Woven In Moonlight Readalong: Day 4

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Hello fairy friends!

Welcome to day four, I hope you’re enjoying the readalong so far! Only today and tomorrow left now, we’re almost at the finish line! I for one have been on the edge of my seat in parts of this book and I expect it’s not going to slow down anytime soon! Who’s ready to jump back into the action?

Today’s section is Pages 217- 291! Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez pages 0-291! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


We’re off to a shaky start- get it…as Atoc causes an earthquake in his rage. How does his magic work exactly? At first I assumed it was tied to the Estrella but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Ximena being so blunt and asking Juan Carlos to confirm he’s a spy for the king made me chuckle. She really doesn’t beat around the bush huh? Hmmmm still torn as to whether he’ll be El Lobo!

Speak of the devil! Here’s El Lobo again, wait she let him remove her mask? A few of you commented on Ximena’s impulsiveness and her rash decision making, let’s just hope that this display of trust was a smart move!

Quite a convincing speech from Ximena! They do have the same goal even if she ultimately will be forced to betray him. He’s clearly been watching her for a while, even more reason to believe it’s either one of the two men she’s become closest with. Could it be both? “Not unless he can be in two places at once”

I must say that is a fabulous sounding cape, it’s a shame Atoc will be the one receiving it. Rumi prompting Atoc to offer her a gift- he totally knows what she’s up to! *cough

“Your Shiningness” this line made me actually laugh out loud folks!

Ooh now we have a weaving contest, a weave off? I really liked seeing the Princesa’s magic in action again and now we finally have the location of the Estrella, yay! As well as some more mysteries about Atoc’s past. What does she mean by Atoc making “different choices” how could he have had the Illustrian support? Any theories folks?

Well there we go, The Princesa wants to take the throne! She does plan on destroying the Estrella and could be the better ruler but can Ximena betray her queen, her closest friend? Does Tamaya have an agenda?- I’m finding it hard to trust anyone in this book with all these secrets!

What do we think that look between the Princesa and Juan Carlos meant? Is there a relationship there or is it because he is El Lobo? Hmmm…

So Suyana can boil water using her magic which leads to the question, do all Llacsans have magic? I’m wondering whether Llacsan magic is more elemental? Side note: instant hot baths that you can reheat at will and no more need for a kettle? Now that’s my kind of magic!

Does no one ever knock in this Castillo? Our masked vigilante is back and I love that she straight up called him Juan Carlos, he doesn’t know who that is…hmm likely story!

Oh woah, he forcibly sweeps her against him?! And now the air is tension filled? They almost kissed!!

Okay I’m now leaning towards him being Rumi again which if I’m correct would only have Ximena feeling more conflicted. Things are getting realllly intense with the wedding just days away and Ximena can pretty much hand the throne to Catalina were she to send her a message with the Estrella’s location.

So Atoc is as creepy and evil as always. My blood was boiling during the whole wedding dress fitting scene. His poor first wife, he practically admitted to having her murdered! That left a bad taste in my mouth but thankfully we had some more flirty banter with Rumi to lighten the mood. The classic help me out of my dress scenario…

Of course he doesn’t agree with Atoc destroying farmland to produce the drug. Use your head Ximena!! I suspected his magic would be healing. Does every character have some kind of magic in this story?

At this point I just want them to admit their feelings damn it! Surely I’m not alone in that? I am however expecting she’ll have to reveal her real identity to him if things go any further, if she does that she will be risking everything! But perhaps he will too…*wink*

I can’t believe he stood her up for the date, we were all rooting for you! I’m really warming up to Juan Carlos now that we have some more backstory. Yet another character who’s making Ximena question her prejudice.

It’s fair to say the meeting with Catalina couldn’t have gone much worse, Ximena isn’t exactly tactful huh? She couldn’t have sugar coated that whole speech just a little? She essentially just told Catalina she would make a bad queen (which may actually be true) so no wonder she feels betrayed!! Now she is going to lead the revolution on her own, I just hope she doesn’t out Ximena as a decoy, that would mean certain death!

Well friends that was truly intense! We’ve had some much needed answers to some of our questions but the mystery still remains, who is El Lobo? I honestly can’t decide, I keep going back and forth between our two main suspects! Who are you leaning towards being our masked man of mystery? Ximena has an impossible decision to make and I have a feeling someone will get hurt, not to mention she’s about to marry the awful King Atoc, will she really have to go through with it? Or will Catalina out her as a decoy before then? I gots to know!

I cannot wait to hear what you guys have to say about today’s section!

Join me tomorrow for what I’m sure will be an explosive conclusion.

See ya then!



36 thoughts on “Woven In Moonlight Readalong: Day 4

  1. I am sorry to say this was my least favorite section. Ximena’s indecisiveness is starting to grate on my nerves. Even though I understand she’s trying to come to terms with losing what she thought was right– placing Catarina on the throne to make the world order look like it had before.

    I particularly didn’t like when her ‘grand revelation’ to circumvent Sajra’s blackmail was to find the Estrella– which was supposed to be her plan all along.

    That said, I like the relationship developing between Ximena and El Lobo as well as between Ximena and Tamaya. Ximena is shedding her prejudices and realizing the reality she remembers through childhood eyes is not necessarily the truth.

    Can we talk about the possibility that El Lobo is Ximena’s other guard Pidru? And about Atoc all but admitting he killed his first wife??

    1. But we saw Pidru fighting El Lobo, so I think that’s impossible.

      1. Oh that’s right! I forgot about that.

        1. oooh that would be a nice twist if it we’re Pidru though 🙂

  2. Now we really see Ximena grow as a person. Her identity crisis intensifies. She FINALLY reads that book and starts to realize the truth of history. OF course she was taught otherwise, but she grew to understand the other peoples. And she learned to control her temper, I’m so proud of her.
    She now switches sides to the princesa. It’s true that the Estrella is a strong weapon. And at least in this world it could work that its destruction could really bring peace. Not like our world, where a weapon once invented will be a threat forever.
    The scene with El Lobo was interesting. The tension was so great. And they still didn’t kiss. Ok, it would have revealed his face way before the climax. And I don’t think, that mask is very tasty.
    There’s still the question who he is. It’s funny that Ximena suspects the same two boys we do. And she sure has a favourite. But if it is Rumi, could she betray him? Because the decision seems right, cruel as it is. It would be the sacrifice of one life for the lives of many. The Estrella and putting all her trust on the princesa is her only hope now.
    I love her beginning friendship with Juan Carlos. He bribes her with food, that’s so funny and sweet. But it becomes clear towards the end, why he notices her taste so much. He wants to be a cook, I bet his magic also is related to that. So I don’t think he is El Lobo, because I don’t think El Lobo was lying when he declared himself a horrible cook.
    Would have loved if that outing to La Ciudad would have been a date with Rumi. But let’s hope they’ll have a chance after all is over.
    Her little woolly zoo is just too cute. The image of the llama in the wool basket made me laugh out loud. It’s so sweet how they follow her everywhere and watch over her. As if the moon had sent them to guard her during the day.
    My prediction for the end: Somehow Ximena will be wounded and Rumi will use a lot of his energy to heal and save her. If the author wants a sad ending and make our hearts bleed, he’ll use all of it.
    And now on to the last part of the book where we’ll see what will happen. If Ximena is revealed to be a decoy, she will be in great danger.

    1. haha no I don’t think the mask would be too tasty either 🙂 I also love that he bribed her with food…relatable! Isn’t the wooly zoo adorable?! I would love a llama of my very own to spit wool balls at people!

  3. Aaaaaaah the tension between Ximena and Rumi is killing me! And I’m positively sure he’s El Lobo, that would explain a lot.

    Atoc. Is. Hateful. He basically admitted he killed his former wife and he beated Ximena, this guy has no respect whatsoever for anyone but himself! Knowing that he’s inspired by an actual person gives me the creeps…

    I’m a little sad that was Juan Carlos who went on the date in the end (dang I want more Ximena and Rumi moments!) but he’s really grown on me and I hope to read more about him. I also hope Catalina will see reason and forgive Ximena, she’s just following her “new and upgraded moral compass” and doing what she believes is in everyone best interest.

    1. yessss he gives me the creeps too, that whole scene was infuriating!

  4. Can’t believe we just have one day left to read this book, I am loving it I don’t want it to end!
    still so many questions I hope will be answered 🙂

    1. Well, there is always a reread and the next book about the world of Inkasisa is scheduled to come out in 2021, if I read correctly.
      But I feel you. I don’t want to say goodbye to the lovely woolly ball spitting llama. It sounds just too adorable.

    2. so happy to hear you’re loving it! I hope you enjoyed the ending too 🙂

  5. Aaaaaah thank you so much for sharing my photo 😀

    Ok so it all boils down to whether we follow Ximena who seems to lean more towards El Lobo being Juan Carlos after she accused him to his face, or whether we listen to her indecisive side when she wonders if it really could be Rumi. El Lobo did know she likes really spicy food and so does Juan Carlos. If it is JC then that would mean a love triangle and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    Ximena seems true to her bull in a china shop form when asking Catalina if she’d give up a chance at the throne! Bit relatable tbh… Catalina’s character isn’t as well formed as it could be. Ximena spent years learning to be her but doesn’t seem to know much about her, doubts her constantly, and most frustratingly can’t seem to act like her at all.

    Unfortunately, I had to roll my eyes when she had the ‘revelation’ that she needed to find the Estrella as that was part of her goal from the very beginning.

    On the flip side it did make me smile when she spotted her cheeky, rebellious animals at the market.

    1. Dude her not staying in character has driven me crazy this whole time! Like, you have been doing this since you were 8 years old?? How have you not perfected this by now? Or at least, how do you keep forgetting when it is MOST important that you act the part NOW??

      Also yeah the revelation was kind a “no duh” moment for me, but the suspense about El Lobo is killing meeeeee!

      I want it to be Rumi so bad because I ship them so hard!

    2. No problem at all, your photo is beautiful, thank you so much for posting it! 🙂 haha Ximena is definitely a bull in a china shop, such a good description!

  6. I love how cheeky these woven animals are, they do not want to be contained. I giggled at the llama spitting at people and them not having a clue where the attack came from ? say want you want about Ximena’s decision making, but you’ve got to admit that she can be pretty sneaky and effective at times. I also expected the conversation with Catalina to go poorly. I just hope Catalina doesn’t go and do something stupid out of anger. I’m not ready for this magic to end ?

    1. Isn’t the llama the best?! Where can I get one of those? ?
      Yes I agree, Ximena may be rash at times but it’s effective!

  7. Oeh I see people talking about Pidru. How is Pidru? We havent heard anything from him anymore. Is he okay? I just assume he is. I think it is Rumi but I cant explain why he looks to Atoc -sorry King Atoc- with such admiration? Is that all a show? But why does he exaggerate it so much then? But I dont think it is Juan Carlos anymore. He said he is a great cook and El Lobo said he can’t cook at all. And what is with Rumi’s smell. There must be something. He doesnt smell when he is El Lobo (if he is El Lobo) so I am still not sure yet. Is it an extra way to hide himself?
    I really like that slowly Ximena realises she might not always be right and a new revolution is bot the answer. In a situation like this its not all black and white. And I really like how the author addresses that.
    I am really excited to see how this will continue and what will happen with the wedding?! Will it happen or not? Cant wait for tomorrow!

    1. Yes I’m assuming Pidru is fine 🙂 I honestly didn’t even pick up on when El Lobo said he couldn’t cook!! I also love the discussion around the revolution, it isn’t always as easy as there being a “bad” or a “good” side, I like the way the author portrays this too. I hope you enjoyed the book overall and thank you for sharing your thoughts 😀

  8. Omg I think I’ve worked out who El Lobo is… not Rumi orJuan but Manuel.
    Also I need those tapestry animals in my life please! ??

    1. ooooh Manuel! Interesting…
      oh my god yes I really want a llama of my own to spit balls of wool at people ?

  9. So much happened and still we don’t know who the El Lobo is. I’m thinking/hoping it’s Rumi, that sucking up to the king has got to be an act.

    I was so hoping for that kiss to happen. ?

    I so hope Catalina doesn’t out her, I’ve a feeling she might though. ?

    I think I might have to read a little more.

    1. I hope you enjoyed seeing how everything plays out! I was so hoping for that kiss to happen too ?

  10. i found it interesting the atoc doesn’t seem to know his sisters power with the weaving, or he just wasn’t paying enough attention to see that the location of the estrilla. i’m still loving all the animals though.
    the back and fourth of el lobo’s identity has me so confused, i’m really not sure who it is, thinking back to it maybe being manuel again though? ah i really don’t know!
    i also thought the magic seemed to be more elemental based except for the princessa.

    i’m enjoying the book and looking forward to reading how it all comes together tomorrow!

    1. I agree! it wasn’t specifically mentioned if Atoc knew about the Princesa’s magic or not so I’m assuming she hid it from him? Because he probably would have wanted to use that for his own evil ends no doubt! Also the Llacsan’s magic being elemental apart from Tamaya’s is interesting too! i think in those cases the bloodlines have mixed somewhere? 🙂

  11. I thought Manuel was El Lobo but the almost kissing scene would be weird then ? Rumi makes more sense in that case. Finally Ximena is reading the book en trying to be smart and make the right decisions. However the talk with Cataline was kind of harsh, I felt sorry for her. I hope this doesn’t compromise her position in the Castillo. And where can I sign up for a wool animal? I want one, they are too cute ? Excited for the finale of this book!

    1. oh yes that would have been weird ?I hadn’t considered that! I’ll be signing up with you, I would love a llama of my own! I hope you enjoyed the ending

  12. describing these pages as intense is right, there seemed to be danger lurking everywhere, and what was that about Catalina ‘traitor’ I get but ‘rat’ that was uncalled for, she didn’t even really bother to hear her words. What she was saying was valid, Catalina couldn’t even make the right decision when her people was starving, she wouldn’t make a good Condesa. My thoughts on here were right from the start, never liked her.
    As for El Lobo, he watched her sleep, a little creepy but does that mean he likes her? Could he already know her well and already have a bit of chemistry? maybe, I hope we learn who he is soon.
    I feel like we are going to get an explosive ending, with major cliffhangers.

    1. Yes you we’re right to be sceptical of Catalina! Wait he watched her sleep? Somehow I missed that….very creepy haha

  13. Really loving this book!
    I love the nuances now being shown between the Iluustrians and the Llacsans

    And really love Princesa Tamaya
    I want more of El Lobo though
    But sure we’ll get more interesting information in the final part

    1. So happy to hear you enjoyed these pages , I hope you liked how it ended! 🙂

  14. The “shiningness” part also made me cackle. I think the book is super funny. The almost kiss had me with my heart about to jump out of my chest. And I wanted to have the earth swallow atoc when he hurt ximena, he’s such an imbecile.

    1. Right?! There’s definitely been some funny moments which offsets some of the harder scenes! Hard agree, Atoc is the worst!

  15. I’m really liking what this book developed into, I wasn’t that keen at the start (it would be nice if the MC for once was sensible and open minded to start with) but now she’s finally read the book and finally realised there’s good and bad in all people I like her as a person. Love El Lobo (likely Remi or Manuel) love the woven animals and love the Princess. Catalina, in that one temper tantrum, proved exactly how unfit a queen she would be, really disappointed in her but it was so in her character to behave just like so. Sheltered from the get go and waits for everyone else to solve her problems, like at the beginning, gave everyone their rations with the reckoning her mum would come back with more food with little thought to repercussion.

    1. I agree, Ximena was quite frustrating at the beginning but I have enjoyed seeing her character arc play out and I’m happy she finally read the book 🙂 Yes, I had hope for Catalina but it makes sense for her character to behave in this way.

  16. After finishing these chapters I’m definitely on edge! I can’t wait to keep reading this story! I am so convinced that Rumi is El Lobo because she describes being nervous and feeling that flutter with Rumi and El Lobo as well so my money is on Rumi. El Lobo also tends to care for her in many ways like giving her the sword and opening the study for her and not treating her too poorly either. Rumi may not “like” her but he makes sure she’s fed, brings her wool and worries about her well being. Juan Carlos and Ximena’s interactions crack me up! I believe they would be amazing friends given other circumstances. The Princesa is also very cool I really hope Atoc doesn’t kill her. I will say that I wish Ximena would’ve told Catalina differently. With all the insults she through her way I understand her reaction to think of Ximena as a traitor. I think what’s coming next in this story won’t be pretty but nonetheless I’m super excited to see where this goes.

    P.S. I was really hopping to see Rumi and Ximena on that “date”! :,(

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