Angelfall DELUXE SET

We are so thrilled to present to you the… ANGELFALL DELUXE SET, brought to you in collaboration with Susan Ee and @hodderscape to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Penryn & the End of Days Series!

This trilogy is one that we adore and throughout the years it has always held a special place in our heart: an enemies-to-lovers romance, apocalyptic angels, teddy bear swords and dry humour — what’s not to love?

This set includes exclusive hardcover editions of all three books in the Penryn & the End of Days Series by Susan Ee: Angelfall, World After and End of Days.

What is special about these editions?
HARDCOVERS EDITIONS: Never before printed in hardcover, these are the only hardcover editions out there!
EXCLUSIVE COVERS: Subtle changes to the original covers for Angelfall and World After and a total colour change for End of Days — all with silver foil on the front, back AND spines! The spines also lineup to create a unique angel wing design in foil! Shiiiiny!
SPRAYED EDGES: Solid sprayed edges in striking colours to compliment the covers.
ARTWORK ON THE REVERSE OF THE DUST JACKET: Beautiful artwork by the one and only @arz28 on each of the dust jackets.
FOIL ON THE HARDCOVER: A gorgeous foil design on each book by @arz28. The same angel wing design will also go across the spines of the hardcover.
SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR: ALL three books will be signed by Susan Ee.

This is NOT part of our normal monthly subscription box and if you wish to order a set, they will be available in the UK & US Fairy Trove. The Angelfall Deluxe Set will be available for £68 GBP / $98 USD + shipping and are expected to ship around October/November. Early Access emails will be sent to active subscribers on April 20th at 1pm BST April 27th at 1pm BST, and if we have sets remaining, they will be available to the public on April 21st at 1pm BST April 28th at 1pm BST in the Fairy Trove.

Please note that we have secured as many sets as possible, however the number of sets available is limited due to all of the books being signed.

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