A Fragile Enchantment Readalong: Day 4!

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Hello bookworms!

Happy Thursday and welcome to day 4 of our readalong of A Fragile Enchantment by Allison SaftI’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Wow, there was a lot of romance and plot developments in yesterday’s chapters!

Today we’re reading from chapter 18 to the end of chapter 24. Let’s do this!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Fragile Enchantment by Allison Saft from Chapter 18 to Chapter 24. Please only read on if you have finished this section!

Of course we had to kick today’s reading off with a bit of drama!

Lovelace has written about Niamh and Kit in The Daily Chronicle and Rosa has found out. She tells Niamh she will look the other way and she is happy for her to be his mistress. But she also warns her not to be in that column again or to do anything to jeopardise their marriage. Ooooop!

Also, comparing Rosa to a well-fed cat? I loveeee it.

Niamh tells Kit about the column and he gets irritated that she cares more about how he feels and comforts him, rather than herself. I can tell it’s coming from a place of love so it’s hitting me in the feels hard.

“I won’t be your ruin.” Please, have mercy on my poor heart. The level of sincerity and love he has for her I can’t cope.

Kit tells her that she has made him see what he couldn’t before and because of his love for her, he must do what he can to help the Machlish people.

Niamh writes to Lovelace to tell them that Kit will do all he can to do the right thing after the wedding. But Lovelace replies and informs her that they plan to push onward and stop the wedding. Oh no.

Niamh then suspects Sofia could be Lovelace and decides to try to find out for herself. Hmmm, I don’t think Sofia is Lovelace she is just too sweet but maybe I’m being biased because I adore her character so much…

Niamh learns that the Prince Regent was quite insistent on Rosa’s dowry confirming my suspicions that they may not have as much money as people think. Could this also be why he hasn’t been paying his staff and the reason for the wedding in the first place?

Part of her plan to uncover the truth about the identity of Lovelace involves breaking into Kit’s bedroom in the middle of the night to steal the coat she had made for him that will help make her unnoticeable. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong?

Kit briefly awakens calling her name and telling her to come here. She says goodbye and leaves his room. 👀

Four days before the wedding, Niamh decides it’s time to break into Sofia and Jack’s rooms to try and find evidence of Sofia being Lovelace. Of course Kit finds her trying to break open their door and instead of reporting her, helps her…

He also informs her that he was in fact, awake during her little break into his room since he heard her kick his wardrobe. I can’t lie, I would feel very embarrassed if I was Niamh.

Okay but him telling her he likes seeing her in his clothes? I’m blushing.

After going through Jack’s room they find out that the royal coffers are nearly empty. I knew it! But then Jack suddenly appears and Niamh has to hide under his desk. (I’m scared).

Kit confronts Jack and they argue; Jack tells him he has done everything he could to shield him from this, but his engagement with Rosa is a last-ditch effort. Kit is forced to leave, leaving Niamh alone hiding under the desk. Omg my nerves can’t take it!

Jack spots her and tells her he will not allow her to hurt Kit or get in his way and is rather harsh towards Niamh.

Everything about the Solarium scene has me screaming!! Kit is the standard. And the fact he kept the handkerchief she gave him when they first met? The cherry on top!

“I can’t be your mistress Kit.”

“Then be my wife.”

Did you hear that? Yes, that was me giggling and losing it over that line. Anyone else absolutely obsessed with that little bit of dialogue or just me?

But the good vibes don’t last when Lovelace’s letter falls out of Niamh’s pocket and Kit says that’s Sinclair’s handwriting. WHATTTT?! I did not expect that.

Niamh has no choice but to tell him about her letters to Lovelace and let him read the one that fell out her pocket. Kit then goes after Sinclair and confronts him.

And we end today’s chapter on a rather sombre note. Kit will not forgive Niamh for the letters nor Sinclair for being Lovelace even if his heart was in the right place, and Niamh is hurt that Sinclair would write about her in the column. All in all, everything is a disaster and I’m so nervous about what may happen next!

Well, that was an action-packed few chapters today, wasn’t it? So many plot twists, big reveals and some swoon-worthy moments!

What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?

Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?

I’m so excited (but also scared) to see what will happen in tomorrow’s chapters, see you there fairies!


26 thoughts on “A Fragile Enchantment Readalong: Day 4!

  1. So much happened in this section! I love Kit and Niamh together!

    I was very surprised that Sinclair was Lovelace, I never even thought of that. That is interesting but at the same time, Dan was Gossip Girl so maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised 😄 He shouldn’t have published so much about Niamh but at the same time I understand why he did what he did.

    I think Kit doesn’t want to go through with the wedding, but he will still do his duty. But at the same time I think something happens or someone is interrupting and there will be no wedding between him and Infanta Rosa. Obviously she has feelings for Miriam so I hope she will get her happy ending as well.

    1. I never got round to finishing Gossip Girl and I am SHOCKED by this revelation 🙈🙈 how did I never know that!? 🙈😂😂

  2. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I understand why he’s done what he’s done and I was definitely sus of him anyway; however he has annoyed me by publishing what he has about Kit and Niamh.

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    Definitely not. His heart isn’t in it and he doesn’t really seem the type to. I’ll be very annoyed with this book if he does.

    I’m loving this book though, it’s amazing

  3. I had my suspicions about Sinclair. I understand why he became Lovelace but it was disappointing that he wrote about Kit and Niamh, especially when he could see how they feel about each other.

    Kit will definitely go through with the wedding – even if he doesn’t want it to happen – because he’d be doing his duty to help his country and brother. Whether it actually happens is a whole other question!

  4. I have been reading along but forgetting to post 🤦🏼‍♀️

    This section had me in such a chokehold that I didn’t sleep last night and read the rest of the book in one sitting …

    “Then be my wife” made my knees buckle. I have enjoyed the slow burn romance up to now and found the lust filled gazes across the room everything I’d want in a regency inspired book but this section of the book really ramped up the heat and I loved it.

    I was kinda hoping Kit was Lovelace if I’m honest and we had a double agent / double bluff thing going on and because he was fighting for the injustice done to Sinclair.


  5. Oh my goshhhhhh Sinclair! I do understand why he did it but also whyyy no!!

    This whole section was a ride. The romance between Niamh and Kit is so so cute and I’m really sad Kit feels so betrayed by her, I’m really crossing my fingers it works out.

    There’s a part of me that feels bad for Jack even though he’s being so frustrating… I think he had a rough time and I wish he would rely on Kit to help him!

    I kinda feel like the wedding won’t go through? But I’m not sure how, excited to finish this and see what happens!

  6. I’m less surprised at Sinclair being Lovelace than Penelope being Whistledown. It kind of made the most sense in my head especially after the Maclish heritage reveal.

    The wedding isn’t going to go ahead, there will be happy endings although I am not quite sure how. I hope Rosa gets what she wants as well somehow.

    I’m really enjoying this book, it’s such a fun and easy read

  7. I did think it was a possibility Sinclair could be Lovelace. I don’t think he’s coming from a bad place – I hope Niamh and Kit can forgive him.
    I think Kit will try and go through with the wedding but he won’t be able to do and it will be stopped with him declaring his love to Niamh (I hope😍)

  8. Whew, this section was intense!

    1. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I had my suspicions earlier, but I’m still a little sad that’s he’s Lovelace! I can’t imagine the betrayel Kit must be feeling.

    2. Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    For now yes, but I think he or Rosa will call it off eventually!

    So excited for the final section!😵

  9. 1) What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    Hah, I knew it! But the betrayal still hurts, especially after all Kit did for him. I understand his intentions, though, and I’m sure they’ll make up eventually because it would just be too sad otherwise. *Fingers crossed*

    2) Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I think he will go through with *a* wedding. 👀 Not to Rosa, though. I hope she gets her moment, however. She’s too iconic not to.

    Now I’m off to binge read the rest of the book!

  10. My thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace. Can u say mind-blown.

    Also I don’t want Kit to go through with the wedding.

    And wow the kingdom in debt, there father sounds terrible.

    Jack just being very rude and poor Sofia.

    I also think Rosa and Miriam have a feeling for each other possible.

  11. I’m not surprised about Sinclair…I think Sofia would have been a better twist because I feel like we haven’t gotten to know her yet, but Sinclair was definitely more heartbreaking. I’m also shocked no one ever figured it out before, especially if he wasn’t clever enough to disguise his handwriting.

    My tropey prediction is that Kit tries to go through with it but Niamh bursts in with a STOP THE WEDDING moment that accomplishes nothing until Rosa rolls her eyes and refuses to say I Do.

  12. Well, it makes sense that Sinclair is Lovelace given what we know about him. I don’t see Kit going through with the wedding though. It wouldn’t fit with his character and it would be a terrible ending if he did

  13. SO MUCH HAPPENEDED IN THESE FEW CHAPTERS!! Like what!!! So many twisty turny things! SINCLAIR IS LOVELACE ??? My JAW WAS ON THE FLOOOR!!! AND KIT SAYING BE MY WIFE ooooohhhh so much yes lol!! I also kinda theorized they were struggling money.
    1. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    If it wasn’t Sofia he was my next guess. I can’t believe he’d betrayed them though, I was rooting for him at first, but I get it.
    2. Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I dont want him too, but he definitely will. He wants to do his duty and with how raw his feelings are right now, I can’t see a reason why he wouldn’t go through with it. Will it actually happen though? I’m thinking not…

  14. 1. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    He was one of my suspects for being Lovelace, so it didn’t came as that much of a surprise

    2. Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I think he will, but I hope he won’t. He can’t just stop the wedding since it is to important and he does have a sense of duty towards his kingdom and people. He won’t stop before he has a save way to help them and not make an enemy of Infanta Rosa and her father

  15. This section was INTENSE. I was holding my breath so much when she was hiding under Jack’s desk and the fall out afterwards. And then the letters from Lovelace OMG!

    What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    UH, my jaw dropped. I had absolutely no idea! But now that we know it makes perfect sense!

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I hope not. He might though…but its not what he wants deep down so I hope he wont.

  16. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I had my suspicions so not overly shocked it could have only been a limited number of people who was at the other house. I wish we could have had more of the tattler letters.

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I think he will and it will come to a big moment like does any have any objections to this marriage and it will all spill out.

    The story is getting more intense as it’s nearing the end and only a stand-alone I can’t wait to see where it goes 😊

  17. I was RIGHT ON THE MONEY! (and about it too). I just knew the engagement had to be because of the low coffers and the prospect of a large dowery AND about Sinclair being Lovelace. Ding Ding Ding!

    Also, Niamh’s “but I love him!” towards Jack gave me major “but daddy I love him” – the little mermaid vibes.

    The fact that Sinclair is Lovelace came as no surprise. As stated in the previous read along comment section, due to his social status and parentage plus the way society has treated him it makes perfect sense. I don’t believe Kit will marry Infanta Rosa, but I don’t think he is the one to call it off. We still have the princess and her father to consider, especially if any of the financial motives or true feelings toward Niamh comes to light..

    With love,

    @niekartistiek (tiktok) | @niekbooktique (instagram

  18. This was such a good section. It felt like so much happened I can’t put it down… will definitely be binging the rest so I can get to the end!

    What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I guessed this would be the outcome… I wanted it to be someone super random but I can see the connection. I’m sad he wrote about Kit and Niamh but I think he will get his redemption in the final section.

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I think there will be a wedding. But more likely an elopement. It is clear Kit doesn’t want to marry Rosa and thinks a lot about Niamh so I really hope they get to be together.

  19. These chapters have had so many OMG moments… I am loving it.

    What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?

    I actually didn’t expect him to be Lovelace but now that its revealed, I totally see why he is doing it. At the same time odd that he never changed his writing style when writing to Niamh in case she sought counsel with Kit

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?

    Part of me hopes it doesn’t go ahead, I think he is just angry with the situation. I mean it wasn’t Niamh’s fault that Sinclair was writing to her…

  20. I still don’t think it really makes that much sense that Sinclair is Lovelace but I guess that’s just the truth…

    I assume that this is going to end well but can’t quite figure out all the moves. I think Rosa has something planned…

  21. Everything with Rosa was pretty surprising. I mean, not being in love with your husband doesn’t mean you’ll be fine with his Mistress(es). Ah! Was I right? Is Sofia actually Lovelace? I was definitely right about the royal coffers being near empty. Jack just confirmed all of Niamh’s harshest self-criticism. Jerk. The tension is broken! …Just for politics to run it. Ugh. Sinclair?!?! Argh! I liked him so much. 😭  So, this is the 3rd act breakup? 😕
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    2.) Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    1.) It makes a cruel sense seeing as he’s ½ Machlish himself & is central to the main characters. I knew it being someone close was going to gut me, but he was my favorite side character. Maybe he’s not *evil,* but it was the same blow as learning Prince Hans from Frozen was the bad guy. Ouch.
    2.) It sounds like he’ll at least make it seem that way. I’m hoping for something to happen at the last minute, so this can be a HEA (with the knowledge that her being his Mistress is not something she can live with).

  22. I loved todays section!! SO much angst and drama and EmOtIoNs!!

    I adore Kit And Niamh together, but am feeling a bit irked Kit didn’t even give her a chance to protest her innocence- she hadn’t even really communicated with Lovelace, and the truth came as much as a shock to her. Kit must be so hurt from the reveal tho- Sinclair is the only person he’s ever really had in his life, so the fact Lovelace write about kit and Niamh is underhanded 😢🥺

    I like Rosa’s character, anf that she’s so chill and it all.
    I’m hoping there’s some way this can get resolve without Kit marrying her tho 🙈

    Can’t wait to see where it goes!

  23. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I hate to say it but I knew it. The Lovelace storyline reminded me of gossip girl so I knew it had to be someone close to both characters.

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    No. He doesn’t love her. He loves Niamh even if she does run away.

  24. What are your thoughts on Sinclair being Lovelace?
    I am shocked! I didn’t think he could do that buuuut the tidbit earlier about him being part Machlish does make it make a bit more sense. 😂

    Do you think Kit will go through with the wedding?
    I hope not 😭 but I don’t know at this point. My emotions are being thrown all over the place

    1. My emotions where the same! 😭💜

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