Blood Scion Readalong: Day 3!

Beautiful photo by @xenatine!

Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving Blood Scion so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 17 to the end of Chapter 25, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye, from chapters 17 to 25. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re rejoining Sloane in the middle of her… less than stellar day. It only gets worse. Faas is ordering them to memorise the soldier’s creed, but it’s a ballad of a phoenix that burned through the world and laid waste to Sloane’s people. She’s struggling to repeat it and every time she fails Faas strikes her with a wooden stick. When the other recruits are on their way to mess, Faas instructs Sloane to go to the armoury. ANOTHER punishment awaits her.

Dane is there, waiting for her, and tells her that her punishment is weapons cleaning and she must report here EVERY DAY during mess until it’s finished. No food?

With a threat about how Sloane needs to “fall in line, or else” Dane is gone, leaving Sloane to it. He’s messed up though, he’s left part of his uniform and unknowingly given Sloane an easy way into the Archives Hall!

As she dons his jacket and creeps closer to the Archives Hall, things seem… strange. The security post seems abandoned, everything feels eerily quiet. Just as Sloane thinks she can make it, she hears a gut wrenching scream coming from the bath chamber, and then it just… stops. What on Earth?

Sloane can’t stand-by, knowing those screams are the product of something she’s experienced before. She enters the bathhouse and hears a guard telling someone no one can hear her. It’s the very same thing she experienced with the Nightwalker at the beginning of the book and she can’t let someone go through that. It’s Izara. Isn’t she the girl who won the trial on the very first day? The guard grabs Sloane and tells him they can both die together now… but he doesn’t know what we know, Sloane is a Scion, and this time, she’s not fighting off her àse. He realises what she is straight away and flings her away, Sloane’s not done yet though! She lets her àse coarse through her and turn the wretched guard to dust and ash. Good riddance!

Buuuut now Izara knows Sloane is a Scion? Hopefully since Sloane used her power for good, to save her, she won’t turn her in…

She tells Sloane she won’t tell… her twin sister is a Scion, descended from Yemoja! Has Sloane found another ally?

The first thing that happens the next morning is they’re all called to report to the training hall immediately… has Sloane been caught? Before Sloane and Izara really have a chance to ponder if they were caught, if the guards’ ashes were found… a TV crackles to life. A rebel group tried to assassinate the queen. They were unsuccessful, shame.

It’s a rebel group called the Blades who were recently tied to the assassination of King Conan… but no one knows about them? It’s all being hidden. Suspish.

Then, the recruits have to watch as the Blades that were caught are executed on the TV.

When it’s over, Faas and his cronies enter the room and they’re acting… strange. Do they know about the guard? I’m so on edge!

Turns out they don’t, but the recruits are going on a “Cleansing” mission and I already hate the sound of it. They travel to Eti-Osa by airship and once they arrive, Faas instructs that they’ve got intel there are five Scions on the island. They’re tasked with finding the five Scions and bringing the “scum” back to Faas alive.

Sloane has to watch, and essentially play part of the raid that sees Magda stripped from her parents and her parents shot before her eyes for trying to save her. All the while she’s thinking about how she knows and understands why they fight. She thinks:

“I’d rather die fighting than surrender only to be killed later.”

It must be so frustrating for Sloane to know this could so easily be her in Magda’s position, and know that she can do nothing to help.

After the raid on Magda’s house, Sloane stumbles upon Semi and his grandfather. Their home already raided, they somehow managed to hide from the soldiers and now Semi’s grandfather prays for Sloane to let them go. Sloane tells them she can’t but when the team leader finds her, the lies slip out. She tells him the hut’s empty and she’s certain they have Semi. When she tries to usher them away, Semi falls into some kind of daze and begins chanting. As he chants, Sloane’s vision blurs until everything is black. She wakes to the feeling of having had a hand wrapped around her neck and Semi convulsing nearby. When he comes around he tells Sloane what he said in the ancient Yoruba language and tells her Orunmila wanted her to know?

When Sloane tries once more to get them to safety, it’s too late. She’s been caught by Faas, Dane, everyone. Sloane’s been caught trying to help a Scion to safety.

Sloane’s punishment for being a sympathiser is doled out. She’s tied up and her own squad will be responsible for giving her thirty lashes with coiled wires. I am so frightened for Sloane, not only for the lashings but because if her àse breaks free, her punishment will be so much worse.

When Sloane wakes, she’s got company. Izara sits with her and talks to her about her sister and her mama and what she knows of the Yoruba’s and the Scion’s before Nazanin arrives and Izara covers up the marks Sloane’s àse left on her. Nazanin has snuck food in for Sloane. I know Nazanin says they’re not friends… but this is a good friend if I’ve ever seen one. Nazanin and Sloane talk and Sloane realises Nazanin is planning on deserting, just like Sloane. Someone has promised to free Nazanin’s brothers if she can bring her the file of major trade routes between Lucis and the free nations. That’s why she wants to get into the Archives Hall. Sloane’s not giving up yet either!

Once Sloane is healed, Izara is ready to perform the ritual that will hopefully provide her relief from her àse. Izara shaves her head and after preparing the Iyerosun, she makes six incisions on Sloane’s head (I’m cringing at the thought of it) and dabs the Iyerosun into the incisions, chanting all the while. Sloane hears drums and Izara notifies her that it’s Shango’s drums, and it means the magic worked. Sloane feels pure and free!

Jericho, Sloane and Nazanin have their plans to break into the Archives Hall ready, all they have to do now is wait for the perfect moment. I’m scared. Back in combat, Dane eyes Sloane over, lingering on her newly shaved head and he says she looks alive. No thanks to you Dane!

They spare and when Sloane winces Dane seems concerned? Even though it was him who ordered the whipping. He tells Sloane she’s the first and only recruit to help a Scion who’s kept their life and that’s down to him. Is he expecting thanks? A medal?

Then he helps Sloane? I’m confused. He tells her what Faas has planned. Phase One of their training begins tonight (surely I’m not the only one who’s like huh? Phase One??? NOTHING they’ve done up until now has been classed as training???) and tells her to get out of the forest, you either kill or be killed. Sounds pleasant then.

Sloane immediately informs Izara, Nazanin and Jericho. Hopefully if they know they have a chance of getting through it? As Izara leaves, she reminds Sloane that tonight she’s not just the hunter, she’s also the hunted. What chance does Sloane actually have of getting through this? It sounds horrific!

After Sloane finally drifts off to sleep, she’s awoken to the sound of creaking and then suddenly, a bag is shoved over her head. Phase One is beginning.

Ohhhh I’m nervous, I’m very very very nervous. I can’t wait to see what happens!

I can’t believe we’re over halfway through! Do you have any theories? What do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments!



22 thoughts on “Blood Scion Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Oh me too, I am so, so nervous about this book. I can’t read the part of the day in one shot, I have to do something else just because this book is so intense.

    I entered, my instagram is : mathilde_heirs

  2. The story continues to be super brutal. I continue to believe that Dane is on her side. Maybe a secret rebel? Malachi hasn’t tried to kill her for a while so he must be about due to try again. Worried about what Sloane will be forced to do in this trial.

    1. I have finally posted my readalong photo to my IG handle

  3. I love that Sloane is meeting people to befriend… buuuut then that also means I have to worry about her friends being killed! T_T

    There is certainly something more to who Dane is, he seems to be good but bad? Not sure about him yet, but I really hope there’s an ally in him! I think I’ll just read a feeeew more chapters, I simply gotta know!!

    I have entered the giveaway! My instagram is julieaay 😀

  4. Dane??? What are you doing??? Are you involved with the Shadow Rebels???

    I feel like this section set up nothing but questions.

    And I’ll probably have to set this book aside for a few days even if it means missing the rest of the readalong. With another tragedy here in the US, I can’t deal with child death right now.

  5. So much happened in this section! I didn’t think Sloane would get caught, I’m really liking that she’s not amazing at everything just because she’s a scion. I think Dane is hiding something, a secret rebel maybe? Intrigued to see how the forest thing goes!

    1. And I’ve just entered too! My instagram is @sarah_the_reviewroom

  6. This book constantly has me worrying over what is going to happen next. I have to remember to keep in mind that the characters in this book are children who are being forced to endure these horrors. I’m so nervous for what is going to happen next and scared about the fact that I’m enjoying seeing her interacting with her friends and now I have to worry that they won’t make it.

    I have also entered the giveaway! My instagram is abbies.books

  7. Everything about this is crazy gripping! What a horrific punishment Sloane had to endure! Not to mention, the awful way Sloane and Izara become friends. BUT, I like Izara a lot. She seems to know so much about Scions and wants to help Sloane out and keep her secret. She’s a good friend to have.

    I’m loving this story so much and it is so compelling! It reads so easy because I want to know what is going to happen next! I worry about Sloane’s friends and don’t want anything happening to them (Izara, Nazanin and Jericho). I really like them a lot.

    Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  8. I love following this read along, it definitely expresses how I feel when I am reading each chapter. It’s such an intense book but I find it super interesting and captivating.

    I have also entered the giveaway! @thebookishstephanie

  9. I don’t even want to try to imagine where this is going to go 😭 But I’m know I’m so excited to keep reading!

    I also entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @greeneggsandsambooks . Thank you for this opportunity!

  10. I feel like Sloane keeps making bad decisions for good reasons. I’m seriously amazed they didn’t just kill her for helping those people. I do love that she’s added a new person to her tiny band of friends, but I feel like the way this book is going someone will find out and use it against her.

  11. Oooh a prophecy! I can’t wait for that to be fleshed out some more. I bet we’ll learn a bit more about it from those vengeful ancestors in the forest.

    After the horrors of the Cleansing and Sloane being whipped to within an inch of her life, I really enjoyed this section. With Sloane going through the scarification process and working hard in her training, it felt a lot like the scene in Mulan where she cuts her hair and prepares for battle. The determination and preparation came through so strong, plus I’m loving the new friendship/solidarity she’s developing with Izara. I’m starting to wonder if Dane could be a scion himself, probably one of the ones who can control minds and that’s how he influenced Faas to only maime Sloane and not kill her.

    I’m so excited for this forest scene. Nervous for Sloane, yes, especially with what Izara told her. But still excited.

    I’ve entered the secret giveaway and my instagram handle is @giggenbach.reads

  12. I am glad that Sloane is making some friends, but very worried about how they’re going to survive this next trial. Also I feel like if Dane suddenly helping her feels like a trap, so I’m afraid to read the next chapters.

    I’ve entered the giveaway under mat instagram handle of @evic.lit

  13. I still have a feeling that Dane has some hidden agenda, don’t know, he just gives me those vibes. I think he really does care about Sloane, in his ways.

    I am glad after the horrors that happened to Sloane, she can control her ásé better. Also I love that she got back a bit from her culture, I mean not just the marking, but the ceremony also.

    I like the prophecy, already tried to point them to certain characters, but fell short! 😀 Really worried about what will happen in the forest, it’s a convenient way for Malachi to come and try to kill Sloane again.

  14. I have a feeling that this book isn’t really going to end on a happy ending. I could be completely wrong. Also, is this book supposed to be set for a series? Or is it a standalone? I really hope series is the right answer.

  15. I’ve entered the comp – my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

    I was so relieved when Sloane tried to save the boy and his grandfather, even if she did face a punishment. She hasn’t become the hard soldier they want her to just yet. It’s funny that they are training her and in the end she will be a fierce enemy for them – at least I hope that’s where it’s going.

    Not sure the plan to get to the records is a good one, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that it goes well.

    This phase of training they’re about to do seems intense!

  16. I have been reading on the reading days, but I haven’t comment on my thoughts.
    The cleansing mission didn’t sound so good, and Sloane finding other Scion that must of been hard because she is one of them.
    I have entered the giveaway and my instagram is seaofworlds

  17. Been loving the read along so far! Super excited about the forest, seems like it’ll be super intense!

    I entered the competition: @celestial.reads.bujo

  18. I have entered the giveaway 🥰 my handle is @adayinmybooknerdlife

  19. I’ve already finished the book 😅 so I’m really here just to say I’ve entered the giveaway my handle is @finding.fiction_

  20. Wow, these chapters hurt! I’m almost afraid to keep reading. I love happy endings and I’m not sure this book is going to have one.

    I entered the giveaway as @offwithdragons

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