Year of the Reaper Readalong Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving the readalong so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting.

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So, let’s jump on in!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 13 to the end of Chapter 19!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Year of the Reaper by Makiia Lucier from chapter 13 to chapter 19. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We join Cas and Lena as they interrogate Master Dimas and his daughter, Hellin. Cas drops into the conversation how he knows that Master Dimas stole the toll from Izaro’s house. Master Dimas left Izaro for dead and clearly thought no one would know of his transgressions… enter our troubled but sweet Lord Cassia!

And his instincts were right, of course they were! Cas is amazing. Master Dimas allowed a stranger in a BLACK VEIL (not suspicious AT ALL???) into his home to ‘watch the naming ceremony’, for a cost of course, because we know Master Dimas has no conscience when money is involved! And, mic drop moment, she gave the name Faustina, the same name of the nurse maid who should’ve been carrying the prince to his naming ceremony. She also left a mysterious coin behind, not one that Lena, (a historian that would know of all the coins in the royal mint, surely?) recognises. Oh, it’s all unravelling now! GET THE POPCORN! WHO IS THIS WOMAN?

I don’t know how Cas copes with seeing ghosts, especially little boy ghosts curling up on the floor of a kitchen with a Lynx. Just reading about it makes my heart ache a little. Cas’s strength really knows no bounds. Anyway, Lena and Cas have dried her grandfather’s inventory, Lena nonchalantly dropped the news that they’re all leaving the keep in a few days. The inventory is all clothing, all Jehan’s clothing by the looks of it! Including her very, VERY pricey wedding gown, and one hundred coins which should’ve served as wedding gifts… coins just like the one the archer left behind… that Jehan had apparently never seen before? Even though she had them commissioned?

I was not ready for Cas to approach and speak to the boy after Lena left, and with such care. I’m weeping. The lynx left the boy and Cas offered to go and find another Lynx and bring it back for the boy to cuddle. I’m really not ok.

The King and Cas find Ventillas very drunk, at a gravestone, weeping over the grave of a man that Cas said he was “friends” with for many years. Every time I forget about the plague we’re reminded about the devastation and loss caused by it ?

After hauling Ventillas up and carrying him out from the graveyard, our resident spirit sensor sees Ventillas’s love, Kemen and he tells Cas to make sure Ventillas doesn’t come again, because he visits almost every night. This book is killing my tear ducts.

We’ve caught many snippets about Cas’s journey to where he is now, so we can see why he’s troubled, but I never stopped to think how others may be affected, how Ventillas might have been. It’s so sad, he’s clearly struggling. I hope Cas being back will give him some comfort!

The way Abril is avoiding Lena is certainly suspect… I feel like there’s more going on here than meets the eye. 

Oh no. Abril is dead… with coins on her eyes. That’s unsettling! Well, I take back what I said, I can see why Abril was avoiding Lena now…

Poison! There’s something REALLY weird going on here and I have absolutely no clue what it is! Anyone have any ideas?

So Abril’s “sister” has conveniently only been seen in the last few days, before her death and, she’s rumoured to have worn a black veil and YOU GUESSED IT her name is “Faustina”… this is bizarre! Who would want the prince and Abril dead?

Cas, knight in shining armour, has spotted the killer and, because he’s amazing, gives chase. She’s clever though and when Cas catches up to her, she plays the victim, and people come to her rescue. This evil woman is then seen laughing at Cas as she escaped. This woman is BRUTAL.

Cas is hurt, my baby Cas ? and now Cas, who’s self conscious about his scars won’t show anyone where he’s hurt. Give me a minute, I’m crying.

Ok. I’m good. I’m alright. Poor Lena too. It’s obvious she cares for Cas and it must be so hard to see the trauma he went through when he was taken prisoner. 

Ohhhhh. Cas thinks Lady Mari is the women in the veil, the archer, the woman who killed Abril and carries the coins and goes by Faustina. It would make sense, apart from the fact that everyone said she’d died… Ah! Cas thinks she didn’t die. Could she be seeking revenge for being left behind?

Queen Jehan has come clean about the coins… but only because Lena showed her the list that proves she knows they were made ?️ and VENTILLAS knew too. I thought I knew Ventillas, and I thought he’d have told his brother anything and everything! Unless it was too risky to tell him… something strange is going on here for sure.


So Lady Mari could definitely be the veiled archer. Yet, Queen Jehan is adamant it wouldn’t be. I’m so confused! Who else could it possibly be?

Ventillas is once again showing that he isn’t as open with Cas as we initially believed. When Cas goes to visit Faro’s cell, it’s empty, and Ventillas tells Cas he sent him away on a ship… not realising Cas can see ghosts, and he saw Faro’s ghost, rocking back and forth whispering Sorne’s name. Why would Ventillas lie? More so, why would he kill Faro when Cas explicitly said he was tired of death and wanted Faro alive, but exiled?

What a section and what a moment to end on! I don’t know who to trust anymore (other than Cas, always Cas).

Well, we’re over halfway through now! I hope you’re all enjoying this as much as I am. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts on Year of the Reaper.

See you then!



72 thoughts on “Year of the Reaper Readalong Day 3!

  1. Lady Mari?! I was starting to wonder why she was barely mentioned besides the prologue. I really like how the story is progressing and I’m really curious how Cas’ gift/curse works. Poor Ventillas

    1. I love that this is slowly turning into an investigation! I had a baaad feeling about Abril and this sister of hers?. But why would Mari be so angry as to do all of this? I need to know more!

      The passages with cook’s son broke my heart a little. This book is making me feel all the emotions!!!

      1. I’ve entered the giveaway! Instagram handle is @booksandlattesbvl

    2. I really love the progression too! ?

  2. I have joined the entered and my Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

  3. Enjoying this book so much now!
    I have no idea who the archer is if it’s not Mari and I love that.
    How does Ventillas know about the coins and now he’s lying about Faro.
    Definitely something going on with him. And weird he’s keeping secrets with the queen.
    I need to know more!

    1. Definitely can’t wait to find out what all the secrets are that The Queen and Ventillas are hiding. Hopefully we find out more about there trip. Also glad to see Cas is helping the ghosts now. Also Faro….. wasn’t expecting that ?

    2. Agreed!! There is definitely something going on with Ventillas ?

  4. I feel so sorry for Ventallis. He’s heartbroken and I do believe he has killed Faro, the one responsible for what happened to Cas. He already lost Kemen and almost lost Cas….I can understand it.
    I’m wondering what Ventillas is keeping from Cas, other than the truth about Faro.
    Rondilla doesn’t sound like someone I’d like to know more about….but perhaps she might be the archer? I really don’t know who is… Mari seems a possibility to me….

    I’ve joined the giveaway on Instagram, I’m @beppie125
    I’ll be back tomorrow ?
    Love, Sandy.

  5. Woohoo I’ve entered! My Instagram handle is @books.bydani 🙂

  6. I have so much theories about the killer’s identity, about the secret the Queen and Ventillas shared. I really need answers ! The more I’m reading this book, the more I am enjoying it. That’s funny because if it wasn’t in the fairyloot box of December I should never read this book (and it would be very sad).

    PS : I have entered and my Instagram handle is @mathilde_heirs

  7. I’ve entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @natalie_thevoraciousreader.

    I’m really enjoying this book very much. It’s making me question everything. I have this feeling that something strange is going on and it’s leaving me unsettled. I hope to get answers soon.

  8. I have waited all day in work just to read todays chapters! I have entered the read along giveaway and my IG handle is:


    Anyway! Here are my thoughts…

    The growth of Cas and Lenas relationship throughout these chapters though! ?.

    Master Dinas said “she”! My guess that Mari is still alive and could be the archer still stands. BUT would Makiia make it that obvious?

    We are getting closer and closer to Cas revealing his ability to talk to ghosts. I feel like he could harness his ability so that’s it helps him find out who the archer/lady in the hat is?

    Why is the queen lying? Is it because she doesn’t want anyone to know that Mari is alive? Remember in the prologue, they were both like sisters. They had a close relationship.

    There were some cute moments in todays chapters. I absolutely loved when Cas finally spoke to Cooks little son ? and how he called him “little one”.

    Who killed Abril? And what is the meaning of the coins! Someone is definitely trying to send a message to the queen but why? And why am I starting to doubt my choice of Mari as the archer? Why would the king ask for the wedding dress to be burnt? Is he trying to get rid if any evidence? Gahh this book is hurting my brain ?

    So Faro is dead? Who killed him? And why would Ventillas lie? Was it him who killed Faro? Even after Cas specifically said he didn’t want him killed. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

    Why do I have a feeling that the archer isn’t working alone? …

  9. I love how Cas and Lena’s relationship is progressing! He seems to trust her now more than anyone else, despite not having known her very long. I especially loved the moment between them when Lena was trying to figure out how he knew what happened between Master Dimas and Izaro. The way she stopped for a second to make sure he was comfortable with her touch before placing her hand over his heart shows how well she’s grown to know him and his reactions in such a small amount of time!

    I’m also loving the mystery and I can’t wait to carry on reading so I can find out the answers to all of my questions!!

  10. So many secrets and I love Ventillas but betrayal/lies seem to be running amuck here…. The Queen is obviously hiding something and is it that Mari is alive? Cas is so intelligent that I trust him with figuring out the truth. He has been really good at putting things together so far. I have to say that I absolutely adore how kind and caring Cas is…his empathy is next level (like with the ghost of the little boy who wanted the lynx to snuggle with).

  11. Now, I am still in love with Cas let that be clear, but currently I am the most interested in Ventillas. There is so much depth and secrets to his character that I can’t wait to keep on reading!

    Also, I don’t really trust Jehan. I don’t know why but I think she is directly involved into all that us happening.

    I don’t think Mari is the assassin for a simple reason, all of the clues point to her.

    I like that the story took a mystery turn but it is time for the ghost seeing thing to become important. And I do hope we see the darker side of Cas, no one is all good and nice, especially after experiencing what he did. We saw just the first layer of trauma he experienced and I need more. I love the way all of the characters are written but Cas specifically is just amazing!

  12. Cas’s handling of Master Dimas was sublime! I am intrigued by Jehan and Ventillas and the secrets they are keeping about the rest of their journey from Brisa to Oliveras.
    Cook’s little ghost boy is adorable!
    Ventillas and his mourning his dead (presumed) lover is heartbreaking.
    I agree with Lena – how did the guards not recognise Cas as he approached them at the gate?!
    I have entered, and my instagram is @mirlyah

  13. Well…. this day was full of new mysteries!!
    Don’t know on who should I believe…
    Cas and Lena are both searching for the thruth but I don’t know if they’ll like it!
    The story of the coins sound sus and Ventillas now lying about Faro… and the addciton he has because of his former lover…
    I really want to know more about Cas ability to see ghosts!
    And now they’re going to Elvira, I really don’t know what to expect!

    I’m really loving the book so far!
    See you tomorow ??

    I also be participating on the giveaway! @rita_and_books

  14. I really like how the story is going!! Oh my the king was betrothed to someone else? Hmm now it’s getting interesting. I am not sure why Ventillas is lying to Cas. Really wish they would talk freely with each other.

    Can’t wait for the next chapters.

    I have posted the photos. My Instagram handle is

  15. I’m so pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying this book! I hadn’t really heard of it before it was in the box and it’s so good – I like Cas and Lena a lot and I’m loving the political intrigue.

    When Cas got a Lynx to sleep with the ghost of the cook’s child ?

    My Instagram is @onlybooksiveread and I’m just about to post my photo.

    Now it seems like they’re going to be on the road again and things will start to come together. I think poor Cas may be in for more trouble and potentially a rift with his brother 🙁

  16. Oh no it feels like Ventillas is taking the wrong path in life! I hooe he turns up all right!! I love that theyre going to the castle now and that he follows Lena! Hopefully we will get to see more about Jehan and Mari (I still have hope for her but also cant get out my mind that Jehan hates this kingdom and Mari will follow her everywhere?!?)

    1. Also Bittor is a MOOD

  17. “We share a horse.” ?

    Cas fiddling with his pretty new clothes. Such a good scene.

    What was with Jehan’s comment at dinner about Cas being a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    I was right! LIAR! Jehan is not to be trusted! Could she and Miri be in it together? Loyal to Brisa over her own husband and child? I’m calling it again. I think they are a couple and trying to take out Olivera from within.

    I’m so sad for Ventillas. It seems like the King is trying to put doubt in Cas’s mind about his brother. Could the King know something?

    Abril. ?The wedding dress. ?

    What a creepy few chapters. It’s getting darker!

    My favorite part of this book is the comedy. While a bit dark, I find the abruptness of it so interesting. I am enjoying it.

    Posted on insta. @jesicas.cozycorner 🙂

  18. I totally echo what you say Shannon! How do we know who to trust in all this anymore? At the minute I’m suspecting everyone – apart from Cas of course. He really is a wonderful character. When he got the second lynx for the ghost boy, that was just so sweet. I am entering the fabulous giveaway and my Instagram is @the_faery_tales
    Thank you x

  19. I’m loving this book so much! I wonder when Cas is going to admit to everyone that he can see ghosts?

    I entered the giveaway! My instagram handle is @giggenbach.volcano (it’s a new one for my books stuff i just set up so please don’t be concerned that it’s pretty sparse).

  20. Ooooooo, I just want to finish it now. I can’t wait to see how this wraps up! Is it Mari or the ex-almost-fiancée? And then Ventillas! Why did he kill Faro when he agreed not to? Did Faro do something to Kemen that we don’t know about, something that Ventillas would want to have sought revenge on but couldn’t because their relationship wasn’t accepted and therefore he could do nothing? I can’t wait to find out!

  21. The queen and brother are acting sus. Really enjoying this – what’s gonna happen?

  22. Yes to all of this! Cas is the purest of cinnamon rolls and i love the soft & easy relationship between him and Lena.

    Tbh I’ve thought it was Mari from the start but then that seems… too obvious? Idk.
    and Ventillas was suspiciously absent when the nurse was shot… I love Ventillas but i don’t trust anyone apart from Cas & Lena in this book !

  23. As I’ve read these chapters I’ve started to suspect that the archer really is lady Mari, and this explains the scene in the prologue, but there is definitely something more going on! Maybe something else happened with the queen’s cortege?
    I’m really enjoying the mystery component of this book! Also, at first I loved Cas and Ventillas’ relationship… it’s obvious they care about each other and they are helping each other cope with everything that has happened. But more and more I’m growing suspicious about Ventillas… he’s often away and nobody knows where he goes, he has lied to Cas about Faro and about the coin. I really hope he isn’t the “bad guy”!

    Also, I’ve joined and my Instagram handle is @fu_reads

  24. This book is just killing me, I swear. I’m so loving this.

    Is Mari. I’m saying this since day 1. I understand Jehan but girl, your best friend is not the same person you knew. No one is. But I’m enjoying the mystery around this person, I cannot wait to know why she is doing these terrible things.

    And beside the mystery… Am I the only one who wanted to cry in almost all today’s chapters??

    1 – Ventillas lost not only is brother, but his love, who he can’t mourn in public. My heart broke in million pieces.

    2 – After the “who did this to you?”, we have Lena’s “Hate them all.” after see Poor Cas’s scars. I understand you and sign beside you. No one should put a hand on our boy again never more!

    3 – Cas talking to Cook’s boy ghost and bringing him a lynx. I’m crying and I don’t care.

    And if this was not enough for our hearts, oh such tense moments. Rayan hurt because Jehan and Ventillas lie to him. Cas discovering his brother is guilt of Faro death and lying in his face!!

    My heart is probably too weak for tomorrow’s chapters but I don’t care because I’m addicted.

  25. Cas dealing with the little boy ghost was so touching!

    I’ve been wondering why Mari was featured so much in the prologue – something definitely is up with her! Can’t wait to read more!

  26. There is so much going on in this part. I’m really enjoying this book! More great scenes between Cas and Lena, I really like them together!

    I was so surprised to hear of Faro’s ghost, I guess he won’t be working against Cas, though this could cause a rift between the brothers. I was not surprised by Abril’s death though, her not showing up at the castle was too suspicious.

    I had 3 theories yesterday, but knowing that Faustina and Abril were the targets, I’ve chosen a favorite. I’m hardly ever right on these, but my guess is that Jehan had the plague and was left behind not Mari and that not wanting the peace to fall apart, Mari has been impersonating Jehan all this time, with only Ventillas, Faustina, and Abril knowing the truth. She may not have known about the coin? This would help explain Abril and Ventillas’s behavior – guilt of lying to Rayhan. They obviously still have a secret. The archer had a wedding dress made, which seems like a personal message to the group that left her behind. And Its specifically mentioned that both Jehan and Mari are talented archers. The problem with this theory of course is that anyone who knows Jehan (her father) would figure it out if they visited.

  27. what other secrets could the queen have with Ventillas? could the kings previous betrothed be the archer? although nothing was stated that she knew archery. Im looking Cas and Lena together. their interactions their shared looks and finishing sentences makes my heart happy.

  28. Ventillas is sus >.> What about that Lady Rondilla that Lena mentioned? She’d have a reason to hate Jehan too. I don’t want it to be Mari, though mostly because it feels too obvious.

    My IG is @sonata_ix and I’ll be posting tomorrow!

  29. This book is so fast paced. I still wish that Cas’ ability to see ghosts had a more dominant role in this plot. This is so messy I have no idea who the archer might be, but I don’t think it’s Mari.

    I know Faro is an ass and what he did had horrible repercussions, but that lead just such a depressing scene.

    I also entered the giveaway. Handle: @finding.fiction_

  30. I had fun putting together a photo for this challenge! ?? My ig username is @pastryghost

    I’m loving this book SO much! Cas & Lena channeling their inner detectives and intimidating the awful chicken thieves was so ? satisfying ?

    I very sad for Abril. And the ghost boy in the kitchen. And Ventillas and his lost love. :’( This book dies not pull punches, and I love it.

    Looking forward to the rest of the book!! Who else gets the feeling that maybe there’s some classic Shakespearean mistaken identities at play here…? ?

  31. This section was such a whirlwind. I definitely thought something was going on with Abril and now that she’s dead its even more suspect I think. Like maybe she was involved somehow and the archer killed her to keep her quiet??

    Also Jehan and even ventillas are feeling more suspect now. I feel like there’s a whole lot going on that we don’t know/haven’t figured out yet and I feel like the can of worms is about to explode!

    I’m definitely enjoying this book and glad to have gotten to read it with this read along.

    I haven’t made my post yet but my Instagram is @x_late_night_reads_x

    1. I’ve now made my post @x_late_night_reads_x

  32. Lots of twists and turns in this one! Can’t wait to see how it ends!
    I’ve entered @penguinograce

  33. I have posted the photo and my handle is @patriciasjsantos

  34. This book is getting really interesting! At first, I though Lena might have been the archer earlier, and it wasn’t until I read this section that I can now see it must not be her. Awhile everything points for it to be Mari, I’m still a little sceptical. Since she was in the prologue, it would make since that she would have a larger role later on in the story, but I wonder if this is really how it’s going to go. There’s definitely something else at play now, and surviving the plague looks like it will change someone in some way.

    I’m curious to see more of Ventillas’s characterisation as the story continues. It seems more brutal than he was when Cas knew him three years ago. Maybe he also had the plague at some point and also survived it, but it happened before he escorted the queen.

    Overall, it was hard to set the book down after the last reveal, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story ends!

  35. Loving this book and the read along ❤️ I’ve posted on Instagram my handle is @zoemelissareads

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  36. Really enjoying this book so far! I have joined the giveaway and my Instagram is @acosmicreader

  37. Really enjoying this book so far and always have so much fun in the readalongs ? I’ve entered the photo challenge, my Instagram handle is @wickedly.bookish

  38. Oops, yesterday was so hectic for me I forgot to share my thoughts!

    I knew Lady Mari would somehow come up a play a bigger role, and they couldn’t just give her an off-screen death! That being said, I’m curious about her role and how it ties to Jehan. The fact that Jehan is so adamant about Mari not doing anything like this makes me think that something happened on the journey that ostracized Mari from the party (like maybe she killed someone, or went against the peace accords somehow) and now Jehan may be harboring her secretly somewhere in the city? I’m not sure, but I think that’s going to be my running theory.

    That being said, I’m also surprised that Ventillas went against his brother and (potentially?) killed Faro. I thought they had come to an amicable agreement but maybe something else happened there? Like he had started showing signs of the plague? I don’t know, it just seems out of the blue to start fraying at their brotherly bond at this point. It makes me so sad when Cas is dealing with his past, so I really hope there’s a good reason because he needs all the support he can get!

  39. I have entered @booknotes_athina

    Loving it so far ?

  40. uff so much has happend first I have a suspicion that the archer is the kings ex lover or girlfriend and not Mari will see

    oh my poor Cas gets hurt again he just cant catch a break well at least Lena gives him some comfort and how shy he was to show her his scars por Cas I just want to hugh him.

    Poor Ventillas loosing his partner soo sad and thinking his brother is dead my heart goes out to him it so painfull loosing someone you love

    oooh our sweet Cas helping the cooks son so precious that scene was really moving

    I agree with most the queen and Ventillas are most defiantly shady I need to know what they are hiding

  41. P.S. I have enter the giveaway my instagram is danica.brnot

  42. I really am enjoying this book so far and love Cas and Lena. Both as individual characters and how natuarally they work together. This is a crazy theory but I wonder if it was actually Jehan that got sick on the trip and Mari had to take her place and now she’s coming back at her for revenge of taking her place. Just a thought.

    Also, I entered the instagram giveaway and my account is @claudlovesbooks

  43. So Bittor is honestly the best character in this entire book. When Cas’s stress level goes up, Bittor is there to bring him down. More Bittor please!

    I don’t think it is nuts that Lady Mari is so affected by her experience with the plague that she would want to take revenge on her so-called friend. And her experience and reaction was a good foil to Cas’s experience and reaction to similar events. They both caught plague and were left behind.

    My instagram handle is riverwinde for the giveaway.

  44. This book is so intriguing! I’m loving the overall mystery plot of this book. It was definitely not something I was expecting going into it. Okay Master Dimas is annoying. Not only did he steal money from poor Izaro while he died in his bed but also his chickens! Then he lets a strange woman into his attic during the ceremony because she gave him money. Then he lies about the woman and makes it seem like he has no idea how someone could have gotten into his attic to shoot the prince! I’m glad Cassia “insisted” that Master Dimas fund the new orphanage. Maybe it will shed some light on his greediness and maybe he’ll see how helpful he can be instead of hurting people for their money. I’m very interesting in these coins that only a few people know about. Why did Jehan lie about them in the first place and why did Ventillas let her? They seem to know a lot more than what they’re telling and it seems like Abril did to. Is that why she was killed? To make sure she didn’t share their secrets? What really happened on their travels? Because someone wants them all dead but none of them want to share why that could be. I’m excited to see what happens with Cassia and his ghost sight. It definitely seems to be helping him see who is lying to him. I do feel bad for the cook’s son but I love that he’s still helping her cook and sleeping beside the lynxes at night. it’s just such a sweet image. I just can’t wait to see what Cassia and Lena discover next! Especially since I’m assuming they’re leaving soon to be escorted home. I would like to enter the giveaway. My instagram is @figthecav

  45. Loving this book! It isn’t what I originally thought it was going to be, but it is so much better!

    I entered the secret photo challenge. My username is @bookish_westie on instagram.

  46. This section was crazy! I thought that Abril might have been the archer and she was feeling guilty so she was avoiding Lena but that theory doesn’t work when she’s dead. I’m thinking the next bet is that it’s Lady Mari and that her, Ventillas and the queen are somehow behind everything and possibly want to start another war? I love Lena and Cas’ relationship and that scene with Cas and the cooks boy *heart eyes*

    1. Forgot to add that I entered the photo contest and my Instagram is @mybookishbeing

  47. The plot thickens! Part of me thinks it’s Mari and the other part thinks that’s too obvious. And I really think something suspicious is happening between Jehan and Ventillas. I mean, she named her child after him! I can’t wait to keep reading!

    1. Just entered the giveaway! My Instagram handle is seeshansew

      Fingers crossed ??

  48. Master Dimas was the 1 who robbed Izaro while he was dying & let the archer into his attic! 1 of the 100 gold coins commissioned for Jehan’s marriage to King Rayan was left by the archer in Master Dimas’ attic window & 2 more again on the eyes of Abril’s body (dressed in Jehan’s missing wedding dress, of all things) at the inn? Is Mari truly behind this, having miraculously recovered from the plague like Cas? What else is Jehan hiding, & how much is Ventillas in on? Also, with Ventillas mourning the loss of his gay lover, Kemen, producing the Palmerin heir must fall to Cas (with someone he can trust with his secret of seeing ghosts, which has finally started coming back into play) – is this where our slow burn between Lena & Cas is headed? Why did Ventillas lie about killing Faro after agreeing to otherwise, & what else has happened to him since the plague/cortege that has made the king worry about him enough to warn Cas & prompt 4 attempted resignations from him??

  49. I’ve entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @poppybalfour ?‍♀️

    I really like this book! So glad I participated in the readalong and picked this up.

  50. I started suspecting Mari only at the end of Chapter 12. I love how this story is a good mystery as well as paranormal and historical novel! I’m excited for the other characters’ reactions as the story progresses!

    I’ve entered as @offwithdragons

  51. I have also entered the giveaway!?
    My instagram is @moonlightsbooks

  52. I’ve entered the giveaway! Instagram handle is @booksandlattesbvl

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  54. I absolutely love how Cas used the knowledge given to him by Izaro to get answers, and then used Dimas’s actions against him to force him to contribute to an orphanage! What a guy.

    The list was truly a twist, before being confronted I thought the Queen didn’t even know about the coins, which made me think she might be Mari. I know they did everything together but it did say that they were commissioned by the King and his daughter. Now I’m thinking they simply lied, as I don’t think Ventillas would voluntarily involve himself in helping the Queen create a cover up all of a sudden. Or maybe he would, the more we learn the less we know, it feels. I mean, Faro is now dead even after Ventillas said he was to be exiled, the only person to go against a Lord’s word would be the Lord himself. Unless Faro succumbed to infection from his wound, although that seems unlikely.

    Either way I’m worried about Ventillas, between the above, his love succumbing to the plague, and now as there’s someone hunting the members of the Queen’s travelling party Ventillas could very well be in danger. It also hurts knowing Cas came this close to uncovering who’s behind this.

    Oh, I also felt so bad for Cas having to remove his shirt in front of Lena when he really didn’t want to, but boy do I love angst. They seem to really care for each. It’ll be interesting to see how the story continues now that we’re leaving the Keep.

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  55. This has been such a fascinating read so far! I don’t know if I realized how much of it was going to be a mystery, but the setting and the powers Cas has make it so interesting. I was sus of Lady Mari but it feels really obvious at this point, so I think there’s a bigger conspiracy at hand. Interesting that Lena had a side tangent about the last woman her brother was supposed to marry – maybe she’s the mysterious archer/poisoner?

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  56. So far I am loving this book. I’ve never read a book like this before and I’m glad I choose to keep this box. I love the time setting and the set up.

    Bittor for some reason is one of my favorite besides Cas and Lena. I feel like I know the secret Jehan and Ventillas are hiding. They always look at each other anytime the mysterious woman is mentioned.

    I can’t wait to see how the next few chapters develop.

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  57. This book is so intriguing!

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  59. … and the plot thickens! Loving this book so much!

    I was wondering what was going on with Abril, and why was she avoiding Lena. At one point I thought she might be involved in the incident with the archer and the attempt to kill the prince. But now she is dead and it’s making me rethink my theories. Did she know the archer? Was she killed so she wouldn’t talk? What exactly did she know?

    And now I have more questions. What’s the deal with the coins? Why were Jehan and Ventillas lying when they said they hadn’t seen the coin before? What are they hiding?

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