Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 4

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Welcome back to the readalong for Wicked Fox! Its day 4!

As you might know,  every time a readalong takes place we host a bit of a hush-hush competition, to give really good chances for those participating to win! it’s really easy to enter and you can win your next box for free! After all, reading together should be rewarded 🙂

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As always, let the odds be ever in your favour! The winner is selected entirely randomly so everybody has a good shot at it!

Today we’re reading chapters 40-52. Shall we see how things are getting on with Miyoung and Jihoon?

Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-52 of Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Miyoung is not doing well after deciding not to feed. She keeps getting weaker but her human side is slowing down whatever is happening to her! I understand where Miyoung is coming from as she doesn’t want to feed and become a monster but then if she doesn’t feed she’ll die.

Miyoung and Jihoon shared a dream and Miyoung now knows that Halmeoni is still alive but sick! With this knowledge, she can’t stay away from Jihoon and convinces Junu to go back to Seoul with her! I knew it wouldn’t be long until she went back to help, there was no way she was just going to leave them!

I’m glad Junu is going with her! I can’t help but love sarcastic, cocky characters!

Image result for cocky gif


Ahh Jihoon and Junu meet at last! Jihoon definitely won’t like his overconfident personality and they will definitely clash! I just need Miyoung to go to him now! It would be so much easier if she just spoke to him instead of sneaking in to see Halmeoni! Things would get done so much faster if they worked together!


Nara is with Jihoon?? What is she doing there?

Or she wasn’t with him, she was following him to warn him that Miyoung is back!

Nara warns Miyoung that her Halmeoni still has plans to avenge her family And reminds Miyoung that it’s the full moon! How will it effect her this month? Or will it effect Jihoon now that he has her bead? Why is Nara now helping Miyoung by warning her? She basically just tried to kill her!

Jihoon is sitting on the swings in a playpark when Miyoung finds him. This was Miyoung’s chance to tell him what had happened and that she was trying to fix it and then the could’ve worked together but she’s worried that he won’t forgive her if he knows that it was her that took all of Halmeoni’s gi so she just leaves him instead 🙁


Image result for this is sad gif


Finally she’s seen sense and is asking him for help! They’re definitely so much more capable as a team!

I probably shouldn’t love Junu and his sneaky ways as much as I do but he’s so charming its hard not to love him! Seems like Changwan does as well!

Jihoon has agreed to work together and I’m so glad!! But Miyoung only has one month until she may die! Do you think they’ll manage to save Halmeoni and get her bead back or will they have to figure something else out?


And thats us for day 4! Today was a rollercoaster and I wanted to shake both Miyoung and Jihoon multiple times to get them to understand each other!

Now that they’re working together, do you think they’re going to save Halmeoni or is it too late? What about Miyoungs bead, will Jihoon figure it out and control her? He wouldn’t, would he?


See you tomorrow!



22 thoughts on “Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 4

  1. Even if a little less has happend (compare to the action from yesterdays chapters) I still loved every minute of reading.
    Junu and Jihoon finally meet and Nara is back? Already excited for the next chapters
    Really enjoying the pacing of this story.

    My insta is @ellas_world_of_books

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the book! I’m so excited to see what happens next!

  2. I’m really enjoying Wicked Fox so far and can’t wait to keep reading! My Instagram is @emily.the.book.fairy ?

  3. I love Junu. I definitely like snarky characters as well. I find it interesting that Nara wanted to warn Jihoon. I would think she wouldn’t care so much.

    My instagram is @love2dazzle

    1. Snarky characters are the best! Yeah, I’m so curious about Nara! Really don’t know what to think about her!

  4. I am really enjoying this readalong. I’ve always been fascinated with mythology and I love how the tales are inserted in the story.
    I posted my photo. My handle is @dhyani.goddess_of_fire

    1. The mythology stories are so interesting! Really glad you are enjoying it!

  5. I’m loving finding out about Yena’s history in the little snippets between chapters. Despite her faults, she clearly loves Miyoung very much, otherwise I cant imagine she would spend so much time, effort and money on trying to help her.

    I’m so happy that Miyoung has returned to try to help Jihoon. And that run in with Nara – I cant help but think maybe Nara regrets what she’s done, and maybe she’ll be the one to help Miyoung, Jihoon and Halmeoni…?

    My instagram is @tinasparkle04

    1. I was thinking the same about Nara! I hope she wants to help now!

  6. I’m loving this book! I really like how the characters are written and the complex dynamics between everyone. The mythology aspect is quite interesting as well! I’m a sucker for anything fox related!!???

    My Instagram is @wearyhobo_

  7. I will soon post the picture at chronically_bookish but not today because still wide eyed recovering from eye tests haha. I think Halmeoni will die, and I don’t think he will use the beaddeliberately but he is kinda using it accidently.

  8. I loved this book! Honestly I’m not sure what to discuss because I finished the book and don’t remember where the chapter for day 4 leaves off? Don’t want to spoil anything…

    I’ll be entering on IG @e.herondale

  9. I entered the IG challenge – handle: @charlottes_books1

  10. I love this book and this readalong! Books with or about mythology or fairytales are always the best ?
    I love that Jihoon agreed working together!
    My Instagram is @lese.kaetzchen

  11. I’m participating @michellerae6

  12. I have posted my readalong challenge photo to IG under my Jenthebookishbakernz handle.

  13. Just posted my pic for the challenge um my insta: @shadow_frozen
    Been loving this readalong, this book is amazing. Thank you Fairyloot team!

    1. @eldritchfae is my Instagram handle. Really enjoyed this readalong and book!

  14. I still have approximately 0% trust/faith in Nara, no matter how many warnings she gives! Her betrayal was so planned and so ice cold that I don’t think I can ever trust her again as a character. Junu’s sass is EVERYTHING AND I AM LIVING FOR IT. I didn’t realise that the book really needed some comic relief until he popped up at just the right time!

    My username is @madamepincers

  15. I’m absolutely loving this book (even if I am slightly behind in the read-a-long!). I love the setting and the mythology.
    I entered the instagram contest under @beeziebda

  16. Gaaaaarrrrrr so much tension and still so bleak. Glad they are finally talking/ trying to work together. Weirdly I trust Nara more now than I did in the first half of the book. She seems more conflicted than anything else

  17. Finally caught up on the read along! My handle is @dqnelson

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