The Prison Healer Readalong Day 4!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a good day so far! Are you ready for our fourth section of the readalong? Let’s dive right in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni, from chapter 23 to chapter 28. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So we jump back in to see more of the same – the rat experiments are showing no sign of helping, and it’s becoming more urgent to find the root of the illness. The pressure is rising for Kiva…and everyone can feel it.

That is until Tipp goes missing, shortly found again ill in a corner. Of all the bad possibilities, this is for sure one of the things we definitely did not want to happen. Understandably, Kiva goes into panic mode, knowing the survival rate for this mystery illness isn’t high. If she started to feel demotivated to find the cure at all from the lack of progress, this gives her a renewed kick to do so.

But wait! He’s…not got the same illness? Tipp makes a miraculous recovery after his fever breaks, and is soon bouncing around the infirmary as an assistant rather than patient. Phew! Who else was worried for a moment there?

The days continue and more theorising takes place, with everyone trying to figure out what Kiva’s trial may be. But a break to this theorising comes in the form of Tilda, who wakes up lucid for the first time since arriving. Not much is said besides Kiva’s name, and a request for Kiva to tell her parent’s story again. Why? Why has Tilda latched onto the story of her parents, of all things? And weirdly, Tipp seems to think Tilda reminds him of his mother…there’s something going on here, right?

With the next trial approaching, things move pretty quickly. A series of events occur – Mot gives her a drink to help her with the water trial, and new prisoners arrive at Zalindov. With them comes a note, this time only saying “Oakhollow”. Kiva realises her family no longer have any intention of going through with the rescue attempt, instead only telling her presumably where they’re based in case she can escape herself.

Just before the trial commences, and she’s about to leave the infirmary in the hands of her helpers, Kiva comes across the immunity boosters that have apparently been handed out to the prisoners. She hasn’t heard of them until now, and suddenly it hits – this is where the illness is coming from! The prisoners are being poisoned, one by one. But why? And by who?

Before Kiva has time to tell anyone, she’s whisked away for the next trial.

Kiva is taken to the abandoned quarry outside, now flooded and disused. Her trial? To be weighted down in the water for 15 minutes, and only pass if still alive when pulled out. Inevitably, it doesn’t take long for Kiva to pass out, the cold causing her body to go into shock and rapidly running out of oxygen…

Until she wakes up again, still underwater. Looking around, she spots Jaren, having jumped in after her. But she can breathe – how? And then it dawns on her…Jaren has elemental magic. He’s saved her by giving her a bubble of air, and begs her to keep his magic a secret. Before Kiva has time to process things properly, she’s pulled back to the surface, with Rooke angry once more at the interference in trials. Kiva lies about what happened, aiming to protect Jaren. And the next thing we know, a pain hits her head – and we’re done.

What a moment to end this section on! What do you think will happen to Kiva now? Do you think she’ll make it through the final trial, or if there’s anyone else that can possibly help her now? So many questions!

Do let me know your thoughts below, and I’ll be back tomorrow for more!



42 thoughts on “The Prison Healer Readalong Day 4!

  1. Hi all!
    Does anyone else love Naari and Kiva! I love their banter! Although they are becoming really close I still think that Naari is up to something. Also what was Jaren going to tell Kiva before the found Tipp?? Thank you Lynette Noni for not killing Tipp! I think I would have died a little if he didn’t get better. Why is Kiva getting so upset about Tilda wanting to die? Why did the low moan that Tilda let out pierce straight to Kiva’s heart? Does anyone else think Tilda is someone to Kiva? Did she or her family know Tilda before Kiva was thrown in prison? Finally an answer to why everyone is sick! I definitely think Rooke is in on the poisoning. Why would Kiva not tell him unless she thinks he is in on it? Ahhhh Jaren has powers!!! And he saved her! Does anyone else think he is royal? And what is Rooke going to do to Kiva now? Can’t wait to finish to finish this and hopefully get the answers!

    1. Yes! I love the dynamic between Kiva and Naari too! Naari is my favorite character so far tbh ^^ She is so strong and caring, and always tries to keep everyone she loves safe. She IS hiding something though!

      I think Kiva might react to Tilda possibly (she didn’t say it out loud!) wanting to die strongly because Tilda is a person that Kiva is risking everything right now. And I think it is also just shocking to hear someone say something like that. But I do feel the same as you, that Kiva might have some connection with Tilda. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

    2. This comment is literally every question i have ????

    3. I love their dynamic too!

    4. I have had a feeling Kiva and Tilda are connected from the beginning. Not sure if they are related but the way she asked about the story of her parent I am thinking maybe an aunt or so would be possible.

      Def think Jaren is of the Royal line after the reveal he has elemental magic. Black sheep in the family ending up in prison?

  2. Thank goodness nothing bad happened to Tipp! By the other hand I have no idea of who might be poisoning the inmates…who would gain something from their demise?
    My only thought, even if far fetched, is that it could be a plan of the rebels to get the prison to be shut down, even if temporary. However the risk and sacrifice might not be worth it.

    This book is keeping me guessing everything, I can’t wait for the final part!

    1. I’m so ready for the final part as well! So glad Tipp made it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so eager to read it

  3. I was beginning to get concerned about the pace at this point, but then…two big reveals! They had both been on my guesses list, but still weren’t obvious…the illness being deliberate, and Jared having elemental magic. They are just tiny points on a huge map though…I suddenly feel like the world of the story has really opened up, especially with the Oakhollow hint. I was wondering about the map at the beginning, if it was only going to be based in the prison…what a blossoming moment! Loving this book so much! And terrified for what is next…

  4. That was a cliffhanger ending! I hope Kiva manages to stay somewhat fit for her next trial. I’m afraid she will get punished but not executed, so that she can finish her fourth trial and die – from Rooke’s perspective at least this would make the most sense.

    I had kind of hoped that Kiva would manage to beat one trial on her own, but with them being so impossible she really needed the help. Jaren having magic was no surprise though ^^ I’d guess he is the prince, but Kiva saw him in the crowd at the first trial along with the prince so… Either the “prince” was a stand in person, or my guess is wrong. It IS quite strange that Jaren has the same two kinds of magic the prince is supposed to have though!

    Tipp probably had us all worried. I can understand why Kiva went into panic mode so quickly :/ I’m so glad he is all right, but right now I’m worried he will be used against Kiva at some point, maybe even in a Trial.

    As I said last time, all the people keeping Kiva strong are such a lovely thing to read about. I didn’t expect Mot to be such a good friend because it was made clear he’s not a “good” person. I love that not everyone here is perfect but that they still manage to be human.

    1. What a moment for us to end on, right? I had the same thoughts – she needs to at least be healthy enough to manage the last trial! But I doubt anyone there cares about that…
      I’m loving your theories! So much to dig at, and so many hints through the book! I feel like I’m seeing all the hints but not quite fitting together the full story aha

    2. Nothing to add! You summed my thoughts up perfectly ?

  5. I am freaking out! This book is so good! I am so glad Fairyloot decided to give us this book otherwise I am not sure that It would have been on my radar!

    1. Same here

  6. I knew it was poison or something similar! Everything is coming together, and I believe Warden Rooke is the one at fault for it. Kiva did say he seemed frustrated that she made it out of the water ordeal alive.

    I was so worried when Tipp got sick and am glad he recovered! Though I am wondering what kind of illness he had.

    Tilda calling out Kiva’s name like that definitely reinforces my suspicions that they are somehow connected, and for some reason even related, since she asked to hear the story again. I feel like Kiva’s family knows her and they are somehow related.

    Jaren has magic! And then it left us with such a cliffhanger after Kiva got knocked out!
    He also said Naari knows about his powers and their arrivals at the prison aren’t too far apart, so maybe there is a connection there as well.

    I can’t wait for the ending of the book! I would have noticed this book if it hadn’t been in the box, and it’s amazing!

    1. Warden Rooke is definitely suspicious! He just always seems to be lurking…and with how the rest of the staff are, I can’t say I have much faith in him caring about the prisoners!

      Tipp’s illness did seem pretty random – I wonder if it’s something that will come back up later, or added in to give us a little scare?

  7. Hello everyone… this story….. it’s keeps getting harder and harder to put the book down.
    I loved Naari’s comment to Kiva: ‘Yes, you were the picture of health when you got out of bed and fell flat on your face’ ?
    Thank god Tipp survived!! If he died I might have thrown the book in a corner and it’s much too gorgeous to do so!!
    Someone is poisoning the prisoners!! Why didn’t I think of that!! Could be the Warden, I’m really starting to hate him!!
    Can’t believe Kiva didn’t think about needing to hold her breath for a long time in the next trial. Maybe it would’ve made it more stressful before it was time for the Trial by water….
    Love it that Jaren had elemental magic!! And Naari knows…..did they know each other before they came to Zalindov?? ?
    I don’t want this story to end!!
    See you tomorrow, last day ?

    1. Haha i had to laugh when i read that comment from Naari xD

  8. I think it’s safe to say we all felt relieved when Tipp pulled through but Jaren!!!! Love that he has magic. I have so many questions but there are not enough pages left in the book and I’m getting nervous.

    1. Me too! I still don’t understand anything about Tilda, what she’s doing here, why she’s that important and all the message sending to this elusive “family”. I don’t know how this is going to wrap up in the few chaptes left.

  9. I was initially behind but then got so sucked in I finished today – I just COULD NOT stop at the end of that trial!
    So many questions at this point though – So grateful for Naari and the friendship she offers Kiva. The second anything bad happens or may happen to Tipp I tear up – I’m so worried for him and I’m just waiting for Rooke to use him to punish Kiva. I think there’s more to Jaren we don’t know yet, but I can’t put a finger on it. Naari too – they’re up to something! My money is on Rooke being the one behind the poisoning, no matter how he pretends he needs Kiva to solve it. He’s manipulative. Can’t wait for the discussion tomorrow at the end! Loved it!

  10. What a place to finish, I need to know what happens next. Jaren had magic, air and fire just like the prince and Naari is in on it. I’m loving this book, the characters are excellent and all the ordeal scenes are so gripping. I’m so invested.

  11. It’s official… Kiva’s family is hopeless and I’m pretty sure that they won’t come to safe her….

    When Tilda repeated Kiva’s name it was weird. Maybe they know each other?

    Poor Tipp! I’m really happy that he is ok.

    I really think Jaren is a Prince, but I can’t figure out how he came to the prison. If he is a price, well Kiva will hate him, because of the pain which Royal Family delivered to her family. Ending will be great, I can feel it! I’m waiting for plot twist.

    I agree with you that Warden Rooke is behind the spreading the diease between prisoners. He is really independent and he only pretent to be Kiva’s protector.

    Naari is great. I’m pretty sure that she is not only a prison’s guard. She isn’t connected with Rebels, I think. For sure she has a good reason to be in the prison.

    I can’t wait for final chapters!

  12. Finally some questions answered but still so many new and old ones. Who is Jaren? What will happen in the 4th ordeal. And what will happen to them after the 3rd? Tilda is awake now but still no help. Same as her family. And the poisoning… i’m just so glad Tipp is alright

  13. What a great section! I’m pretty sure it is the Warden actually poisoning the prisoners-especially if it happened before and then just kind of stopped, and I feel like he was around then too. Seems like a form of population control to me. As the guards aren’t getting sick at all.

    I love that Jaren has magic!!! I wonder if he is also part of the royal family??? Although I thought maybe we were going to discover the Kiva had the ability to control water through magic, but obviously not….maybe Earth on the final trial??

    I’m still confused about the point of having Tilda in the prison at all and Kiva’s messges, I’m really worried this isn’t going to wrap up satisfactorily as we are running out of Chapters but I am hopeful as the book has been really good so far.

  14. It was almost impossible to put the book down today, I just wanted to continue reading! What a cliffhanger! And Jaren having elemental magic? One of them had to!
    But oh poor Tipp, I wonder if he was in the poison plant section of the garden?
    I just want to pick the book right back up!

  15. Im getting behind on the charters. I really feel no connection to Kiva at all. I find her character very flat and unlikable. So im not really rooting for her at this stage.

    I do like how this book is not predictable at all.

  16. Did anyone else just sob through chapter 24 … or was it just me…

  17. I am really liking this book. So much intrigue and so many questions. I had a huge feeling there was more to Jaren then he led on.
    I am a bit furyher ahead so i won’t say anything but i am loving the twist! hah!

  18. I was getting so excited for the almost kiss/Jaren revealing something and then quickly become worried for Tipp. So many emotions!!

    1. It’s such a whirlwind of a book!

  19. What a cliffhanger!!!! I need to do some work so I might just continue after 00:01. That’s not cheating, right????

    Seriously, I’m still 80% sure Jaren is royalty, but the tension is killing me. I’m also wondering why someone would poison prisoners. To lower their number? Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

  20. What the hay! I can’t believe Jaren has elemental magic!! I’m kinda annoyed he didn’t tell Kiva. I have my suspicions but I need to know what his motive is now! I need it to move faster now!!

    I think Kiva is going to get put in the worst part of the prison 🙁 there’s no way the warden will let her get away with it. Excited to keep reading!

  21. it’s always the sweet side characters that may die! ?boy pulled out sweetheart like ? JAREN HAS MAGIC! I mean I suspected but ahhhh and the poison reveal ??

  22. Jaren says “They can’t find out who I am” not “What”, “Who”. Guessing that upbringing was royal. We’ve never seen the crowned princes’ face so for a moment I they might be one in the same but i think looking back they shared a scene in the first trial.

    Tilda has been puzzling me, I’ve been on and off thinking she may be Kiva’s mum, given a lot of time has past and her mother’s eyes are her most distinguishing feature in the story, given Tilda is now blind it’s a possibility.

    1. you might be onto something there! SO many theories whirling round, we need to know!

  23. I KNEW IT! I suspected Jaren having elemental powers and I was right! *Does a victory dancr*

    Anyway, I was VERY worried about Tipp. So glad he’s ok.

    The poisoning was a surprise for me. Another surprise: how did she find out so late that people had been receiving that stuff? Also seemd to be only the rebels who get the poisson, so I agree with some that it might be Rooke, since he complained about the rebels.

    And about Jaren: I remember him being startled when Kiva called out for him, when he was standing behind the prince and princess, so I think he knows them. He also mentioned he had a younger brother and an older sister. So maybe they’re his siblings?

    Going to finish the book now, because I NEED answers xD

  24. This was so thrilling to read!! first the sickness being solved (but who is behind all of it?!) and I really am suspecting that Tilda is Kiva’s mother. Maybe Kiva has powers too, like Jaren??? and yeah omg?? JAREN. possibly the prince??? Has like all the powers just WOAh. I need to keep reading!!

  25. AAAAAH!!!

    I was so bloody scared that Tipp would die, I’m glad he’s okay again. I really do think he’ll die somewhere in this series, and I’m not bloody ready.

    I expected the Jaren thing, but it was still cool. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen to them now; Kiva was warned not to seek help again, so she’ll definitely be punished, right?
    The sickness thing, I did not see that coming. I forgot the names of the people helping her out in the infirmary, but they are definitely stupid lol. The ward is DEFINITELY behind killing off the people, he probably doesn’t want the prison to be overcrowded. Ugh, that guy.

    Does anyone else really love this book so far? I can’t wait to see what’ll happen, aaaah!!! I definitely dislike her family, they’re like ‘oh well just get out yourself, you just do all the hard stuff and we’ll be waiting bye’ ugh. What a great family *rolls eyes*

  26. Can’t believe I suspected right this whole time! Jaren has powers so whos to say Naari doesn’t have powers as well? What if they were the help after all, since Naari somehow knew if his powers? If only Naari has earth powers so Kiva can actually finish all 4 trials….

    And I’m so glad Tipp is ok, it wouldn’t be the same without his bright, youthful energy in that dull, drab prison.

    I think maybe Rooke is the one sneaking in poison. He’s the one who wants Kiva to die so that the Rebel Queen can die too…all the other guards and prisoners are more curious as to how she will get through the trials. Rooke is responsible for choosing where the trials happen and he’s been choosing places that will def kill her. So maybe he brought in the poison in hopes of her taking them herself to heal from the trials

  27. ahhh that was brutal. thank you Jaren. But what now? I have no clue, I’m thinking they will be punished but I am scared to consider how… I hope they’ll be okay. Why does the warden have to be so nasty even though he says he cares for Kiva? I am thinking now. Maybe it is him who has been poisoning the prisoners? Didn’t someone mention in the book all the jail cells in between were already filled so they continued to Zalindov. Maybe the Warden is trying to stop overpopulation and he tried to do the same 10 years ago? That’s a scare thought.
    I hope Kiva can still partake in the fourth ordeal… I am going to continue reading now!

  28. Wow, I definitely didn’t expect the plot twist with Jaren! But I’m glad Kiva didn’t suffocate.
    The poisoning is definitely bad, I didn’t think Kiva’s assistants did it to cause harm.

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