A Fragile Enchantment Readalong: Day 3!

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Hi fairies!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to day 3 of our readalong of A Fragile Enchantment by Allison Saft. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

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 I hope you’re all having a fun time reading so far!

Today we’re reading from chapter 13 to the end of chapter 17. Let’s do this!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Fragile Enchantment by Allison Saft from Chapter 13 to Chapter 17. Please only read on if you have finished this section!

We start today’s reading with our favourite pair… and Sinclair. Every-time it’s just the three of them together ‘it’s you and me, and me and you, and your friend steve’ song plays in my head.

An accurate representation in the form of a GIF:

I love how Kit’s love language is essentially teasing Niamh. Also, him steadying her by her waist? I’m blushing.

The three of them go riding together but when they approach Eye Park they realise something is amiss. There they find thousands of people in the heart of the park. It turns out this is the doing of Helen Carlile, leader of the Machlish movement.

Sinclair hints that Kit should do something by asking him if he’s as avoidant as his brother. Hmmm, I’m not sure why, but I do find it odd that Sinclair is almost encouraging Kit to get involved. What do you think?

After speaking with Niamh, Kit decides to speak with Helen Carlile. Eeeekkk I love how he only listens to her. These small things make my heart melt.

When they meet Helen she already knows who Niamh is. Interesting… could she be Lovelace? 🤔

After the commotion in the park Jack immediately accosts them, demanding to know what happened. He assures his brother he is handling things and to trust him. I am 100% convinced he is hiding something big from Kit and everyone else.

Jack then comes up with an idea to go to Woodville Hall, a place they have not been since their Mother’s death. Niamh is invited to go too. The Machlish servants will be left behind. Why?

Sofia standing up for Niamh? We love to see women supporting other women!!

After arriving at Woodville Hall Niamh decides to explore (let’s be honest, she’s totally snooping). Not wanting to be caught, she hides behind some curtains only to be discovered by Kit and Sinclair. I just had to mention this as I am cackling, it’s so silly and I love it.

After a disastrous start to their stay at Woodville Hall, things get much worse when Jack is drunk and begins having a very bad argument with Kit, both of their magics reacting to their emotions.

Kit storms off and Niamh goes after him alone.

Chasing after him in a rain storm? Oh, she is absolutely in too deep. But when she finds him he is surrounded by vines, his magic out of control and lashing out at Niamh.

Eventually, after talking to him he seems to come back to himself and realises it’s Niamh, but the stress of using her magic and everything else finally catches up to her and she collapses; Kit catching her in his arms. *Swooooon*

Niamh awakes to find out Kit carried her back to the house. Cuteeeee! 🥺

Miriam asks about her magic-related illness and informs her she isn’t aware of a cure. I feel bad for Niamh, her magic is slowly killing her. But I want to know why… Is anyone else curious?

Niamh tells Kit that she is dying because of her magic and opens up to him about all her fears. Kit opens up in return, telling her about what happened four years ago when he was sent away. Ahhh I love how much closer they have become.

And then… A KISS! Yes, I am once again, giggling and kicking my feet.

“Let me kiss you until dawn.” Is permanently engrained in my mind forever.

The plot is getting undeniably thicker! Jack hasn’t been paying his staff! I knew there was something more going on. But why isn’t he paying them? Have they run out of money or is it for some other reason?

Ugh, Kit telling her he likes her and kissing her again. We love a man with good communication!

Sinclair finds Kit and Niamh in a um… compromising position. He and Niamh then have a heart-to-heart; she tells him how she really feels about Kit, and he reveals his father was Machlish. Interesting, I wonder if that is why he wanted Kit to talk to Helen Carlile?

Well, the ending of today’s reading left me with things to think about… Many theories are brewing in my mind!

Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?

Are you swooning over Niamh and Kit’s relationship too?

Who do you think could be Lovelace?

I’m so excited to see what will happen in tomorrow’s chapters, see you there fairies!


42 thoughts on “A Fragile Enchantment Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Really loving this copy of A Fragile Enchantment! I have entered the giveaway my Instagram is @flowerr5311

  2. Entered at @sorcha_bookish_quill 😊 💜

  3. Maybe Jack hasn’t been paying his staff because the royal family is broke? That could be the reason why it’s very important for him that Kit marries and everything goes smoothly. Or maybe he is a very good actor but deep down doesn’t care at all about Machlish like his father.

    I think the question was supposed to be about Niamh and Kit’s relationship… 😄 but I am totally swooning over their relationship, they are so cute together and I hate the situation they’re in… I hope they will find a way to be together in the end because they are just so sweet.

    My first thought was that maybe Lovelace could be Sophia, then I thought that maybe it could be Helen Carlile. If it’s one of them I’d be surprised because I’m so bad at guessing these things 😅

    I’m also going the enter the giveaway, my handle is @theadventuresofgerda

  4. 1) Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I think my theory is holding up: he just doesn’t have the money. And he probably feels awful about it. I have a hard time believe it was his own doing, given the tight ship he runs. I hope he lets poor Sofia help him, though.

    2) Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    That was definitely a beautiful moment for their first kiss. Bittersweet because of Niamh’s health, and Kit having to deal with possibly losing someone he loves all over again after his mum passed. 🙁

    3) Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    Also maintain my stance that it’s Sinclair! The clues in this section really seem to point to my theory, and now he has motive due to his heritage.

    Entered with @tired.tiger.tales and something sweet 😉

  5. Okay I definitely think that the royal family is broke or something is going on with money… I actually feel bad for Jack and I want him to just be honest!!

    I am still torn about Lovelace…. For some reason I am thinking it’s Sinclair still but Sofia is a possibility.

    I am SO in love with Kit and Niamh, the build up to them kissing was so good!!!

  6. I’m loving this book more and more! The growing relationship between Kit and Niamh is making me feel so happy. I especially love that he’s with her about how he feels, and not hiding or running away after their first kissing session. It’s very very sweet. With roughly 150 pages to go there’s got to be some sort of upset coming. Maybe they’re discovered and it’s written about, something will happen definitley, especially as she’s a commoner and them falling in love will upset all of Jack’s plans.

    Clearly Jack, or the royal family, are broke. There’s a repeat pattern of paying staff late or not paying them. So obviously he’s marrying Kit off I guess for the Princess’ dowry (but how that’ll help him in the long run I don’t know, unless it’s enough to pay off his debts or kickstart their finances). He’s mentioned he wants to help people but can’t, so I don’t think he’s a bad guy, he’s just trying to solve the issues all by himself and doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

    I’m still not sure who Lovelace could be, and I don’t think they’re a major part of the story. Niamh is worried they’ll be written about, so far it feels like a much smaller plot point. I think it’ll become more important to the story when Lovelace writes about Kit and Niamh – I’m assuming they do, unless it’s a close friend and so they choose not to write about it.

    Also is Miriam in love with Rosa?

    Instagram: bizs_bookshelf

  7. This part of the book had some of my favourite scenes: the one where Niamh chases after Kit and finds him in a cage of vines, and the one where she collapses on him and he has to carry her in his arms and tend to her. Also because they kiss.

    I have entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  8. I’m loving this book so far!! 💕 I’ve entered the giveaway, my handle is @booktok_corner

  9. Entered giveaway @fatallyinlovewithbooks

  10. Oh my god; I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who had the “it’s you and me, and me and you, and your friend Steve” in my head reading about the trio. 

    “Let me kiss you until dawn” is one of my favourite quotes from the book; I picked out a few of my favourite quotes and posted them with my review on instagram and this definitely made the list. 

    I’m convinced they’re broke and that’s why Jack isn’t paying the staff. I said this yesterday, and that I think the empty funds are why he’s pushing for the wedding so much.  

    I absolutely love Niamh and Kit’s relationship. They’re just so cute, and I love their communication. It’s so freaking sweet seeing them open up to each other so far. 

    I’m still undecided on Lovelace, still have many theories haha. Sinclair is my top contender. However part of me still wants it to be Kit. Maybe it’s Sophie? 

    I’ve added the hashtag onto my unboxing post for this box – is this allowed or does it have to be a fresh post of the book for this giveaway? My instagram is @a_pixie_bookshelf

  11. I’ve been suspecting they were broke for a while now…I’m honestly surprised they’ve hidden it this long if so. Is Kit’s marriage meant to save the save with Rosa’s money?

    Yeaaaah that Niamh and Jack…love em? 🤣 But seriously it does kind of bother me that Kit’s engaged, even if the circumstances don’t mean he’s at all attached. It’s the only blight on their growing relationship for me.

    Sinclair is the only guess I’ve got now.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix

  12. 1. Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    Probably because he’s broke

    2. Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?

    3. Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    I’m leaning more towards Sinclair as the story continues

    Entered via my bookstagram account @lisashelves

  13. 1) Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I Think Jack Just Doesn’t Have The Funds To Be Able To Pay Them

    2) Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    Yes, I Love Niamh & Kit So Much

    3) Who do you think could be Lovelace?I
    I Think It Might Be Sinclair Or Sofia Maybe

    I Have Entered The Giveaway, My Instagram Handle Is @hippiebex

  14. I think Jack’s not been paying the staff probably because they don’t have the money. I’m starting to think Jack’s actually not a bad guy and he’s just trying to do the best he can.
    I’m 100% swooning over Niamh and and Kit’s relationship. They’re so cute😍 I almost teared up when they kissed.
    I’m still really not sure about Lovelace – maybe Sinclair which would make sense that he’s not outed Niamh and Kit to protect them or maybe it could be Erin and she’s really not left.
    I’ve entered with @minnie_reads_

  15. Okay now that song is stuck in my head. 😂😂

    I’m definitely enjoying this book more and more!

    1. Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    My guess is that the royal family is broke and that’s why Jack is pushing Kit to marry Rosa, so maybe Rosa’s wealth can help them out.

    2. Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    Yes absolutely! I love how he’s grumpy but secretly a softie on the inside. 🥰

    3. Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    Right now my guess is Sinclair, because we now know that his father was Machlish so he is tied to them. And he said that life with the Avlish is not always easy…

    I am entering the giveaway!💕 My instagram handle is @feedmefairytales

  16. I don’t have the fairyloot edition so I cannot enter.
    1. Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I honestly think they’re broke, there’s no way they aren’t because so many people haven’t been paid or are being paid late!
    2. Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    um YES who isnt!? It’s swoonworthy and it gives the thrill of a teenager sneaking around, and the fact that Niamh honestly doesn’t seem to mind a mistress is WILD but it seems to be really common..
    3. Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    This is still sp hard because it can literally be anyone, I’m think maybe Sofia now because her heart to heart with Niamh highlighted how Sofia doesn’t feel like she’s needed and Niamh realizes hey Sofia isn’t much older than me, I can only imagine how it feels to be stuck somewhere she isn’t familiar with with a man who doesn’t value her. Maybe Sofia being Lovelace is how she copes with it? Because Sofia said Jack tells her nothing, maybe this is her way to feel something? Anyways I know I posted my comment a day late but I finished late last night! Lol such a good set of chapters!!!

  17. -Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?

    I 100% think he/the crown is broke and trying to hide it. The comments he made about his Mom only caring about clothes/jewels make me think that could’ve started the problem, and then with Machlish servants being disgruntled in general make me wonder if that is just extremely bad timing for him. That’s probably also why he doesn’t want anyone else managing the household, to help hide it.

    -Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?

    I think this is supposed to be about Kit? And the answer is YES! They are so adorable and I love how they finally opened up to each other, and their kisses! Omg!

    -Who do you think could be Lovelace?

    I think Lovelace is either Sofia or Sinclair. Sofia, because she just “happened” to be on the balcony the night Niamh wrote back to Lovelace? She also seems to constantly be overlooked despite wanting to help Jack. Or Sinclair, because he had a guilty look when finding out that Niamh actually really liked Kit, and since his true father is Maclish.

  18. Ooooh things are getting good!

    I have an inkling that Jack hasn’t been paying their staff because they are flat broke and he’s trying to hide it by still throwing all these lavish parties. I think he’s hoping Kit’s marriage will help bring them money.

    Absolutely swooning over the fact that there was finally a kiss! Two!

    Still unsure on Lovelace but I’d love to see more articles by them to help me figure it out….

    I posted a picture on Instagram and my handle is @brittneywithabook

  19. It is curious that Jack hasn’t been paying his staff, but I couldn’t even begin to guess why. Maybe a curse?
    I love Kit and Niamh. When she chased after him in the rain, it gave me Pride & Prejudice vibes!
    I think Kit is Lovelace

    I entered the readalong @rygurl

  20. I’m entering the giveaway.

  21. I posted my photo with the hashtag! My instagram handle is @brynna.reads

    Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    Because they are BROKE!

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    YES 100000000% YESSSS

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    Niamh’s guess is as good as mine. I’ve got no idea.

  22. Eeeek! Ive entered birch_library 🪡

  23. Absolutely love this book! Entered the giveaway with my Instagram: @gabrielasbooknook

  24. I’m loving this read more and more every day. I love how it has so many themes and ideas! I love the depth of the characters’ backstories and the different relationships, it really is a great and whimsical read.

    Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I think it is money. I think the family is broke, so he desperately wants Kit to marry Rosa, simply for money and not his brother’s happiness.

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    I love it! I love how she ran to him in the rain and he carried her back. And we finally got a kiss… I love them both.

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    I think maybe Sinclair.
    However, I would LOVE a completely shocking turn of events and it would be someone super random for shock value… I can’t wait to read more, hopefully we will get more articles to hint to who it will be in the next section.

  25. forgot to mention I entered the giveaway on @cosy_daze

  26. I am absolutely adoring this book. Seeing Kit’s shell crack as he is falling for Niamh is the cutest. The rain scene had me gushing!!!

    Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?

    I think he doesn’t have the money and he is in financial trouble.

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?

    erm.. not Jack but I am swooning over Niamh and Kits relationship. Its the cutest, there is the right amount of everything so far in this book. The rain scene, the kiss AAAAH!!!

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?

    I think it might be Sofia as Jack under minds her and she has direct links to knowing what is happening.

  27. Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I defiantly think the palace is broke and Jack is covering it up. I actually feel a bit sorry for him and think he should open up to Kit a bit more or at least Sofia.

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    Yes 😍 it’s giving Anthony and Kate
    Vibes from bridgerton especially with the injured rain scene.

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    I think it’s someone who we know already – either Sofia, Erin or Sinclair – not much has been given away yet for me to make a decision.

    A bit late cathing up but I still like to write out my comments 😂

  28. Entered the giveaway @julsreadingjourney

  29. Hi Fairies! I’ve entered the secret giveaway! ✨ @niekbooktique on Instagram.

    Now to more important matters, THESE CHAPTERS! I think Jack mismanaged the royal funds and that the main reason he needs Kit to marry a foreign princess is to get more funding from a dowery.. just a thought! FINALLY we get some action between Niamh and Kit. It is not much, but hopefully we can build on this in the next part. My guess for Lovelace has to be Sinclair. He has a link to the Machlish cause due to his parentage. He has the means to witness all social events and has a clear disdain for Jack’s form of ruling. Can’t wait to find out if I’m right!

    With sunny regards,

    @niekartistiek (tiktok) | @niekbooktique (instagram)

  30. I forgot to add my Instagram handle to my post @cramson_

  31. Like everyone else, I think Jack probably doesn’t have the money to pay the staff…but I’m not sure how. What is actually wrong with the king? I think it’s gotta be tied into this somehow…

    Enjoying the sweet romance between Kit and Niamh, although slightly worried it moved a bit too quickly? Not sure how the tension will be kept up now..

    Like most people I think Lovelace might be Sinclair but I’m not sure it really fits.

    I like someone’s theory above that Miriam and Rosa are in love. Could one of them be Lovelace?

  32. Yikes. Jack’s handle on things is certainly going downhill. Steeply. Squeeeeeee!! I’m happy they kissed, but now for all of the unpleasant “what next” because their situations haven’t changed with their growing feeling for each other. Learning more about Kit’s past & Sinclair’s heritage brings new depth to everything.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    2.) Are you swooning over Niamh and Jack’s relationship too?
    3.) Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    1.) Maybe the royal coffers are drying up? Something to do with his father’s reign &/or illness, maybe. It would explain his lack of pay for all of his servants, his micromanagement of the household, & his hasty insistence on Kit’s marriage to Rosa.
    2.) I’m swooning over Niamh & Kit, for sure. I’m also loving Sinclair’s supporting role.
    3.) I still believe it’s someone close to or part of the main cast because the shock & betrayal is juicier that way. Lol.
    *I’ve already posted my #EnchantedFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  33. Also, I’m @onlybooksiveread on Insta and will post my photo soon 🙂

  34. I will be entering the photo contest. My ig username is @mangapenguin

    Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I think the crown is broke and he is trying to hid it from everyone. And the why to do that without drawing attention would be to not pay his staff and marry his brother off.

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Kit’s relationship too?
    I love Niamh and Kit. I think they are good for each other and are drawn together like magnets. I know he is engaged but it is not something he is actually wanting and same for his soon to be bride. Whereas Niamh and Kit have a spark.

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    Honestly, I think it’s Sinclair!! I’m wondering if Lovelace is going to get ahold of Niamh and Kit’s affair now that Sinclair has seen and can confirm it’s happening.

    1. Oooo that is a very good theory, I think you may be right! 👀 Yes they certainly do have a spark,I adore them!

  35. I’m loving this book so far, only started yesterday ❤️

    I have entered the giveaway my Instagram is @tomi.library

  36. Why do you think Jack hasn’t been paying his staff?
    I definitely think the royal family is having some money troubles potentially because of the devastation caused by them years ago.

    Are you swooning over Niamh and Kit’s relationship too?
    YES. I was squealing and kicking my feet when they finally kissed!

    Who do you think could be Lovelace?
    I’m still so clueless! The only theory I can have is maybe Jacks wife? But I am not confident in that at all

    I entered and my Instagram is @artsywithabby

    1. Their kiss was SO cute! 💜

  37. I’m thinking Jack might not be fully aware of the staff going unpaid. When Niahm went to him personally to ask for her pay, he thanked her for coming to him and easily obliged. Granted, he was acting rather shifty. But my thoughts are that perhaps a middleman is somehow confiscating the wages. My suspicions for Lovelace’s identity are currently on Sofia. I feel like she’s so meek and softspoken, she’d enjoy the opportunity to anonymously share her thoughts. Whether she is Lovelace or not, I hope we learn more about her soon!

    I entered the giveaway as well. My handle is @nymphie_reads. Thanks!

  38. I loves this book one of my favourite fairy reads and one of my favourite fairy books I’ve ever received beautiful 5 stars

    I’m entering giveaway @relax_with_a_good_book

    1. We’re so happy to hear that! 💜

  39. 1. I think he actually doesn’t have any money left anymore. And he is trying to marry Kit for money. That would explain why he is not doing anything to solve the protest and problems.

    2. Yes and no, it’s exciting how it’s developing. On the other hand it almost feels like Kit is just using her. He’s going to marry someone else and Sinclair was right, he didn’t even court her or give her flowers.

    3. I still think it’s princess Sofia. It’s her way of trying to have some influence and say. Hoping Jack would listen to her.

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