The Temptation of Magic Readalong: Day 1!


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Hello fairy friends!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our readalong of The Temptation of Magic by Megan Scott. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we get into the book, how are we all doing today? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of incredible books and good vibes!

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 9. It’s time to get comfy and cosy with our book and get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Temptation of Magic by Megan Scott from the beginning to Chapter 9. Please only read on if you have finished this section!

That opening line! 😍 I’m already a fan of Nicole, we love a vicious main character!

Straight off the bat we learn that she is an immortal of some kind, crafted from the stars by the Goddess of Death. She is one of the most powerful supernatural predators in the world – an Empyreal. I am SO intrigued.

The Wake, an organization protecting the world with Empyreals, sent one to kill Nicole’s mother for the secrets she held about them right in front of her. What could she have known that led to her death?

Nicole is doing her undergraduate Art History dissertation on a painting that she believes has the last message from her mother hidden inside.

We learn that humans know nothing of the world of supernaturals, nor their existence, but can be drawn to them or feel something almost ‘other’ about them.

Nicole’s best friend Remedy is a siren who is also hiding from the Wake and they can empathise with one another’s struggles.

Does anyone else want to live at Estwood? It sounds so atmospheric and dreamy! The over all Cornish coastal town vibes have me obsessed, and the description of ancient teahouses, galleries, crystal shops and bookshops?! Yeah, I’ll take a first class ticket there please. 😍

Nicole has some Seer abilities – something unheard of when it comes to Empyreals…

“The temptation of magic was too strong to ignore.” Oh how I love when the books title appears in the actual book.

In chapter two we finally get to meet, and read from Kyan’s POV. Let’s just say, he made a very good first impression with his ‘tall and muscled form’… I’m kidding! Maybe?…

Kyan is in a forest hunting the Fae responsible for killing three humans, revealing more about how Empyreals function. Each time he uses his Empyreal ability, he transforms into the natural predator of his target. He finds the Fae holding a girl captive and transforms into a Fae to successfully hunt his prey and drain its life force.

We learn that Kyan’s Empyreal abilities were awakened by a tragic loss years ago, leading him to become a hunter for The Wake on a quest for vengeance.

Okay so anyone else kinda want to live in Westmoore’s manor? It sounds dreamy! 😍

At the manor, Nicole recalls how Westmoore denied her access for years, claiming it “wasn’t the right time” and that Nicole’s mother wanted the final clue revealed later. Now, she might finally uncover it.

She enters the manor’s gallery and realises the paintings form a timeline of Empyrean history. Westmoore explains that The Wake guards Supernatural history, using art as propaganda and committing atrocities to maintain control. She also reveals that Nicole’s mother knew the truth would eventually need to be exposed.

Her mother had hidden a secret so ancient and far-reaching it threatens The Wake—a Supernatural art conspiracy maintained for centuries, with The Wake killing anyone who knows the truth.

While looking at the Dante and Virgil painting, Nicole suddenly has a vision of a warrior who can see her. Could she be connected to him somehow? Westmoore touches her temples to share the vision but then has one of her own, showing someone attempting to rescue paintings from a burning house before she pulls away. Who do you think this vision is about?

Kyan’s next mission is in Eastwood, Cornwall, to hunt a Spectre named Michael Lynch and secure a Supernatural painting. Things are about to get interesting!

Nicole’s sister Bells, a Seer, recently had a dark vision of burning paintings and their owners being killed. Could this be related to Westmoore’s vision from the previous evening?

At the museum, Nicole learns that the Wild Hunt and the entire Westmoore collection are unavailable due to her nephew’s decision. She then discovers Westmoore is dead.

Suddenly, she senses another supernatural creature. Listening through a door, she hears it ask the curator about the collection and who has access, and the curator mentions Nicole. Uh oh, this can’t be good! She follows them into an alley, where she suddenly crashes into the warrior from her vision.

When the creature appears in the alley, he manoeuvres Nicole against the wall, out of sight. Realising she is the Nicole Lynch is searching for, he reveals he is Westmoore’s “nephew.” He invites her to the manor to talk.

Upon arriving at Westmoore Manor, Nicole asserts her intention to come as she pleases to complete her research. Kyan then reveals that the Dante painting is missing, taken by the Spectre.

“He was handsome, but the kind that was rougher around the edges and a little more…deadly.”

Nicole, in an effort to conceal her true identity, tells Kyan she is a Seer. It’s unclear whether he truly believes her or is merely playing along. What do you think?

Kyan agrees to take Nicole to the Spectre’s lodgings to search for the painting or clues. Nicole insists on ensuring no harm comes to anyone and that her family remains safe. Even-though we don’t know much about Kyan’s background, I suspect when it comes to protecting their loved ones they have a lot in common with one another.

Nicole and her family theorise that Westmoore foresaw an assassination attempt and took the herbal poison to prevent anyone else from accessing her knowledge.

After discussing, they conclude the mysterious creature is a Spectre capable of forming short-term psychic connections through its bite. They suspect Westmoore took her own life to evade it. Originally sent by The Wake, its failed mission prompts it to steal the painting as leverage. Do you agree with this theory or think that might be more at play?

Anyone else think Bell’s knows way more than she is letting on regarding Kyan and Nicole? Ending today’s chapters on “He might.” seems very ominous…

Well, that was quite the start! So much drama and lots of interesting bits of information! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s reading!

What are your thoughts so far?

Do you have any theories on why the Spectre took the painting, and that one in particular?

What do you think of Kyan?

And lastly, are you loving the atmospheric and coastal vibes as much as I am? 😍

See you tomorrow for another day of reading!





  • Tasha

    What are your thoughts so far? – I’m really enjoying this one so far – potential 5 star read!

    Do you have any theories on why the Spectre took the painting, and that one in particular? – none at the moment but I do think he took that one for a reason and that’s the one Kyan is tasked with – perhaps a hidden vision or meaning like the other?

    What do you think of Kyan? – I can’t wait to learn more about him, I’m curious as to his age. He seems protective but loyal to his job – I don’t think he will take it well if the wake is proven to be evil.

    And lastly, are you loving the atmospheric and coastal vibes as much as I am? – yes I love this setting – I’m picturing someplace like Edinburgh or York with the old timey feel and historic buildings but by a rugged coastline 😅

    • Jodie

      Yay! We are so happy to hear that. 💜 Me too, I wonder what he will uncover and if it will change his allegiance to the Wake. I can’t wait to find out!

  • Adriana Casaburi

    I like that it seems an original story, the creators and the art thing are not that common and I love too when the title is on the book!
    It quite obviously that that is a special painting and right now it seems the spectre is working from the Wake, but it is to obviously. Maybe the spectre is her mother after the metamorphosis that let her cheat death, that my very wild theory!
    Kyan has for sure my attention, we will see!
    I love the coastal English vibes, it reminds me of I wonderfull trip i made!

    • Jodie

      Me too, it’s like a little surprise when the title appears! Oooo that is a an interesting theory!! 💜

  • Rachel

    It’s taken me a while to get in to it but I’m starting to get interested by the end of today’s chapters.
    I have no theories so far about the spectre, i’m clueless🤣
    I like the sound of Kyan, looking forward to seeing him and Nicole get closer😏
    Yes i do love the vibes! Especially the manor

    • Jodie

      Yesss! The atmospheric coastal vibes have me wanting to live in a Manor by the sea now! One can dream… 😍

  • ladymeg

    1) I absolutely love that Nicole has her family and friends as a solid network. So many books have the MC be either alone or the sole warrior/protector of the family.

    2) No idea at all yet LOL

    3) Centuries old. Powerful. Morally grey. What’s not to like?

    4) Those poor paintings in that humid ocean air haha.

    • Jodie

      Yesss, I am really loving the close nit relationship they have as a group! You had me at morally grey…👀

  • Lindsay Powell

    The vibes are so cool so far! I’m enjoying the multiple POV’s. I’m very interested in the Empyreal abilities.

    • Jodie

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying it so far! Me too, I am so intrigued. 👀

  • Andy Calladine

    Im enjoying myself so far, it doesnt feel like England to me, it seems grander, maybe I’ll just think of it as an alternative parallel.
    I imagine the Spectre was also instructed by his employer the Wake to take the painting or he could see something in it others couldn’t, – wasnt it said that the ‘varnish’ on supernatural paintings could be tailored to only be viewed by certain supernaturals?
    Kyan is very 2D atm, they call him a dog but he does just give ‘good boy’ vibes and follows commands, but he does have a very strong sense of protect those that need protecting and Nicole, Remy and their families need protecting.
    But will be protect them from his own masters/employers?

    The Wake governing members stay hidden which got me thinking, were Empyreals actually supposed to kill whatever is hiding behind the Wakes protections. Best way to survive/thrive would be to control whatever is supposed to kill you!

  • Ruby Williams

    What are your thoughts so far?

    Loving it! There’s so much within the story so far that I want to know. The mum’s history, the enemies to lovers vibe thats brewing, this underground supernatural world, the mystery behind finding out about the hidden message and the wake are they as villainous as we’re being led to believe?

    Do you have any theories on why the Spectre took the painting, and that one in particular?

    Did he though? We don’t actually know for sure that he took it. As it’s the painting that gave Nicole the vision and I’m wondering whether Westmoore did something with it before she left the house? Or her house keeping team that she dismissed?

    What do you think of Kyan?

    I’m hoping there’s a redemption arc for his character. His intentions so far seem to be in the right place but will he see what kind of organisation the Wake really are. Is he really as cold blooded as he’s being made out to be?

    And lastly, are you loving the atmospheric and coastal vibes as much as I am?

    The dark moody beach town vibes are great and I’ve never come across a dark academia that’s not based in a typical Cambridge/ Oxford style city.

  • Lisa Spanu (@lisashelves)

    1. What are your thoughts so far?
    I’m enjoying it, but want more. I still have a lot of questions about the world, the mystery and I’m hoping those will get clarification soon

    2. Do you have any theories on why the Spectre took the painting, and that one in particular?
    Not really, but there is something about that painting. It could be tied to what Nicole saw as she really looked at the painting the first time

    3. What do you think of Kyan?
    Brooding type haha. I feel like he really closed himself off after all these years of hunting and I’m hoping he will open up to Nicole

    4. And lastly, are you loving the atmospheric and coastal vibes as much as I am? 😍

  • Erica

    I am loving the atmosphere and the vibes this book is throwing out in the first 9 chapters!!

    Loving the characters and the magic system so far and can’t wait for more!

    No theories yet though.

    • Jodie

      Me too! I want to live inside this book… but maybe minus the deadly organisation and scary creatures? 👀

  • sparks2much

    I love the vibes just as much as you. Especially Kyan’s. It’s giving tall, hulking muscular broody man and I am here for it!!!! Plus the magic and fantastical elements. 👌🏼


    What are your thoughts so far?
    I think this book has promise to have a high star rating. I really like the premise of the art relating to the history and magic

    Do you have any theories on why the Spectre took the painting, and that one in particular?
    I think there is a magic attached to it that can give them more power or make their visions come true.

    What do you think of Kyan?
    I think he has some secrets but I think we will have a fun partnership.

    And lastly, are you loving the atmospheric and coastal vibes as much as I am?
    I like it but the art is the vibes I am really digging.

    • Jodie

      We’re so happy to hear that and hope you enjoy it! 🥰

  • Katie

    A manic week at work meant any chance I had of keeping up with the readalong quickly disappeared. I’m not giving up tho.

    I am enjoying the vibes a lot so far and I’ve actually started the audiobook too as I can listen while I work which is helping me get through more pages.

    I hope we get some slow building tension between Kyan and Nicole. I am finding it quite atmospheric so far and enjoy the art aspects.

  • holly

    Late to the part, but…
    1 – OMG! I am loving The Temptation of Magic. It looks like a 4-5 star rating in the making.

    2 – I’m not entirely certain the Spectre stole the painting. I’m leaning towards Westmoore hiding it somewhere only Nicole can discover. She did too much prep work after the vision and knew what the Wake would value most to leave it behind. As for the Spectre, it doesn’t feel like he works for the Wake. Is the Spectre someone Nicole knows?

    3-Kyan is so morally gray it hurts. I’m worried he’s going to find out that he’s been working for the very organisation that had his family murdered. He collects all those trinkets at his home in Liverpool. He says he’s not holding onto the past, but is he holding onto who he was before he became the Wake’s murderer-for-hire where he wasn’t killing constantly?

    4 – It’s nice to celebrate the English coastline. Megan Scott wrote the trek through the dunes so well – running on the firm beach sand, letting your hand rake through the marram grass as you wander about the sand dunes. Love it!

  • sam.manucy

    I’m a little late to the party, but I just finished this lovely book last night and I am frothing at the mouth! Hopefully I can still participate in the read-along.

    I was sucked in immediately into this story. I love the dual POV’s and how Nicole and Kyan see the world, and each other. I’m already swooning for Kyan’s brooding and Nicole is so protective of her family, and for good reason! Kyan is morally grey but also has a very strict rules of how the world works, and he can rely on his inner Empyreal, even if it draws him closer to Nicole.

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