The Shadows Between Us Readalong: Day 2

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Hello Fairy Friends!

Its day 2 of our Readalong!

Alessandra has made it in to the palace and the King is starting to trust her so I’m very excited to find out what is going to happen! So without further ado, let’s read!

Today we’re reading Chapters 8-13!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller Chapters 1-13! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Many more letters arrive inviting Alessandra to a whole host of balls and luncheons but the most interesting letter comes from her father! They’re starting an investigation into the whereabouts of Hektor, the boy she murdered! This can’t be good, if anybody finds out what she did, it could be the end for her and the King.

Kallias is doing well to keep up the pretence that they are courting by sending her gifts in front of the other ladies.

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And it’s done the trick as the other ladies can’t get enough of hearing what Kallias is like! I think I would be enthralled too! The way Alessandra describes him makes him sound like a dream!

Just as she’s wishing she had someone to show her scandalous nightwear to, Kallias walks right through her wall, but he doesn’t seem happy to see her! 

He’s mad at her because she told people they had touched and that that makes him look weak! Is that something to do with his shadows as surely just touching couldn’t show weakness?

I love how unafraid Alessandra is to tell Kallias what she thinks and also the fact that he just takes it from her! I imagine he doesn’t let many people talk to him the way she does. Do we think he was jealous of Lord Eliades or just wanting to make sure their plan works out? I’m thinking a little jealousy…

Oh no! Myron is back and this time she has nothing to hold against him! He wants her help to make friends with some more powerful people but this could be very dangerous for her!

Poor Alessandra is stuck between the two worst people at lunch but could she have another plan brewing to get her away from Myron and Eliades? 

And she’s given Kallias a solution to his problem! She’s making herself invaluable! If her plan works then he’d maybe want her to stay and help with other difficult situations!

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Is anybody else obsessed with all of the gowns Alessandra has? I would like to wear them all please so who’s throwing a ball for us? ?

I love that they’ve been there two minutes and she’s already managed to get rid of Myron. He’s far too interested in meeting rich people.

Ahh I love Leandros! He’s so full of himself but in an almost charming way! He could have been good for Alesssandra if she wasn’t set on Kallias.

Oh no! Kallias lost his brother as well before losing his parents 🙁 he’s not had it easy! No wonder he keeps to himself a lot.

Alessandra manages to get herself inside the meeting room and provides another solution to one of Kallias’ problems! She really does seem to know what she’s talking about! 

It’s a shame that Kallias is too busy for them to spend any time together though! She won’t be able to put her plan into action if they’re never together for more than 5 minutes!

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Ahh Alessandra has a plan to get rid of both Myron and Eliades and free Rhouben from Melita! If this goes to plan she really will be a genius!

Oh wow Eliades really is obsessed with her! That letter is a bit too much grovelling for me (and for Alessandra) and Myron is so devious! I don’t trust his business venture one bit! I really hope her plan works!

I’m so glad she has found friends in Rhouben and Petros! They allow her to have a bit of fun while the King is busy!

It seemed easy enough to forge Eliades handwriting but will get his seal be as easy?? 

Ughh Vasco is determined to get rid of Alessandra I feel! It’s like he’s actively trying to find a way to see her off. And from what he’s saying it seems the whole council don’t believe they are truly courting which does not bode well for them.

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And now her father wants her to give up 🙁 but Alessandra will not back down from the challenge! 

Ahhhh so she bought out all of Myron’s debt and now he’s in debt to her! That was such a smart move as now if he tried anything she could send him to jail! That should get him to go away for sure!

Surely Kallias must realise that they need to make more of an effort if their courtship is to be believed! But alas he just outright says no to her offers!

Oh no no no, Chrysantha told Hektor’s father and a constable that Alessandra had slept with him!! If that got out it could ruin everything! Do we think she did it on purpose or was she just not thinking?

Oooo Alessandra is off to spend an evening with Leandros, but dressed as servants where could they be going?

He’s taken her to watch boxing! And Alessandra is delighted by it! Soon enough to they’re betting on contenders and her acute observations help her win big!

Oh wait she’s not going to actually fight is she?? I know she can handle herself but this is totally different. And she’s calling herself the Shadow Queen, that’s definitely dangerous!! 

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Aaaand she’s been knocked out…uh oh that will definitely leave a bruise!

Wow so much just happened! What have been your favourite bits so far? And how will Kallias react to her spending time with Leandros?

See you tomorrow to find out!


52 thoughts on “The Shadows Between Us Readalong: Day 2

  1. I had a hard time stopping today. The plot proceeds and some problems are bring out like Myron and Hector. Both perhaps too soon and without a real motivation, but put the main character in trouble. Why after three years Hector’s father is thinking that he may have died? I might think he is, but during the trip I was thinking he was doing. Why now, after all this time? Why must Alessandra be the culprit? Because I think the father have to know it, or he would have speak with her already. He has suspects. Did he found the body? Did someone has seen something spoke? I want to know. Also, the departure of Myron’s father was cast too soon, only to bring problems to Alessandra, that had a resolution too fast. Even if I think that he will came back, to betray her, maybe with Hector’s father.
    Despite this I really enjoyed the reading. Alessandra kept all my attention, also we could see a little fragility under her shield. The same for Kallias, when he yelled at her, even if I wanted to struggle him when he said to Alessandra he would gift her something as a let-off for his lack of time. Kallias, you need an urgent advice to ask to your beloved Leandros if you don’t know how to flirt. Even if I think that the old friend of the king will bring problems not only because he is in love with Alessandra, but also because I think he is the mysterious Robin Hood. I had this presentiment when was nominated the first time, but now that he brought Alessandra among the common people. Someone else had this feeling?
    In the future I see only trouble for our future Shadow Queen. I hope Kallias is not going to be mad at her if he will find out about this night. Also I hope the plan that Ale had cast for herself and Rhouben will work.
    P.S. Now I share the same hate toward Chrysantha, the golden flower of Alessandra’s father. Ale is your sister girl! How can you have spit out her secret? You could not like her, but at least keep your mouth shut. I have to think that the lovely and perfect Chrysantha is a little jealous of her little sister because she could’t reach the interest of the king?

    1. This is an interesting thought. I did not think much about that Robin Hood character yet. But it could fit to Leandros, making trouble like that. Although I am not sure if he would go against his friend like that. He should know he making problems for Kallias.

      At first I, when Alessandra said her sister was stupid, I thought she said that, because her father always oversaw her and favoured her sister. But after that letter I though, “Omg is that girl stupid”. Either this or you are right and her sister is jealous. She always got everything from her father and was always the better one, but now Alessandra shows that she is more intelligent and gets more attention. Maybe this is also the reason her father wants to get her out of the palace. Not only he did not have any faith in her, maybe he could not see the daughter he not favoured getting something better than his favourite daughter.

      1. I think that if Leandros is Robin Hood he is doing that not to trouble Kallias, but to take his attention. He want back his best friends and if he can reach him in the usual way, than he will do this.
        For Chrysantha and his father is exactly what I thought!
        Why he want back Alessandra and engage a plan B? We will see!

    2. Oooo you have some good theories!! I can’t wait to find out some more!

  2. Day 2 and I had to force myself to stop reading!! I am absolutely loving this book.

    I think Kallias is already starting to like Allessandra more than he expected, and that’s why he wont agree to spend more time with her.

    And what a clever girl she is – coming up with plans to help the king, and to rid herself of Myron. I’m hoping she’s not TOO clever for her own good.

    The net seems to be closing in over Hektor’s disappearance, helped along by her inept sister. I wonder what she’ll pull off to get out of that one ?

    1. Me too! It was so hard to stop! So much had happened

    2. I’m so glad you are enjoying the book! She has so many good ideas it blows my mind!

      1. Yes definitely! Daughter of the pirate king was amazing as well!

  3. I’m missing Kallias (and Demodocus!!!) in these chapters, and I’m still wondering what the shadows are all about ?.
    I loved the part where Allessandra is dancing with Rhouben, Petros and Leandros ? (and Rhouben partnered up with Petros’ dancing partner rather then dancing with his own fiancée ?)

    1. Yeah this was funny. Also Rhouben always trying to run away and hide from his fiancé xD

  4. I love it how everybody starts their comment like “I literally had to force myself to stop today” haha!
    Well guess who didn’t stop? Yes, shame on me I know but I will have less time to read so I went just a little bit further and let me tell you, you are going to be in for a treat tomorrow *knowingly wiggles the eyebrows*
    I felt a bit frustrated, just like Alessandra with the lack of Kallias in these chapters, I want more of him, his secrets, his hobbies, his fears etc!!! But I love all the dresses she makes and that necklace must have been stunning!
    I honestly don’t know where the story will go and until when, since everything is fast paced. With all the problems with Hektor, Myron and the rest I am interested to see whether it will all come back to kick her in the bum soon!
    Can’t wait to continue tomorrow!! ^.^

    1. I’m with you, I totally didn’t stop either! But I caught myself two chapters later and stopped. lol

      1. Same here. I was reading when I read ‘chapter 15’ and I was: how did it happen? I was sure it was the 13! ?

    2. It was hard to stop, but I did cause I don’t want the book to finish to fast ?

    3. Ahhh I can’t blame you for reading on! Its so good!
      Yesss I’m obsessed with her dresses, they sound so gorgeous!

  5. I am loving this book so far! Alessandra’s dresses all sound amazing! Kallius really needs to pay her more attention, perhaps he feels a bit awkward and isn’t sure how to court her, or he’s trying not to spend too much time with her because he’s worried he’ll fall in love with her.

    1. Yeah true, he’s spent so long distancing himself, it could be hard to get back into the swing of courting someone!

  6. Ooooh, I like this story! And I really want to read more!!!! I just love Alessandra’s character and I love how easily she talks and befriends people, it’s very nice to have some friendship here and there! Only me thinking it was weird that her father just suddenly appeared? I thought that was a liiiittle strange, as if it should have come later… or with more details?? Or I’m just being too serious haha! I miss Demodocus (and Kallias hehe)!

    1. I’m with you on her father turning up to see her, it felt a little out of the blue.

    2. Yeah I totally get that! I want to know more about her fathers plans!

  7. I might be in the minority here… I don’t like the dresses! They take me so out of the moment, and I just can’t picture them in the time period like setting that everything else establishes. I’m thinking this is very Regency era, earlys 1800s. and the dresses feel a little too modern for that time. I don’t know, I’m probably overthinking lol!

    I had to read the chapter after because all I could think is someone is going to say something awful about her bruising from the boxing match and it will unravel all the plans Alessandra had so carefully laid out. And I get Alessandra is trying to have fun, but that was a stupid risk. Girl, you are so smart, why risk it like this?! That said, her time with Leandros was so sweet. I could see them together in the end.

    Alessandra’s showing that she can be a competent leader with her ideas on catching the rebels and Robin Hood. She would totally do great as queen.

    1. Yeah the boxing was not the best plan! Someone is sure to notice!

  8. I had an awful feeling Myron was going to come back and try and ruin things for Alessandra, I’m glad she could come up with something clever to get rid of him though! I think I agree we need more Kallias! I’m dying to know more about him and I’m dying to see the relationship build between him and Alessandra. I just hope all her past with Hektor doesn’t come around and ruin anything for her.

    1. Yess I need more Kallias! I hope they get to spend more time together soon!

  9. Like everyone else I had trouble stopping today, but points to me for self control. (even though I might pick it up again later)

    I miss Kallias today, I really hope we see more of him tomorrow. I think I’m missing him more than Alessandra. Lol.

    Trying hard not to judge Alessandra for getting into a drunken fight, but I’m sure she’ll spin it in her favour. I do feel bad for Leandros. I hope he doesn’t get blamed for the bruise she is bound to have. He is definitely a charming respite from missing out on Kallias.

    1. Yeah surely she’ll have a way to explain the bruising….

  10. Alessandra is sn awesome protagonist! I love how calculating she is. Just like Kestrel from Winner’s Curse.
    It’s interesting that Hektor’s death seems to play a larger role. Kallias is still a mystery to me. Is he interested in her or not? She just saved him twice and he’s like: thanks, leave me alone???
    I love the side characters. Leandros is lovely. And I bet the council guy is responsible for the old king’s death… his questions were kind of suspicious.

    1. Forgot to mention Myron… ugh, he’s such a pain in the ass. I really hope he’s over and out but I doubt it.

    2. I feel like he’s distanced himself for so long that he’s struggling to let someone in now!

  11. Oh my god i love it! It was so hart to stop reading atthis point. So much is happening! She finally managed to get rid of Myron! I really don’t like him.
    There is not much going on with Kallian in this chapters and he’s not really convincing that they are courting. No wonder she wants to have some fun with Leandros. I really enjoyed the boxing.
    I hope the investigation regarding Hector are not ruining everything. Her father and sister ar not really helpful.

    1. I know I don’t blame her! Kallias has left her on her own a lot!

  12. Hmm I found today’s chapters a little slow. Alessandra and Kallias’s interactions were my favorite parts of the first reading section and they were very lacking in these chapters. I did love the last chapter though! I think if Alessandra hadn’t drunk so much she would have had a much better shot at taking out The Viper. Her mind is so sharp, we stan a smart slytherin queen!

    1. We do stan a smart slytherin queen!! Her intelligence is something else!

  13. Sooo there’s definitely something related to touch among Kallias’ secrets. Maybe his touch is poisonous? Or the shadows will kill/hurt whoever is too close? Can’t wait to find out!

    Myron is hateful! But I love how Alessandra managed to get rid of him with her cleverness, rather than with force, and the trap set for Orrin is also brilliant.
    I can’t help but to love the trio made of Leandros, Petros and Rhouben; their friendship seems so sincere, and the banter among them is so funny!

    I’m really loving this book so far, I’m cheering for Alessandra (*girl power vibes*) and I can’t wait for the love story to develop: so far Kallias himself has been pretty marginal, so I suppose the juicy parts will come soon ?

    1. Ooo thats a really good theory!
      I’m so happy to hear your enjoying the book!

  14. I really just love how easy this book is to read, it’s fast-paced, action packed and really fluid in its simplistic writing style.
    The characters are honestly (no matter who you are referring to) horrible, terrible people but I adore them for it in their fictional context.
    I really want to know who the Robin Hood type character is (leaning towards Orrin) especially after having read tomorrows chapters. (Whoops)
    So glad this is a stand alone, really looking forward to seeing how it ends.

    1. Ahaha the horrible terrible people comment really made me laugh! its so true!

  15. It was hard for me to stop too hehe

    Ooooh I love Alessandra so much she is such a brilliant character. From her gorgeous fashion ideas (pleasee let me have those dresses) to getting rid of Mayron that really was brilliant ( but now it has me wishing all of the other plans work out)

    I hope that the whole Hector situation does not bite her in the ass ( but I think it will ) especially as her stupid jealous sister said all those things what a bitch

    But what is most frustrating is the Kallias situation poor boy I think he is scared to get close to her because he fears that he will lose her to like he lost all of the other people he really loved. I miss their scenes together

    oh Alessandra your really should not drink that much look what happend you got knocked down

    1. Yeah i definitely feel like he is scared to get close to anyone really!

  16. Im hoping Kallias will find out soon and she will finally convince him to meet up with her some more. I think this bit about Alessandra going out with Leandros is my fabourite bit so far. I still think Alessandra is pretty intense but I am also rooting for her. Which is kind of scary since she plans on killing Kallias and I do like him… this is such a strange book and I love it! I hope no one finds out about Hektor. And I hope her sister will leave her alone. Pfffff I do not like how she treats Alessandra. And I am kind of glad Alessandra has gotten rid of her father, he was not really helpful. And Myron ? he can just go away forever please

    1. Yesss I loved seeing her let her hair down a bit! Can’t help but root for her, even with her murder plans!

  17. I really enjoyed todays chapters and it was truly hard to stop (that was a mean point to stop)

    I really missed Kallias in these chapters though.

    I liked her scheming of how to get rid of Myron, honestly if he didn’t before, now he deserved that. Her sister is awful and either evil or stupid, although I wouldn’t believe her to be that stupid….

    I really liked the last scene, it made her more human for me, I mean almost everyone does something extremely stupid when drunk, so

    I really love reading everyones guesses so far and I can’t wait to read the next chapters

    1. Yeah I can’t tell if her sister is jealous of her now so actively planned to get her back or she just doesn’t think things through!

  18. Oh I hate that her father has no faith in her at all. He’s not even there he has no idea what’s really going on!! Very suspicious of the council though I’m not sure on them yet. I love all of Alessandras plotting and scheming though and looking forward to reading the plan she has in place

    1. Yesss I do not trust the council!

  19. This time we learn more about different characters, especially Alessandra.

    First her family circumstances are made even clearer. Her father always favours her sister, this was made clear from the beginning. However he does not even have faith in her, is really terrible. If even your own parents do not have faith in you, who has?
    No wonder she deals with everything in her life “alone and with the utmost thoroughness” I think this explains a lot about her behavior and thoughts.
    However we also clearly get to see her intelligent side. She is not only a very good observer, but also quite intelligent, which makes it easy for her to use the people around her. I love intelligent protagonists! There is only one person she cannot get to do what she wants and that is Kallias. I think the reason for this can be, that Kallias is a bit similar to her. He also wants to everything on his own, like for example political things, for which he still has to rely on the council’s vote, or finding the murderer of his family. Like Alessandra who always had to do everything on her own without her family and who likes to be in control over everything, Kallias is the same.
    I also think it is quite clear that there is something behind those shadows. They seem to be the reason no one is allowed to touch Kallias. Maybe they hurt the people who touch him or something else happens. I am sure Alessandra will find that out soon, I think she cannot refrain from touching him.

    The next people we get to know better are Leandros, Petros and Rhouben. And I think they are really cute. They are so close friends it is really nice reading their talk, I wonder how Kallias was before he put distance between them.
    Leandros is like the typical royality in many fantasy books I have read. The boy who sneaks out from palace to have fun or plays pranks inside the palace. I hope we see a bit more about his friendship with Kallias.
    I am not a fan of boxing and at first I did not like that part. I think Leandros and Alessandra saved it a bit, because their teasing was really cute.
    I like Leandros, I hope he has nothing to do with the murder. He seems so honest about his friends and especially Kallias. He is still waiting for him to return to his side. I hope they can reunite one day.

    I think there must be a reason why Hektors family is searching for their son now. But for now we do not know anything. For now it seems a bit random.
    Maybe he has something to do with the brother of Kallias, who no one seems to know about. Maybe Hektor was Kallias hidden brother. After all both were killed. Just kidding. This would not make any sense.
    But I still think that there is more behind Hektor. Who exactly was he?

    For your question:
    I just hope no one sees much of Alessandras bruises after the fight. I do not think the others would be happy about that trip.
    Kallias would either be angry (and maybe a bit jealous, although I am not sure if that was just Alessandras wish) with Leandros for letting her be hurt. Or he would secretly think it is funny, remembering all the times he snuck out with Leandros.
    I wonder how Kallias sees his old friends.

    All in all I am really looking forward what will happen. Will Alessandra succeed with her plan of “helping” Rhouben? Cannot wait to continue.
    Happy reading everybody!

    1. You have some really good points there! Yeah I’m intrigued as to how Kallias will react!

  20. Love reading the different theories 😀

    I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of Myron potentially… so gonna be keeping an eye on how that might go!

    I do want to see more of Kallias though, and want more of the relationship between him and Alessandra to develop! So far we haven’t had nearly enough!

  21. I am super duper suspicious of Eliades right now, no lie. (I’m on chapter 17 but no spoilers past where the reading was for this section, promise.)

    I sorta think he might be the bandit dude… the fact that he’s out of the castle during this time and so forth and all of his ridiculous comments about how much money he has and how much more money other people need. It does seem absolutely absurd that he would write that letter to Alessandra, so maybe I’m way off or he’s a terrible judge of character and honestly thinks her taken with this… but I definitely find his timing and his overt charitableness suspicious.

    MYRON IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST. UGH. The worst part is– I feel like we all actually know that guy. The one who will threaten to leak info if you do something wrong or holds something over your head. I’ve certainly mistaken a few for decent humans in my life and it makes him the worst sort of guy. UGHHHH. But not gonna lie, her scheme has made me SO happy. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in terms of how the multiple schemes interconnect (because those are always my favourite moments).

    I’m a little hesitant to trust Leandros because it seems like he makes some super hasty decisions and while I really want to dig this fun loving happy guy who misses his friend and is a little salty over it, he sorta reminds me of Myron in a way…. like he’s setting her up. Maybe I’m just too suspicious post-Myron XD.

  22. Just finished part two, and I’m laughing and grinning so hard! Alessandra is the best! She’s so smart. Her plan to get rid of Myros and the free Rhouben from his betrothed. This is perfect. And now the fist fight in the very end of the last chapter. ?

    I must admit though that I currently like Leandros better than the Shadow King. He’s easy going and so much fun! At first I thought he’d be a perfect plan B, but now I’m actually thinking that if Kallias won’t give her a little more attention Alessandra would be better off with Leandros. ??

  23. I’m running a bit behind with the readalong, but got to chapter 14 last night. I love her scheming! My favourite parts so far, have been the descriptions of her clothing and her plot to get rid of both Myron and Orrin. I’m looking forward to seeing more interactions between Alessandra and Kallias and if she’ll be able to sleep it off before she next sees him!

  24. I’m enjoying this so much and finding it hard to stop, I just want to know more. Why does the king not let anyone touch him. Who is the bandit? There is just so much I need to know!

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