A Curse So Dark And Lonely Readalong: Day 7


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It’s the final day of the readalong and I am so sad that this is over! It’s been so much fun reading all of your comments on each post everyday, and seeing how your theories have evolved. It’s been such a pleasure reading this book with you guys!

It’s also Readathon photo challenge time! Every month we host a little, super simple, photo challenge over on Instagram that only you guys can enter for a chance to win a FairyLoot box for free! The odds are very much in your favour, so make sure you enter!

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Let’s discuss the final chapters! It’s been such a wild ride.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for A Curse So Dark and Lonely chapters 50-end. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Freya and Zo welcome Harper back and that makes me so happy! Noah and Jake are shocked by the whole thing, and I found it hilarious when Noah was complaining about being a healer and Jake is the prince haha! (Side note: when Jake is pretending to be a prince and says she’s not the only one that has seen Game of Thrones I lol’d) Harper is going around and trying to find out everything that has happened, and figuring out what she can do to save Emberfall. I love that Jake has decided to go with Harper! It makes me so happy! Sibling love. <3

They find Rhen in his beast form, and he’s all glittery scales and wings and terrifying. I AM SCARED. When Rhen takes Harper I am so scared for her, but then he recognises her. He doesn’t hurt her and the moment that he presses his face against her honestly made me tear up. He recognises her but the curse isn’t broken. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. But then he becomes all calm and docile and that is just too darn CUTE!

Suddenly we hear horns and Syhl Shallow’s soldiers are going to attack. Now what?! RHEN KICKS SOME BUTT IS WHAT! He understands Harper and is attacking their army, and now our precious trio might have a chance! Rhen destroys their army and with the help of the Emberfall army the day is saved. Harper is badly injured! She wakes up in the infirmary and Noah is helping everyone. Honestly, he is hilarious and one of my favourite characters.

Harper goes to find Rhen and Grey, and Rhen is still in his beast form. Then Lilith appears, and threatens them all. In the kerfuffle, Harper tackles her and Grey stabs her and takes her to DC where she doesn’t have her magic so she should die (please be dead), and Rhen transform back into himself. We don’t know if the curse was broken for what she did or if Grey killed Lilith or if it was Grey’s sacrifice that saved them. I love that Harper is going to try with Rhen.

The biggest plot twist that I didn’t see coming is that Grey might be Rhen’s brother – a prince and a halfling! TALK ABOUT SURPRISE. This explains so much, and why he wasn’t killed and was the only person with Rhen! He’s now in hiding and might be the true heir to the throne. This leaves SO much open for book number two, which I am absolutely dying to read when it comes out in January 2020! (Why must it be so far!)

What did you think of this book? Did the ending turn out how you expected? What are your predictions for the sequel?

With Love,





  • @kirstyes

    Freya and Zo missed her. Harper gets hugs.

    Grey is in the infirmary. They come up with a plan. Together they will try and lead the monster away.
    Jake plays big brother and is coming too.

    They find monster Rhen who goes straight into attack mode. He grabs Harper up in his horse-dragon talons (OMG he’s a Shrek Donkey-Dragon lovechild). He keeps swooping down at Grey and Jake. Harper keeps talking to him trying to get him to remember. She says she loves him. He comes back to earth and nuzzles her. But he’s still a monster. Is that so he can beat the other army? Will he turn back when he’s saved his people?

    Harper is Khalessi. Lover of dragons. ???
    The army who have stayed thinks she had tamed him. But there’s still the problem of Karis’s forces. He looks like he is attacking Harper but he is putting his plan into action.
    She’s riding him like a general into battle. When they mentioned her bloody handprints on his wings/ feathers did anyone else think of Chapter 55 of another book too (this even happens in ch 55!!!).

    Catapult sends them flying and they are ambushed. Harper is shot with arrows. Reinforcements arrive. My army she says. Queen.
    Grey calls her Harper. Him and Zo release her and she passes out.

    Infirmary again but she’s stable so Dr Noah orders her out. He needs the bed! Jake is impressed that his sister saved Emberfall as is the rest of Emberfall. Rhen is still a monster. Lilith appears. Monster says destroy!

    But she threatens Harper. She wants to get Rhen on that leash and he’s still fearful of her and protective of Harper. Grey offers himself in Rhen’s place. It’s a double cross on both sides. Lilith goes to kill Rhen. Harper steps in the way and gets stabbed with Grey’s very pointy sword (Noah’s going to be pissed she needs a bed again after just being discharged. How careless). Grey stabs Lilith with the knife and takes her to DC where magic can’t protect her and she can die die die.

    As Harper faints again she hears human Rhen.

    Jake. Zo. Noah and Rhen are vigiling again. Lots more stitches. Jake says he’ll kill Rhen if she dies. Zo doesn’t contradict. Rhen offers his own blade for the task. So emo.

    Grey isn’t back. Is he alive. Did he succeed in Killing bitch face?

    Six days later and Harper is awake but Grey isn’t back and neither have Jake and Noah therefore gone home.

    I need to remember this.
    “Failure isn’t absolute.”

    Rhen asks if she loves him. She doesn’t know but pulls him in for a smooch to make sure. I see her game. Although I like that there’s this element of doubt about whether she broke the curse or if Lilith dying did.

    Epilogue from Grey

    Blood that runs in veins. Is Grey actually Rhen’s half brother? The true heir? OK now I totally take back shipping them at the beginning ?. He is back in Emberfall but he’s gone to his “mother’s” and asked her to hide him. He killed Lilith (he hopes) and she nearly killed him too.

    He will be hunted. We neeeeeeeed book 2! It has a title. A Heart So Fierce And Shattered. Jan 2020. On my TBR. It says Harper and Rhen will be back. Why no mention Grey. Is as much his book.

    Loved this 5 ?

    Thanks for hosting Anissa and picking such a great book. Can we do it all over again when book 2 is our next year?

    • Sabrina

      Oh yes. I’d be happy with a sequel box for this read!

      • CarolineJ

        I would adore a box for the sequel next year!

        Or at the very least if that doesn’t happen, another readlong <3

      • a_trifonova

        Yes, I would like a special box for the sequel too! And I always need more Beauty and the Beast goodies anyway 😀 <3

  • TheLondonFaerie

    I really like this ending. U really didn’t know how it would turn out. In so glad Harper and Rhen are kind of together. I mean it’s been like 300 girls for Rhen, he deserves some happiness! I did not see the plot twist with grey. I’m wondering how he couldn’t know he was a halfling, like how do their powers work? Also if Lilith is dead then in wondering who could be the bad guy in the next book?
    And do we think that grey can still travel between the worlds, cause like I feel super bad for Jake and Noah

    Also have entered! @thelondonfaerie

  • Jamie Rose

    What an ending! I need that sequel right now, how are we supposed to wait until next January?

    Am I the only one thinking we haven’t seen the last of Lilith? The fact Grey didn’t actually see her die has me very worried. And speaking of Grey, oh how precious can he be! He stayed when he was freed from his oath and he was willing to sacrifice himself for Rhen AND Harper and when he didn’t come back my heart was just breaking. Thank the Gods fur that epilogue! I KNEW he was special, dammit! I didn’t see the half-brother thing coming but as soon as Lilith was talking about sensing another magic person in the kingdom I had my eyes on him! Any bets the title of the second book is referring to him?

    I’m really pleased with the way Rhen and Harper’s relationship played out. The romance is there and the B&B references like him falling for her first, but it’s not straightforward and she’s not sure and they both seem to realise they have to work at it. I think I might be melting with all the gooey sweetness of it!

    Well, that was a long rambling comment, but overall I think it’s safe to say I really enjoyed this one – 4 stars from me!

    • Jamie

      Another thought I had – if Grey DID kill Lilith, and he’s the halfling – does that mean he has all her powers now? OMG I need that sequel!

      I’ve entered the giveaway now on Instagram – @jrosewordsmith

  • Victoria

    Hey Anissa! Hey awesome nerds!

    I may have skipped the previous two days and posts of the readalong, but I have already finished the book, so bare with me here because I will rant! A lot… ?

    Where do I even begin with A Curse so Dark and Lonely?

    This contemporary retelling of the all-time-favourite fairy tale was simply UNPUTDOWNABLE! It was fast-paced, exceptionally well-written, with much darker themes than the original, well-known story, and unique, unforgettable characters.
    The narration was beautiful and for a reader like me, who adores descriptions, this novel was such a wonderful treat! ?

    I absolutely adored the multiple points of view, as they allowed me to get a general perspective and get to know the characters in depth.
    The love story felt so very realistic and I truly enjoyed the unique take in the original tale. Also, I recently found out there’s going to be a sequel, so I do look forward to seeing how Harper, Rhen and Grey are going to evolve as characters.

    Hectic spoilers are coming!

    At first, I was confused by the “seasons” and thought that Rhen was actually 327 years old in the body of an 18-year-old. But then things got crystal clear and I realised that he and Grey were both in a loop, reliving time and again the exact same days, from the day when Lilith cursed Rhen, to the end of each season, when he transformed, time and again, into a beast. ? Holy guacamole! If this isn’t an original take in the classic fairy tale, I honestly don’t know what is.
    I mean, the Beast knew he had some sort of deadline to make a girl fall for him (“until the last petal falls” and all) or he would stay a beast forever. Rhen on the other hand was basically being tormented for all ETERNITY! Hoping… Turning into a beast… Hoping… Turning into a beast… And this had happened 326 times already! ?

    As for Harper… Gosh! I admire that girl so freaking much! She inspired me when I started reading the book and she still does! Despite her disability (cerebral palsy) she was fierce and brave and strong-willed and sensitive, and maybe a bit reckless, but she somehow wanted to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences. She didn’t mind if she was going to get hurt in the process.
    I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to save a girl from a mysterious man in a dark alley. I don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to save family from attackers, while the family’s house was being turned to ash. And yet, she did both of those things!

    The land of “Disi” was so hilarious and something tells me it’s going to play a crucial role in the sequel, too. Again, I felt like Harper was a bit reckless, going to visit Freya and the kids at the inn to bring the food, but that simply proved how selfless and caring she really is as a character. Amazing qualities for a female lead.
    Also, Rhen’s mind was simply… so fall-in-lovable! ? Even when he actually turned into a beast, he kept bits and pieces of his humanity, and it was all thanks to Harper… ❤️ My hopeless romantic heart felt warm and happy and certain that this curse was going to break, no matter what! ❤️ And it did!

    As for the enchantresses and Rhen’s grandfather, I felt that he was the reason why this whole curse started out in the first place. And speaking of enchantresses… let me just point out that I loathe Lilith with a passion! ? Can’t we just end here and now, and let Harper and Rhen be happy? Even though Grey said that he killed her at the end of the novel, I still wonder whether this actually happened or not. ?

    On with the love story of A Curse so Dark and Lonely, the tension between Harper and Rhen was truly palpable, and it’s amazing how many Feysand vibes I got from them, right from the beginning. ? I hadn’t felt so invested in a novel since my ACOTAR/ACOMAF/ACOWAR reading days, and that definitely says something, folks.

    I left Grey last because… HE’S MY NEW FAVOURITE PAL! I could spend days with him training (even though Cassian will always be first in my heart), I could spend days with him playing cards, and I could basically spend endless days with him just talking. Seriously now… that “My lord, I did nothing. I sat down and asked.” quote literally melted my heart!

    As for the revelation at the end of this first instalment in the A Curse so Dark and Lonely series, that Grey is that half-breed of some sort (part human, part sorcerer) and probably the lawful heir to the throne of Emberfall, I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Grey is a man of honour, someone who lived 327 seasons protecting Rhen and believing that he’s the General of the guard. I don’t know how this is going to change in the sequel, but I’m more than willing to find out. For this will make my Scary Grey evolve as a character, it’ll show the ethical questions he’ll put to himself and, more importantly, it’ll make for an excellent sub-plot.

    So, yup… I fell deeply in love with that book and I will gladly reread it again!

    Sorry for my rant/review but well… when you love a book, you need to share all those contained emotions, right? ???❤️

    • Victoria

      In case it gets lost in the comments, my Instagram handle is @ms_victoriousss

  • Tina

    I absolutely LOVED this book – so much that I’d finished before Day 2 of the readlong, so I’ve been checking comments, but not posted so far…

    I’d had this feeling that Grey was going to be the half brother, what a twist to the tale, I love that.

    I honestly don’t know who my favourite character is, I have so much feeling for them all, including Lilith – you know it’s a good villain when you hate them with a passion! I’m thinking she’s not dead though – that would be too easy!

    I already can’t wait for book 2


    • Tina

      Oh, and I didn’t put it in my post above, but my insta name is tinasparkle04. I’ll be posting a readalong pic soon xx

  • Morgane (ShadesOfBooks)

    Hello, Anissa and fellow Fairylooters ?

    I know I didn’t interacted much during this readalong except for day one cause I was tired because of work and I fell behind at some point but I managed to catch up this morning and finished this book and it was really great !

    I really liked the story, the characters even if there was time where I wasn’t really fan of Harper like everyone else but ultimately I really liked her and all of those scenes in the last part where she get through Rhen is so awesome !

    Also, I feel so sad for Rhen, I mean he is on his 328 seasons which mean 328 girls an none fell in love with him and even Harper isn’t sure of her feeling, that’s so sad and aweful…

    The thing is, I like the ending the way it is. I don’t think a next book is really needed but I will probably read it as well because the world is great, the characters are great, the writing is great…

    See you soon for the Legendary readalong guys ?

    Ps : I will post my photo for the giveaway tomorrow ?

    • Victoria

      Do you really think that a sequel isn’t needed, with this revelation about Grey, I mean?

      I’m so excited about the Legendary readalong, too!

      Have a lovely day!

  • Sabrina

    Well that was very enjoyable, a solid finish with enough for the sequel.
    Got Grey being the halfling. Bonus points for me. Also think he broke the curse; he was no longer being ordered by Rhen, and think he had brotherly love for the Prince, without even knowing he was a half brother. Wonder if Grey’s always been able to step between worlds?
    So here’s to next year, Harper having to decide who she loves, and Grey claiming his birthright and walking away from it anyway.

    My Instagram handle is @wyrmbergsabrina

    Looking forward to next month. You choose great reads.

    • Darcy

      I also think it was Grey that broke the curse. Its like on the tv show Once Upon A Time when Emma broke th curse at the end of the first season or when anna broke her own curse by stepping between Hans and Elsa. An act of true love doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love.

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    Woah, Harper is so confident! Even when it looks like there’s no hope at all, she’s right there leading the charge. No wonder all the people love her. She makes it easy to believe that she’s a queen. ?

    I was completely blindsided by Grey being the halfling. I honestly thought he was just stuck on the other side because he killed Lilith. We don’t even know if she’s dead, though, at this point! And poor Grey is so worried about this thing that he won’t even return to the castle? Oh no! He’s left Harper and Rhen thinking the worst about him. I don’t care if he’s only doing it to protect them, it’s still kind of a shitty move. ?

    I feel really sorry for Jake and Noah. They’ve just sort of been thrust into this fantasy at its worst possible point. I’m looking so forward to the sequel of this one. I just can’t wait to see what happens next. ?

    Honestly, the best book I think I’ve ever received in a FairyLoot box. I loved it! Definitely a five star book! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Thanks so much for hosting Anissa, it was really fun to read along with everyone again.
    Oh, and I entered the photo challenge. My Instagram handle is love.the.villain—good luck, everyone! ?

  • Anke

    I honestly can’t wait for book 2! A Curse So Dark And Lonely was a 5 star read for me, I really enjoyed it a lot.
    I have a feeling that Lilith is still alive and will return in book 2 to torture us again…
    Also, yay for the GoT reference!
    I’m already looking forward to the next readalong, they are always so much fun!

    Aaand I entered the photo challenge, my Instagram handle is @ankereads , thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Laura

    I have enetered into the readalong giveaway ☺️ My insta is : lauraaa21105

  • J.a.z.mcgowan

    Loved the book and can’t wait for the next one =) I have entered the readalong photo challenge on instagram (j.a.z.mc)

  • Aurora Sofie

    This was one of the best books you have had in a box! I seriously cannot wait for the next book. I want to give this book 4.9 stars. This was the first beauty and the beast retelling I have read and I enjoyed it so so much! There was just some small things I missed in the story but otherwise it was a fantastic read.
    it had me captured from the sart and I just wanted to keep reading it all the time and was a little sad when I had to but it down to go to sleep, but the first thing I did in the morning was to start reading again. I liked that none of the characters were perfect, and I really liked Harper, she just seems so real and relatable. I also learned a lot from this book and it´s so nice to have the stories seen from different angles and how different people react to the same situation. I am so happy to have read this story <3

    My instagram is aurora.sofie

  • Anna

    When I finished this storyI honestly had the worst book hangover of my life, I just sat there all lost about what to do with my time. I wanted to live in Emberfall with Rhen, Grey and Harper forever. My new favourite novel! I keep wanting to pick it back up but I know I have so many more books that need some love right now. You better believe I’ll be rereading ACSDAL when the sequel comes out!
    Speaking of the sequel, will you guys be featuring a fancy exclusive edition of it to go with your edition of ACSDAL? You know, because all of us loved it so much and stuff. ;D
    I’m entering the giveaway! My Insta handle is @slightlybookishslytherin
    Good luck to everyone else entering, can’t wait to see even more pictures of this beautiful book! :’)

  • Verena

    I loved how Harper snapped right back into it and instantly tried to find out what she could do and what she missed. I loved her so much for that. Also I loved how confused Jahe and Noah were (I don’t think Jake will become a well liked character in my book… ) and their interactions and jokes.
    It was so sad when Rhen/the monster started thinking again and went all calm when Harper was there. So cute how he just pressed his face into her. And how amazing she was. It was so great when they just charged into battle together, amazing.
    But at the very end this book just broke my heart. Poor Grey all alone and confused and….
    I didn’t want him to leave them. And Rhen and Harper don’t even know if he is alive. I need some serious Happy Ending in the next book. And I need time to move way faster so it’ll come out like tomorrow.
    This was honestly a great and amazing and the most wonderful pick. Thank you so much for choosing this book. I very much enjoyed reading it with you guys =)

    Oh, before I forget, I entered the photo challenge on instagram. My handle is books_and_artsy_things

  • Megan Elvrum

    Loved this book ❤? cant wait for the next one!!! I think we may need a special edition box for the next book!!!
    I entered the giveaway ?

  • Amy

    Today is the last day for this amazing read along. At first I was unsure about this book but I am so glad that I carried on reading it. I am said that I have finished the book now, but I am super excited for the second book to come out.
    I am glad that Harper came back to help Rhen, I had a funny feeling she would but I wasn’t expecting Jacob and Noah to be tagging along. I guess they had now choice. I could just picture how shocked they looked as being introduced as the prince of Disi and the healer lol ?.
    Since Rhen is now a monster, it was interesting how the author didn’t stick to the original beast description that we all know from beauty and the Beast, however I do like to creativity that comes with the creation of the monster. But I was so glad that Rhen recognised Harper, for a second I thought he wouldn’t. I was so shocked that he dropped her and I read the single word in the next chapter saying destroy I thought he wanted to kill Harper but his intention was to get her on his back lol but it was great team work when it came to destroying the army that was closing in on Ironside castle.
    I do love the connect that all the characters have together. For example, I love Noah and Jacob they make the oddest perfect couple. And it made me laugh how Noah kicked Harper out of the bed she was using when she just first woke up lol. And the protectiveness that Jacob has for his little sister is so sweet ☺️
    Of course, Lilith had to turn up in some way. I am starting to get annoyed with her showing up when she wants to. But it really shocked me when Grey was handing himself over to her, I thought for a minute that it would actually happen. But I think he was trying to help push Harper in the direction of breaking the curse while helping him kill Lilith. I think he knew that Harper wasn’t going to die, well I hope he did.
    THE CURSE IS BROKEN! Yay! But on the a sad note there is no sign of Grey. But some reason I thought he was captured by police for killing a women on the pavement until I read the epilogue.
    And OMFG! Grey is the half brother of Rhen! Which means that Grey is a halving which also means that he didn’t have only an hour in Harper’s world, he had all the time in the world yet Lilith just made him think he only had an hour in the other world.
    But with Harper and Rhen thinking the worse of what happened to Grey, what will happen?

    There is so many ideas that come to mind after reading the ending of this amazing retelling. Which means I have to wait until book 2 to find out what will happen to everyone include Grey.
    Is Lilith still alive? Will Karish Army approach again? Will Jacob and Noah ever go back home? What will happen to Rhen and Harper now? And what will happen to Emberfall and the people? I guess I will just have to wait, which is going to be torture lol ?
    Thanks again Fairyloot for this amazing retelling for last months box!

    Will post up my picture tomorrow for the photo challenge. My username is amylroberts94

  • Nina Hilden

    This was so much fun. I didn’t have time to comment here because I was so hooked to the book. I’m entering the contest and my Instagram handle is @ninahilden

  • Anna

    I LOVED this book! The ending though! ? I had a feeling that there was more to Grey than what was being said. I am soo happy that Harper and Rhen are going to see if things will work out between them❤️ I cannot wait for the next book!

  • Teresa (enchantedbyfiction)

    I loved this book so much and had a great time with the readalong. I didn’t expect the twist at the end with Grey but I really hope that in the sequel Grey and Rhen aren’t pitted against each other! I won’t be able to take than and neither will Harper!

    I posted a photo for the contest on IG – @enchantedbyfiction

  • Shona

    I was actually worried Greg was dead! That has never happened to me when reading before!
    Cannot wait to read the next book, I need to know what happens!!

    Entered the Instagram giveaway too! Thanks you – instagram.com/_shonaShoe

  • Vera

    Loved this book from the beginning untill the end?

    Entered the insta give-away ?❤ @flower_veer

  • Schermer1999

    I really love the book but I do not Read fast. I am currently on day 5 of the readolang but will absolutly love to enter the give away.

    I will post the picture later today or tomorrow.

    My Insta is ilona_mcs

    • Schermer1999

      I finished the book today and I can cry so hard because there is no more chapters to Read. It was such a lovely book. I cant wait for the sequel….

  • Melissa Adamo

    I put the tag on my post (the.book.bee)!!! Confession: I couldn’t wait for the readalong and DEVOURED the book. It was too good to wait. I have been posting all about it ever since my box arrived.

  • Erica Marie

    This book was such a fun read. It kept my interest. I kind of predicted who Grey really was once we heard about Rhen not being the actual heir.

    I am so happy that there will be a sequel because I was not ready for it to end. I definitely think FL needs to do a dedicated box for the next book.

    Harper was such a great protagonist. She was such a strong person and had a presence everywhere she went. She needed to leave her family to see just how strong she really was. She shows that limitations are only in the mind, when there is determination. <3 <3 <3 LOVE HER!!!!

    I am dying to know what actually happened to Grey after he left with Lilith.

  • Sherna (@bookworm.swiftie)

    Hey, guys!!!

    Finally, we’re done! I freaking loved this book so much omg. First, I was right about Grey. I’m so excited to know what will happen to him or even if Lilith is actually dead! I hate that one uncertainty. Like what if in the next book, everyone’s happy and then bam! she’s there. Also, does this mean that Grey has magical powers, too? I CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT.

    Also, I’ve always loved the scene in books where one of the pair gets injured and the other is so frantic beside the hospital bed and we get to read their thoughts. Though Rhen wasn’t visibly frantic, I loved reading about him holding a vigil beside Harper when she got stabbed. For me, those moments really revealed Rhen’s feelings for her.

    I’m also excited to know what will happen to Noah and Jake! I didn’t expect that they’d stay in Emberfall and I’m freaking out for them.

    So many unanswered questions. I wish there’d be another Fairyloot box for A Heart so Fierce and Broken (that title is already breaking my heart). Thank you guys for the fun discussion and to Anissa for hosting! This was my first FL box and readalong and it’s been so much fun! I’m looking forward for more in the future <3

    • Sherna (@bookworm.swiftie)

      by the way, i joined the Instagram giveaway. My account is @bookworm.swiftie

  • Jennifer Haylock

    I knew I was going to love this book as soon as I heard about it because I loved Letters to the lost and More than we can tell. For a while I had suspected that Grey would break the curse not Harper and I was kind of expecting Grey to secretly be in love with Rhen so I really was not expecting that they are actually brother’s twist. Also I didn’t really think about why Grey might be able to travel between worlds or why he was the only one to survive so long until after we found out he might be magical….I just assumed that it as all part of the curse somehow. Also also in loved that the final monster was dragon-ish and all of the hits with Harper when he was in dragon like form. I cannot wait for book 2. I have posted my challenge photo on IG. My IG name is Jenthebookishbakernz

  • Cherrielein

    I’m so in love with these characters and their story. I love Harper for her fierceness and the development of Rhen. And I predicted Grey as the lost Prince, when the Queen of Syhl Shallow told them about the halfling. I’m so excited what’s going to happen with the Guard in the next instalment. I can’t wait. 2020 is too far away. :’(

    Instagram: @cherrieleinreads

  • Laura

    This book was so good! One of my favourite Fairyloot reads so far!

    My favourite character was probably tied between Harper and Grey, i’m very interested in finding out what happens to Grey in the next book!

    Entered the comp ☺️@novelsandmagic

  • Victoria

    Hey Anissa! ?

    I just entered the readathon photo challenge.
    My handle is @ms_victoriousss

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Lia

    Done, done, done, and omg! I want the next book already!
    I loved Harper and her fierceness in this book. But I also think this series is so different from the original Belle and the Monster that I can’t see it as a retelling. Anyone has a different thought?


  • Leslecturesajigoku78

    Such a good book with amazing characters. And this end is killing me!
    Better, we have to wait until january 2020 for the sequel. It’s too long!! But anyway, I am really excited to see how the second book will go and I hope the many questions I have right now will be answered.

    I entered in the instagram giveaway : @leslecturesajigoku78

  • Sarah L

    OMG! That Ending! I need book 2 right now!!! (Side note: I would 110% love for book 2 to be a special edition FairyLoot box.) I loved Beast Rhen and Harper together! It was really cute and gave me vibes from Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle when Howl turns into his beast and Sophie talks to him. I kind of guessed at the big reveal for Grey once Karis revealed that there was a halfling heir. It seemed the most likely since we hadn’t really been introduced to anyone else that would fit (though I suppose there could have have been a new character in book 2 to become the heir, anyway…) It was still so satisfying to have my guess confirmed at the end of the book. I’m so upset Grey is distancing himself from Rhen and Harper and going off on his own. I just want all my favs together!

    • Sarah L

      Oops, I forgot to add before I posted, I entered the Instagram giveaway, my handle is @sheepishlysarah

  • a_trifonova

    Hello lovelies,
    I was wondering how do you imagine Rhen in his final transformation? As per the book he turned into a beast between a horse and a dragon, with claws and blues scales and wings, but whenever I try to think about it and Saphira (from Eragon) pops right into my mind 😀 😀 😀

  • Sheila (@dreamtimebooks)

    I loved this book! I think it was a little slow at the begining as the world was being explained but from half the book until the end I could not put it down! I loved these characters a lot, Harper was so badass and strong, Rhen did so much for his people, and I loved Grey the most. I am so excited for the next book and seeing more about Grey and that new character that Brigid explained in the instagram live (can’t remember her name now) that is possibly a love interest for him. CAN’T WAIT. I need to know what happened to him when he disappeared with Lilith!!! This waiting is going to be hard…

    Posted the pic on my bookstagram @dreamtimebooks!

  • Bokochte

    I loved reading the book and I hope the sequal will have many chapters from Greys perspective. I haven’t been writing much here but I have been reading every comment and it has put every part of the book in a new perspective for me.

    My bookstagram is bokochte

  • trina.rowland

    I need the next book….like right now!! I loved this book so much it was so beautifully written from the characters to the world building. I especially loved Harper and her outlook on everything, what some may see as a disadvantage she owns it and makes it her advantage.

    I have posted my photo on bookstagram and my instagram handle is @thebooknerd90

  • Kristin

    Ahhh, I really, really, really love this book!!! And the ending!!! Omg!!! It was so cool!!! And I can’t wait for the sequel~ ?
    The book seriously felt like a dose of magic!

    Oh, and I also entered the giveaway, my username is @bookskies.

  • Mikayla

    Posting to say I’ve entered (@madamepincers)

  • Sophie

    I’ve entered and posted my photo, but forgot to post here ? My IG handle is @sophie_greek_girl_reading

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