To Best The Boys: Book Reviews

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I truly hope you guys enjoyed the Readalong for ‘To Best The Boys‘ by Mary Weber! We would love to hear your thoughts on the whole book and Readalong experience in a short review in the comments below! As you know we have started to include these in our FairyScoop! 

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3 thoughts on “To Best The Boys: Book Reviews

  1. So I loved the book, getting that out first! The main characters were excellent, I did feel there was a bit of flat characterisation with some of the secondary characters, the mean boys in the maze for example, I’ve already forgotten their names! I wish there was more focus on the labyrinth, but I did love the twist at the end regarding Vincent (no spoiler!) Overall, I think I need to reread, but I still think it’s a 5* read ?
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  2. To Best the Boys was an excellent book about a young lady who proves that girls are just as good as boys at anything they put their mind to!
    It was funny, fast-paced and really creepy in places. In short, it was a perfect book and I’m so glad to be able to add this signed copy to my bookshelves.

    The readalong really brings everyone together, and it’s eyeopening to read all the different opinions and theories as the story progresses. I love that sometimes the things you guys say can completely change my preconceptions about where the story is going. It’s the best book club ever!

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  3. Thank you to Thomas Nelson for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I also got a copy in the March Fairyloot box. I loved the premise of the book. A bit of magic and fantasy mixed with beating the boys. What more could a girl ask for?

    This was a really fun book. I loved the challenges. It had a real Hunger Games vibe but, you know, without the deaths. Rhen was such a good character. She was smart and way beyond the times she lived in. I hope that Rhen is a real inspiration to young audiences. She is so determined and outwitted the boys at every turn.

    The other characters I really loved was Sam, Seleni and Beryl. They were such good supporting characters to Rhen. She really has a good support system around her. I loved how different her and Seleni were yet they still respected each other’s life choices.

    Mary did an excellent job of describing Pinsbury port. Not only the location but also the class divides. It was quite shocking to me how Rhen’s mum was treated by her family because of her choice of husband. I was quite disappointed with them.

    One of my favourite scenes was the trip to the island. It was so clever! I won’t say any more than that though

    My only complaint was it was too short and I have so many more questions. Mary, please write a sequel!

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