Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving Violet Made of Thorns so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 12 to the end of Chapter 16, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen, from chapters 12 to 16. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Violet is informed to set aside some time this evening, Lady Raya will be visiting her tower. Interestingggg. More interesting though, is that Cyrus arrives at her tower. He tells her he plans to try and fall in love with Raya, but Violet remains a distraction, he won’t make her leave the country, but he wants her to leave the capital and have another seer brought in. Damn Cyrus, that’s brutal. 

He essentially threatens to tell his father of their kiss if she won’t leave. DRAMA.

She decides to summon a fate for help, the one who told her she’s worth more. Essentially all the fate tells her is that Cyrus must die and *drumroll* Raya brought the beasts that are plaguing the city.

Dante and Violet are working on a plan to uncover Raya’s intentions. Donned with a choker from a mysterious admirer (Cyrus maybe?) Violet heads to greet Raya now that she’s moved into the castle. Violet’s not happy with the progression of her and Dante’s plan, so she takes matters into her own hands and tracks down Raya at their next event, which is pretty easy since Cyrus hasn’t stopped staring at Violet the entire time and Raya is by his side, and offers a reading on the spot. She can’t tell if they’re future or past threads but either way, it’s not good. When she lets go, Cyrus can tell something is wrong and escorts Violet away under the premise that he forgot they were to have a meeting with the King. Convenient!

Cyrus suspects Raya is hiding something too but before they actually manage to discuss anything they’ve resorted to bickering, and then kissing, AGAIN, he’s tugging her to him by the choker that was sent by a mystery person… It has to be him right? Violet pushes him away and tells him to figure out what he wants so she can ‘ruin him properly’. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Lady Raya is about to perform a ‘feat of prophecy breaking’ today… what? She’s claiming she can cure the beasts. She brought the beasts in the first place though? Weird. She manages it though, but they don’t stay cured for long and when Violet tries to find Raya, she’s gone, she has run off. When Violet finds Raya, she tells her to look into her memories. The real Raya is dead, stabbed through the chest… Who on earth is THIS Raya then?

TREACHERY! SECRETS! LIES! ENEMIES TO LOVERS!!!! I’m thriving! Team Virus… wait no that’s not a great ship name… Cyrolet? Help I’m so bad at this!

Does anyone have any theories so far? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 4!


33 thoughts on “Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Why did we stop here!!!! I need to keep reading asap!
    I have feelings about Cyrus and Violet’s relationship, and not all of it is positive. But mostly it is annoyance at Violet. The beasts are an interesting development, especially if they can be turned back into human?? Even if it is temporary.
    I am entering the giveaway – my insta is @mirlyah

    1. Because I am ✨evil✨! Just kidding, the sections just worked out that way, fate truly is a cruel mistress! ?

  2. Every time she thinks about the looming deadline, it’s always in terms of if Cyrus dies, but never in terms of if she dies. Is it confidence that she’ll make it through no matter what, surviving at whatever the cost? Or is she fearing to acknowledge the consequences of what might happen.

    Okay so holy crap real Raya’s dead. I got a lotta questions about fake Raya. 1) If the king arranged her to show up and be Cyrus’s bride then why does he seem not to have any information on her? It’s like he pulled some rando off craigslist and now realizes it might have been a mistake. 2) How did she know she could “cure” the beasts and then still ends up super shocked when it turns out to be human?? (called it!) What did she think it was going to be?

    No matter the answers I get to those questions, I believe that she’s not the grand mastermind behind this. Nor the king. I think the strange voice that spoke to violet and tried to manipulate her is doing it to others. I can’t wait to figure out who/what that is and why. My guess so far is that the witch is the voice and that she’s the supposedly dead Queen Merchella.

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @giggenbach.reads

  3. At this point, I really thought that Raya was the most interesting character in the book. I didn’t really buy Cyrus and Violet together and was actually a little disappointed that Gina Chen started them down that path.

    I’m going to enter the giveaway and my insta handle is @riverwinde

  4. This book is a real rollercoaster! Love the mystery and speculation and different agendas. What I don’t love is the romance. It feels forced. I can’t feel the chemistry between Cyrus and Violet even the smallest bit. It would have felt more natural if she got together with Dante imo.

    But yeah, because the actual plot is so good, the romance doesn’t really drag my reading experience down, as it also isn’t the main part of the book. To be honest I would’ve liked the book better without the romance, but it doesn’t really anger me that much.

    Now the only thing on my mind is Raya. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED

  5. I’m definitely on the fence about Violet and Cyrus… not sure how I feel about their relationship.

    Otherwise I’m loving this book so far!!

    I joined the giveaway on Instagram @thenextquest

  6. I’m LOVING where this book is going! Also entering the giveaway – my handle is @yourlocalbookreader!

    1. So glad you’re loving it! ?

  7. I’m really loving how the pacing of story and the secrets, lies and scheming all going on right now. Especially the whole thing with the fake Raya and what happened to the real one. I’m also really loving the relationship between Cyrus and Violet and how it’s swapped the roles. With her being the snarky morally grey one and him the one with,,, well better morals? If that makes sense?

    I’m going to enter the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @Kratist0

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it ?

  8. I’ve entered the giveaway. My handle is stardancer2014

    I actually finished the book yesterday on my day off. =)

    I was actually rooting for Raya and Cyrus together. I don’t really like Violet and Cyrus together either, like one of the other comments above.

  9. Sooo I’m having mixed feelings about Violet and Cyrus’s relationship, particularly because princey is tarting to get annoying… However I love how Dante and Camila both tease the two clumsy idiots hehe
    But Raya is dead and it seems like maybe her servant or maid impersonates her to help put a stop to the evil witch who turned humans into beats ? Mmmmh the plot thickens !

    I inted to enter the giveaway and my instagram handle is @squirrel_reader

  10. TEAM VIRUS bahahah! xD

    This got way twistier than I expected and I love it. I thought it was going to be an evil witch impersonating Raya but it looks like maybe an evil witch is using Raya’s servant as a pawn? And what someone said in an earlier comment, how does Violet never consider saving Cyrus’s life? I mean, no one wants to sacrifice themselves but wow. She’s just…assuming she’s going to have to kill him. And does not seem super upset about it beyond worrying that someone else will find out. She *does* seem very close to becoming a villain.

    Although…it’s also cracking me up because the prophecy said Cyrus would die or she would burn and every time she gets near Cyrus and they start flirting, she starts thinking about how she’s *burning*…

    I’m @sonata_ix for the giveaway.

  11. I was supportive of Violet and Cyrus’s relationship happening but I’m not sure I like the execution. It’s a bit too much “I hate you but you’re hot so let’s make out,” which just isn’t believable for me. The cliffhanger was great though! I’m definitely reading on. Though I definitely had my suspicions that she wasn’t actually Raya.

    I’m going to enter the giveaway and my instagram is @nookofnatalie!

  12. I have entered! Handle: booksandlattesbvl. Thanks!

    I was noot expecting for Raya to be dead, like what!? And who’s this woman then? Also Violet’s dagger seems really cool.
    I have a crazy theory but I think that it’s the king who’s behind Raya being dead, this woman coming in and the beasts?

    1. Ohhh, that’s an interesting theory! ?

  13. I would like some more making out please. What a spot to end for the day. I suspect the king is behind everything somehow.

    I’ll be entering the competition – and my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

  14. I entered, handle: Viciouscallisto

    I’m starting to dislike Violet and cyrus’s relationship. It’s kind of toxic and I’m getting more lust vibes than love.

    I really hope their relationship gets better though because so far with him threatening to banish her just because he can’t control himself around her? That ain’t it.

  15. so many Cyrus and Violet hatters I would still like them to be together but I 2 am getting annoyed that he keeps pushing her away I did like it when Violet said make up youre mind so I can ruin you properly yes Cyrus makeup youre mind already hehe

    uuu the dead Raya gives us soo many questions I mean why would her maid replace her what is the angle here this is gettig so interesting I bet its going to be sonething that will be bad for the kingdom

    Its such a good book with so many twists and turns. I just need Cyrus to get his feeling in check so I can get a proper relationship between them hehe

    My ship name for them would be Cylet

    1. P.S. I will enter my instagram is db.lovesbooks

  16. I loved reading this book! Im loving reading these posts too!!! I entered the giveaway, my insta is @elfs_bookshelf

  17. I got carried away and read throught the next reading spot. I’ll just comment on day 4.

    I don’t have instagram.

  18. Well things are definitely getting interesting! I don’t know where the story is going from here but I’m hoping we find more about the voice speaking to Violet. I definitely don’t trust it…

    I entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is @scribbles.and.stories ?

  19. I’ve entered the giveaway! My handle is @feedmefairytales

  20. So real Raya is dead and fake Raya is her servant? Lady in waiting? So I was right she is a pawn rather than the big bad villian. So who IS the villian? And what is their agenda? Is the person who killed Raya the voice that communicates with Violet?

  21. Forgot to say that I will be posting my readalong photo to my IG handle Jenthebookishbakernz in the next day or so

  22. Entered the giveaway. Ig: readersleafco

    Ok ok, so this book took a turn I WAS NOT expecting. So Violet needs to kill Cyrus and Raya is some imposter? It sounds like she was Raya’s handmaiden or something and that’s what all the fairies are hiding. I wonder if some witch cursed her with the faeries? She seems to want to get rid of them! I totally called it that Raya was the one who brought the beasts but I have no idea WHYYYYY. Also they are part human and it seems like a curse similar to the one in the woods but I have no clue what the motivation is. Going to get back to reading now!

  23. Omg! This book really is getting better and better! I’m more engaged than I ever was and canNOT stop here at 16 (good thing too as I’m catching up on the readalong!). The plot and mystery surrounding everything is riveting! To think that I wasn’t so engaged in the first five chapters – I’m so glad that I’m being unexpectedly surprised in the best way ever. I’m still a little eh about Violet and Cyrus, but much less so now, and would be totally fine shipping them, ahaha! I’ve posted my Fairy Loot box with this book and the hashtag , and my instagram handle is @badberrygirls ! 🙂

  24. Ok so I’m a little late to day three but nevertheless I’m loving the book! I knew something was up with Raya but I never could have imagined that she was just imitating her. I love Cyrus and Violet “together” and the love-hate thing is so good ?? I feel like Dante hinted that maybe Cyrus loves Violet and that’s why he took so long choosing a bride? Maybe Violet is even the saviour.

    I also entered on my Instagram @mybookishbeing

  25. I get whiplash from Violet and Cyrus ?

    Insta is @unprofessional_bookworm for giveaway!

  26. Wow! Okay what a twist! I didn’t see that coming. The real Raya is dead. Mmm… I’m starting to suspect that witch that killed Raya might be the same voice taunting Violet? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    By the way, I’ve entered the giveaway and my handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  27. I’m loving the mystery of this book, those twisted are interesting. Sometimes I want to hit Cyrus for being so mean to Violet, how he wants here to leave the Kingdom when she hasn’t done anything wrong and he is the one who can’t control himself. Overall, I’m interested to read what happens next.

    I entered the giveaway, my instagram is @_bookishlovers

  28. Cyrus’ and Violet’s relationship puzzles me. I can feel the tension between them and the underlying lust, however, I think something is missing from the picture to have me invested in them. Their bickering, though, is chef’s kiss. Cyrus threatening to reveal what’s going on between them to his father for her to leave the Sun Capital? Infuriating. I agree with Violet that he needs to make up his mind.

    I liked the twist the author did here. Instead of having Raya play the sinister part, it turns out the real Raya was murdered, and there’s someone else in her place, clearly in need of help.

    Team Virus somehow seems very appropriate for them, haha

    I’ve entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @enchanting_wisdom

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