A Curse of Blood and Wolves Readalong: Day 3!


Lovely photo by @giota_the_reader!

Hi fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving A Curse of Blood and Wolves by Melissa McTernan so far! I’m so eager to know what’s going to happen in this section!

Before we start reading, we have our secret giveaway! What’s that? Oh, just a chance to get your next FairyLoot Adult Book-Only box for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

  1. Take a photo of our edition of A Curse of Blood and Wolves
  2. Include the hashtag #FairyCurse (very important!)
  3. Do all of this by the end of June 20th.
  4. Mention down below in your comment that you have entered and include your Instagram handle (also super important!)

Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 19 to the end of Chapter 28, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Curse of Blood and Wolves, from chapters 19 to 28. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!

They’re going to visit Callie. Callie’s a witch so Ruby’s really being thrown in at the deep end with her intro to all things supernatural!

What we learn is… disconcerting. Seers are really rare, they also used to be hunted and killed for their knowledge or captured. Excellent.

What’s kind of confusing right now though is that they don’t seem to be after Lena, they’re targeting Ruby?

Anyway, Ruby and Rafe both agree their current attraction is proving to be a bit distracting and if they get it out of their systems, it’ll all be better. We as the reader though, get to see they’re both actually not 100% sure on it! Interesting.

“Getting it out of their systems” proved one thing – Rafe and Ruby are mates.


Instead of telling her, Rafe goes into panic mode and leaves. That’s… not what I expected but ok. Naturally this leaves Ruby feeling pretty embarrassed.

Rafe’s conflicted about the revelation and another flashback proves why! We see the moment he told Scarlet what he really is and her reaction was worlds away from Ruby’s. She called him a monster, a beast. She told him not to come around anymore. Poor Rafe!

Rafe seems to have a lot of inner turmoil about what he is I think, and I think whatever happened to Scarlet, he blames himself. The flashback makes him decide he’ll leave Ruby and Lena behind. They need you Rafe, don’t do this!

He tells Ruby why he left the pack. When his father was dying and needed to pick a new Alpha, he pinned the brothers against each other. Rafe couldn’t do it, he refused and shifted into his human form in the middle of the ring. It’s considered forbidden and a huge argument ensued. Rafe sees that as a bad thing though? The daddy issues are very stark here! Rafe did the right thing but punishes himself nonetheless.

Now that he’s gone, Ruby kind of has to loop Lena in. On the wolves AND on the fact Lena may be a seer, and she doesn’t take it well. She’s convinced Ruby’s lost it and says she’s confident the doctors will find out what’s wrong with her… cause that’s worked so well up to now.

Turns out, Rafe led death right to Scarlet’s door. Even after she tells him he’s a monster, he continues to follow her. Seeing a theme here, Rafe 👀 Except one day, he finds her body.

It’s not outright confirmed, but we all know Rafe’s father did this, right?

Rafe’s worrying he’s putting Ruby in danger in the same way he did Scarlet. He’s not in a pack now though, he doesn’t answer to anyone! The fact they’re mates seems to have scared him, his feelings run a lot deeper this time around.

Theo pops by to see Ruby and after hearing Rafe’s fled the house, he decides to tell her about Scarlet, if anything just to help Ruby understand why Rafe’s acting the way he is.

Then he pays a visit to his brother to tell him he’s an idiot and try talk sense into him. When he jokes that he’ll keep Ruby entertained Rafe loses it and it’s his reaction that makes Theo realise what Ruby is to him. Theo’s shocked, but asks Rafe if he CAN even leave Ruby? It apparently causes physical pain and difficulty for some wolves to leave their mates, interesting!

Now that Ruby knows the whole picture… or most of it. She decides she’s not letting Rafe off that easily. Wherever he’s going to find out more about what’s happening, she’s going too. Yaaas queen, stand your ground!!!

It gives them the chance to discuss things a bit further, and Rafe doesn’t tell her that they’re mates, but does admit he can’t stay away from her!

What a section – I feel like I have whiplash!

If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
Do you think Lena will come around?
What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!

Can’t wait to read more with you all tomorrow, fairies!





  • dnjreads

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
    I would definitely want to know. I feel like she can already tell something is going on between the two of them that is different than normal. I was really hoping she would overhear Rafe and Theo talking.

    Do you think Lena will come around?
    I think she will eventually. Maybe Theo will explain more to her since they are home together right now.

    What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!
    I like Theo so far. I loved how excited he got about Rafe finding his mate. I want to see more from him going forward.

    I have posted my photo @dnjreads

    • lulu.james2712

      Wow, this is getting good. I’m really enjoying it so far

      If you were ruby, would you want to know that rafe is your mate?

      Yes, definitely, I would want to be given the choice to choose Mt own destiny I feel like too be honest she must be feeling that something isn’t right between them and the feeling she’s feeling arnt just normal crush feelings

      Do you think lena will come around?
      Yes I think she will eventually think she just need time it can’t be easier hearing all those things about herself it must be scary for her and when you scared sometimes you Bury your head in the sand.

      What do you think about theo?
      I really like theo hopefully that doesn’t change I like how even though his brothers trys too push him away he’s still there too support him and how sweet he acted about rafe finding his mate I think he’s super cute
      I’m joining the readalong competition on Instagram

  • Tasha

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate? – I would but I think I would feel as if my mate didn’t truly love me and just thought they felt that way because of the bond. How would you truly know?

Do you think Lena will come around? – yes I just think she’s in denial and she wants it to be a medical problem not a supernatural gift. I think some deniability is more realistic than Rubys non freak out acceptance.

What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him! – I like Theo -the next book is about him and Phoebe so I can’t wait to read more about them.

  • Ashley Arias

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
    Absolutely, I want to be well informed to make my own decision on the situation as I know Ruby would too. She has already accepted him for who he is and the past choices he made.

    Do you think Lena will come around?
    I hope so, if she doesn’t I fear some harm will come to her.

    What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!
    I like Theo, he is snarky and confident. I think he deeply cares for his brother even with the animosity between them. I hope we get more of him.

    I will be entering the giveaway my IG handle is the_bookwh0re (the O is a zero)

  • ladymeg

    1) *Snape voice* Obviously. I have questions too. Like if mates don’t usually survive without each other, does that mean Rafe would die or lose his will to live after Ruby’s human lifespan expires? Or would Ruby be granted Rafe’s longevity? I feel like if he really wanted to keep her away he could explain that he’d die when she died and she voluntarily would not want to do that to him. But whatever just think with your hormones kids!

    2) I hope so, she’s in such heavy denial and it sounds like she has been for a while.

    3) I like him but that makes me suspicious. Too many books with plot twists about the “nice” character. I was glad when Devon owned up to killing Scarlet because at first I wasn’t sure there was proof WHICH wolf did it.

    • ladymeg

      It’s always a good book when I forget about the giveaway…I’ll be entering as @sonata_ix

  • Julia White

    I entered the giveaway as @readinginaplacelikethis

    Also Callie’s cat used to breathe fire? I need a backstory 🧐

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
    Yes – lots of deciding what’s best for the other person without their input in this book! We hate miscommunication misunderstandings! Talk it out! I’m sure Ruby will figure it out without him though, she does consume a lot of werewolf media.

    Do you think Lena will come around?
    Eventually! She probably needs to see a werewolf transform though. But Ruby is her sister, and they’re the only family they have left. They seem to really value that.

    What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!
    Another man afraid of his feelings so he pushes people away by being a jerk! Apparently you can be centuries old and still act like a teen. I do like that he’s looking out for Rafe with Ruby despite their disagreements.

  • Tara Hunt

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
    Yes yes yes! I would want to know immediately. Rafe is trying to make a decision on their future together for Ruby and she doesnt even realize it.

    Do you think Lena will come around?
    I think Lena will eventually come around. This is a lot to handle. I cant imagine getting all this information at once. My mind would literally explode.

    What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!
    I love Theo. I think he is a great character, super funny. I know he is sorta with Pheobe but I’m secretly hoping something happens between him and Lena. That would be so cute. Two sisters with the two brothers 💕💕

    Im really enjoying this read. I would also like to enter the secret giveaway. I posted my photo @booksbeersbattlestargalactica


    I will be participating in the photo challenge my username is mangapenguin

    If you were Ruby, would you want to know that Rafe is your mate?
    I am not sure. He’s not a bad guy but she doesn’t really know him yet.

    Do you think Lena will come around?
    I think so in time. There is a lot happening and she’s not fully in control of herself either.

    What do you think about Theo? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!
    I think all the brothers have some serious trauma they will need to work through.

  • Kaaty

    I’m not far in this yet, so I’m avoiding spoilers, but I’ve postedy photo @kaaty.reads

  • Erica

    I entered!

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