The Ones We Burn Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong of The Ones We Burn.

Today we’re reading from chapter 15 to the end of chapter 31. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix, from chapters 15 to 31. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Galen and Ranka’s detour proves to be a mistake when they stumble upon a massacre in one of the streets. They’re not alone, someone has been left alive in one of the houses. It’s a young witch. She’s locked herself in the house with something, to keep it out. Whatever it is hits Ranka, hard. That’s not all, Galen’s not in a better state. Ranka finds him slumped in an alley, bleeding.

The cause of it all, is a sick witch… and not just any sick witch, but Yeva. Ranka tries to reason with Yeva but the sickness seems too far gone. Ranka knows she can’t kill Yeva and succumbs to the knowledge that she’s going to die… until Galen uses his power to send a blast of wind at Yeva, taking her down. Right when it seems like Galen and Ranka are done for, Foldrey appears and kills Yeva, sparing the two for another day. He’s furious though!

Time passes and Ranka starts to see that Aramis and Galen aren’t as bad as her homeland portrayed them to be… Aramis starts to see that Ranka isn’t all that bad either. Ranka heads into the city with Percy to see where the smoke smell is coming from. It’s a burning witch. They still have a witch to save though, so they split up and search for her. They have no luck though, and they’re caught by winalin witches. In their battle, they lose Foldrey and Ranka is poisoned.

What do you think Ranka will do? Will she choose her coven or the twins?
Do you think they have a chance of curing the winalin witches?
Do you think Ranka is starting to trust the Sunra twins? And do you think they trust her?
What do you think has happened to Foldrey? Is he dead?

I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow for day 3!


9 thoughts on “The Ones We Burn Readalong: Day 2!

  1. I think that ranks will end up choosing the coven but then regret it and try and help the twins.
    Yes, I do think they have a chance at curing the witches.
    I defiantly do think that ranka is starting to trust the twins. I also think the twins are starting to trust her aswell.
    I think that foldrey is being held captive.

  2. It was sad about Yeva & Talis & the blood witch they saw burn alive, but it still feels like things are mostly running in circles with only a few scenes really furthering the plot &/or being more entertaining rather than a chore to get through. DNFs don’t sit well with me though, so I’m trying to stick it out.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What do you think Ranka will do? Will she choose her coven or the twins?
    2.) Do you think they have a chance of curing the winalin witches?
    3.) Do you think Ranka is starting to trust the Sunra twins? And do you think they trust her?
    4.) What do you think has happened to Foldrey? Is he dead?
    1.) Maybe the twins because of how her talk with Percy went, followed by Foldrey’s warning/sacrifice, & her general softening towards the twins.
    2.) 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s the goal, right?
    3.) I think a little bit from both.
    4.) He was deeply wounded, infected with poison, & left around people in an organization that’s supposed to be out for the blood of witches & palace people (or maybe just the twins), so the odds aren’t in his favor.

    1. Agreed, I am legit struggling with this book and am trying to keep going, I really hope this story gets better!

  3. 1. It is hard to say. Her coven is who she grew up with and all she has known for a very long time. The twins are new in her live, but it does seem like they are changing her views and mind a bit. I think it’ll come down to what Ranka wants most in the end. I hope she’ll chose the think that’ll make her happiest in the end.
    2. Yes, I think they have a chance, but it’ll be hard to cure the witches all the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if the way to cure them needs an ingredient that has a high cost.
    3. Yes, slowly they’re starting to trust each other. I don’t think they trust fully yet and thus some things are still being kept from Ranka. I do think eventually they’ll trust each other fully and will be open about everything.
    4. I think he is dead yes. Seeing as he was founded and infected with poison I don’t think he survived.

  4. I think Ranka will choose the twins because she is finding out that maybe the way the witches treated her isnt nice and that she can have a better life in the palace. But tan they are her family will see

    I think they have a chance at curing them and will do so * well I hope they will )but how I cant wait to find out

    I think that Ranka and the Sunara twins are starting to trust eich other because they arent so different at what they want wich is peace and a cure fir witches

    Foldrey is alive now he is either hidding or was taken captive by the Hands

    I like the story so far I keep wanting to know what will happen next

  5. 1) I think she’ll attempt to choose both. She never wanted to kill the prince to begin with and now there are all these new factors involved.

    2) Yes, I think having Ranka, an actual blood witch, will help.

    3) Yes I assume they’ll both continue to trust each other more and then it will come out what Ranka’s original mission was and there will be all the drama lol.

    4) I hope he’s dead. If he survived, it’s got to be extremely unpleasant for him.

  6. I think Ranka will choose the twins over her coven. I think she’s seeing more to the world than the black and white that she had.

    I think we will find a cure or all the witches will be extinct.

    I think each character is beginning to trust however not fully and it’s still a get to know you feelers.

    I think he is dead.

  7. I think Ravka will try to find a way to protect both her coven and the twins. All she really wants is peace for the witches and she is also learning that humans are not all as privileged as she thought them to be. So I think it will become more difficult for her to convince herself that a war amongst humans will solve the problems for the witches.

    I hope there will be a cure, but it might take a while before it is found. Though, there is a chance one of the main four is exposed too many times now, which makes the cure even more urgent. (There is not much known about how it spreads as far as I know. Does the poison has something to do with it?)

    Trust… Big word. I think they start to realize they want basically the same, but in a different way. Both have their own people and it is not certain that prosperity for one of them will lead to prosperity for all, so they will still be wary of each other I guess.

    If Foldrey was dead, it would not have been a question. I think he will be back and I think it was mighty suspicious he tried convince Ravka his men had caught the winalin with already, and when they still pursued the trace, he tried to let her go alone… Did he knew the Hands would be there? Maybe he made a deal with them in a way to protect the twins? Or even more soldier like: to protect the country despite the danger that could cause for the twins? I don’t really trust him. Maybe he only protected Ravka as he promised she would be alive?

    My mind is trying to think the worst of everyone again, I hope I am wrong.

  8. It seems like Ranka is going to go against her mission ultimately, however only in so far as she doesn’t view the twins as their enemies. The true enemy remains those who want to burn all the witches and she will continue to fight them.

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