The Merciful Crow Readalong: Day 3

A beautiful photo by @grexcarolinii

Welcome back to the readalong for The Merciful Crow! Its day 3!

As you might know,  every time a readalong takes place we host a bit of a hush-hush competition, to give really good chances for those participating to win! It’s really easy to enter and you can win your next box for free! After all, reading together should be rewarded 🙂

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Today we’re reading chapters 10-14. Shall we see how Fie, Tavin and Jasimir are getting on?

Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-14 of The Merciful Crow. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Unsure of who to trust but knowing they need to get as far away from Cheparok as possible, Fie, Tavin and Jasimir make their way out of the walls.

They take up camp in the sand for the night but are found in the morning by one of the Queens best trackers! Tavin manages to freeze them and Fie and Jasimir tie them up.

We find out that they’d promised Hangdog that he didn’t have to be treated like a crow anymore if he delivered the Prince to them. Viimo offers Fie her kin back if she delivers the Prince to them but she won’t do it!

“And the Queen could have had eleven skinwitches…Now we’re both down to ten.” Oooft she’s a fiery one!! I Love it!

Related image

Jasimir finally cut his hair which is basically like him saying he’s on her side and her team and he trusts her and I’m so happy about that! She may not have many people but she’s the chief and they’re going to make it!

The trio make their way to a crow shrine where they restock what they’ll need for their journey but they also find out that The Hawks have been near, looking for them and there’s now a bounty on their heads!

I wonder if, now that Fie knows them more, she’ll be able to tell the difference between Tavin and Jasimir what with Tavin being glamoured to look like the Prince again…

Aww he’s promised to help her get her kin back once the Prince is safe! And the world thinks he’s dead so he can’t really go back to the palace so maybe he will actually help her!

And Jasimir is going to teach her to read! That will definitely help her be a better leader I think and gives them something to do while they travel! Hopefully, with the Owls telling the Vultures that they’d seen a band of crows heading the opposite way, the trio might be able to get a head start on their journey to Trokovoi without being followed!

Image result for you've got this gif

Or maybe not! I wonder who found their camp! It’s interesting that none of them recognised the whistle sound or have any idea who it was…A new enemy they’ve not encountered yet?

Answering a plague beacon right now seems like a risky move but she is bound by duty I suppose and the plague would spread if she doesn’t answer it…hope this doesn’t end badly though!

I feel so bad for Fie having to do her first mercy killing on her own and under such bad circumstances! The villagers are acting so hostile towards her and keep mentioning the gentry! I’m really worried it’s a trap or something!

Image result for I'm worried gif

Ahhh no it was a trap! Tatterhelm has found them!! How are they going to get out of this one? And now they are running again! Surely the can’t outrun the horses! It seems the Prince had the same thought and directs them to the cover of the trees!

I hope they find a good hiding spot and Tavin has time to heal himself or they won’t be going anywhere quickly!

Oh no! Did using 3 teeth at once take too much out of Fie?

Ahh I wish she would stop pushing Tavin away! They need to work together if this is going to work and I need them to be friends even though their castes say they shouldn’t be.

Tavin must think that they aren’t going to get to Trokovoi without a fight since he wants to train Fie to use a sword! It could definitely come in handy and their enemies won’t be expecting her to be able to fight but will they have time to get her ready?

Awww I definitely thought they were going to kiss then….what do we think is going to happen next! Will they make it to Trokovoi and if they do, will it be allies or foes waiting for them??


And we are done for day 3! I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions today! Did you enjoy todays chapters?

Let me know all your thoughts! I really hope they make it to Trokovoi and receive a warm welcome!

See you tomorrow!



41 thoughts on “The Merciful Crow Readalong: Day 3

  1. Time to begin using the “and now kiss” meme again. Gosh, this slow burn is burning me as well, I want them togetheeeeer ?

    1. The slow burn is torture but I’m also kinda loving it…definitely need them together!

  2. Awe i love this book!
    My handle is @dqnelson 🙂

    1. So glad you are enjoying it!

  3. Oh wow, this book is filled with surprises! It was so heartwarming seeing the prince asks for the cat! But still, I don’t know if I like him… I’m worried that he asks Hawks for help and ignore the warnings of the others. Also, these chapters were a little bit too smooth for me, I think something big lies ahead. I wish they all would be honest and I hope, their plan will be successful without being even harder for Fie to make the best decisions.

    1. Oh no! I hope the prince doesn’t do that! Could cause trouble for them! I’m definitely worried that something bad is going to happen soon!

    2. Oh I forgot my Instagram handle, it’s lese.kaetzchen

  4. Loving this book ❤️ My handle is @christie.ann.s
    My first post too!!! Can’t wait to continue reading ? xxx

    1. So glad you are enjoying it! Ahhh yay, welcome!

  5. I really like this book! I started to like the prince yesterday after he saved the cat but after today’s chapters I’m not so sure again.

    My handle is @anett.reads ?

    1. He still saved the cat so I still like him for now 😉

    2. I’m so glad you are enjoying the book! I keep changing my mind on the Prince too!

  6. Really interested to learn more about the Swan-witch theory! Also another trap- how unlucky!!
    I felt so sorry for Fie having to mercy kill the sinner without her family around with her.

    My favourite part is definitely when she asks for the seed to stop from having a period and the woman asks if she’s worried about having a baby… and then Tavin knocks into pots after this is said.

    1. I just finished chapter fourteen, and almost screamed out loud ‘Just KISSSSSSSS already’ bur we’ll have to wait for that some more…. I’m sure it will happen! I’ll start reading today’s chapters, can’t wait to read what will happen today……

      I’ve entered and my handle is @beppie125

      1. Oops, something went wrong, posted it twice haha.

    2. It must have been so hard for Fie to do that by herself!
      That was definitely one of the best bits! So funny!

  7. I’m absolutely loving everything about this book! I was hoping for a kiss between Fie and Tavin at the end of chapter 14 as well… I have hope that it will happen!

    I do wish Fie would stop pushing him away… he’s done so much to show her he cares and I need her to let him know she cares too! I don’t think I’m asking too much!!??

    My IG name is: @booklovemagic

    1. I agree!! I suppose she’s just trying to focus on fulfilling the oath but still…I need it to happen!

  8. Participating @michellerae6

  9. Ahhhhhh just kiss already…….my box hasn’t arrived yet (It’s a long way to New Zealand) so I am listening to the audiobook. I will post a challenge photo IF the box arrives by the 15th

    1. The slow burn is torture!! I hope you’re enjoying the audiobook version!

  10. Another trap!! Poor Fie has lost what little she had and now has so much depending on her. I just want her to let Tavin in and have some kind of happiness!

    My IG handle:

    1. I hope she’ll let Tavin in soon! You’re so right, she’s lost so much and needs a lil bit of happiness!

  11. I just finished chapter fourteen, and almost screamed out loud ‘Just KISSSSSSSS already’ bur we’ll have to wait for that some more…. I’m sure it will happen! I’ll start reading today’s chapters, can’t wait to read what will happen today……

    I’ve entered and my handle is @beppie125

    1. That was my reaction too haha! Glad you are enjoying the book!

  12. My handle is Chronically Bookish. I am so confused about how hot and cold the boys sometimes run towards Fie. Especially the prince. Sometimes he seems to get it and then sometimes he does not. But I think it is realistic though. I mean people who have to learn how other people live have a long process of learning to do. But in books you are so used to the learning being so instant that realism sometimes is confusing I guess.

    1. So true! They’re not going to automatically be able to live and think the way Fie does. It will definitely take some time but hopefully they’ll get there!

  13. Our handle is theravenclawsisters! We are a little late starting the book but since today is my day off I’ll catch up!

  14. I’m loving the book so far. It’s hard to put down! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    My instagram is . I will be posting the photo later on today!

  15. I am loving this book. Just riveting. Hoping Tavin and Fie figure out this dance that they are doing. Posted my photo. My handle is @dhyani.goddess_of_fire

  16. I’m really loving this so far, I really want to know more about Rhusana and I hope Jas changes his views on the crows seems like the other castes need them a lot more than they think!
    Ig handle – @aimees_almanac

  17. Bit late on yesterday’s chapters but oh my gosh they were so good! The slow burn is killing me! But i absolutely love this trio and their adventures are keeping me on the edge of my feet. Earlier in the book they had mentioned some creature or another that the queen had like created or something (right?) I’m wondering if the whistling part had something to do with that? Also, am I not the only one freaking out about where Barf went???? (IG- @arisbookcourt)

  18. I am loving this book so much! I am enjoying Barf a lot 🙂 Fie and Tavin are great together and the slow burn is what I want. I am warming up to the prince as well.

    IG handle – @bib.liophilist

  19. It’s done! I had posted the pic in my feed!
    I’m enjoying so much this readalong. I had skipped the last one so it is so cool to come back for this one!

    Insta : @leslecturesajigoku78

  20. I finished the book today (final thoughts on thelast post) just didn’t have time to post anything the last days. I’ll post the photo tomorrow, my IG is @books_and_artsy_things

  21. I love how Tavin is willing and wants to say sorry excited to see how his actions will hopefully follow this sentiment. *gasp* when Jas cuts his hair! Omg! Ah the heartbreak of Tavin not being able to trust his own people makes me feel for him. I love how he also says thank you and she finally realizes she’s catching feelings! Jas helping her to read is so sweet ? omg Tavin saves her life! Yaaaasss that what romance is made of ? hating wanting him is so classic I love it! He’d give his life to her but it’s not his own! The forbidden love! I’ve posted my photo on my account @bookish_princess!

  22. My box arrived today & I have posted my photo. My Instagram name is Jenthebookishbakernz

  23. Thank you for my first readalong! I had a little bit of a readingslump and this helped me on the way! Looking forward to the next. Great reading a book togheter this way! My handle instagramname is amandakuipers1986

  24. I’m absolutely loving this book! I got a bit behind in the readalong but I’m catching up! I really like the way that the book is handling some tough topics like ingrained prejudice. It does it in a way that you can see from both sides without ever making the prejudices seem ‘okay’.
    I’ve entered the photochallange with @wearyhobo_

  25. I’m loving this book so much but running s little late on the readalong since I’ve been busy this week!

    I entered the giveaway. My insta is @eldritchfae

    I can’t wait to see how this all ends

  26. I entered the giveaway, my Instagram is @bookstatomcz

    Also, my second readalong, and I loved it! It was fun to see what others thought of the book along the way

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