The Merciful Crow Readalong: Day 2

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Hey Fairy friends! Welcome to day 2 of our “The Merciful Crow” readalong! A lot happened in yesterdays chapters but I have a feeling there is going to be even more action today!

We’re reading chapters 6-9 today! Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-9 of The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


The Oleanders are approaching so Fie hides Tavin and Jasimir up a tree using a sparrow tooth to glamour them.

Oh wow!! Its lucky she managed to hide the blade in time! That would have given them away!

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Nooo not Barf the cat!! They can’t let the poor cat burn 🙁 I’m so stressed!

Yay!! Jasimir managed to save that cat and they managed to stay hidden long enough for the Oleanders to move on!! I really thought they were going to get caught there! From what we’ve seen of Jasimir so far, I was really surprised that he was willing to risk himself to save the cat!

Fie, learning to wield two teeth at a time, travels in the wagon with the Prince. Even though she’s talking with a Prince, if he says something she doesn’t like she’ll let him know. I always love a feisty character that stands up to those who are in higher positions and that’s exactly what she does!

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King Surimir is the only Pheonix witch right now which means if he dies, Pa will be the only one to wield the power of a Pheonix witch through the teeth he has! Its weird that we haven’t seen or heard much about the King yet!

Oooo do we think something will happen between Fie and Tavin?? Hangdog seems jealous enough and everyone else seemed to think them playing that game together was a big deal!

Uh oh! Fie has only been practicing for a couple of days to use two teeth at once and now she’s expected to do so to hide Tavin from the guards…this could be interesting.

That was so tense! I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it through but Fie managed and now they’ve made it through the gate!

Fie, Tavin and Jasimir make their way to the Second Market to find the Markahn who is waiting for them there. Although it doesn’t sound as if they’re going to be too welcome there! The climb to the second market sounds horrific! Too hot and tiring for me! I’d be melting by the time I reached it!

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Finally, they make it to the floating fortress…I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about this! Oh, and it seems Tavin feels the same!

Oh no it’s an ambush! They’re working with Rhusana, and Hangdog was in on it?

Noooo Pa!! I hope he’s going to be okay!

Fie is now the chief and the oath has been passed on to her! What are they going to do now that they have no allies?

Now on the run, they make their way through the markets and Fie manages to create an illusion of themselves to send the Hawks in a different direction.

Taking cover in the maintenance tunnels, they now need to come up with what to do next! How do you think they’ll get out of this one? Is there anyone left they can trust?

And that is day 2 done! What are we all thinking so far? Things are definitely getting tense and I’m not sure what they plan to do now that they’ve lost their allies! Hopefully they’ll figure something out quickly!

Can’t wait to find out what happens tomorrow! See you then!




28 thoughts on “The Merciful Crow Readalong: Day 2

  1. Oh my, this book! This book!
    I’m loving it so much that I can’t stick to the readalong, I had to keep on reading and I’m almost over the tomorrow’s part too. Thank you fairies for choosing such an amazing read!

    1. I can’t blame you for wanting to read on! So glad you are enjoying the book!

  2. The entire Cheparok scenes were so intense! The hiding in plain sight and the running away from guards. The slow-burn between Tavin and Fie is everything! I love this book so much and thank you for choosing a great book 🙂

    1. There have been so many tense moments! Its such a great book and I’m so glad you are enjoying it!

  3. This book is action packed and I am loving it. I am liking the prince more. Mostly because he saved the cat though.

    1. Jasimir definitely redeemed himself when he saved the cat!

  4. Oh wow, this book is amazing!! The poor poor tabby cat. Hopefully, this time she will be able to escape again ? I love the character of Fie so much and I’m feeling so sad for her. Probably they find some unexpected allies on their way out, some kind of resistance fighters. Also, I’m curious about why Kuvimir changed his mind and betray the prince.

    1. I really hope they find some allies! They need some good news at this point! Yeah I’m curious as to why Kuvimir betrayed them!

  5. Holy cow! All the suspense! I love that she draws power from teeth, it’s such an interesting aspect and reminds me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The book gods have answered my prayers ? the prince has been redeemed by saving the cat and I think hes not as annoying. I totally ship Fie and Tavin! Cant wait to see how they get out of this mess!

    1. Yess! Totally reminds me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone!! I’m so happy you are enjoying it!

  6. Loving all the action in this. And so many questions as to whether any of her kin are alive !? What will happen to them !? Fie desperately wants to find her kin but she promised to fulfil the oath so now she’s stuck with Tavin and Jasimir. It’s seems those two are completely naive to how actual society runs- jasimir shocked by the bribery and Tavin shocked by The threats of sexual assault against Fie/ other crows. Hopefully this reality check will actually make
    Them realise the state of these things!
    Onto the next course of their adventure- I wonder how they’ll all survive (or how Fie can even put up with the two boys)

    1. I hope her Kin are still alive! She needs some good news! Yeah I’m hoping this will help them realise what life is actually like outside the palace!

  7. Ahhh, I love this book so much! So action packed and exciting! And Tavin and Fie are everything!!!

    1. Looove Tavin and Fie!! Every chapter is exciting and I’m loving it! So glad you are too!

  8. There is some serious action happening in this book and I’m totally here for it!

    1. Its so great, right? Its definitely keeping me intrigued and I can’t wait to read more!

  9. So much happened in today’s chapters! Although I’m still not in love with the prince, he definitely redeemed himself a little by saving Barf. Tavin on the other hand I really like! I’m hopeful since he really believes Jasimir will be a good king.
    So here’s a theory… I think Tavin and Jasimir may have the same mother, the old queen. The way Tavin talks about her and looks similar to the prince… He also says the king always reminded him that he is NOT Jasimir…
    I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Oooo what an interesting theory! I’m so excited to read more too! Hope you are enjoying it!

    2. You just set spinning a few theories in my head. Now I can’t stop.

    3. Tavin mispoke once I think…. he said my… and then started to talk about the queen. Or did I imagine that?!?

  10. I really enjoy the book so far. I was worried it might not live up to the hype…
    I love the magic system and the different types of abilities. Still not sure how I feel about some characters, definately love Fie though. I really really need more time to read, I can’t wait to continue. Really curious if any other Crow made it out of there and what they are going to do now. Hope Pa is alright…..
    My heart hurt in the Scene with the burning wagon… poor Barf T^T

    1. Fie is so great! I’m loving her character! Yeah I need to know if the other Crows are okay!

  11. This book was my first Fairy Loot box and I’m loving it! Love the chemistry between Tavin and Fie…my heart definitely warmed up on Jasimir!

    1. Yay, Welcome! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

  12. I’m still a day behind on my reading. Still trying to catch up though 😉
    I love Jasimir for saving the cat!!! Hope we’ll be seeing the cat and Pa and the others again!!

  13. Ah! I knew it! I really hope Pa is gonna be alright with the rest of the Crows.
    Also, I’m utterly certain that I ‘ll jump in the book myself if Pa and Fie arent’ reunited at the end of the book.
    I am really that the tension increase and that the action was more present. I’m hoping the second part of the book will be even better.

    Ps ; I’m not against a romance between Fie and Tavin (they’re cute together in my opinion) but I wish it won’t take too much importance in the story. I need actions above romance. Even more when the plot seems good.

  14. Wasn’t really surprised by Hangdogs betrayal. Gavin definitely has potential, the Prince continues to annoy me. I feel like the story is really getting started now that they have been separated from Pa etc

  15. I think Tav is either the prince or some close relation to the throne! Cousin maybe or half prince 🙂 omg the ending of chapter eight! (Gasp) the betrayal that I saw coming and the father death/capture but super excited to see this trio thrive! “Consider that my signal” hahaha! I loved being able to see Fie struggle with two duties to her people those with her or all across the country, so good!

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