A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairies,

I hope you’re all ready for the last day of the February Adult Book-Only readalong of A Fate Inked In Blood by Danielle L. Jensen! We left off with Freya finally admitting that Bjorn is her priority! I’m so excited to see how the book ends!

Today we are reading from chapter 31 to the end of the book!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Fate Inked In Blood by Danielle L. Jensen from Chapter 31 to the end. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


After leaving Freya’s mother, Bjorn insists that she should condemn her family to their fate as they’ve never put Freya first. I hate to admit it… but I think Bjorn is right!

Bjorn finally tells Freya that he loves her! However, why didn’t Freya say it back?

Just as they are about to head back to the settlement, Freya sees Harald’s ships entering her village. Bjorn tells Freya that there is a skilled huntress named Skade on the ship. Is Skade hunting Freya?

Ylva was the only person who knew that they were leaving, so she must be the traitor right? But, Bjorn is claiming it’s not Ylva, could it be Steinunn instead?

Skade enters the village and talks to Freya’s mother, who tells her everything she wants to know about Freya. As retribution for snitching on Freya, Skade kills her! I didn’t expect Freya’s mum to die!

Freya gives into her rage – she’s going to get vengeance against Ylva! I think she’s suspicious of the wrong person, don’t you?

After stealing Bjorn’s horse, so he can’t chase her back to the settlement, Freya arrives and starts accusing Ylva of being the traitor. The argument between Yvla and Freya draws a crowd, especially once Freya starts threatening Ylva’s life! Luckily Bjorn arrives and stops Freya killing Ylva.

During the argument, the Nordelands have landed on the shore and want Freya handed over to them! This is getting very intense!

Just as Freya and Bjorn are about to flee, Snorri plays his hand by telling Freya that he has Geir and Ingrid, also that Ingrid is pregnant! I know that Freya will do the right thing and fight for them! In the end she chooses to fight, to save her only remaining family!

Wait what? Freya realises that Harald and Gnut were working together – as the child of Thor who killed Bodil is with Harald.

Freya is again torn about whether to fight, by not fighting her brother will die, but if she does fight then thousands will die! This is a hard decision, what would you do?

To aid Freya, Bjorn admits he was the one who killed his mother! My heart breaks for him! But how does this help Freya chose what to do?

Instead of allowing people to die for her, Freya decides to sacrifice herself, so no one can fight over her! She’s so brave and selfless!

Just as she’s about to jump, the specter appears again to stop her, allowing Bjorn to grab hold of her! He has saved her life again!

But not for long as Bjorn throws them both off the cliff to avoid being hit by lightning!

Luckily, both Freya and Bjorn are safe and alive thanks to her magic! Bjorn admits that this was part of his plan as everyone will believe they are dead, they can finally run away together! I melted when Bjorn said ‘they will never be parted’.

Bjorn is the best book boyfriend as he would let go his vengeance for Freya! He’s one of a kind, but is it too good to be true?

They have escaped Snorri by hiding out in a cave close to where Bjorn grew up. Freya and Bjorn can have their happily ever after by becoming farmers and not raiding anymore! I don’t see this future happening for them just yet…

Just as they were feeling content and in love, Freya flips on Bjorn. She wants to know everything about him, as he hasn’t told her the truth about his life! Instead of fighting more, Freya leaves and runs into King Harald!

Bjorn is the traitor! My heart breaks for Freya, he’s lied to her for so long! Bjorn admits he thinks of himself as Nordeland and that he sees Harald as his father! Bjorn is heir to both Snorri and Harald!

Even though Bjorn loves Freya, he’s been using her to fulfil his oaths. Freya has been used again, this time by the person she loves. Freya gives into the rage and curses them to Helheim – roots explode from the ground dragging the warriors to Helheim. She’s Hels daughter!

Bjorn tries to defend Freya and tells her to run away, so Harald doesn’t use her. Even though she hates him, he wants to protect her!

As Freya’s running away, Steinunn knocks Freya out! I knew she was suspicious!

Freya has been kidnapped and is being taken to Nordeland, where Harald is ‘giving her a choice’, we all know this is a lie, right?

Attempting to escape, Freya jump’s overboard, Bjorn saves her life again and admits that his mum is alive – it was Snorri who wanted to kill her!

Can you believe that Harald is the good guy? I can’t wait for the next book, to see what happens!

Wow, this was such an addictive and interesting read! I loved the Norse mythology aspect and I’m eagerly awaiting book 2!

What did you think of A Fate Inked in Blood? Did you have a favourite moment from the book?
What do you think will happen in the next book?

As always, thank you so much for taking part in another FairyLoot readalong! We hope you had the best time and enjoyed the book – we’ll see you again soon for another!


40 thoughts on “A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 5!

  1. I really liked this one – thought the reveal re Bjorn was obvious, but I didn’t see the one about his mum coming so we’ll done to the author on that one.

    I gave this 4 stars – I thought it started really fast paced and then there were a few slower parts, but these are needed mostly.

    I personally found the spicy scenes to go on a bit too long at the end. Especially because I already knew the betrayal reveal was coming. Don’t get me wrong I can see that they were needed but they were a bit too drawn out for me. Also, Freya’s flip was slightly too dramatic. She went from being you’re all I need to you’re a traitor in about half a second.

    Still, I will be eagerly looking out for book two. Do we know how many will be in the series altogether?

    1. The reveal about his mum was a shock! 💜

    2. 100% I love spice but I couldn’t help but skim over a lot of it at the end. I was desperate for the big reveal, it was very Fourth Wing 😅 Can’t wait to see what his mother has to say in book 2! I hope she’s Team Freya 🫶🏼

  2. Bjorn! No! Bad dog! *swat*

    I anticipate lots of grovelling on his knees for Bjorn in book 2 and I’m DOWN for it.


  3. I absolutely loved this book, it was interesting from the very first page and really hard to put down. I really liked the Norse mythology aspect and the powers displayed in the boko were really cool. I don’t think I had an absolute favourite moment from the book but I really liked in general how Bjorn tried to protect Freya all the time and seemed to be very genuine with her throughout (not considering the ending now 😅).

    I think in the next book Freya will learn a lot about king Harald and Nordeland and will find out very important things that will help her decide her fate. She’ll for sure start to trust Bjorn again after learning why he lied. I do believe Snorri was the bad guy from the beginning, lying how Saga died etc so it will be interesting to meet Bjorn’s mom as well. I really can’t wait for the sequel so hopefully it’ll be released soon!

  4. I absolutely loved this book! I was on the edge of my seat until the very end! As soon as I finished the book I wanted to go back to the beginning and start it all over again. I had so much fun. I really loved it. I can’t wait for book two!

    As of right now I don’t have any predictions as to what might happen in the next book. I’m still just caught up in what happened in this one. It was just such a fun read! So action packed, and the characters were really great (even though I thought several of them were absolutely infuriating, they were infuriating on purpose). I loved the banter between Freya and Bjorn. I hope they can heal these wounds caused at the end of the book and find a way back to each other, because I really do like them together, despite the fact that Bjorn lied. I don’t think he did it with any sort of ill intent.

    Anyway, this was a five star read for me, and I will be waiting impatiently for the next book.

  5. Okay so I devoured this book the moment it came in, and I was WAITING to be able to talk about that ending. LIKE THE BETRAYAL. But actually, I never could quite get behind why Freya cared so much for her homeland. Like when did they ever treat her right? So I don’t think it would have been that hard to convince her of switching sides if Bjorn had just been truthful . . . but naturally that wouldn’t make for a good last minute betrayal trope. UGH I loved this book so much.

  6. I also suspected that Snorri wasn’t the good guy, but probably none of them are.
    Bjorn is the best and I understand him and his reasons but I wish they had talked before, and all this should have been avoided.
    I think Freya could understand him if he talked to her before the rage took her.
    I loved that she was daughter to Hel too!
    I am so wishing to read book 2, are there plans to have it prettified by Fairyloot as well?

  7. I really enjoyed this book, the plot and the pacing. The reveal that Bjorn was the traitor and that Hel was the second Goddess was not a surprise. But Bjorn’s mother being alive definitely was.

    I felt quite frustrated with Freya by the end. Snorri’s description of her was to the point in my mind: “For all your power, Freya, you are little more than a girl-child ruled by impulse and emotion”.
    She jumps to conclusion without proof and has an explosive and deadly temper. That she wanted to go back to Snorri at the end baffled me. Sure Bjorn lied to her, but is her anger worth tens of thousands of lifes?!
    Ok, that’s my rant for today 😅

    I gave it 4⭐️ and I’m excited for the next book.

  8. Ooooooh Bjorn…. Don’t you know you’re supposed to spill all your life’s secrets BEFORE going all the way?! I hate that I was right about him hiding something major 😩

    So interested in Saga and Freya meeting in the next book!

    This was such a great read: good pacing, the right level of mythology, and of course a good slow burn 🥵

    1. The slow burn is the best! ! 💜

  9. What did you think of A Fate Inked in Blood? – I loved it 😍 – my first 5 star fairyloot adult pick. I guessed correctly about Bjorn and Steinunn but was shocked that Bjorns mother is still alive!

    Did you have a favourite moment from the book? – I loved Freya and Bjorns slow burn romantic tension and the banter they have.

    What do you think will happen in the next book?
    Bjorns betrayal is forgivable and I think Freya will realise this in the story after hearing King Harald and Bjorns Mothers side of the story. I think she will perhaps fight Snorri but realise peace is the only way forward and try to unite the two clans in some way. With Bjorn technically the heir of both this could happen without all out war.

  10. Hail Bjorn! I wish she listened to him more!
    Can I say that I love Skade when she said “Only a Cowrdly b1tch betrays her child.”? 😇

    Freya pisses me off so much when she let’s her anger posses her! I wish she listened at Bjorn more. I don’t believe that Ylva is to blame at this point. Let’s see….

    And as I was about to be happy that they will leave and Freya will not care anymore, then they emotionally blackmail her with Igrid’s pregnancy. 😡😡

    Okay, obviously I was writing down my thoughts while reading the book, before finishing it. WHAT was that ending!? I called a few things, but Bjorn?! And Hel being the second goddess?! WOW!! That’s why she couldn’t really control her anger or anything. Now I feel better for her. But, I have a feeling she will be super miserable in the next book, feeling guilty about cursing all those innocent people to Hel.

    Overall, I found Danielle’s writing amazing and the flow/pace was top notch. I am glad I discovered her and now she will be one of my favs! 🥰

    Do we know if this is a duology or a longer series?
    I can’t wait for the next book!🤩

    1. I wish she listened to Bjorn more as well! 💜

  11. I really enjoyed this read-along and loved being able to read others’ comments and views. The book was 4.25 stars for me, so very good. I suspected Steinunn and knew Bjorn was holding something back so I wasn’t shocked. I can’t wait for the sequel, I hope it doesn’t take too long! That’s what I don’t like about series…
    I’m excited to spend time in Norderland and find out more about Kong Harald. I think Freya will be surprised once they start to reveal the truth and their plans. I hope now that she knows she is a child of Hel this will help her manage the rage better, maybe she can learn how to do that. I agree with the other commenter who said she jumps to conclusions too quickly.

  12. i really loved this book. the characters were so fun. some of the twists were predictable but still enjoyable. it pulled me out of a slump, and i’m grateful for that!!

  13. I couldn’t stop reading, I really loved the pace, the characters, the magic system and the plot twist. I would want the second book in this moment, please!

  14. I LOVED IT 😍

    The reveal about Bjorn was obvious, but I did not predict about the mom!

    Freya and Bjorn will be enemies to lovers, and I am here for it.

    Can’t waittt for book 2!

    1. I didn’t guess the mum twist at all! 💜

  15. This has been an amazing pic… I love it. The twist we all know coming but still hits us… 😫
    I cannot wait for the next one.

    1. I can’t wait as well! 💜

  16. No! I liked her so much, but she’s being stupid now. Wow, I wasn’t expecting Bjorn to be responsible for Saga’s death, but I knew it wasn’t what Snorri said. I still think there’s more to it. I love that the Spector stopped Freya just long enough for Bjorn to grab her & set a new plan in action to change her (their) fate. There WAS someone else there the night his mother died; I knew there was more to it. FINALLY!! They finally got to be together, fully & uninterrupted. She’s going to twist this would-be happy ending into something to be guilty & rage over. Now, King Harald has found them & exposes a whole new world of trouble. I was right about Steinunn being sketchy, that Bjorn would screw up royally but not be a (wholly) bad guy, that the 2nd god’s blood was from Hel, & even that either Snorri or Ylva was responsible for Saga’s ‘death’ only to claim it was Harald. I’d even suspected Saga was still alive (the hooded woman from Fjalltindr – “a good woman protects her son”), but having her be the Spector threw me off that theory.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What did you think of A Fate Inked in Blood?
    2.) Did you have a favourite moment from the book?
    3.) What do you think will happen in the next book?
    1.) It was good, but this ending is killing me!
    2.) Probably the cave scene because it was a long time coming & so perfectly sweet in their mutual confessions. You know, before they left the cave, burst their bubble, & had everything blow up in their face. Lol.
    3.) I’m hoping for a lot of insight into Bjorn’s past, Freya to find family in Bjorn’s family (maybe not Harald, if he doesn’t quit viewing her as a tool), & the inevitable clash between Skaland & Nordeland (even if Harald keeps his word, Snorri was already determined to wage war on Nordeland).

    1. The cave scenes were very enjoyable to read! 💜

  17. This was SO GOOD!

    I guessed somethings, but never guess that Bjorn’s mother is ALIVE!!! I can’t wait to learn more of the truth and history of the world, especially the characters in Nordeland, soon.

    I’m SO curious about why Harald wasn’t affected by Hel’s vines (is he Loki???? Someone blessed by an unknown god???)

    The entire thing was a favourite moment honestly. I can’t wait for book 2!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! 💜

  18. 1. What did you think of A Fate Inked in Blood? Did you have a favourite moment from the book?
    I just loved it! Such an amazing book!! I just hate having to wait to read the sequel now hahaha. I think my favourite moment is the cave part towards the end, since they both let their guard down and just lived in that moment without a single thought about the next day

    2. What do you think will happen in the next book?
    I don’t really know, but I’m really curious to see Nordeland and want to learn more about Bjorn’s childhood and how he came to call Harald father. I also think Freya will learn a lot more about herself and her powers!

    1. I agree, I think Freya will trust herself and her powers more! 💜

  19. I rated this 4 stars! I really enjoyed it despite predicting bjorn’s true allegiance!
    My favourite part was when they had to climb to fjalltindr because I think it was a big turning point for Freya and bjorn.
    I think the next book will be about Freya herself uniting ska land and, of course, bjorns redemption arc.

    1. I agree! I think Freya will unite Skaland in the end! 💜

  20. Oof what an ending!!!!

    To be honest, I hope she does forgive Bjorn or he has a good reason for doing what he did, cause he was my favorite character for sure!!

    I’m hoping book 2 has more of Tora and Skade too cause I enjoyed them a lot!!

    I knew Snorri was going to be evil!!! And Harald good, though omg the thing about his mother was shocking to me!! I hope she gets answers!

    Also the spicy scenes were so good :3

  21. With all the doubts, theories and suspicious I had, it eventually became clear to me in the cave that a betrayal was coming. And Steinunn was a traitor as well, although it is unclear why it seemed like they didn’t stand each other. Was it all part of an act or did Bjorn truly didn’t trust Steinunn?

    Bjorn’s mum being alive was a great twist. I’m really looking forward to meeting her, finding out more about the prophecy and the lands of the north. Since Bjorn appears to be the heir of King Harald, if Freya and Bjorn can eventually see eye to eye, together they could unite both.

  22. Thanks for hosting the readalong Emily!

    I loved the Norse mythology as aspect too. Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young got me hooked into viking books and A Fate Inked in Blood is the only one that has really hit since then.

    I absolutely LOVE Fate. I’m so happy that Fairyloot did an exclusive edition and that we got to have this readalong.

    Can I say my favorite moment are all the ones with Freya and Bjorn?? For Bjorn when he was being vulnerable really moved me. How he kept screaming that Freya fell off a hill not a cliff, I think that went to show how worried he was of her. Also when he confesses he wants to be a girl dad 🥺 I hope his dream comes through.

    Freya, I loved when she was training with Ylva’s friend, when she got to kill Vragi and also her killing haze in battle, which makes me sound bad but I just loved seeing her get to be as powerful as the men.

    I’m excited to meet Bjorn’s mom next book! Harald seems kinda awful too? Like he’s going to use Freya.

    From the time we heard the prophecy, I assumed that either Freya will be the master of herself or Bjorn, I’m excited to see how this plays out next book.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! 💜

  23. I shouldn’t be surprised with Jensen, her endings KILL ME EVERY SINGLE TIME. WHY AM I STILL SHOCKED?!

  24. I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I had predicted Bjorn’s true allegiance early on. What I loved most about the story was how Bjorn saw Freja and cared for her. He was very sweet and caring, though it would have been far better if he had decided to share ‘his truth’ a bit more promptly. I would have appreciated more depth given to the mythological aspects, which I found intriguing, but overall, it was a great read.

    1. I wish he did share the truth earlier one, but the tension will be so good in book 2! 💖

  25. What a good book! This is my favorite pick so far of 2024. I can’t wait for the next one too
    1. What did you think of A Fate Inked in Blood? I really enjoyed it. This was my first Viking book, and I loved it.
    2. Did you have a favourite moment from the book? I loved the whole going to Valhalla together and never leaving each others side scene that happened before the waterfall. I thought that was so romantic and sweet.
    What do you think will happen in the next book? I think Freya will come to realize whose side she should really be on. I think she’ll forgive Bjorn and they will eventually get their happily ever after (although maybe it’s not as farmers as they talked about) He’s just the perfect book boyfriend besides the deception. 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 I hope Freya eventually apologizes to Ylva though. I really do feel bad for her. Especially since she has to put up with Snorri

  26. I like the last part so much that I have forgotten to read the post for the 4th day! 😂 I enjoy read it very much, the plot twist weren’t shocking but they made sense.
    Bjorn should have explained things sooner, but minus that he has a green flag! My favorite part was when he said he didn’t sleep so Freya would have his fire!

  27. 1) I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to the sequel for sure!

    2) I KNEW there was something with the “child of two bloods” thing! One of my favorite moments was getting that confirmed! [And the romance finally “happening”, of course!]

    3) I’m hoping Freya comes into her own more in the next book. And I’m really looking forward to finding out!

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