Belladonna Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving Belladonna so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 19 to the end of Chapter 26, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Belladonna by Adalyn Grace, from chapters 19 to 26. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Sylas and Signa end up in close quarters once they get to Greys, literally. They’re bundled into a closet together to avoid being seen by passersby. Signa can’t help but imagine what it would be like to kiss him. But her thoughts are interrupted by Byron, Elijah’s brother, talking… to Marjorie. They’re arguing about Elijah it seems. She wants Byron to stay away from Percy… is she… romantically involved with him? Or Elijah? Something fishy is going on. It ends with Byron slapping Marjorie and Marjorie telling Byron that Elijah will always be the better man.

They find letters from Lillian, imploring Elijah to stop running Greys to the ground because Percy is to inherit it. So he was ruining the business before Lillian even died, interesting.

No rest for the wicked – as soon as she’s returned to Thorn Grove it’s time for her lesson with Death! 

Death lets on that he’s been trying to help Signa all this time. He couldn’t stand by and see how her guardians treated her, and so he picked them off one by one. That’s… disturbingly sweet. He tells her everyone he touches dies, but her. He can feel her. He can interact with her, he no longer feels lonely anymore. 

While Signa is with Blythe the next day, Death arrives. He’s not here to take Blythe, but to warn Signa that Blythe will be gone before the week’s end. Signa’s time is running out. Death wants to help Signa, he’ll do some sleuthing of his own while Signa searches the library tonight. At least with one more person on her side, she might be able to save Blythe in time. 

Sylas can’t sleep and ends up bumping into Signa as she heads to the library. Two hands are better than one, so he accompanies her and they search for books on botany. Two hands become three hands (although one pair is incorporeal) when the library ghost, Thaddeus, helps and finds the information Signa is looking for. I want a library ghost. 

Percy is ordered by Elijah to accompany Signa on her “errand”, so they both head into town, to the apothecary. 

They secure the calabar bean, but as they leave the apothecary Eliza and Charlotte bump into them. Percy immediately tells them they haven’t come from the apothecary and they’re invited to have tea with them and Lord Wakefield. Just what you need when you have poison in your pockets.

Everett Wakefield seems quite smitten with Signa. The girls are not so happy with Signa’s debut though. They seem to think Signa’s arrival will hinder their chances at securing a good match, with her stance everyone will want Signa… I’m not feeling the chemistry between her and Everett though… her and Sylas on the other hand…

With a final farewell from Everett, Signa and Percy can return to Thorn Grove and administer the antidote to Blythe.

At this point, everyone feels sketchy and I trust NO ONE! I’m really hoping they can get to Blythe in time!

See you tomorrow for day 4!


33 thoughts on “Belladonna Readalong: Day 3!

  1. This is my first box, and loving the readalong so far!
    I trust nobody, and am particularly sketchy on Charlotte, especially after Blythe mentioned she makes all sorts of jams/preserves, and has been visited the manor since Blythe has been sick. I feel like every character has opportunity/motive at this point though! Keen to keep reading!
    (I’ve entered the instagram giveaway, my instagram handle is @TakeOnMegan)

  2. 7 chapters swallowed in less time than it takes to say it! This book is definitely full of twists and turns and is enriched with different styles throughout our reading!
    After the very Agatha Chrisite style investigation, here is Signa trying her hand at espionage, with the very mysterious Sylas! ??‍♀️

    I maintain my theory of yesterday and I would like to express one more:
    What do you think of Charlotte’s “gifts”, those famous jams from the fruits of her garden that she offers every year to the Hawthorns, could she not have inadvertently or not offered a jar of Belladonna jam? ?

    The secondary people are also taking up more space, especially Blythe who is getting really interesting! ?
    I hope we get to see dear Thaddeus again too ?

  3. Ok so I loved the scene with Sylas and Signa at Greys, and I’m honestly not sure what to make of the conversation they overheard. Maybe Marjorie and Byron were a thing in the past? Percy seems like he really doesn’t want to be seen at the apothecary for some reason and I’m thinking there might be a possible love triangle(square?) with Lore Wakefield, Sylas and Death ?

    1. Forgot to mention I posted on photo on my Instagram with the hashtag and my handle is @mybookishbeing

  4. @books.tea.and.more.books – I have made a video with the hastag and will post a photo this week with it!
    As for the readalong so far. Wow. I trust no one, but also, all the suspects seem like red herrings.
    Side note, I love the library ghost. And the bonding between blythe and signa ❤️

  5. I really loved this section! Is Thaddeus the best or what?! And the moments with Sylas and Death are so good…is this some supernatural triangle? LOL!
    I only hope they can save Blythe in time! I really like Blythe’s feminist attitude toward life and I’m wondering if some of it will rub off on Signa.
    Plus, I hope Blythe survives so she can live the life she dreams of for herself. 🙂

  6. I’m in love with this book so far! It drew me in immediately! Though, I’m not sure about Signa immediately having a crush on every guy she meets.

    I entered the giveaway on instagram. My handle is stardancer2014

  7. Naww I want Charlotte to end up with Lord Wakefield and have them actually fall in love with each other. Charlotte reminds me of another Charlotte from Pride and Prejudice who just wants to find a man to secure her future with, but she’s sweet enough to deserve better! I’m jumping on the train of Sylas = Death or at the very least is linked to him, because we can’t very well have two love interests when the book artwork is quite clearly only ever showing Signa with Death, right? I’m entering the giveaway, my insta is @mirlyah

  8. Every time Signa thinks to herself that Blythe will just have to wait, I want to tear my hair out. The girl is dying!!

    My latest theory is that either she’s poisoning herself for some reason, though I wouldn’t think with the intention to actually kill herself, or perhaps she’s got a secret stash of jam or something from her good friend Charlotte, and Charlotte is the poisoner. Definitely still some pieces missing.

    I also feel less like Death and Sylas could be the same, though I loved that theory. I do still think there’s something more to Sylas than has been revealed yet.

    Thaddeus is now my new favorite ghostie.

    1. I always forget: I’ll be participating in the contest and I’m @sonata_ix.

  9. I’m at the mentality that everyone who has been near Blythe is guilty until proven otherwise. Everyone is acting suspicious and it’s driving me crazy. I love the interactions between Signa and Sylas as well as the ones she has with Death.

  10. I entered the contest on Ig. My handle is Mangapenguin.

    I am beginning to think Byron has something to do with everything happening to Blythe. I don’t have concrete evidence however after he hit Marjorie I have it out for him.

  11. I don’t trust anyone but I am enjoying the book. Also more descriptions of afternoon tea…

    I am about to post my photo to my Instagram


  12. I’m loving the book so far, something is suspicious about Sylas though. I’m starting to think maybe he’s actually death, because no one sees or talks to him but Signa.
    Also entering the giveaway: Viciouscallisto

  13. Signa seems to have suits coming from all sides, doesn’t she? Death, Sylas, Everett Wakefield, who I think will have a much larger role in the sequel, Foxglove. Is Signa lucky or unfortunate to be plagued by men so?

    Percy is such a snobbish little shit, isn’t he? I wonder if it will come back later to haunt him. Ha!

  14. I’ve had this theory for a while now, it might be a stretch and had changed a bit after reading some of the last few chapters, but I wonder if Marjorie could possibly be Percy’s real mother??

    When they’re first introduced it’s said that Marjorie is strawberry blonde and Percy is also ginger, while Blythe is blonde. In the photo Signa finds at Grey’s she notes how Blythe looks just like Lillian but doesn’t say much of Percy looking similar. And when Percy and Signa visited Blythe, Signa mentions how they both share similar features to their father but not their mother.

    This made me consider that Marjorie was the one who poisoned Lillian and is now poisoning Blythe because I thought maybe she was in love with Elijah and jealous that he was with Lillian, and so she wanted to get rid of Lillian and Blythe so it could just be her Percy and Elijah together. But after the conversation Marjorie had with Byron and how she was appalled that he suggest she get with Elijah made me less suspicious that she’s the one behind it, though I still think she could be Percy’s mother.

    Also the note that Signa finds on the back of the photo states that the writer wants Elijah to think of their son and that they wish for Elijah‘s pain and his selfishness to not get in the way of Percy‘s future. To me it makes sense if Marjorie was the one to write it because the pain and selfishness that she could be talking about is Elijah‘s pain from losing Lillian and his selfishness in throwing all these parties and taking away Grey’s from Percy and not paying him any mind.

    Like I said it could be a huge stretch and I’m not too sure who could be behind the poisoning, but this is all what I’m thinking so far.

  15. “A spirit tethered to life by its desire to read!” Has anyone not thought: same Thaddeus? I want to be a spirit in a library. I’m loving this book so much.

  16. I will join in the photo challenge before the 26th! My Instagram handle is @warnar.books

    I’m intrigued… I still have no clear idea about who is poisoning Blythe. Someone mentioned it could be Percy and yes his behaviour is suspicious from time to time and he has the access to his sister to do it, but I have no idea why he would do that. Why he would hurt his mom and sister, I don’t think it will get him any closer to Grey’s.
    But I do have my suspicions about Charlotte. Blythe mentioned she sometimes makes jam for her and she still visits Blythe and Blythe might just blindly trust her and eat everything she brings. And maybe the reason is the same as why she is not happy Signa is now joining the season. Maybe she wants to eliminate the competition so she can marry Lord Everett or another wealthy man. But I’m not convinced yet, I’m curious to see if she will also try something with Signa now to eliminate her. Anyway, I am loving this read! Fantasy, dark vibe and a murder mystery! I can’t wait to see how it will end :).

  17. I’m loving this so far! Am I the only one seeing a lil romance between Signa and her friend as well??

    Btw I’m posting for the entry as well with @yourlocalbookreader!

  18. My instagram username is @little_red_cover.

    I’ve been loving Belladonna. It’s been such a fun and unique read ?

  19. Okay okay I am loving this book so far! Must continue reading.

    I entered the giveaway, my IG handle is @feedmefairytales


  20. I know this is easy to say when it’s my second time reading this, but I feel like parts of this is just,, too obvious. I can definitely appreciate the effort to make everyone seem sketchy, but I don’t think it was quite enough for me personally. I’m also not the biggest fan of how practically every man in Signa’s age range, who isn’t related to her, is kind of a potential love interest, though her and Everett certainly lack chemistry, which I do think is fully intentional. But still, I do think it’s just a bit too much for me and I’d like to see some friendships male and female friendships too.

    I’ve also entered the giveaway on my Instagram (@Kratist0)

  21. Still very intrigued by Sylas, and the fact that we haven’t seen him interact with any other character apart from Signa.

    I liked the scene at the library with the ghost helping them to find the books they need it.

    I hope they are able to arrive on time to give the Blythe the antidote!

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  22. I will post my pics soon for the comp. My handle is @onlybooksiveread

    So, my theory is that Percy was Lillian and Byron’s child, not Elijah’s! Boom!

    Also, I think Charlotte is poisoning the marmalades that she gives to Blythe, but I don’t know why? ?

    These are my working theories at the moment.

    Let’s see if I’m even close cuz I’m usually so wrong about these things lol

  23. Loving this book so far of course! I can’t wait until Singa goes back to Thorn Grove and gives Blythe the antidote. But I feel like they are going to be interrupted by someone or something, and they are going to be stressed to give the antidote. It seems too easy for them to walk into the room and help Blythe. Maybe they will cause a distraction? – Just theories.

    I have also entered the contest! My instagram handle is seaofworlds

  24. I started a new job this week so I’ve been behind on the readalong but I wanted to drop back in and say how much I’ve been loving this book! The gothic atmosphere is so perfect for this time of year.

    I also entered the giveaway on Instagram, my username is @scribbles.and.stories ?

  25. Here I am. I liked this part of the novel. I am really feeling the mystery. In any case I am a big Signa and Death shipper. I really like them as a couple, despite also Sylas is a good character (but not as intriguing as Death).
    Unfortunately sometimes I feel like Adalyn Grace’s writing style makes everything so distant. I lack if empathy with respect to Signa and this is not OK, since Signa story is very dramatic.
    In any case I just entered the Instagram contest: my profile is @silvia_hookingbooks

  26. I am really enjoying this book so far! This is such a fun and mysterious read.

    I entered the giveaway and my handle is @pages_uponpages

  27. Hooray, a library ghost! I love when an author has an atypical idea. I’m definitely rooting for Signa and Death, but only suspicious about Sylas = Death. Going back to reading to find out!

    I entered the giveaway, and my handle is @offwithdragons

  28. I’ve entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @acrannyofbooks.

    I’m really liking the book so far and I’m suspicious of just about everyone but at the same time I don’t know who might just be a red herring. Maybe Lillian wasn’t actually Percy’s biological mum which would explain the letter at Grey’s, perhaps Marjorie is? Also I love how the reason why Thaddeus roams as a library ghost is from his desire to read!

    1. Made a slight typo with my instagram handle it’s actually @acrannyofbooks_

  29. Hi everyone! It took me a bit to get my photo up. My Instagram handle is readersleafco. I’ve already finished the book, but I remember at this point in the story I suspected literally everyone of the murder XD

  30. This is a perfect book for spooky szn~

    Entered the giveaway!

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