Woven In Moonlight Readalong: Day 2

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Hello again Friends!

Its day 2 of our Readalong of Woven in Moonlight! We’re already off to a nail biting start and I’m eager to find out how Ximena is going to get out of this awful situation! Will she be able to save Ana and what is up with this Rumi guy? I’m excited to find out what will happen in today’s chapters!

Let’s pick it back up at page 67 and read up to page 143!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez up to page 143! Read only if you’ve gotten to this point!


After spending her first night in the Castilo Ximena wakes up to find Rumi in her room, can you please knock Sir? Great, now she has to be in a parade to celebrate her engagement to that awful King! Not the best news to wake up to! What do we think of the guard Juan Carlos? He seems nice, maybe too nice?

Oh oh, making her way through the parade she sees a platform with prisoners- it’s Ana and the other Illustrians! Of course he tricked her, boy do I hate this guy! Did anyone see this coming? If we lose Ana, all the Illustrians back at the keep will be at risk of attack!

But wait….

Its El lobo the vigilante! I was wondering when this guy would show up! But it’s not enough, Atoc’s earthquake causes a rift in the ground and he pushes Ana in!

This is so sad, Ana practically raised Ximena and what does this mean for the Illustrians? Her second day in enemy territory ends with another friend’s death and in much worse surroundings. And I was hoping things we’re going to get better for her! Maybe a little naive of me huh?

Oh Rumi wants to attend to her wounded wrists, hmm? Interesting…

Side note: the food is making me hungry and I love the glossary at the back! Anybody else salivating as they read? No just me?

I love how she’s able to persuade Rumi to bring her a loom, there’s so much tension between these two and even though he is supposed to hate her, he still shows her kindness! I like how he’s challenging her beliefs and her prejudice towards his people too. Rumi is quick to remind her that her people were once the invaders and that maybe they aren’t so different after all. But do we really believe she’s going to read that book?

Wait…she sees the tapestry move?! A  bee she wove into the tapestry moved? oooooh things are getting more intriguing …

Okay so Rumi’s questions about the dress she was given to wear has me suspecting it belongs to the Princesa. But what’s with his weird questions when he sees her tapestry, he does notice the glow from the moonlight. Should we be concerned about him noticing that?

Why is Rumi pushing so much for her to gift the tapestry to the King, perhaps it is so he can get back into Atoc’s good graces? I almost feel bad for the guy with Ximena calling him “a lovesick child desperate for a scrap of attention.”

I like the touch about the Illari who fled to the jungle and made a city entirely out of gold! I hope this will play into the story somewhere.

Oh wow so apparently the person who is to be sacrificed at Carnaval a.k.a. their wedding day is none other than the King’s sister, the missing Princesa Tamaya! This really surprises me but i seriously doubt she’s a willing participant.

Thank heavens that tapestry is going to make it out of the Castillo! Of course the King believes he deserves a gift from her…

Hmmm perhaps Ximena needs to be more careful of her actions in the future as her behaviour is seen as insulting. Weaving is a Llacsan skill after all and it’s funny how Ximena thinks of her Llacsan nanny fondly but hates every other Llacsan? Okay girl, sure.

Oh wow, not only is it the Princesa’s dress she’s wearing but Rumi might be in love with Tamaya, who is his cousin!? Okay they’re not related by blood but this still threw me! Thoughts friends? It’s nice to also have some clarification as to why Rumi acts the way he does around Atoc, he’s just trying to secure his place at court and once again I kinda feel bad for the guy!

Hold on they are planning on strangling the Princesa?! And that’s meant to be an honour? This book is dark in places, huh?

Rumi is so hot and cold with her, going from all snark to sweet and back again, this dude is clearly conflicted. He has her questioning everything she thought she knew about the Llacsans and herself once more. It looks like the Illustrian queen may not have been the fair ruler Ximena thought she was. Would Catalina make a better one?

Being called out for not reading the book Rumi left for her-relatable. It seems she cares more about Rumi’s opinion of her than she originally thought!

I find it interesting that The Princesa is treated like a goddess by the Llacsans. What do we think everyone, is that why she’s been chosen as the sacrifice? Because she may be loved more than the King?

I swear these two are too cute having dinner together? And Rumi makes a joke about kissing! There’s definitely something there…

Oh and the priest’s minions are following her now, but why? With only the east wing of the Castillo left to explore, Ximena needs to find an excuse to explore and seek out the Estella! So mission slightly achieved as she now has a disguise! She will be exploring the east wing again at night, I wonder what secrets she’ll find!

What are your thoughts on today’s pages? Are you as intrigued as I am to continue? There’s been some very shocking moments (R.I.P Ana) and there’s so many mysteries left to unweave- weave-see what I did there?

Speaking of-did the tapestry actually move? Also what’s going on with the Princesa who we still haven’t set eyes on? I’m also hoping we will meet the infamous El Lobo soon!

Anyone else had to restrain themselves from continuing?

Let me know all your thoughts and theories so far!

See you tomorrow,


53 thoughts on “Woven In Moonlight Readalong: Day 2

  1. these pages showed a lot more internal struggles particularly rumi and xemina. rumi from his capabilities as a healer and being loyal to the king, as well as his battle between seeing the sacrafice as an honour but also losing someone he clearly cares for or possibly loves. there’s more to this i’m sure!

    xemina’s struggles are from wanting to help her people but also being conflicted on getting a guard with a sick son in trouble. i hope there aren’t any repercussions for the guard but we’ve seen just how ruthless atoc can be with ana. i’m really not happy with the blood priest either, there is more to meet the eye with him and i think he’s working to his own agenda for sure.

    1. Yes! The internal struggles both these characters face is starting to be explored now and it’s very interesting to say the least 🙂 Oh and totally agree, the Priest definitely has some hidden motive here!

  2. I can’t wait to officially meet the Princesa! Her brother isn’t going to be a favorite of mine any time soon. Was it mentioned if he was wearing the Estrella bracelet during the parade? He had his earthquake-powers so, if he has lost the Estrella, is it possible they come from a different source?

    I also find myself wondering what role Ana’s son Miguel will play in the story, if any.

    P.S. The bee definitely moved. 😛

    1. I can’t wait to meet her too! oooh yes I had the same thought about the bracelet, perhaps it is a different source hmmm…
      Yes it did!! hahah 🙂

  3. I’m torn between who might be El Lobo. Juan Carlos feels like a possibility. He had disappeared just before El Lobo arrived but Rumi was also absent. But Rumi seems to worship Atoc but that could also be a way for him to cover his action as El Lobo. I want to know more about Juan Carlos though.

    1. I agree! But I wouldn’t run out Rumi just yet, maybe he is faking his adoration for the king in order to be a less suspectable El Lobo?

      I like Juan Carlos a lot too, I just love happy-go-lucky characters. I also suspect he and Rumi might be related or even partners is crime (what if both of them are El Lobo?)

      1. I noticed that basically I rewrote what you said ? sorry, it’s been a long day ?

    2. I’m the exact same way, I keep going back and forth between the two!

  4. Ok, so let’s talk about El Lobo: he appears out of the blue when both Juan Carlos and Rumi was nowhere to be seen (I’m 100% sure he’s one of them…or maybe both?), and he FREES the Illustrians prisoners?
    We know he’s not Illustrian, so this means there are Llacsans who don’t like Atoc and are willing to go against him, maybe even supporting the Illustrians (I don’t take for granted he freed the prisoners because they were Illustrians, maybe he just did so to annoy the king or to avoid an unfair execution?).

    However I crave more interaction between Ximena and Rumi, something is brewing there hehe~

    1. I definitely have similar suspicions. And the fact that Rumi’s scent is often mentioned I’m wondering if that’s maybe what eventually gives him away if it is him?! I don’t know– it seems too predictable but also too good to pass up!

    2. I’m torn between who it could be but my current theory is that it’s both of them haha 🙂

  5. So, second day. The story is getting really interesting. And I really would love to see the tapestry Ximena made.
    What a shock to learn that the princess is to be sacrificed. Not sure if there will be a revolt of the people, but something seems to be brewing there. I wonder what she did to make her brother kill her. Maybe she didn’t want to marry the priest.
    Rumi is also getting more fascinating. I want to know more about him and his background. It’s cool that he is a healer. And he starts warming up to Ximena. It’s cute how he teases her about being a bad kisser and also how he shares his snack with her, although begrudgingly.
    I hate the decision that Ximena made at the end of the last chapter. Poor Pidru would not just lose his job, she could get him killed. By now she really should know what Atoc is capable of. And the bad feeling she has showss that deep down, she does.
    Somehow I expect Juan Carlos to be the main character who is supposed to go to the jungle in the next book, as the author mentions in her interview. But I could also see that person to be Pidru. Still routing for Rumi to be Zorro, I mean El Lobo.
    Probably an unpopular opinion, but the way of Ana’s death was great. It’s so hilariously evil and brutal, I loved that idea. Villains do really evil things. I had a feeling she would not make it and it’s sad to see her go, but the way this was executed by the author was a delight.
    Oh, and my favourite quote so far is on page 109: “Rising tides can’t be held back, but they can be ridden.” I can imagine seeing this quote on a FairyLoot item one day.

    1. Ooh, I’d love something with this quote, it’s so true!

    2. Right! She is frustrating me with some of these decisions she’s making. She could have got that poor guy killed. Also that quote is super great, I didn’t even notice it.

    3. oooh maybe she was supposed to marry the priest! Interesting!! 100% agree, Ximena needs to think more about the consequences of her actions!! I would be so mad if she caused anything bad to happen to Pidru! Zorro!! hahaha
      Yesss I didn’t like to see Ana go but was pleasantly surprised that it happened, definitely raises the stakes and has me more worried for these characters! ooooh love that quote too!

  6. I’m so eager to start on say threes pages. ?
    I can’t quite make my mind up
    Iwho might be El Lobo. Juan Carlos feels like a possibility along with Rumi but we haven’t seen the princess yet. I’m shocked the kings so ready to sacrifice her, she’s obviously done something to displease him, I wonder what. I’ve a feeling where I’m for more shocks, twists and turns. ?

    1. I meant day*
      Stupid auto correct ?

    2. Same here! You’re right we have yet to meet the Princesa! With so many suspects I’m hoping for some good twists too 🙂

  7. There are some things that feels little off, and I have so many questions, I hope I´ll get som answers when I continue reading.
    I am really intrigued by now, so far this story has not been what I expected but I really like it so I am looking forward to getting deeper into the story 🙂

    1. So happy to hear you’re enjoying it! I’m also full of questions 🙂

  8. Do you know how hard it is not to continue on?

    Enjoyed this section, really loving the banter between Ximena and Rumi.

    I want her to get the book back on Llacsan history to see what made them revolt.

    Looking forward to the next section tomorrow

    1. Loving the banter too! i really hope she reads that book haha 🙂

  9. I’m finding this difficult to not fly through.

    I have a major suspicion on who El Lobo is too and I don’t think Rumi is all that he seems. Anyone else?

    Finding the use of language in it to be such a nice touch too. The odd word or phrase. And the descriptions are so vivid.

    1. i feel the same about rumi, there’s absolutely more to him i think!

  10. A lot of interesting things happened in today’s pages, I think the tapestry did move and there is more to her power to weave moonlight that she is yet to explore. I do like that Rumi is making her question everything she knows and everything she was raised to believe, not everything is black and white, Illustrian’s were once the oppressors and now the Llacsan’s are, will the cycle just repeat itself if the Illustrian’s gain back control?? Will Catalina break the cycle and be a better Queen, who knows she nearly starved her people so anything is possible, I thought her actions regarding the food would come back to bite her.

    1. I’m very eager to learn more about her powers too and I have the exact same questions about Catalina, I’m rooting for her though haha 🙂

  11. This story is getting so interesting! I’m trying really hard not to zoom ahead to read the rest ? but I feel like there’s so much action in this story– loving it! I can literally feel Rumi’s frustration with her not trying to educate herself or see history from a different perspective in a visceral way… And I’m obsessed with the tension unfolding between them.

    Mikayla (madamepincers)

    1. I’m loving how action packed and fast paced this is too! yessss so much tension…

  12. I sense maybe a love triangle. Exciting. The weaving scenes are just so calming to read, it’s a nice contrast.

    1. ooooh a love triangle, interesting!!

  13. I’m in love with Rumi! And I definitely can’t wait to keep reading. I think rumi is el Lobo and I think there should be romance between him and Ximena ♡

  14. I’m really intrigued with this book bsolutely loved the part where her little bees came to life and the side characters are so great, but the MC is driving me mad like when she starts realising that people are people but refuses to let go of her racist notions. The ignorance shown in not reading that history book was atrocious, even out of boredom you’d think she’d read it for something to do. And that part where it was good enough for her to say ‘I was born in the system, I never created it’ yet she looks at everyone else as beneath her. Waiting for that connection, girl needs to grow up a little.

    1. Ahh yes I have the same frustrations with Ximena, I just hope she’ll come to that realisation sooner rather than later. Probably with Rumi’s help? He seems eager to school her haha 🙂

  15. A really interesting book and yay to my school spanish. I get most of the words an phrases (at least a bit, but enough to understand their overall meaning).
    I think el lobo is someone from inside the palace, maybe it’ll surprise us. I am absolutely sure there are still a lot of surprises with some characters hidden. Not everyone is what they seem now. I feel a few big twists coming.

    I am so curious about the history, I was sure since the start that there is a lot about that, that Ximena doesn’t now and will shine a light on quite a few things that are happening.

    From the Cover and the synopsys I didn’t think I would enjoy the book as much as I do… glad to be proven wrong 😉

    1. Yay for your school Spanish! 🙂 I find that I’m able to pick up 99% with the context of the scene and have picked up a few words too!
      I feel some big twists coming and I have no idea who to trust yet, it’s making me second guess every character’s motives.
      So glad to hear you’re enjoying the book more than you expected so far 🙂

  16. So I am still very intrigued. I did not expect that Ana would die so soon as well. So did they discover the bridge now? Is the magic gone?
    I think with the sister, maybe there is a swap. Since Ximena is wearing all her clothes. What if they plan to sacrifice Ximena instead of the sister. I dont know where this story is going to go, but I am very excited to continue

    1. ooooh I love that theory! When the sacrifice was first mentioned I was sure it would be Ximena and was shocked to learn it is going to be the Princesa. So that could be an interesting twist!!

  17. Is it just me who gets annoyed by the repetition of some things? Every single chapter it’s mentioned that she’s a decoy, a pretender. And that Rumi’s clothes smell. I mean I get it after the first time ? However I do enjoy the book although Ximena has to grow up a little, I mean why not read the book and learn something from it.

    1. I totally see that! Read the book Ximena!
      So glad to hear you’re still enjoying it though! 🙂

  18. I was really starting to think Juan was El Lobo. Especially after he disappeared right before El Lobo appeared at one point.
    But now I think maybe its too onvious and might actually be Rumi who is El Lobo?
    And omg I really want to try the treats and foods that are described!

    1. Same, I keep going back and forth between them both! Yessss the food sounds SO GOOD

  19. Rumi and Juan Carlos seem to be friends or relatives. I think one or both of them is El Lobo. I also think Rumi’s odor and his groveling worshipful behavior towards Atoc are a deliberate distraction. Is Ana definitely dead? I’m not sure. I assume Atoc’s sister is locked up somewhere awaiting her sacrifice so she probably isn’t El Lobo after all. Definitely think the bee moved.

    1. I have that suspicion too! oooh a deliberate distraction, yesss totally could be! Questioning whether Ana is truly dead too and whether the magic on the bridge has vanished, hmm…

  20. I think Rumi and Juan Carlos share the role of El Lobo, or at least are both in on it after the look they shared.
    I’m still frustrated by Ximena but it does seem she’s making some progress now mapping out the Castello.
    Exciting that the tapestry moved! I wonder if maybe it’s the combination of Illustrian and Llacsan things that made it happen.
    I really enjoy the Spanish as well and would like even more!

    1. That’s my current theory too! 🙂

  21. I think we’ll see again Ana. In the exactly moment Ana fell, El Lobo vanished as well!
    There’s definitely something up behind Rumi and Juan. They seem too close and too confidential to be only a King’s cousin and a guard!
    I’m really enjoying this mystery behind El Lobo identity.
    I still think Ximena should behave more calmly and wisely though.

  22. Super intrigued by what’s happening so far!
    I’m loving seeing the nuances and the hints that maybe the Illustrians aren’t entirely innocent and the Llacsans aren’t entirely guilty. But doing so without excusing the bad blood or Atoc himself.
    Weirdly seeing perhaps some parallels between Rumi/Atoc and Ximena/Catalina?

  23. Ok, so that was a shocking start to this section. Ana! Oh no!

    Definitely something in the history book Ximena could have done with knowing. Not that I blame her for not reading it, Rumi’s attitude towards her definitely needs improving. He and Juan Carlos are definitely in cahoots over something, and I’m betting Princesa Tamaya is it or had been up to something too.

  24. These pages even got me more the creeps for Atoc and his priest. It also makes me more curious after the magic system, not only for Ximera but also the magic Atoc has. Especially Ximera’s magic feels like something I haven’t come across before.

    My heart broke at the Ana part, even though we didn’t really meet her, it was devastating. I felt Ximera’s pain and despair through it all.

    The writing style is so easy, I am flying through the book. I like the characters, I like Ximera, I like the magic system, I like the story and I am so curious to read where it’s all going! And who El Lobo is!!!!

    1. I think that El Lobo could be Rumi or Juan Carlos or at least they know something about it or who is behind the mask.

  25. This book is getting so interesting!! I am really enjoying the relationship between Rumi and Ximena. I like that they both seem to struggle with their beliefs and feelings. I really hope Ximena can figure out the “real” history behind the Llacsan and Illustrians. I am so intrigued.
    And her tapestry moving. Oh my, I think she might be more powerful then she thinks she is. I really want to see what her weaving can do and what power it might possess.
    I need to read on!!

  26. I have so many questions! I’m loving the story so far! I feel bad that Ximena had to watch Ana and Sofia both die. Juan Carlos is pretty funny but I feel on edge about him. I feel like he might catch Ximena in the next chapter when she goes hunting for the Estrella. I feel like when Rumi argues with Ximena he doesn’t go too harsh or anything. I love their banter honestly. I honestly can’t wait for Ximena to meet Princes Tamaya because I’m pretty sure she’s locked up somewhere. And can we talk about how Atoc wants to sacrifice her? I think that he wants to sacrafice Tamaya because she is worshiped by the Llacsans and he wants that. Atoc craves the power his sister already has so he plans to sacrifice her removing her from the equation leaving only himself. Therefore the people will have no choice but to worship him.

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