Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 1

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Hi all!

Its day 1 of our “Wicked Fox” readalong! It’s really nice to see so many people who have participated before and to any of you who are joining for the first time, welcome! I really hope you enjoy this readalong!

I’ve heard really good things about Wicked Fox so I’m very excited to dive into it and see what happens with Miyoung and Jihoon!

We’re starting the readalong with chapters 1-13 inclusive so grab a cup of tea/coffee/your preferred reading beverage and lets get some reading done!

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Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-13 of Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We meet Miyoung on top of a building where she is looking for a man who killed a young girl. We learn that she kills men, who have committed terrible crimes, on the full moon as it allows her to consume their energy without having to rip them apart viciously.

Jihoon, we soon learn, is from a poor family and he doesn’t believe he has good prospects in life so doesn’t really care about school and is always late and talking back to teachers. He does what he wants and, for the most part, gets away with it by charming everyone!


Those woods don’t sound very welcoming at night…maybe he should listen to the shaman!

Of course when it’s pitch black the dog runs into the woods! But they’re not alone!

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Jihoon comes face to face with a strange creature but before he can figure out what it is, the creature has it’s arm around Jihoon’s back and is strangling him!

A girl (that I’m guessing is Miyoung) shows up and distracts the creature. She manages to fight it off and eventually kills him!

I couldn’t help but find it quite funny when she sat up and slammed into his forehead. They’re very different characters, Miyoung is very serious and guarded and Jihoon messes about a lot but pulls through when he has to!

That must be her fox bead! We already know that without it, she’ll die but does she need to just have it on her person or does it need to be back inside her? Either way, she got it back from Jihoon very fast!

Then she’s gone.

So happy Dubu is still alive and okay, if a little shaken!

Oooo yeah she seems quite worried that he picked up her bead…must mean something!

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Ah that will be why! If someone gets her bead they have complete control over her!


Do we think her new school will be the same as Jihoon’s? That would definitely make things interesting since he knows what she really is!

I love his Halmeoni! She’s so sassy!

And there she is, the new girl! Jihoon is definitely going to have some questions for her! I love that he’s basically accepted she’s a gumiho and is now just really curious about her!

I love these bits in between the story that tells you bits about the mythology! Couldn’t help but laugh that the boy tripped after stealing the stone and is the reason we only know things of the earth, how very human!


I would not want to face Miyoung’s mum! She seems very strict and quite scary!

Junu is so cocky but I love him already! I hope he plays a bigger part but do you think he sold a talisman to that dokkaebi?


After hearing his whole story, I feel so bad for Jihoon! He’s not had an easy childhood and it explains why he acts the way he does. His Halmeoni has definitely been a good influence on him and cares about him a lot but having his mother leave and then knowing that she’s so close but her new family know nothing about him must be hard!


Is anyone else really craving Korean food after all this food talk because I definitely am!

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“Aren’t you supposed to look more…foxy” I died at this!! Their dynamic so far just seems to be Jihoon saying exactly what he’s thinking and then Miyoung threatening him for it with violence and I love it!

She’s really struggling with her hunger now that she doesn’t have her bead! Do we think she’ll accidentally hurt someone?


The bullies tormenting her has pushed her over the edge and now she’s smashed a window! She’s definitely not coping well and now the police are after them! I kind of love that Miyoung is a supernatural creature but as she’s part human she’s struggling with human things too, like school!


And that’s it for day 1! Wow we learned a lot of information today and so much has happened already! What do you think is going to happen now? Do you think Jihoon will take the fall for the window and what is Miyoung going to do about her bead?

I’ll see you tomorrow to find out!


21 thoughts on “Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 1

  1. Hi fairylooters ?

    How cool is it, that this story takes place in Seoul?
    My best friend is korean, so the terminology makes feel as if I am hanging out at her apartment.

    The mytology and fantasy of this book are fantastic and I really enjoy the writing so far.

    Great start to this readalong for me. Hope everyone else enjoyes it as well!

    1. I love learning about all the Mythology! I would love to go on a trip to Seoul at some point!

      1. I have been. It’s so wonderful!

  2. I was so excited when I saw that this book was in last months fairyloot. I was worried if I can participate in the readalong as the delivery took so long. Luckily I’ve got the box last Friday and I can read it wit you all.

    I’m very much taken by the Gumiho theme and that it takes place in Seoul. I’m currently learning Korean (started in 2011) and I’ve been to Seoul five times already.

    I like how the characters are so oposite and despite that match really well. It’s fun reading about them. The book started of really good for me. I barely want to put it down (though… I have to because of exams). Can’t wait to see what’ll happen next~

    1. Oooo thats so exciting that you are learning Korean! I would looove to go to Seoul at some point!

  3. I have a confession… I couldn’t stop reading! I am head over heels and am learning so much about Korean culture and mythology.
    Me and my boyfriend are both British but we (and by we I mean he, I often get shouted at for ‘helping’ so try to stick to the eating part) cook Korean food regularly, so it’s wonderful to learn so much from this book.

    1. It definitely isn’t a book I want to put down so I don’t blame you! I really need to try some more Korean food cos it sounds amazing!!

  4. I’m really enjoying this book because learning about Korean mythology and their culture overall is really interesting! I also love that the book has the Glossary in the back ?

    I like both of the main characters a lot and enjoy their interactions ?? I love how easygoing Jihoon is?

    Junu kind of reminded me of Magnus Bane from TMI ? I hope we get to see more of him and I also hope he’s one of the good ones ?

    I think Jihoon will try to take the blame for the window, and he will end up helping Miyoung with the whole bead situation ? And let’s hope Yena doesn’t find out… ?

    1. Yes!!! Junu reminded me of Magnus Bane too. I had the picture of him in my head while reading.

    2. I definitely got major Magnus vibes from Junu!

    3. I didn’t realise it has a glossary – this is so good! Thank you for pointing that out!!!

  5. I like the shaman Nara. I can imagine her falling into her books and not come out for hours 😉
    The quote: beauty was the best camouflage for a monster.

    I don’t like looking up korean words. But maybe my brain will memorize them soon.

    I think the ritual Nara wants to perform is not working without Jihoon. They need him.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapers.

    1. Oooo yeah, they might need Jihoon’s help! I’m sure we’ll all start to pick up what some of the Korean words mean soon which is quite cool!

  6. I kinda hope that the window make her understand more about that she can trust some people but damn those bullies take me back to my childhood. It’s always the same shit everywhere.

    1. Yeah it would be great if she see’s through this that people are willing to help her and she could open up a bit!

  7. I’ve been struggling so much with the Korean words, and figuring out what they mean – I’m so glad I now know that there’s a glossary in the back!! This is going to be so much easier now.

    Other than that, I’m loving this book. Lots of detail about the culture, and THE FOOD!!!

    Miyoung and Jihoon have so much in common about their parents – neither of them growing up with a father, both of their mother’s being just AWFUL. The chapter with Jihoon and his mother was horrendous, I felt so bad for him, seeing his mother with her new child, and denying Jihoon to eomeonim. I’m so glad he’s got his Halmeoni – she sounds like one feisty woman!

    I wonder how Miyoung will react to Jihoon taking the rap for the window (I’m assuming that’s what he’s doing by telling her to run away!) I don’t think she’ll know what to do with the situation, having never experienced anything like it before – actual friendship! Looking forward to the next lot of chapters.

  8. I really like that the two main characters come from very different walks of life but they have so much in common with each other.

  9. I got a late start to this read along but so far it’s good. Jihoon’s story with his mom broke my heart. I’m glad he has his grandmother in his life.

  10. I’m another late starter but I’m liking the first 13 chapters. I listened to most of it on audiobook as I was driving three hours but now I’m back to reading my Fairyloot copy. I’m really liking how the two main characters have been brought together and wow, Miyoung and Jihoon’s mothers are both horrible people. Jihoon talking about his mum being affectionate of his half-brother when he never remembered her doing that for him was heart-breaking – poor guy!

    I’m interested to see how they’re going to fix the fox bead situation and whether Miyoung’s hunger would get out of control.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything with Korean mythology before and I am enjoying that it is a fantasy in an urban setting. I love how opposite Jihoon and Miyoung are and I am enjoying their banter. They do both have pretty terrible mothers. I love Jihoon’s grandmother and I really like Jihoon’s friends. I don’t entirely trust Nara.

  12. I absolutely loved the general aesthetic and feeling going into this book and I feel like I got a real sense of the characters right away! Jihoon’s Halmeoni is absolutely the freaking best. I’m getting some Twilight-ish vibes from the get-go for sure in terms of their initial interactions in school and her trying to convince him to stay away from her.

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