The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 5!

Beautiful photo by @tranquilreads!

Hey fairy friends!

Welcome to our fifth and final day of The Hurricane Wars readalong! Grab a snack (or a few!) and let’s dive in and see what happens. We’re expecting weddings, possibly wars, but who knows what’ll happen!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 31 to the end of the book.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon, from chapter 31 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished The Hurricane Wars!


Not only have we started this section with them still holding, but he tucks a stand of her hair behind her hear and I’m weak at the knees.

It kind of makes things a bit awkward though and neither of them know what to do so they just… go to bed. They can’t sleep and they end up chatting. They speak of Bakun, the first dragon to make a home on Lir. I love that they all have their own mythical stories.

Their chat somehow turns into Alaric letting Talasyn know that he has no better options and never even had plans to marry. He reassures her it’ll only be her.

The difference in them sparring now, for fun/training, compared to earlier in the book is astronomical. It’s like two different people!

Oh my god. Oh my GOD. THEY’RE KISSING.

This is too good. What a slow burn!!! 82% and they’re FINALLY KISSING!!

It’s over too quickly when they’re interrupted by the sound of thunder and they find the Light Sever discharging… and she walks in.

When she returns, they talk more, but it quickly turns volatile when Talasyn starts discussing Khaede and remembers all she lost. They’re back to enemies – telling each other their kiss was an aberration and they got carried away. They’re both hurting each other at this point. Sigh.

They head back to the palace and turns out they have some sort of amplifier for Talasyn. It works too, she’s unstoppable, and her first thought is that she could kill Alaric.

It’s time, fairies! The wedding is hereeeee!

Jie gets Talasyn ready and tries to soothe her pre-marriage jitters but it doesn’t really do much good! She has to go through with it.

I just got actual chills at Alaric’s reaction to seeing Talasyn. He’s in complete awe and disbelief that she’s about to become his wife. Meanwhile she thinks he’s impassive and cold. Oh Talasyn, how wrong you are.

It all goes off without a hitch and before we know it, Alaric and Talasyn are man and wife! They dance, they bicker (standard). Now… for the consummation.

She’s put in a traditional sheer nightgown and tries very hard to argue her way out of it but Jie insists. If she doesn’t wear it, it’ll raise more suspicion. They also have to sleep in the same bed, if they don’t when they’re woken in the morning it’ll cause speculation and chatter that they really could do without. This should be fun!

These two truly can not stop bickering, but it’s ok this time, cause their bickering has led to kissing.

Things get quite heated indeed, but reality comes crashing back down the second they stop. In typical Talaric (is that what we’re calling them? Or Alarisyn maybe? 👀) they both go back to pretending they hate each other, that everything was a mistake and that neither of them really wanted it, it was just the heat of the moment.

Alaric is so confused. Me and you both, pal!

They can’t even patch things up and return to some kind of semblance of normality this time because before we know it Alaric has to return to the Night Empire, Urduja is telling Talasyn her friends cannot be held in Nenavar much longer and everything is crumbling around her again.

Talasyn makes her own demands, braver this time than before. It’s a small victory, but this time she’s won, kind of.

We leave Talasyn and Alaric with two weeks to go until her official coronation and a promise from Alaric that he’ll enquire about Khaede.

But… that’s not all. Upon his arrival at the Night Empire, Alaric discovers something his father has done. He’s stolen a sariman from Nenavar… and this might be the puzzle to Kesathe ruling all.

What. A. Journey. I’m reeling after that ending!

What did you think about The Hurricane Wars overall?
Any theories about the whereabouts of Sancia Ossinast or Khaede?
Any theories for book two? What do you think Talasyn will do if she finds the sariman on Kesathe soil?

I loved this one so much! Thank you all for joining us for another FairyLoot readalong, we’ll see you all very soon for the next one!


11 thoughts on “The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 5!

  1. Ok, ok ok – the first kiss I loved. The miscommunication trope is not a fave of mine and I think they could have an honest conversation but they’re also early in knowing each other and so I think we can do the miscommunication for just a little bit longer and then I’m gonna need some proper conflict in book two – like they are enemies and have very different point of views so I think there’s enough juice in that conflict even if they admit they’re crazy for each other.

    I was ever so slightly underwhelmed by the ending… Just because I was expecting to be left dying to know and while it has built up lots of questions and places for the plot to go I’m kind of ok with where it ended?

    Thanks so much for the readalong. I love taking part because it gets me to read the gorgeous editions instead of just looking at them lovingly lol


    Ive had to put the book down and walk away 🥲🥲

    ALSO that first kiss earlier was the best first kiss Ive ever read!!

  3. This book was such a fun read! I had a really good time overall, and I can’t wait for book 2!!
    As for theories, I have some (and some hopes haha) but I’m going to keep them to myself because some of them are very silly and probably make no sense whatsoever.

    Anyway I can’t wait for book 2!

  4. Ahhhh it’s over already 🥲

    This readalong was so fun and the book is now one of my top reads of the year!

    I can’t wait for book 2 so I can see Talasyn’s reaction to the sariman in Kesath. 🤍

  5. Ive just closed the book and I am already excited for the next one! Does anyone else wish they saw the glossary to begin with 🥲 SO handy!

    I really enjoyed this read, easily one of my favourites from the adult sub!

    I kept thinking Vela was connected to Sancia somehow but really have no idea! For a little while I thought Khaede was the traitor but now I think she has actually gone to get back up and this will possible confuse Talasyns loyalties because I do think she’ll come to care for Alaric (cannot excuse what he has done but I feel a little sorry for him😅)

    I think there will be ALOT more fighting. between the two in the next book and I am here for it but really hope they join forces and start to pull their own puppet strings!

    This was my first proper Fairyloot readalong and Ive loved it so much! Thank you Shannon 🧚🏼‍♀️and everyone..loved reading the comments 💜

  6. What did you think about The Hurricane Wars overall?
    I thought it was okay. I would have liked the world to be explained better, though I did keep reading in the middle of the night so tiredness might account for why I struggled keeping up there. Also, the ending felt a bit anti climatic given the dramatic setting. I expected a bit more than a miscommunication trope as the big scene I guess?

    Any theories about the whereabouts of Sancia Ossinast or Khaede?
    Not reeeeeally. I did find Khaede being missing an interesting storyline but then ended up frustrated she didn’t make an appearance at the end.

    Any theories for book two? What do you think Talasyn will do if she finds the sariman on Kesathe soil?
    Not sure! I didn’t think the book was too bad, I think it’s probably going to be a lot of people’s favourite book actually, but in an attempt to save money I’m only gonna skip the sequel… so I’m trying not to think about what’ll happen in it so in don’t get fomo lol

  7. Wow… that ending. I’m gonna need book 2 like now! This was a pretty good read overall. I enjoyed it. I wish it had wrapped up a little neater, but it was still good. I just have so many questions and I really want to see Talasyn and Alaric on better terms. I’m so glad they finally kissed! So much leading up to this!!! I was worried we might not see the wedding, but I’m so glad we did. Their wedding night was also fun. Loving that one bed trope, although it ultimately ended with Alaric in the floor. 😂
    I have theories for book 2 but I’m not sure of how it will all come together yet. This sounds a bit extreme, but I think Alaric will have to kill his father and together with Talasyn, build a new empire. It looks like there will be 3 books so this might happen in book 3, but I think it’s coming… I also think their romance will bloom and we will get a lot more spicy scenes from those two in the sequel.
    I’m really enjoying the picks lately. This was a good choice. The book itself is really beautiful too. Nice job FL!

  8. They are a bit frustrating. Can’t they just talk to each other. I get that that’s easier said than done, but so frustrating. I don’t really have any theories for the next book, but i hope we get some answers. Especially of Khaede.

    This wasn’t my favorite as i was confused most of the time. But there really was some enjoyable and fun moments. I also hope this will feel better in the next book.

  9. 1. What did you think about The Hurricane Wars overall?
    I struggled a bit in the beginning since so many names were mentioned at it felt like most of them didn’t really get any explanation. The ships and what they piloted as well. Once I was past that, I immensly enjoyed it! I did feel that the ending was a bit underwhelming compared to the tension build up before.

    2. Any theories about the whereabouts of Sancia Ossinast or Khaede?
    It wouldn’t surpise me if they were actually together somewhere. If not, Khaede is probably in the Night Empire; imprissoned. Sancia could actually be hiding in the Dominion or in another part of the continent we haven’t visited yet.

    3. Any theories for book two? What do you think Talasyn will do if she finds the sariman on Kesathe soil?
    I don’t really know yet what to expect and look forward to going into book 2 when it comes out without any theories aside from knowing the two will reunite again. I also kinda hope they/Talasyn will ride a dragon. I am really looking forward to book 2!!

  10. Such a rocky read!
    Started off slow and not my favourite at all and ended on such a high, I couldn’t put it down for the last few sections!

    The kiss! The tension! I wish there would have been some sort of discussion between the two of them so they could say how crazy they were for each other. I was a little disappointed with the ending I thought there would have been a waaaay bigger cliffhanger and I feel like there’s so. many questions I have still.

    I think there is about to be a lot of betrayal and a lot more enemies in book 2! I can’t wait!
    Thanks for the readalong. I’ve loved reading through everyone’s thoughts!

  11. This was a great book for my first readalong! I absolutely loved the angst and slow burn of their romance.

    Re Sancia, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alaric’s dad has her caged up somewhere. I really hope Khaede isn’t a traitor, I don’t think Talasyn can take much more.

    I can’t wait for book 2 and I hope Thea does more with the dragons!

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