A Curse So Dark And Lonely Readalong: Day 4


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It’s already day four of the readalong! I’ve been having so much fun reading all of your comments, and seeing all of your Instagram story tags! It seems like you guys are really loving this book, which makes me so happy! I cannot wait to see what you guys think of today’s chapters.

Let’s get back into this amazing story!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for A Curse So Dark and Lonely chapters 24-31 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Rhen is seriously so good at scheming. He’s planting all of these ideas in peoples head, and cleverly tells Coale about why the royal family left and why there is no staff. It’s such a great explanation for why there is nobody at the castle! And he also suggests that the monster is controlled by Karis Luran… it’s genius! He really has such a great way for tactical thinking.

When they’re at the inn, Grey and Rhen have a real heart to heart when they are outside of the inn, and in that moment you can really tell that something about the dynamic of their relationship has changed. I feel like Rhen is growing so much, after so many seasons of being the same this last season is really changing them. Rhen and Grey are changing from Prince and Guard Commander to friendship, and I am so here for the bromance! Also, side note, I wonder why Brigid gave Grey that name? He’s got dark humour, but the name choice intrigues me! And I know this GIF isn’t really relevant but I really wanted to include it haha!

Throughout these chapters, Rhen is a man on a mission. He has got Jamison there (the guy with the wagon that they saved!) and he is going to help distribute the castle’s magic food to people. I can tell things are going to change now. The castle now has people there, as Freya has agreed to help Harper. We also find out out that Jamison was in the army – I really like his vibe!

When Jamison is sparring with Grey, Lilith appears. *shivers* I just know things are about to go down! Rhen has told her that Harper wants to meet her, and now Grey has gone to get Harper so that she can meet Lilith. MY NERVES! I just know this is going to end badly, because hello it is Lilith!

And of course it does. When Harper arrives and sees what Lilith is doing to Rhen it’s just so awful. I KNEW LILITH WOULD DO ALL THE BAD THINGS! And then Harper throws a knife at her and is all awesome and kick butt and I’m all YES GIRL YES but also I am so scared for her – please don’t hurt Harper! Lilith taunts her with all of these horrible things and just proves how evil she is, and then she cuts Harper’s face! Harper takes it really well, and the way Rhen worried about her was so precious. In two days they are going to go to Silvermoon to make a public appearance!

Harper gets all dressed to go to Silvermoon and has a heated discussion with Grey about staying safe and how she needs to be careful after the whole ordeal with Lilith. It’s pretty intense but then Harper sees Rhen in his full prince regalia and he looks awesome. (I am low key swooning… okay it might be high key).

Their arrival in Silvermoon goes well but I can’t help but think something bad is going to happen and I am so worried for our precious gang! Rhen gives Harper archery lessons and it’s so CUTE and then BAM. Things are happening! Swords are being drawn! Knives are being thrown! I KNEW IT! They manage to fend off the attackers and let one of the men live. Rhen then manages to turn the crowd that is hateful and skeptical into one that now wants to be loyal to him.

At the very end, Rhen and Harper have another argument. She still doesn’t trust him, and it hurts him. It’s so clear how much he has come to care for her, and she is easing into it. I love that she is careful though, and is being wary about him… but at the same time I so want her to trust him!

I feel like SO much happened in these chapters that is really setting us off for the next ones. Rhen is definitely rallying his kingdom, and together maybe they’ll have a chance against these supposed invasions!

What did you think of these chapters? What was your favourite scene?

I’m so excited to discuss tomorrow’s chapters with you guys!

With Love,





  • Jasmine (@aseriesofpages)

    I really enjoyed these chapters too! I can’t choose a favourite scene though…I liked how Harper keeps remembering her family and hasn’t just forgotten them because it feels so real and I love her relationships with Grey and Rhen. I’m curious to see who the other magesmith is and I’m kind of hoping that it’s a character we already know or we know off.
    I’m sort of hoping that they’re introduced later on just because I feel like there could be some interesting scenes and moments with Lilith.

    I love the fact that we actually get to see the enchantress in the story rather than just knowing that she cursed the Prince and I was so proud when Harper threw that knife. GO HARPER! Excited to read on!!

    • Mikayla

      Yes! Seeing Lilith is so cool for different reasons: I appreciate the fact that she’s not some benevolent fairy trying to teach someone a lesson, but she’s also has her reasons (as warped as they may have become). She seriously makes an excellent antagonist!

      I also really appreciated the fact that Harper feels like her time before Emberfall is a dream, but she doesn’t stop thinking about it or feeling for her family. That balance can be so hard to manage but I think Brigid does it well!

  • @kirstyes

    This scene with Grey and Rhen is perfection. A real friendship developing maybe. Without Grey I think Rhen would have cracked ages ago.

    Rhen actually listened to Harper despite his doubts and hired Jamison to deliver the enchanted food. Grey also wants to give the guy a chance at Royal Guard despite his lack of an arm. Love that it’s Harper than suggests he should be tested first. She’s obviously been used to having to get by on her own merits.
    Then Rhen shocks her by saying she only has to ask for things. She’s clearly been used to using aggression to get her way.

    Lilith shows up again. More tormenting but Rhen, Grey and Jamison stand up to her. At least initially. Then asks for the meeting with Harper. She relents.

    When Grey and Harper arrive she’s torturing Rhen and Harper goes to help him. Grey holds her back. Lilith continues and Harper puts her knife skills to work. They still need work though and she misses. Lilith is not amused and teases her about having seen her mother and brother saying the latter is not well and that she can cure her mother. She refuses to send Harper home because of the knife attack and instead slashes her face with it.

    And he did the bedside vigil. ? Love that Freya had a go at Grey. Feisty. Harper being pissed she missed is very on brand.

    “I am always surprised to discover that when the world seems darkest, there exists the greatest opportunity for light”. This scene between Freya and Harper is sweet where they talk about loss. Did the monster kill Freya’s sister?

    Grey and Harper have a fight and he urges her to trust him to keep her safe. He also says he’d lay his life down for her too. Hopefully no one has to! She tries to protect him from admonishment from Rhen.

    She gives Rhen the up and down and he says she looks like a queen. The chemistry is growing.

    Rhen’s turn to do the pool table move with a bow and arrow. Visiting their first town – Silvermoon – as Crown Prince and his lady they woo people by buying stuff then comes this cute scene and then… attack.

    People are not happy. Blood is shed. Harper steps in to stop more death. Rhen rallies some support. Grey is annoyed with himself and Rhen gets annoyed with Harper. Her and her 21st century values of equality – how very dare she.

    I think my fave scene was the bedside vigil and her trust of him on waking – after she’d determined Freya got her changed of course ?

    Harper was super strong looking in the mirror. I definitely was not when I did this after my car accident. Many tears were shed.

  • CarolineJ

    Really love how the story feels like it’s stepping up!

    I love that Harper got to see, and fully understands now, quite how terrible Lilith has been, and what the two guys have been going through over these years. Feel that understanding was crucial for any further romance to develop <3

    I was also surprised by Rhen losing his temper now… but it somehow felt fitting? He's been trying to be on his best behaviour for so long, it is great to see him let loose a little bit more – I think this is definitely the way to win Harper around too! When he stops trying so hard.

    I am worried though what his long term plan might be? Because Harper still wants to go home, and how will he fend of the armies of Karis Luran when that happens?

    Also getting increasingly more scared about how Harper must surely find out about Rhen being the beast and her reaction! I can understand why he is hiding it, and just hoping that Harper sees it this way too!!

  • Carry_On_Kate

    Over the half way mark now and really getting into a bigger plot than just breaking the curse. I’m really liking that there is more to the story than just a generic Beauty and the Beast retelling.

    I felt so bad for Harper when Lilith cut her with the knife and then when she was attcked at Silvermoon. She just wants to get home to her family, I would be doing anything to get back to mine if I was in her position.

    Rhen is so clever turning the monster and Lilith into enemies from the North and not coming back to him. But I feel the truth will come out and his people will rebel against him.

    Going to get an early start on tomorrow’s chapters!

  • Ella

    The use of GIFs here is A+++ ?

    So far Lilith and Rhen a my faves (love me a good bad villan). I also start to like Hraper and Grey more. Freya is also really cool.

    I am just not seeing the point of faking a whole army. That has to backfire on them at some point.

    Also, more of Harper throwing arrows, knifes and stuff please.

    Hope eveyone is enjoying the next chapters ?

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    Wow, Rhen is really coming in to his own now. I’ve completely revised my opinion of him. It seems when he has the incentive to come up with a plan, he really becomes the prince he’s supposed to be. I’ve started to actually like him now, which I didn’t think was going to happen at all. Especially the way he draws Lilith’s ire to him instead of letting her hurt other people. ?
    Speaking of Lilith, how incredibly brave is Harper, though? Throwing that dagger was super brave. I hope next time Harper faces Lilith, she has a bow instead! ?

    Oh, and I’ve got a brand new favourite word out of today’s reading section—Tatterdemalion! Isn’t it a beautiful word? I’d never actually heard it before, but I love learning new words, especially old-fashioned terms, so this is awesome! ??

  • phuong.maly.hoang

    I am really relieved Harper and Rhen trust each other now. Rhen still has secrets and I hope he will tell her soon but at the same time, I’m also afraid Harper will reject him if she knows and it will move forward Rhen’s transformation…
    But I love their moments nonetheless! Harper is becoming the badass princess she had always been.

    Did I already tell you Lilith is a b*tch? No? Yes? She is.

    Also, this reading day is finishing with an argument between Harper and Rhen… I look forward to see what will happen!

  • Amy

    Today’s chapters have been very exciting to read. The further I go into reading this book the more I am enjoying it. This is my first retelling and so far I am loving it.
    I love seeing the relationships and trusts building in these chapters. Seeing that Rhen is sort of showing signs of wanting more but he knows that Harper doesn’t feel the same way. However, she is showing signs of how she reacts to certain things. For example, when he saw her in her knew clothes or when he gets so goes to her that her heart races. I am liking how even though all this that is happening is a lot of stress on them, they still try to make sure that Harper is okay. I know she doesn’t like them thinking she is weak because of her disability but that’s what I like about her. Showing how strong you can be and use your own weakness as an advantage.
    I had a funny feeling that something bad was going to happen when Harper requesting a meeting with Lilith. At first I thought she really was going to kill Rhen out of punishment for Harper, so the sudden shock of her slicing her face before disappearing was a shock to me too. I did like her courage for trying to aim that knife for Lilith though.
    Coming to the end of today’s chapters I was shocked. When I read that Rhen was struck in the stomach and then thrown against the stall, I was so happy that wasn’t the ending of today’s chapters otherwise I would of carried on. But to find out that these people are just angry because the royal family left them and that they have lost loves ones was sad. It just reminded me of the part that Freya explained about losing her sister and brother in law to the monster, to which she ended up taking care of her sisters children. That just proves how brave, kind and motherly she is.

    I am excited to know what happens next. Do they get a chance to build their army? Or will Lilith or the Queen fight back harder? We won’t find out until tomorrow. I just would like to say a HUGE thank you to Fairyloot for including this amazing book in February’s box ☺️ x

  • Sarah

    There were so many great moments in these chapters! I honestly don’t know which liked more!

    The scenes at the inn were great. Seeing the dynamic between Grey and Rhen being to change from mere prince and guard to friendship makes me really warm up to them both more. And I’m glad that we got to see a bit of conflict between them and their different accounts of past events.

    When Lilith turned up I knew something bad was going to happen! And when Harper finally meat her my nerves were on edge. I’m so glad that it was just a cut of her cheek. But, god, I felt so proud of her for throwing that knife at her!

    She so obviously cares for Rhen but just doesn’t know how to admit it to herself or Rhen. As she clearly is keeping him at arms length.

    I really like the plot development that happened over these chapters. Rhen’s plan is clearly beginning to be set in motion. Was I the only one nervous that Lilith would know already what he’s trying to do? Because I sure was. I really like that we get to see just how much of a threat she is. Unlike so many Beauty and the Beast retellings I’m glad that the sorcress isn’t just some faceless threat that you don’t see until the end of the book when they defeat her.

    The scene of Rhen showing Harper how to use a bow was adorable! I loved it. It was cliche as heck but so good. I hope we get to see her practising more, as I think that archery would be a better option for her than sword or dagger (unless necessary).

    Rhen so clearly trusts her by this point that it hurt a little again that Harper doesn’t complete trust him. There were two scenes that so clearly stood out in these chapters about Harper trusting Grey and Rhen. They have very different reasons why they want/need her to trust them. Grey, because he needs her to fully trust that he is capable of doing his job and protecting her like he does Rhen. And Rhen wants her to trust him so that she can see that he cares and isn’t trying to trick her or manipulate her into falling in love with him to try and break the curse. He trusts her but she doesn’t trust him. Yet.

    Ugh! the angst. I love it.

  • Darcy

    First off good picking Fairy Loot! I love this book! My favorite scene was probably the market scene. Especially when I got to the end of the chapter and they are attacked. I was getting ready to go to sleep and then that happened. I turned and looked at my husband and said “I can’t stop there!” So great! I am having a hard time sticking to the reading pages and it wouldn’t surprise me if I finished it today.

  • Tasha Ní Mhiacháin

    That scene with Lilith made my heart stop. Harper is so brave and fierce, I love her so much.

  • Anke

    So many great scenes in today’s chapters!
    I’m surprised to say that I’m liking all the main characters. One of my favourite scenes so far was the last dialogue in today’s end chapter… I was really glad that Rhen finally pointed out to Harper that questioning his motives all the time is really hurting his feelings, especially since he’s just trying to be the prince his people deserve!

  • Aurora Sofie

    There was so much happening during these chapters and I loved it! I also just love how Harper seem so normal and that she’s not perfect.

  • Sheila (@dreamtimebooks)

    So we had a knife throwing lesson with Grey and now we have a throwing arrow lesson with Rhen… this is getting difficult for me to choose.. HELP!!!

    I hate Lilith so much, hurting Rhen and then hurting Harper on the face but she is so badass and doesn’t care. I loved that. She wants to go home but also help, I wonder if there’s a solution coming maybe like colliding both worlds and bring Harper’s family to Emberfall. That would be great!!!

  • Sarah L

    Oof I had to play some catch up because I was still deciding if I was going to read this book as part of G’s readalong next month. Thankfully I made up my mind so I could start this beauty. I am loving this book! I love the twisty dynamic between Harper and Grey and Rhen. It feels a little love triangleish but I don’t think it’s ever going to go in that direction. I’m swooning so much at the bow scene. It was just so perfect, well up until the end of course. I really like that more people are ending up at the castle, I think Freya and the children and Jamison are going to add some good interactions with our main three. Otherwise, I worry it would have started to get a little stale. Listen, I know she’s the villain but I would love a Lilith novel. I’m just so interested in how her magic works. I need an in-depth look.

  • Victoria

    Hey Anissa! Hey awesome nerds! Happy Friday everyone!

    I was so busy yesterday (I have to send my final edits to my editor today so yay me for procrastinating and fangirling about A Curse so Dark and Lonely, but who cares? This book is EPIC!) but now I’m here to share my thoughts about yesterday’s chapters.
    Though it will be pretty hard to just talk about them, considering that I finished the book on Wednesday. ?

    I felt that Rhen was so much more than just what he wanted to show to the rest of the world, and that was proven when he plotted this whole story in his head and shared the information/gossip with Coale.
    Again, the fact that Rhen isn’t an arrogant brat, like he wants to show, was so very obvious when he talked with Grey outside the inn. And speaking of Grey… what if he’s name means that he’s more of a shady character than what we think he is? ?

    I knew Lilith would appear at the worst possible moment and her cutting Harper truly made me gasp! Like… WHAT THE HELL B&%$! And then Rhen was worried about Harper and whether she was all right or not. Oh… so many feels! ?
    I felt like, at that point, he had basically proved that he has started falling for Harper and so she needs to trust him. Like… soon!

    As for Silvermoon, I knew something bad was going to happen but thankfully, none of my darlings was hurt.

    I cannot wait to share my thoughts and feelings about today’s chapters with you all!

    Have a lovely day, looters!

    P.S.: If any of you have already finished the book and want to read my spoilery review about it, it is now available on my blog (https://victoriouspages.wordpress.com/2019/03/21/book-review-a-curse-so-dark-and-lonely-by-brigid-kemmerer-a-new-all-time-favourite-novel-spoilers-discussion/).

  • zoejjensen

    I’m loving this readalong but I am a bit behind just finished chapter 31. Lilith I don’t like her at all she is so scary I hope if the curse gets broke Lilith dies with it. I love all they with doing for the kingdom hopefully there going to trust the princes again. I am slowly seeing a romance happening with Harper and Rhen fingers crossed

  • Tessa

    Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with the whole lying about the army thing? Even if they manage the lie how are they going to fix it later or when there is a real confrontation?
    I loved the scene with Lilith, I like a good villan!

  • Emily (recordofabibliophile)

    So I read on and have finished the next set of chapters too. But I won’t say much here.
    Just that I am loving this book and I’m so glad Harper is starting to take on this role and be part of Rhen’s plan to save Emberfall.
    I really hope Lilith burns to the ground, she is so evil!!!

    The next chapters are just amazing!

    Happy reading!

  • Lia

    My fav has to be the archery lessons, it was soooo cuuuuteeee ^^

  • Jere

    I LOVE the heart-to-heart between Rhen and Grey! I think it speaks so elegantly to how people with the same experiences have completely different views about it. I see this so often in the real world and thought it was a great scene to read.

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