where all of this will go, they are both keeping a lot of secrets that probably won’t be taken well.

  • Amelia Jayne

    Sorry can’t stop gotta keep reading!!

    Eeek that hug omg, the tension is killing me. I was so ready for a kiss… I really hope they get to a wedding and hopefully one bed. I’m not going to accept anything else. I hope they stop shutting each other out and get to some spice they’re both obviously keen.

    I do not trust Surakwel at all. I’m so suspicious of him as a whole but I hope there’s a bit of drama coming. Can’t wait to finish the last section now.

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