The Prison Healer Readalong Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

I hope you’re all doing well today! Are you ready for our next section of The Prison Healer?

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Will all that being said, let’s jump on in!

TW for this section: Self Harm

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni, from chapter 15 to chapter 22. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


With so much now on the line and the next trial creeping closer, Kiva attempts to send a coded message to her family. Surely they must come for her if they know? They already said they’re coming – can her message speed them up? She needs to find a way out, and quickly.

But Kiva is the prison healer, and her assistance is always needed. This time, it’s Jaren, beaten and attacked after defending Kiva’s name from the prison rebels. We see a moment of tension between the two, and not only through a clash of opinions on how to handle this sort of thing…getting a bit close, huh?

The days continue as normal as can be, until Tilda goes into cardiac arrest. It’s unclear what causes this, besides her extended illness, but it’s worrying nonetheless. Kiva manages to stabilise her once more, but a constant watch is needed to make sure someone is there should it happen again. On a watch of her own, Kiva sits beside Tilda and begins telling a story, knowing this is something her father would have done in case the patient could hear and needed comfort. So we hear the story of Kiva’s parents and how they met, her mother a pickpocket stealing from her father, an apprentice healer at the time. In the course of events, her mother saves her fathers life – and it all went from there.

Not long after reminiscing in family memories, something dawns on Kiva. The sickness…it has happened before. In fact, it was the very thing that took her father. But she was too young to remember how it was stopped the first time. Can she find the cure again, entirely from scratch?

While continuing her investigation and desperately trying to find a cure, Kiva is summoned by the guards. She’s lead to their quarters, walking in on a party of sorts, only to find a woman dead. There’s nothing Kiva can do for her, it’s too late. But that only means their attention shifts to her, and the worst of threats loom. Luckily, Naari saves her from the situation, lying to get Kiva out of there. Why is she helping Kiva? Is there more to her story than just being a decent human?

But this is the first time we see Kiva buckle under the weight of Zalindov, the fear and tension catching up with her at least. The night’s events have shaken her, understandably. And while processing the events of the night, Jaren finds her. And holds her. And she can rest.

Sadly though, the weight of Zalindov continues as the next trial begins. The Trial by Fire. It doesn’t take long to discover the plan. Kiva must survive inside the crematorium for 10 minutes. Another task that’s seemingly impossible. On the verge of a panic attack, Kiva is thrown in, and the trial begins.

As flames fill the room, Kiva makes herself as small as possible in the hopes of avoiding the worst of it. But it doesn’t take long for the Princesses’ amulet to kick in, absorbing the heat of the flames and protecting Kiva from the worst of it…at least until it start failing. Only a few minutes are left though, and Kiva manages to leave the room with few injuries in comparison to what was expected.

Kiva is returned to the infirmary, though not before a stern warning from the Warden about the intervention of others. No further help is allowed – it has officially been said now. She’s on her own for the next trials.

But not alone entirely. Jaren carries her back to the infirmary, noting on the way the scars on her legs. Kiva opens up about them, telling her story of the earlier years as a prison healer. We soon learn that Kiva feels the weight of Zalindov possibly heavier than most, and no one would know it. But with these connections being made over the course of a few weeks, with kiva letting herself hope for those around her, we see that determination take root again. And so the next trial shall be faced.

That’s it for day three’s section! What did you think of the trial by fire? What is your favourite thing about the book so far, now we’re around halfway through? Let me know below!

I’ll see you tomorrow!



64 thoughts on “The Prison Healer Readalong Day 3!

  1. Kiva’s family is definitely starting to annoy me, like they are more interested in Tilda’s life than Kiva’s. The notes never say stay alive we are coming, its always about Tilda. I definitely can’t wait to see what happens with her family. I think there is a lot more to Naari then we are seeing, like why is surprised about not knowing details about the Princess?
    I hate Cresta, she’s so rude, all the other prisoners are really rude to Kiva, I dont understand why? Ahhh I cant believe jaren got into a fight because he heard what they call Kiva! And he stayed with her when the guards were being absolute pigs. I really hope they are endgame! The fire trial was so intense! Of course the amulet didn’t last the full trial, lucky Mot gave her the lotion! The prince, again! He is definitely up to something, do you think he is in on the rebel movement? Kiva is actually so strong! To work not only on people that dislike her but battling through depression as well! I was left speechless when I read about her scars.
    This book is so gripping!

    1. I have a feeling that Kiva’s family will not come….

      1. Yeah I think so too, they just don’t seem to care enough

    2. I was hoping the notes were meant for Tilda to protect Kiva.
      I’m also dissapointed by her family, like. .. Normally people don’t survive the prison that long…

  2. I’m not quite caught up with today’s pages yet but I’m loving The Prison Healer so far, and I’m super intrigued to see if the elemental magic begins to play more of a part as the book/series goes on! Kiva is a really interesting character and I love little Tipp too!
    I’ve posted a photo to enter the giveaway and my instagram is @faerietalereads 🙂

  3. I can’t shake the feeling that Jaren is royal, and Naari has been sent/come to the prison to look after him.

    After all we know the prince and princess are fair haired and with pale eyes, like Jaren, but we haven’t seen their faces (suspect).

    We know he comes, most likely, from a wealthy family, and Naari had saved someone “rich and in a good position” that repaid her by getting a top-quality prosthetic hand for her.

    P.s. I’ve posted my photo, my handle is @Sputnik.books

    1. Do you think she might have protected him from the family member that used to hurt him? He has all those scars from beatings after all, maybe that family member tried to hurt him more seriously and she stepped in. If he took the blame for it, he might have landed in Zalindov.

      Long shot, I know, but that’s my theory right now ^^

      They could also be there because of Tilda, or something related to Kiva. From the beginning on they kept close to her.

    2. Yes! My thoughts on Jaren and Naari too!!

    3. There definitely is more to Naari and Jaren. Hope we will find out what it is

  4. Ok i really don’t think Kiva’s family are leaving those notes, maybe the first one but since the last few are the same, something is odd there 🤔🤔

    Im also irritated at Tilda. We are halfway over now and she’s useless.

    Feeling sooo so sorry for Kiva because she is going through an impossible task, yet she makes it through! Loving this book!

    1. Definitely with you on Kiva being manipulated by whomever is actually leaving the notes.

      1. Me too! But who is it?

  5. Tbh, the fire trial was hard to read, picturing her in that last few seconds was excruciating 😱 and the scars passage was heartbreaking, I can’t understand why all the other prisoners are so mean to her, she heals them! And she’s just another prisoner:((

    Naari’s actions are definitely suspiciy, or maybe I have trust issues and she’s really a nice person without a hidden angle?

    I breathed the bonding part with Jaren 🙊🙊

    1. Kivas story about her scars was heartbreaking

  6. At the beginning of todays section it all moved a bit slower, but wow did it pick up again! How is Kiva going to survive the other trials if she is not allowed help from the outside? My guess would be that she maybe does develope some magical powes yet.

    Jaren and Naari are so close and act so familar around each other. Someone else in this readalong suspected them of being in the prison for a reason and together. This makes so much sense, I’ll be dissapointed if it doesn’t happen! Also… The box in which this book came was called “Hidden Identities”. So I’m preeeety sure someone will have to unmask themselves at some point (I can’t believe we’re already over halfway through!)

    Kiva’s revelation about harming herself was incredibly sad. The book built her character so well though that it immediately made sense. I have read tons of fantasy books, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a (main) character who harmed themselves. I apprechiate that it is shown just how much damage her surrounding did to her.

    The trial by fire was so cruel. Making her sort of friend/other healer do that to her was unbelievably cruel… This prison is messed up!

    My favorite thing about this book right now is the support that all these characters give each other. I didn’t expect a book set in a death prison to have such a supportive cast of characters tbh. I expected cruelties and backstabbing at every corner. While we do get that, *cough* Cresta! *cough* I feel like Kiva has got her back covered by some amazing friends. Jaren is a really sweet love interest and he cares so much. Naari is a great friend and her helping Kiva stay strong throughout the trial by fire was my favorite part of todays section.

    1. Oh, I forgot to add my Instagramm handle! It’s @lady_5ofia

      I posted my picture(s) today.

  7. Hi guys!
    Oh my…. still loving this story so much, that I’ve already ordered the Dutch special edition 🙈🙈 (Don’t tell my husband 😜)
    So much happening, finding out her father died from probably the same stomach sickness must be so hard for her. Where is her family!?!! Are they still coming?? I’m wondering…..
    I can see how she started cutting herself because she had to carve all those prisoners since she was 12 !! My heart aches for her!
    I’m so glad she allowing Jaren to become closer and I love Naari for looking out for her! I still think there’s more to Naari, why she’s so helpful.
    I’m curious to what the next chapters will bring, see you tomorrow!

    1. By the way, I almost forgot…..
      I’ve entered the giveaway on Instagram.
      I’m @beppie125 😊

  8. I really love the book so far!!! Thank you so much for hosting this readalong 🙂

    I just postet my picture for the giveaway on my account @diebuchreisende
    ( )

  9. Poor Kiva, she’s been trough so much in her life and it doesn’t seem to get easier for her.

    I agree with Reema Sabeen-Saunders, I had the same feeling when she got the exact same note, is it still her family sending them? Maybe they got caught?

    If it is them, are they really coming for her? Why is it taking them so long, ten years! Now it seems like they care more about the rebel queen than they do about her.

    I love Kiva and Jaren getting closer and that she is starting to trust him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t betray her trust and that he doesn’t have any ulterior motives, cause that would break my heart honestly.

  10. That guard party scene has permanently been etched into my brain and not in a good way *breathes out* when books become too real because that’s just so horrible that it would happen in real life in some places… unfortunately.
    BUT GUYS! the moments we got with Jaren in these chapters? I would like to officially thank the author, Lynette, for writing them *heart eyes*
    And she survived the second task. I keep waiting for some kind of healing powers to pop up, anyone else?
    I have so many questions about different characters motives, some maybe don’t, but I’m preparing myself for a shock.

    Posted a picture on Instagram, my handle is @hbmslittlelibrary ^^

  11. I have a feeling that Jaren can be connected in some way with magic. Maybe is he one of the Royals?

    The 2nd Trial was horrible! OMG! But Kiva survived, thanks to amulet and Mot medicine.

    Relation between Kiva and Jaren is cute. They are a little clumsy, but I can understand that prison is not a perfect place for romance.

    I’m curious what will be a next trial, we still have two elements: water and earth.

    I’ll take part in the photo challenge. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

    1. What is Jaren is a Prince? But how he got to the prison?

  12. Kiva’s family are getting on my nerves. i mean are they still even really out there? they keep saying the same thing and it feels like after 10 years they don’t really even care about her, i feel hurt for her.

    I do wonder about Naari, i mean she is one of the few nice guards (well only one we actually hear about) i’ve been wondering if she might not be the real rebel queen and Tilda is just a mask person of some sorts. it feels there is more to Naari then we know.

    I love kiva and Jaren, he is so sweet but i am also curious about him. Why is he in Zalindov? Same with Naari it feels like there is a story left untold.

    Oh dear the fire trial had me on my edge, i would be mortified! and it was heavy to read i could feel the lack of oxygen xD. Also that party with the dead women was pretty heavy. I know it is implied that the guards do stuff to the female prisoners but it still makes me angry.

    I will be posting my photo tomorrow as i still have to make the photo. No good light anymore sadly. my ig handle is Booknerdrox. Not sure if you want me to comment again once i pposted and tagged it tomorrow though.

    1. just posted and tagged my photo i am Booknerdrox.

  13. I struggled a bit more with todays charters. The first 2 felt a bit dull compared to yeaterdays charters. But it did get better.
    Still so many mysteries remain!

    I added the tag to my picture as well. Instagram handle is @Bookcrazykim27

  14. Posted my photo I’m @laurasbookishjourney

    I’m really curious about Naari. She seemed really confident that Kiva would survive the crematorium despite not knowing about the amulet.

    I’m hoping we get more of a conversation with Cresta, I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to help Kiva to help the queen and I’m still sure there is going to be a twist with the rebels.

    The conversations with Jaren were really touching and I hope we get to learn more about his background too.

  15. The trial of fire was really interesting, and I’m curious as to how the Prince and Princess play a role in the plot. Is there something bigger going on, something we’re not aware of? It’s all so intriguing!

    My favorite thing about the book so far is definitely Kiva, she’s such an interesting character, and I love her personality! She’s really strong, and I love how quickly her mind works.

  16. Kiva’s background is so sad! I like how Jaren is helping her through it though. Honestly that crown prince is SO intriguing as well as this sickness still wondering what’s going on there…

    I have entered and my insta is @bookish_princess

  17. This book is so fun! Well “fun” might not be the best word given how dark it is, but regardless I am definitely enjoying the dark ride!!!
    Kiva’s trial by fire was exactly what I thought would happen! I was glad again that she was protected by an outside source, but also that it got really down to the wire and she still had to suffer. This author certainly likes raising the stakes on her characters!!
    I want to keep reading to find out the truth about Jaren and Naari because there is no way they are merely what they appear to be.
    I do not believe that Kiva’s family is coming at all and that she is being manipulated by the notes, so I”m similarly interested for the “reveal” here too!

  18. I really enjoyed these chapters, although it was quite tense with the trial of fire.
    It was interesting hearing about how Kiva’s father died and I feel like there’s more to this stomach bug than Kiva knows. I feel like it might be poisoning or something.
    I’m irritated by the notes, Kiva’s family seems to only care for Tilda, not really for her. Although, the repetition of the exact same not also seems a bit suspicious.
    Naari has burrowed herself in my heart and now lives there.
    I also found it very interesting reading about Kiva’s scars, because as horrible as it is, I can understand the reasoning behind it, but I’m glad she was able to realize her addiction and stopped.

    I will be posting the photo in the upcoming days. My instagram is: bookishly_crazy

  19. In this section, I am really beginning to connect with Kiva…her restraint, her distancing and focus, and the revelation of self harm-something that should be really out of character in a healer makes sense. She is such a perfect portrayal, and her reactions to the rest of the characters as they display almost more base emotions and behaviours are really relateable. There are so many questions, about Karen, Naari, Tilda and the rebels, but maybe also the nature of the prison itself and the greater threat of the illness, and whether perhaps it is something deliberate? So much to mull over! My pic will be on Insta under @XennMix, and I’ll nip in my TARDIS to post it by May 20th… 😁

  20. In this section, I am really beginning to connect with Kiva…her restraint, her distancing and focus, and the revelation of self harm-something that should be really out of character in a healer makes sense. She is such a perfect portrayal, and her reactions to the rest of the characters as they display almost more base emotions and behaviours are really relateable. There are so many questions, about Karen, Naari, Tilda and the rebels, but maybe also the nature of the prison itself and the greater threat of the illness, and whether perhaps it is something deliberate? So much to mull over! My pic will be on Insta under @XennMix, and I’ll nip in my TARDIS to post it by May 10th… 😁

  21. I feel like Jaren and Naari know each other and I also think that Naari knows the princess. I think, based on her reaction when Kiva told her that the princess has a girlfriend, Naari could be her ex or something.
    I really like Naari but I think she has her reason for being so kind to Kiva.
    I’ll definitely participate. My instagram is @jolinesbookshelf

  22. I definitely think Jaren is royal, and Naari his guard or something. That would make total sense, and explain his lack of knowledge about certain day to day stuff.

    I’m impressed by the description of Kiva’s mental health, it was well done! I can’t wait to read the rest of this book!

    Ps; posted my pic, my handle is @saralovesherbooks

  23. This book is absolutely amazing!!! It has me on the edge of my seat the whole time. And Tipp is by far one of my favorites! And that fire trial 😱, I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading it.

    Also I’ve posted my photo, my handle is @tayreiley21

  24. I love the book so far. I think the trials while extremely dangerous seem a little too simple? I wonder if it’s the warden making sure she stays alive, which makes sense since he wants her to solve the illness. But somethings not right.

    I love Tipps relationship with Kiva and the way he has a relationship with everyone at the camp. I particularly like his fondness Jaren and Naari, who I both think act really weird around Kiva. Obviously Jaren is into her, but is Naari also falling for her? This is getting good!!

    Posted pic @blythe.reads

  25. I have posted my photo to my Instagram Jenthebookishbakernz

    Today’s chapters were pretty brutal and traumatic.

    I really want to know more about Jaren & how he ended up in the prison. Definitely like him though.

  26. I was reading these chapters in no time. It’s so good! And quite dramatic. So nice seeing Kiva talking to Jaren.
    But I’m a bit concerned what will happen in the next two ordeals
    And again, where are the rebels. And why is tilda so important? She’s not really capable of doing anything. She’s no help at all

    Postet my pic @lunas_book_page

  27. I love Jaren but i get the feeling he is hiding something. Also Kiva’s relationship with Tilda is so strange for a patient, like I know the stakes are high on having Tilda survive (her family only seems to care about Tilda- not Kiva) but it makes me wonder if Tilda is related to Kiva?? POSsiBlY her mother?? So many mysteries, especially the sickness! Seems like too much of a coincidence that this sickness has happened before…

    I posted my photo on instagram 🙂

  28. I love this book, I ended up finishing it because it was hard to put down! I’m excited to see everyone’s thoughts on it when they finish it! I’ve entered the giveaway on my Instagram @storiesandstarlight_

  29. Entered the Giveaway! @3colleenb

  30. I’m really loving this book so far. I can’t see what’s coming which makes me love it even more!

    And I have entered, @penguinograce

  31. Really enjoying this book so far! Posted a pic in my stories of your edition of The Prison Healer today and plan on making the post tomorrow on my IG @the_ya_assassin

  32. I have entered @the_b00kish_elf

    I thought the trial of fire was more like the trial of smoke xD. I was surprised though that it was again the prince that saved her.

    I do wonder why Jaren is so invested in Kiva and I eonder if he himself can maybe use magic. Maybe he can use the element of water/earth and that’s why he’s still alive? She did mention he has an earthy smell… Maybe he could infuse the amulet with his power to get her through the next trial.

    Also wondering if Tilda noe knows who Kiva is, since she told her her parent’s love story.

  33. So half the elemental trials are over, and she has gotten all the help she can get. I’m so curious as to how she will survive the last two. Maybe some help from Jaren (did I read wrong when the book said his eyes were blue? What if that means he has water powers?)
    I’m hoping Naari is not a double agent because I honestly love how she’s like an older sister to Kiva. I hope she doesn’t do a 180 that would break my heart.
    So we see that someone tried to break into Zalindov but failed. I’m just suspicious because Kivas family has ten years to rescue her but they are only starting to do something about it now?? When the Rebel Queen is there?? And not a day earlier???
    Anyways, can’t wait to read more!! My insta is @chaseshawmila

  34. I’m not quite up-to-date with today’s pages, but just tagging my IG entry (@myendlessshelf) Thanks so much for hosting the read along! 🙂

  35. I feel for Kiva, she’s such a relatable character in the way she’s feeling! I don’t think her family will come, I am mad about the fact that they would come when some rebel queen is in there, but they wouldn’t come for her? Damn.

    I love her and Jaren so much! The trial by fire was definitely intense, and I was sweating so much reading it haha! I still think Naari is Jaren’s bodyguard or something, but I might be completely wrong lol. I’m really enjoying this read along, I’ve never participated before!

    I’ll enter the giveaway too, my instagram name is @books.bydani 🙂

  36. I have entered the giveaway, my handle is @reemareads and my post will be up tomorrow!

  37. I have entered the readalong giveaway, my instagram handle is miou_miou7!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 :):):):):):)

  38. I’m a little behind but I still love this book. Kivas story broke my heart. She shouldn’t even be in the prison and I can’t believe how bad she’s treated by other prisoners.
    Still love Tipp, Naari and Jaren and I still think that Jaren is royal and Naari his guard.

    I also entered the readalong giveaway – my Instagram handle is: @loewenzahnliest

  39. Kiva almost didn’t survive that trial by fire.

    I have posted a photo for the giveaway. My Instagram is @upsidedownmissjayne

  40. Loving this book so much! My IG handle is @storydrinker 🙂

  41. Just caught up and this is such a good book! I have also just posted a photo for the giveaway. Instagram is @books_nature_becca <3

  42. Loving the book so far. Thank you so much for hosting the read-a-long.

    I posted a photo on Instagram. My Instagram is @melziepie88

  43. In behind but am catching up slowly… About to do the day three reading but I’ve entered the comp – my username is @onlybooksiveread 🙂

  44. So she made it through the fire and water is next which is the one I think she can make it through fine on her own.
    How can anyone survive all four if even the royals dont have all four elemental magics?

    But, people used to survive the trials? Interesting.

    Anyway, is Kiva’s mum a total biatch now do we think? Just leaving her daughter in jail to rot?

    These sections are long but so easy to read. There are a few slower bits and then bam bam bam action everywhere.

    Kiva was lucky to escape being a plaything at the guards’ party. I hope she manages to stay free after grosso was looking at her legs after the fire trial… Jaren might need to get his punching arm warmed up again…

  45. I posted a photo! my Instagram name is: warnar.books

    The fire ordeal was intense! Seems horrifying to be locked in there… But luckily the amulet was just enough. I really like Naari, she is Kiva’s own protector and saviour throughout this book. I think the characters are still my favourite aspect of this book. Especially the bond between Kiva and Tipp

  46. I’m still reading this book and so intrigued!!
    I really hope there’s more to Jaren, I mean… there has to be right??
    I entered the giveaway, my handle is @birdsong.books!

  47. I really like the friendship between Kiva and Naari.
    I wonder if Kiva’s family is already dead and/or don’t intend to rescue Kiva?
    The trial went down easily, I wonder how bad the next one will be.

    1. I don’t know if the giveaway is still on because it says May 10, but I intend to post tomorrow when I’ll finish the book. ^^
      My handle is @serenity87hu

  48. Absolutely loved this book and really enjoyed this readalong! My instagram is jasmijnmazier

  49. Hi everyone! Bit late but: thanks for hosting this readalong, Ashley!
    I’ve wrapped up my rambling thoughts about this book in one final review post on our insta @kissesbetweenchapters! which is also gonna be my entry uwu
    Overall, i really liked it! I would’ve done stuff differently and I saw very much coming, but I felt super entertained!

  50. No spoilers because I’ve already finished, but I LOVED THIS BOOK and my ig handle is @treasuredfibers I can’t wait for the next book!

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