The Shadow Between Us Readalong: Day 4

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Hello FairyLooters!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the readalong so far! What have been your favourite bits?

Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong and I can’t believe it is almost over! But let’s not jump ahead as we’ve still got today’s chapters to read first!

Today we’re reading Chapters 18-23!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller Chapters 1-23! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Alessandra had dismissed the healer when she had told her that some find it difficult to sleep after such excitement but now finds herself unable to sleep, the darkness creating shadows that aren’t really there. Eventually she decides to knock on Kallias’ door to find comfort in his presence. 

Kallias joins Alessandra in her rooms and finds the love letter from Eliades! 

No matter how confident Alessandra is, I think she’ll always feel a bit insecure and unlovable after Hektor and being the second daughter which is such a shame 🙁 

The assassin didn’t survive his wounds and left no clues about who hired him so they’re nowhere closer to figuring out who is trying to kill Kallias. Does anyone have any theories? Could it be an inside job or could it be someone from a neighbouring kingdom? 

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Oh no, a conversation with Vasco never brings about anything good!

Why does he dislike Alessandra so much? Is she too free willing and outgoing for their liking or is it something else? And she’s right, surely they must know that if he produces an heir he will be vulnerable…I’m very suspicious of the council and especially Vasco!

I love the small things we learn about Kallias and Alessandra’s personalities when they are dining together. They’re not afraid to share their truths with one another! 

I can’t believe she’s managed to rope the King into her scheme and that he actually agreed…but only because it’s Orrin ?

Oooo a locked chest…how very intriguing!!

OMG Orrin is the masked bandit!! I did not expect that at all! Honestly I didn’t think he was smart or brave enough to pull something like that off.

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But she still needs him to be a part of her plan so won’t tell Kallias just yet…do you think he’ll be mad that she didn’t tell him right away?

Their plan is in motion and Orrin is so gullible that he falls for Alessandra’s story straight away! I thought for a minute that Rhouben may not have managed to convince his father  to come with him but thankfully, the plan went off without a hitch and Rhouben is free of Melita!!

And now Eliades is being thrown in the dungeon for being the bandit! Luckily Kallias is too happy the bandit had been captured to be mad Alessandra didn’t tell him before!

But the happiness doesn’t last too long… Could the letter really be someone who knows the identity of who is behind the assassination attempts or are they trying to lure them out to kill Kallias?? Either way this will be a dangerous outing!

They’ve only just arrived at the club and they already need to split up 🙁 I have a bad feeling about this!

Oh no, she’s already been spotted by the woman that runs the place and is being put to work…she needs to make it to the gaming room to find Kallias!

Thank goodness Kallias found her before the situation got any worse! Alessandra can take care of herself but that would definitely blow their cover.

Ahh Kallias can obviously tell how his touch is affecting her and this isn’t just for the people around them anymore, he’s getting a thrill out of it, but so can Alessandra!


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Ohhh so they didn’t touch but somebody definitely touched Kallias!! He’ll be vulnerable around whoever it is now and he doesn’t even know who it is!

Ah, the good ol’ distracting yourself from liking a boy by figuring out how to poison him trick? but she can’t help herself, even just seeing him from a distance makes her heart skip a beat.

Ooo Alessandra has finally told Rhoda that’s she’s noticed the way Galen looks at her! It would be so nice for Rhoda if that were to work out, she’s too young to be mourning a loveless marriage for so long!

Ahhh Leandros is professing his love for Alessandra, wanting her to choose him over Kallias!! But she can’t, no matter if something is actually brewing between Alessandra and Kallias, she still needs him so she can become queen. 

Omg Kallias heard everything!

shots fired oops GIF

Someone on the council definitely has to be in on it! What other reason would they have for parading him around when someone is trying to kill him? 

Oh wow! Kallias almost touched Alessandra! That would’ve been an interesting development!

No way! He’s made her his equal by commissioning a new table that would allow them to sit together at the head and all but said he is going to propose!!! 

He wants her to be his queen, help him make decisions and give her all of the power she’s dreamed of but now that she knows him, it may not be enough for her to just be queen by name, she wants to be with him ?

Oh no, Hektor’s father!! And they now know he’s been murdered and seems they suspect Alessandra! This can’t be good.

Things have actually been going well but is this development with Hektor’s father going to put a spanner in the works?

How do we feel about Kallias and Alessandra now? Her plan is changing but is it for the better?

I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen tomorrow!



43 thoughts on “The Shadow Between Us Readalong: Day 4

  1. Ok, honest talk: I couldn’t just STOP here (come on, did any of you?), so I went on and finished the book ? I won’t make any comments on today’s part, just know that this book is amazing and I’m so happy you fairies has chosen it for your box ?

    1. Well… it was a chaotic day here so I litterly just finished today’s chapters. But can’t wait to read on ?

    2. I may have finished it yesterday…. I agree it was an absolutely amazing read.

    3. I couldn’t stop and finished the book ? It was to good! I wanted to know whats happening

    4. Ahhh I’m so happy you loved it!

  2. Okay….. I just have to mention Demodocus again, love that dog and his name! Liked how Alessandra woke up with Demodocus in bed beside her ?❤️.
    I didn’t see that coming…. Orrin being the bandit. I really thought he was all talk, gave money to charity and brag about it. Didn’t think he would have the guts to be the bandit.

    I’m gonna read for a while….. tomorrow we’ll finally will know who wants Kallias dead….. ?

    1. I really didn’t expect it to be Orrin either!

  3. Just finished 23 chapter! I love this book so much!
    I just can’t believe that Robin Hood was Orrin. Are we sure? I want to believe in a plotwist in which Leandros is him!
    About him: Poor guy! He offered to Ale everithing he coul gave her, but she is in love with Kallias and she is near to understand that.
    So much loving scene today about our favourite couple! Their complicity and kidding melt my heart.
    Omg! I don’t want to put an end tomorrow! I know I will miss they!
    I hope Kallias proposal will change and gave to Alessandra not only a equality position, but also his heart! Both deserves love!
    Ops, they know Hector was murdered. How?! I don’t know, but I hope Kallias is going to protect his beloved future queen! I know there must be a reason because Ale killed him. Perhaps he used violence against her? He blackmailed Ale to get favors to get her sister’s hand?
    I want to know and at the same time not!
    And Kallias? Now he is vulnerable! He can’t take part of the parate! So much irons in the fire!

    1. Errata corrige: I will miss them ?

    2. Today’s chapters were soo good! Don’t want this book to end!

    3. I also wanted Leandros to be Robin Hood!!

  4. i had to read ahead and i’ve now finished the book too.
    i did think orrin might be the masked bandit with all the talk of his selflessness and good deeds. i cant believe he kept his stuff in the castle though!
    thinks really heated up in the club didn’t they. i was a bit sad that she still went to get poison.
    really not liking vasco at all and the way he treats alessandra. he gives the impression that he’s desperate for them to marry and have an heir, maybe so he can take control and raise the heir and become regent? maybe? that was the impression i got anyway.

    1. Maybe this is the reason the coucil would want to kill Kallias. So they keep their power until the heir is old enough and then kill him too. It would be a smart move. Not only would a heir ensure that Kallias is vulnerable near Alessandra, but also it would not put the kingdom in chaos, when the king suddenly dies. No one would fight over the crown, because there would be already someone who would be in line for the throne.
      And by sending an assassin now who poses that he is from another kingdom, no one would suspect the council.

    2. Ooo thats a good theory about Vasco!

  5. Gahh I love these two so much! I hope they work out a way to be together in all the ways Alessandra wants. I’ve loved seeing their relationship grow over the course of the book. Hektor better not ruin things for her from the grave!!

    1. I knooow! They’re so cute together!

  6. I really like Kallias and Alessandra together. They are like equals. I love their interactions and I definitely need more scenes of them together. Woeeeeee!
    I hope she will just be honest with Kallias about what happened with Hektor. Aaaah I am not ready for their relationship to be ruined by this. I hope everything will be okay!

    1. I hope they’ll be okay!

  7. I couldn’t stop reading! It’s so fantastic!
    Orrin is the masked thief ? I didn’t expect that.
    I’m so glad the plan of freeing Rouben worked out. Now he’s free and Alessandra doesn’t need to bother with Orrin anymore. Btw it was so funny how much Kallias enjoyed Orrins loveletter to Alessandra ?
    And the things going on at the gentlemens club… It would surprise me if any man could stay calm with Alessandra in such an outfit in front of him. This flirting was serious!
    But who touched him. Someone followed them or recognised them.
    Oh it’s so exciting!
    I really like the interaction and conversations between Kallias and Alessandra!

    1. It really is getting exciting!

  8. I thought off hand it might be Eliades because of all his charity comments but then I dismissed it because he’s so dumb! I actually thought it might be Leandros since he can’t be such a good guy. The way he’s been with Alessandra is so nice he really cares for her but she wants the power of being queen. I can’t believe Kallias actually wants her as his queen! That was so shocking! But oh no! Hektor’s father and the constable are going to ruin everything!

    1. I know! I love how their relationship has developed!

  9. I couldn’t stop after chapter 23, so I read one more. A lot of plot twists: Orrin as a masked thief; Leandros declaration of love and true about Hektor’s dead…but Kallias reaction to that Alessandra is a killer, was everything for me. Alessandra and Kallias relation…oh, this chemistry!

    1. The absolute BEST chemistry. Love it. ?

    2. Ahaha I can’t blame you for wanting to read on!

  10. How can the chapter stop THERE!? That is not fair. SO… I’ll just read a liiiiiiittle bit more, promise! And can I just say that Alessandra and Kallian are just so, so, so sweet? Step up your game shadow king, pleeeaaaase, WE ALL KNOW Allesandra is good for you 😉 (Oh, and those club scenes were fun. Also, we need more drunk Kallias).

    1. WAAAAY more drunk Kallias. That scene was hilarious.

    2. They are so cute and I love them!

  11. Ok this was seriously tough to stop reading on but as soon as I write this comment I will read on come I have too its sooo good.

    Boy so many things have happend I love that Rouben is free of Melita since he did not care for her. Orrin being the mask bandit who knew he took charity to a whole new level. But most of all who the hell touched the king this has me sooo worried especially with the parade coming up not good.

    Poor Leandros liking someone soo much and being turned down must really suck but I cant shake the feeling that he has a bed agenda against the king.

    Kallias being jealous sooo cute but nearly kissing her hand not good yet until we find out who wants him dead. And that steamy touching scene boy I wish they could touch.

    So Alessandra can get what she wants without killing him but yet she now wants him too. O how her plans changed when almost love is in the air. I hope in the end they make it especially now that the Hector thing might bite her in the ass I don’t like this that is why now I have to read on must find out what will happen.

    1. I feel the exact same way about Leandros!

    2. Oooo interesting thought on Leandros! I am not 100% sure how I feel about him!

  12. I absolutely adored this section (and then steamrolled right on through the end of the book because I have nonexistent self control). I have to say I definitely thought he was the masked bandit!! He was so freaking preachy and annoying (and the stories about kittens my goodness) and it just fit with the trajectory of his character really well.

    I feel like this book has such excellent characters that stay true to the path they are on, which I appreciate. It’s still surprising without being dramatically out of character.

    Also I’m shipping Alessandra and Kallias FOREVERRRR

    1. Ahhh I can’t blame you for reading on! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  13. I forced myself to stop! You did an awesome job putting together the chapters!
    I am still suspicious of Leandros. Maybe he is jealous of Kallias. Well I am sure we will be surprised!
    Btw this is the most slow-burn romance I’ve ever seen! I just want them to touch!!! I mean who wouldn’t?
    I am loving Alessandra’s character development! She finally accepts her feelings for Kallias and he loves her too.
    I am sure that Kallias won’t mind her past and Hektor. He will fall even harder for her! I can’t wait to finish this gem!

    1. It is so slow-burn but its amaaazzing and it makes me love it even more!

  14. Okay so a couple of slaps to the face in these chapters but omg where is this story going??
    I actually think it’s hilarious that Orrin was the masked bandit, the whole Robin Hood act and the way he holds himself is so cringe-worthy!
    The scene in the club is sooo good. There interactions are getting more and more confusing for the both of them which makes the relationship a complicated one. And oh boy, we do like complicated! ?
    I kinda wish that they would have touched because it would have made it interesting to follow Alessandra’s actions, to see her fight between her emotions and what she’s gone there to do.
    I still consider Leandros fishy and I would go as far as to say that he might be the one who touched Kallias and I don’t think he wants his friend back, I think he is sick of everything being about Kallias and him getting everything Leandros wants ten times easier just because he’s he.

    Aaaaaaand I’m off the finish the book, byyeee! 😀

    1. It could be, I also get the feeling a bit, although I hope Leandros has nothing to do with it. He said he was always played the second fiddle. People came to him when Kallias was not available. This could be a reason for going against Kallias. But trying to kill him would be a bit too much, wouldn’t it?

    2. The club scene was just incredible! Ahhh I hope you enjoyed the rest!

  15. Oh my good. This cruel to stop at chapter 23 and write this comment. Such a cliffhanger! Hektors father seems to know that Alessandra killed his son. I am a bit scared to how Kallias will react to that news. I hope he trusts her, but if they search their chamber they will find the poison. How will Alessandra be able to save herself out of this situation?
    I do not want their trust and friendship be destroyed. They are so cute together.
    I really love how Alessandra is slowly realizing that she is in love with Kallias. That she now actually does not want to kill him anymore, but rather be at his side.
    This also shows me, that she is not actually a bad person, but just someone who was heartbroken and just searched for someone to see and love her true self. I wish for them to be together in the end.
    The two would make a great team as queen and king. I would not like to live in their country and get on their bad side.
    Also I love that he is acknowledged her strengths. The first one to see how smart she is and giving her credit for that by treating her as an equal.

    That night scene was so cute, and I love how he left his only companion, Demodocus, with her, so she will not be lonely, when she wakes up.
    And this is also the first time she is not dealing with a problem herself, but turns to Kallias for help. Shows her vulnerable side to him.
    It was so funny that she did let the king take part in her plan and that he agreed. I did not see that coming and loved it.

    Orrin is the masked bandit. Many here guessed him or Leandros. I for myself thought that Orrin would be too obvious to be the masked bandit, so I hoped for a plot twist. However I am a bit glad it was not Leandros, I wanted him to still good and waiting for his friend to return. Poor him for falling in love with Alessandra. He is really cute, but Alessandra loves Kallias. He lost. And I think Alessandra and Kallias fit better together than Alessandra and Leandros.

    I think the assassin is from inside the palace. How would he else have been able to sneak inside? And Kallias and Alessandra already realized that he faked to be from another kingdom. Besides only a nobleman can go into that club, so I think it is someone from within the palace. I just hope it is not Leandros. Although I highly doubt that. I think maybe someone from the council could be behind it. I do not trust them. Especially after proposing that parade and all that topic about getting a heir, I really got that feeling.

    Now going to read the last part. Cannot stop here for any longer.
    Happy reading everybody!

    1. So many good theories! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the book!

  16. WOW! It’s getting really suspenseful now! It’s already 1.30am so I should probably sleep, but……….

    I really really hope Kallias will stand behind Alessandra and protect her. He’s not dumb, he will soon realise that Alessandra actually murdered the boy, but so far he accepted all of her schemes so I’m hoping he’ll accept this as well. After all it is to be a Slytherine romance. ?

    I’m also afraid that Alessandra might like Kallias more than he likes her. Its not enough for her to just have power. She wants HIM! Arghhh I’m really hoping for a happy end!!!!

  17. I really didn’t expect Orrin to be the masked bandit. I am loving the chemistry between Alessandra and Kallias.

  18. Hello guys,
    Last night i finished the book. And ooooo my. It’s been a while since i enjoyed a book so much. It kept you captivated and wanting more. Thank you for this selection guys <3
    Pure enjoyment.

    Side note: I find funny that my copy was bound the wrong way 😀 As everything in my life

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