Year of the Reaper Readalong Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our readalong of Year of the Reaper! I hope you’re all enjoying it so far. I really enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and theories yesterday!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 6 to the end of Chapter 12! Let’s goooooo!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Year of the Reaper by Makiia Lucier from Chapter 6 to Chapter 12. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Let’s head back into the Palmerin Keep! I’m excited.

After his HEAVY sleep, Cas and Ventillas meet with the King, who drops the bomb that Cas was examined by the royal doctor while he slept! I wish I could sleep so soundly… But understandably Cas is a bit unnerved, especially since he has an aversion to being touched and he’s conscious about the scars the plague and his torture left on his body.

So now we learn Cas’s backstory, ambushed by the enemy he and three others were imprisoned. He caught the plague (which we knew) and was left for dead like many others seemingly were, but our Cas survived! No one blinked an eye when he recovered and walked away.

We’re also finding out that the guards apparently received a letter back from the Palmerin keep when they sent a ransom, stating Cas was safe and well at home and this person claiming he was Cas (who WAS Cas) was an imposter… I smell treachery!!!!

Oh my… Faro, Lord Ventillas’ private secretary, burned the letter. Not only did he burn the letter, he burned it because of JEALOUSY, because of a girl. Oh this is bad!

Everything Cas went through, the torture, the plague, finding his way back home. It all could have been avoided if Faro had not burned the letter. 

And still, Cas is so good at heart that he won’t have Faro killed. Instead he’s just… exiling him and having his hand cut off. A FAIR PUNISHMENT if you ask me!

We find out through Jon, the stablemaster, that Lena (or Lady Analena)  is one of the King’s historians. She certainly kept that quiet!

It’s heartbreaking to see through Cas’s eyes the amount of people who were lost to the plague in his time away from the keep. It really shows the devastation the plague caused.

Here comes Lena! I have to admit, I like Cas’s grumpy man routine, especially since I’m not convinced he IS a grumpy man. I think he’s all cinnamon roll on the inside. Do you agree?

The fact he let Lena put a braid in the mare’s mane shows he’s like maybe 90% grumpy and 10% cinnamon sunshine.

Oh, Lady Analena is keeping secrets! She just asked Cas not to tell anyone how he met her, you know, when he caught her disguised as a man stealing his horse?

MIC DROP… The King is Lena’s half brother… well, now I see why she wants her adventures kept secret!

After discovering a spying guard just beyond the door, Cas shoves the door open and cracks said spy’s nose. Maybe he’s more like 95% grumpy and 5% cinnamon sunshine. For real though, did that make anyone else burst out laughing or was it just me? Sorry not sorry Bittor.

And now Cas has a summons from the King. Can he ever get peace?!

Would Cas really be himself if he didn’t spend the entire time walking to his summons with the King winding someone up? And Bittor rises to the bait.

When Bittor asks if Sorne was Cas’s “girl”, Lena freezes. I sense a slow burn brewing fairy friends and I’m HERE. FOR IT. And only now, are we discovering that Cas has a MEMORIAL STATUE. Oh he’s going to love this, I’m sure!

During his summons with the king, we learn that no punishment will be inflicted upon Brisa for their capture (AND TORTURE) of our dear Cas. Cas, ever the wonderful person, does not care, does not seek punishment or revenge and honestly, it sounds like he just wants to be done with the whole ordeal.

They DO encounter a few strange looks when Cas refers to Lady Analena, royal historian in training whom he’s not supposed to know, rather informally, calling her Lena. Uh ohhhh.

After they depart, Lena tells Cas a bit of history about how Queen Jehan travelled with her entourage, we of course saw snippets of this at the beginning of the book but it’s certainly different to see from Cas’s perspective, knowing all his brother went through and how many were lost. At the end of the journey, only four remained, Jehan, Ventillas, Faustina and Abril, and the Queen says Abril has never been the same since the horrid journey. It also means Queen Jehan lost her best friend. So sad!

We join Cas later on, being crept on by Sorne, who insists she did not know what her betrothed, Faro, did. It seems Sorne has held onto the fact that Cas kissed her many moons ago, but it’s easy to sense that Cas has changed an incredible amount in that time! 

Aaaaand Bittor is creeping again! Will he ever learn? At least this time, he speaks sense, telling Cas if it were him he would’ve cut off both of Faro’s hands.

Later, Cas wakes from a nightmare and opens up to Ventillas about some of the trauma he went through, including nearly drowning with no one to help him. Ventillas points out that despite his nightmares, despite nearly losing his life to water, when the Prince was in danger Cas was the first to jump in the lake. Yet, Cas is still adamant in telling everyone he’s not a hero! Cas is clearly an incredible person. I wish he’d take the compliment. Something definitely sounds fishy about this archer though…

Is anyone else ridiculously excited to hear more about Cas’s statue?

So, the statue is horrible, it’s a life size statue and it has a very, very, very large nose and pointed ears. My laughter right now is out of CONTROL. I’m cackling. “Even the cats hate it” if a cat hates it, you know it’s bad.

Ventillas takes Cas to the armory to pick a weapon of choice and he picks… DRUMROLL…

An iron spiked mace ? Could this be the infamous mace featured on the book cover, I wonder?

With an audience (can ya blame them? I’d watch this unfold too!), the brothers use their weapons to destroy the memorial statue of Cas, leaving only a stone boot.

Cas goes to bed, and slept dreamlessly for the first time in three years.

We join Cas being reunited with Cook, all these emotional meetings are making me feel a bit weepy. Oh! I forgot Cas could see ghosts. We’ve not found him seeing anymore since Izaro, right? And it’s a little boy, Cook’s little boy. I’m not crying, I promise.

What do we think? Will Cas eventually embrace the fact he can see ghosts, or keep pretending he can’t see them?

So Ventillas and Captain Lorenz are off to track down some of these plagued Lynx, the very same that attacked Lena at the beginning of the book. Big mistake not to take Cas! I’m sure his time is more well spent tracking deadly Lynx than meeting with a tailor and Queen Jehan for a new wardrobe! Alas, I’m sure it’ll be fun… for us!

Pointed, curled shoes the colour of mashed peas….

I don’t know what more we can say about that!!! This is hilarious.

I feel this urgent need to protect Cas, as he’s made to strip off his shirt with all these women around gasping at his scars. Thankfully, Queen Jehan prods the tailor back into action so he’s not left exposed for too long.

We’re learning a little more about Lena’s story. As a historian, she travelled to Trastemar as that was where her grandfather died, she hoped to learn more about what happened. She found a copy of the ship’s inventory, written by her grandfather. It turns out, Lena stole Cas’s horse because someone stole hers first! What a vicious cycle.

The King found out about Lena’s escapades and told Lena she’s not permitted to leave the keep without a man-at-arms, LUCKILY, our lovely Cas is EXACTLY that, and we do know that cinnamon roll streak of his makes it hard for him to refuse to help those in need!

After escaping and having some delightful Pika (cooked by a fellow Cassiapeus, what a moment!), they pass the lake where the prince was shot at. Cas tells Lena that he knows of Master Dimas’s work regime, and he never allowed his workers to have a day off… Awfully peculiar that his entire staff were off the day of the assassination attempt, right?


How are you enjoying Year of the Reaper so far? Any theories? Did you love the statue as much as me?

Make sure you leave a comment with allll your thoughts and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for day 3 ?



107 thoughts on “Year of the Reaper Readalong Day 2!

  1. I wondered if Cas seeing ghosts had a hand in why he didn’t want Ventillas to kill Faro. If he was willing to do that much over a girl, could he have had a hand in the attempted assassination of the prince? Sorne must be feeling torn between relief to be free of Faro’s true character before marrying him, betrayal for being the catalyst for Cas’ last 3 years of suffering, & general confusion with Cas’ return. Lena, on the other hand seems to fancy him & vise versa although they’re both awkward & guarded. Bittor seems like someone else who could potentially stir up trouble, but this Master Dimas seems like the greater accomplice. He had a daughter, too, & servants (conveniently not around as witnesses), & probably could’ve paid any number of people to be the archer being “one of the richest men in town.” I’m glad Lena turned out to be someone on the right side of the archer business. It’ll be interesting to see what all she, as historian, uncovers between the prologue & 1st chapter of her meeting Cas. What is it that, she suspects, Ventillas, Jehan, & especially Abril are keeping from her about that time?

    1. It would make a lot of sense that Cas doesn’t want more death around him since he can see it! ?

  2. I saw the mace on the cover artwork and when Ventillas asked Cas to pick a weapon I thought, he’s going for the mace! That scene was fun, who doesn’t want to destroy a really bad statue of themselves?! Lena and Cas are so sweet. They both don’t seem to fit into their current lives but their connection with each other is sweet. I do want to know what is going on with Abril though…what happened??

    1. OH I also love how Cas makes note of how clean the city seems compared to Elvira and I wonder if any of them will make the connection between the cleanliness and the plague?

    2. I saw the cover in front me as well, when they’re picking out weapons to destroy the statue! I really love that scene!

    3. It was such a fun scene! I couldn’t stop smiling. ?

  3. Wow Faro! That was awful, so spiteful and jealous. He deserved his punishment.
    I really Like the relationship between Lena and Cas.
    Loved the statue scene, and it’s so nice that it seemed to bring people together.
    I really want to know what happened with Abril. And a bit sad that we’ve missed out in the whole romance between the king and queen but I suppose the book is t about that.
    I hope they find this archer soon. I like Lena but I’m still not sure I 100% trust her.
    Cas thought the archer could have been a woman?

    1. I think the statue scene is my favourite so far! ?

  4. Finishing up the chapters today! But can I say I already adore Cas! I didn’t think this book was going to grab my attention like it has. Also, this would be my readying! along!

    1. Cas is the best! ?

  5. I was very surprised Ventillas didn’t kill Faro!! I don’t know if I could have restrain myself……. ? Though I fully understand that Cas has enough of death. My heart aches for him!

    A sentence that got my attention was : ‘He was trying. She was trying. In the end, they could do no more.’

    Must be hard for Lena adjusting herself to a whole new life! :’and suddenly I’m important. Everything is different.’ Now she needs a man-at-arms to accompany her outside.

    Now I’m thinking the archer is maybe Lord Dimas daughter, or perhaps that’s too obvious?!??

    I’m really enjoying myself with this story! Love it!!
    See you tomorrow! Love, Sandy

    1. That’s such a sweet quote! I love it. ?

  6. Loving this book so much. But I must admit once I read the day 2 chapters I also read tomorrow’s chapters too and I have a lot to say tomorrow.

    1. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! ?

  7. Anyone else think Mari is somehow alive and she is the archer? ?

    1. As soon as we found out she’d been left behind with the plague I was like it has to be her. We just don’t know why!!

    2. Yup, my thoughts exactly!

    3. Yes to the first half! Don’t have any suspicion on the archer yet.

    4. Yeees I have this feeling as well?

    5. That’s what I was thinking too!

    6. Yes! A thousand times yes lol

    7. YUP. That was my first thought after Lena was (essentially) eliminated as an option


    9. That would be an interesting plot development for sure! ?

  8. There are so many memorable moments. Bittor hit with the door. The brothers choosing their weapons and demolishing the statute. The cook’s sweet ghost boy in the kitchen, Cas refusing all the foofy outfits.

    I had another laugh out loud moment when Lord Faro’s hand was cut off. It was just so abrupt. I think there’s a good comedic presence in this book for all the death and betrayal.

    Also, leaving Faro alive was a bad move. He’s too vindictive. That’ll come back to bite them. He knows secrets, maybe if even has already aligned himself with the enemy. If not, he will.

    The carriages left behind = super fishy. I feel like Brisa is covering up capturing a bunch of royals with a plague story. I hope they’re alive somewhere.

    I still don’t feel like Jehan is 100 percent trustworthy. Could Mira be the shooter? Were she and Jehan lovers and she’s angry at having been abandoned? And jealous of her new family?

    1. There’s definitely a great balance between the humour and the death/serious stuff! ?

  9. I’m enjoying this book so far, it’s fast pacing is keeping me hooked. I love all of Cas and Lena’s interactions because they seem to understand each other in the short time they’ve known each other. I loved Cas and Ventillas destroying the statue as it shows just how deep their bond as brothers is. I want to know more about what happened to Abril and I want to know who tried to kill the prince.

    1. That was such a great scene! ?

  10. I’m still really enjoying this one — so many thoughts and theories floating around in my head, but I have absolutely no idea where it’s going and it makes for such a fun read! I can’t wait to find out what Mari is really up to, because we know it ain’t chillin underground.

  11. Wow, that was a really nasty business, Faro burning the ransom letter! I would say his punishment was well deserved.
    I knew when Cas and his went to the weaponry that he would get the mace from the cover! 😀 So far I’m intrigued, I like Cas a lot!
    Lord Dimas is definitely fishy, plus I’m a bit vary of Lena too. 😐

    1. I loved the scene with the statue destruction!!!

    2. It’s so hard to know who to trust! ?

  12. I loved how the pace slowed down and we got to see and feel the relationships between characters.

    The writing is amazing! So far I love everything about it (I am a bit worried that the relationship between Cas and Lena will develop too fast for my liking but we will have to wait and see).

    The fact that all of the horrible things Cas had to go through are because of jealousy was so shocking to me but it made me love the story and writing even more.

    It seems pace will pick up again now as we are going to see Master Dimas who is very suspicious. Also the fact that it was mentioned that Mari was a good archer makes me wonder if she really is dead. And when will the fact that Cas sees ghosts become important?

    As per usual, it seems that everyone but the main characters know something, but the writing is so good that it doesn’t bother me in this case. So far my favorite read of the year!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  13. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying this story – it’s hard to stop! Already invested in the characters. I suspect Queen Jehan knows more that she’s letting.

    1. For sure, Queen Jehan is definitely acting suspicious! ?

  14. Okay, the characters are growing on me. I have to say I also felt an urge to protect Cas when he was forced to take his shirt is off. Now I am sure it’s Mari who is the arch otherwise, why will her name be mentioned so many times. Also, what is the mystery between the Queen and Ventillas? Do they like each other? Why is the queen so lovely to Cas? I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    1. I just want to save him from all pain and upset! He’s too pure. ?

  15. I’m loving the developing relationship between Cas and Lena. My favourite part was where he allowed her to put plaits in the horse’s hair. The seeing ghosts situation had gone a little quiet so I enjoyed the moment when he saw Cook’s son, very sweet! I don’t think Lena is the archer anymore now but I hope there’s not going to be a terrible twist!

    1. I loved that too! It was another moment that really had me thinking he’s not as nasty as HE thinks he is. ?

  16. The treachery!
    The budding romance I see!
    The intrigue!
    Maybe something is fishy here.
    And Lady Mari? Why don’t I think she is dead?

    1. DEFINITELY something fishy! ?

  17. I am loving this book so much! I agree with you Shannon, I also think Cas is a cinnamon bun and I’m hoping we’ll get to see him grow into it during the story.

    Also, does anyone else has a feeling that Lady Mari might be alive? My bet is that she’s the archer?

    1. I just want to give him a big cuddle! That’s a good theory! ?

  18. Cas is giving me Flynn Rider vibes, complaining about his nose in that statue haha! I’m really enjoying this book so far! I really want to know what happened to Cas that has allowed him to see ghosts, especially after reading the scene with the Cook’s son, that was so sad! I’m excited for tomorrow’s chapters! 🙂

    1. Ohhhh, yes! Such Flynn Rider vibes, I love it! ?

  19. Someone already beat me to it but clearly there is a story to tell about the days that no one knows about from Jehan and Ventillas’s journey. Mari is definitely alive and the archer I think.

    I’m really enjoying the book so far.

    1. There’s definitely something fishy going on there! ?

  20. I write my thoughts down as I’m reading so these are just a few I made for todays chapters…

    I was surprised with Cas changing his mind from exile to cutting Faros’ left hand off as punishment. I though he might’ve had a change of heart after his little “I’m sick to death of death” moment.

    I am obsessed with his love for animals especially horses – he kind of reminds me of Geralt from the Witcher. I hope he gives her a name though so we don’t keep calling her Girl.

    Im unsure about Sorne, I feel like she could become a problem eventually, she seems a little obsessed with Cas. I’m 100% ship him with Lena.

    I loved the statue destroying scene (chapter 9) we love some brother-ly bonding. And how Ventillas teased Cas over his fascination with Lena “Breathe, Cassia. You don’t want to faint in front of the lady” ? I liked reading about their choice of weapons too, at least we now know why Cas has his famous iron spiked mace on the hardcover.

    Cas seeing Cooks young son siting on the stool next to her ?? I would have liked for him to mention to Cook that her son was with her… hopefully he will later on in the book. Surely he can’t keep that secret to himself forever?

    I’m getting off vibes from Ventillas, I don’t know why but I feel like he might have something to do with the assassination attempt ? I dunno, I’m just making assumptions

    I want to try Pika! (not with snails though) it sounds so good! A bowl and spoon made out of leaves! Who wouldn’t want some.

    Is Mari really dead? Apparently she’s good with a bow and arrow. Could that mean she was the one who tried to kill the young Prince ? Cas did say that whoever it was looked like a girl? I feel like a detective ? (call me sherlock Holmes) I guess we’ll have more clues when Cas goes to speak with Master Dimas…

    Bring on tomorrow!

    1. Gosh! I go from one huge paragraph to hundreds of little paragraphs! ? there’s no in-between with me ?

    2. I absolutely love reading your thoughts! ?

  21. I love this book and i love Cas! There are such heartwarming moments in this that even despite the tragedy feel so naturel. And Lena is so funny, I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about her being the archer, she doesn’t seem the type to hurt her niece. So wrong on that front, can’t say I’m upset about it?

    1. Agreed. I really like Lena so I’m happy it seems like she’s a good person! ?

  22. Low blow Faro! Low blow…

    I have a feeling that Mari might still be Alive and maten wants the prince dead as Some kind of revenge that she was meer behind to die like they legt her father while the queen got to live and start a Family.

    I really like Cas and Lena.

    Oh and fireflie globes? GENIOUS! I really love that idea of lights in straf of candles and torches.

    Not to mention all the food I now want to try! 🙂

    1. Right? That scene made me soooo hungry! ?

  23. the scene where they destroyed the statue was a shockingly adorable example of brotherly bonding! loved that Lena called it out later when she mentioned Ventillas looked happier than ever.

    I feel like something suspicious MUST HAVE happened between the prologue and Jehan arriving at the city; the fact that they’re all being vague about that gap in time (and we didn’t get to read it!) is very intriguing. Mari… could totally still be alive and just wrecked that Jehan gets to have a family when hers died on the road

    1. I loved that scene SO much! ?

  24. Oh I’m loving this book so much! These chapters had so memorable moments. But the statue has to be the best.
    I like how this book has gore and violent moments and then is hilarious and sweet. I love cinnamon roll Cas, he is so sweet and good person. And Lena too!
    I hope he and Jehan can be friends in the future ❤️
    Oh and can you talk about the cook that loves the MC character and is like a mom/auntie/grandma to them and cook all they love? Is a trope that don’t receive enough love!

    1. I love Cook. She’s so sweet! ?

  25. Sooo…. I guess some of my thoughts yesterday were wrong… ??

    Today’s chapters were sooo good, I am really loving the person Cas has already shown himself to be.
    Lena… or rather Lady Analena (because she is the king’s sister! ? what better person for Cas catch from a tree ?) I already love her, but I think I’ll love so much more.
    Cas brother seems to be a great person too, and the scene where they destroyed the statue made me soooo happy, I really loved that!

    Some things don’t seem right, like Abril…. she is a stange woman, the archer and Master Dimas and the sudden day of on that exact day… I guess we still have soo much to learn!

    I liked this readalong day more than Day 1, I felt the story flowed better and more smoothly, or maybe I’m the one who’s becoming more connected ???

    Love you all!
    See you tomorow ??

    1. The story definitely keeps getting better as it unfolds! That scene with the statue has stolen my heart, I loved it. ?

  26. I’m not gonna lie, I read these chapters early because I couldn’t put down the book. I definitely think Cas is the classic teddy bear inside but with a strong demeanor on the outside. He’s a loveable main and I’m enjoying his story.
    I am now pretty sure I’m wrong about Lena being the assasin but now I’m thinking maybe it was Maari? She’s supposed to be dead but Jehan is seeming just a little sus so maybe she isn’t dead after all.
    The mystery here is fun and even though this book doesn’t have some crazy big plot it still feels fast paced, easy to read and a page turner.

    1. It’s so hard to put this book down! ?

  27. Okay these next few chapters were SO captivating. I’m really starting to be drawn into this world…

    There were some really funny moments in these chapters (Cas calling Bittor ‘Bitter’ made me put the book down so I could laugh out loud, and double Cassiapeus also made me giggle).

    There were also some heartwarming moments (Jehan mentioning that she was overseeing Cas’ clothing because he didn’t have any women in his family- insinuating that she was almost like an older sister, and honestly just any moment between Cas and Lena or between Cas and Ventimillas where he’s smiling or making jokes because it’s probably been a very long time since he last smiled).

    I also love the theory in a different comment above about Mari being the archer. It would certainly be an interesting twist, and I have a feeling that Master Dimas giving his servants the afternoon off will somehow be explained away.

    1. That double Cassiapeus moment had me smiling so hard! Especially since Lena was like “…what” ?

  28. I love all the scenes between Cas and Lena. They’re really good together, and bring out the best in each other.

    Cas hearing he has a statue made me laugh. And the scene of him and Ventillas destroying it was great.

    I really enjoy seeing Cas meet with everyone, and how happy everyone is to see him return, the scenes with cook were great.

    I think sparing Faro is going to cause Cas problems later. Faro already proved what he was willing to do to remove a rival.

    I’m wondering if Cas will have help from ghosts in discovering the archer’s identity. I’m curious about what happened on Jehan’s journey that we don’t know about yet. I’m thinking Mari could have survived and be the archer. (Mostly just because she was so prominently mentioned in the prologue & because it opens up lots of guessing as to her possible motives)

    I really love that there are lynx’s just hanging out looking for attention!

    1. I really want a lynx! Not sure my house cat would appreciate it, but they’re so cuddly! ?

  29. These characters are so wholesome! Rayan, Jehan, Ventillas, just about everyone we meet (aside from Faro and still on the fence about Sorne)…they all just feel like good people. They all just have a nobility to them, and by that I don’t mean their rank in society so much as the quality of their behavior to each other. For a book with such an ominous name and dark backstory for Cassia, it has a very warm feel to me.

    (And yes, the statue was brilliant hahaha.)

    1. Definitely agree! I think it’s surprising a lot of people. I love it! ?

  30. Ok, the cook is now my favorite character. ? Also, I LOL too many times with today’s chapters!

    1. Right? For a book about a plague, I’m laughing so much! ?

  31. I’m really enjoying the story so far although I’ll confess that I have no idea where it might go. I’m really starting to like all the characters, even the side ones, and their interactions with Cas. I like how the author isn’t afraid to shy away from gruesome scenes. I feel like Cas’ ability to see ghosts will come into play later and I must confess that before we found out that Lena was the kings sister, I thought she might have been the archer.

    1. I have no idea where it’s going either, but I’m loving it! ?

  32. So I have several thoughts on these few chapters. The first is that Cas subconsciously didn’t want Faro to be killed because then he would see him dead and that probably would irritate him more. The second is that Lady Mary is still alive since no-one can actually say she is dead. In the tapestry she wears a green dress and the archer wears a green cloak they might be the same person. BUT THAT SCENE WITH THE STATUE!!! has got to be my favorite so far.

    1. Definitely some good points! Yessss, I loved that statue scene! ?

  33. Just finished this section and I’m still hooked on the story, but I’m not sure if it’s more for the characters or for the plot. I absolutely love Cas and Lena. As grumpy-sunshine is my 100% favorite trope, their interactions give me life.

    That being said, I’m really impressed with how the Author can change the mood of the book so swiftly and cleanly. Faro getting his hand cut off (while deserved), was really dark and heavy, as seeing one beg for his life/livelihood has never sat right with me, but just in the next couple of chapters, we’re back to having lighthearted talks with Lena, to breaking guards noses, to destroying terrible statues for fun. It flows so seamlessly though that I don’t even really notice until I think back about it.

    I do want to know more about Cas and his ability to see ghosts. I’m a little worried that we won’t get an explanation for it, as we’ve already gotten a bit in and the backstory hasn’t even touched on it. I hope it’s not just brushed off as something that just…happens. That being said, I do want to see him acknowledge the gift and potentially help him solve the mystery of the Archer!

    1. I’m hooked on both! ?

  34. Another great day of reading! I am loving this story so far and can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapters!

    I am sensing lots of twists and turns and betrayals! I loved reading everyone’s theories and quite a few made me gasp! If a character doesn’t die on page/another character is present for their death, then there is always the chance that person is still alive! What IF Mari is alive and she is the one who tried to kill the prince? What is something happened on the road that would have turned her against her friend – like being left to die?! And something terrible must have happened for Abril to not want to speak of it! There is a lot we don’t know and I can’t wait to find out!

    1. Definitely a lot of secrets being kept! ? I’m intrigued! ?

  35. Since the book isn’t that big I had the feeling not much happend in these 60 pages. A lot of reunions, some chopping and destroying. A lot of people have been introduced and I am just wondering what their part will be in the end story. I like how the story is not rushed and a lot of time is spend to character relationships and backstories.
    We now know Cas couldn’t see ghosts before he was a prissoner. So still curious how his powerd appeared. I like Lena a lot and can understand her struggles completely. Still sweet that the king gives so much about her safety.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! ?

  36. I caught up with the chapters last night and I have to say I didn’t like very much the excuse from Faro since I was expecting something bigger. Maybe in time, more stuff will be discovered or maybe I just don’t understand love at all haha.
    However, I have to say that I am very impressed with the book so far, I thought I was not going to like it as much as I’m doing. I really like all the funny situations and the progress of the story.
    I think they already know about how important is to have the city clean, as they have stated that rats were the main problem. If you like this topic, I would really recommend playing the game “A Plague Tale: Innocence”. It’s very good and doesn’t require being good at games.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! ?

    2. Well Lena wasn’t who I thought she was. But that’s ok because I love these little moments between Lena and Cas.

      I just wish that we were able to have more moments where Cas sees ghosts. I forgot that for a second and when it happened again it took me by surprise. It seems important to the story but isn’t as prominent. I’d assume he’d see many dead people especially with the plague and war having claimed many lives.

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