Blood Scion Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairies!

It’s the fifth and last day of our readalong of Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye. I am so nervous to know how this ends!

Grab a snack and let’s dive in and see what this last section will bring!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 35 to the end of the book.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye, from chapter 35 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished Blood Scion!


On the cliffs, Dane tells Sloane all about his time away. How a group of Scions spared his life when he would not have readily done so for them. Then, he opens up more and tells Sloane he never wanted to be a soldier, he only became a soldier because he thought it would give him the chance to save his sister. She’s imprisoned in Cliff Row, because his parents were part of the rebel group they call the Blades. His sister knew and saved Dane, ushering him away. She was tortured and imprisoned. The Blades came for him and helped him change his identity. Omari Wells became Dane Grey and Omari made Dane’s life ambition saving his sister.

Dane – Omari – vows that if Sloane wins Faas’s bullets and is chosen to meet with Olympia and the royal bloodlines, he’ll ensure she has a chance to meet with the Blades. Then, he offers her a necklace that once belonged to his mother, he gives it to Sloane to remind her of the cause, to urge her not to lose sight of her humanity in her fight to do what’s right. Then, Omari and Sloane give into temptation and kiss.

In the end, Sloane and Amiyah are the only recruits on their squad left. Each with two bullets. Faas forces them into a fight to the death. Only one can live. While Sloane says she can’t do it, Amiyah says they have no choice and urges Sloane to fight. Kill or be killed. They fight and Sloane sees that resigned withdrawn look on Amiyah’s face and knows she’s taken herself to that place where she feels no remorse and will do whatever it takes to win. Sloane has no choice but to fight back and she’s left crying over Amiyah’s body whispering that she’s sorry.

She’s done it. Sloane is going to meet with Olympia and the other royals.

When Omari promised Sloane he’d help her meet with the Blades, I didn’t think Lieutenant Caspian would be one of them, let alone second in command! Clearly Sloane didn’t think so either. After some convincing, Sloane promises Caspian she’ll help him get to Ilè-Orisha to find the Shadow Rebels. She leaves Caspian and Omari, but not before letting a lil’ cheeky spurt of her àse fire out through her palms.

Olympia asks Sloane her name, and Sloane wastes no time, going straight in and introducing herself as Sloane Folashadé, daughter of Adelina Folashadé aka Margery North. The soldiers waste no time getting their guns trained on Sloane and Faas – ever the narcissist – says he always knew there was something different about her. And yet, Faas, you did nothing about it?

Olympia gets wayyyyy to close to Sloane, she thinks her mother was the Scion, not Sloane. She seizes her chance and lets her àse run free and sends her flames through her palms to where she touches Olympia. In her fury Olympia demands she be killed and gunfire crackles everywhere.

One by one, Sloane takes down the royal bloodlines, leaving Olympia last. She’s done it! They’ve won. The Scion’s can be free of the oppression of the Lucis. Sloane greets Omari, telling him the news and they share a kiss. Then… he clamps something around her throat, an iron collar spelled by àse that leaves Sloane burning. Then soldiers arrive, surrounding not only Sloane and Omari but Caspian and the rest of the Blades. He sold them out! He’s sold out Sloane and the Blades for his sister! I did not see that coming.

As officers lead Sloane across the courtyard and into a torture chamber, Sloane recognises someone, it’s Baba. It can’t mean anything good that he’s here. Theodus appears and asks Baba if he wants to tell Sloane what’s going on, he calls him Elijah… then he just casually drops in that he’s Sloane’s father?

Baba doesn’t deny it, just apologises. Baba is the former Lord General, Elijah Sol. Damn I didn’t see any of this coming?????

Theodus is the Blood Scion from the prophecy Semi told. His plan is to cleanse Nagea of every trace of magic it has left. He sounds worse than Olympia. Any chance we can bring her back?

Omari and Theodus were in it together all along. Did Omari ever actually have feelings for her?

Sloane and Baba have guns pointed at them and a countdown begins. Has Theodus no mercy? This is his daughter and his father?

Sloane has more power over her àse now than ever before. She’s adamant no spell can keep it from her, her magic belongs to her and no one else. Baba grabs her and tries to get her to regain control over her àse but instead a chant begins inside her, calling to Shango. And Shango… has answered. 

What an ending! I have so many feelings right now!

What do you think will happen in the sequel? Deborah Falaye has promised a darker, more brutal and thrilling sequel filled with themes of vengeance and freedom! I can’t wait!

Make sure you drop all of your thoughts in the comments. I hope you loved Blood Scion and enjoyed the readalong, as always thank you for joining us!

See you very soon for our next readalong!


9 thoughts on “Blood Scion Readalong: Day 5!

  1. That ending was too wild, I cannot believe all the plot twists that happened. I am not surprised by Dane, of course she couldn’t have an easy love story after all she’s been through. I did not see Lord Sol being her father at all. This book was crazy intense but such a good read!

  2. So I actually finished it yesterday, I couldn’t stop reading ? I really liked it! I got a bit lost with all the reveals and had to go over the family tree a bit haha! I loved the twists and turns, I didn’t see them coming at all. I definitely want to read the sequel, it looks like it will be very interesting!

  3. I really enjoyed this book so much. This book gave me major vibes of Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies. Not as much on Lord of the Flies. That book horrified me. I actually enjoyed this one very much. I really do kind of hope it either becomes a series or other books are told in this world!

  4. Wow, that was just a helluva lot of twists and turns. A lot. And you know what? I kinda love that Sloane just burned the hell out of everyone and everything at the end. It felt right. And very cool that she actually managed to call down Shango.

    Poor Amiyah, I knew she wasn’t long for this world. I guess the only friend/relative who manage to survive was Luna, or at least I’m assuming since we haven’t heard about her at all that mean she’s alive.

    So I know there’s going to be a sequel. Will Sloane finally get to go to Ilé-Orisha? And honestly, does it have to be MORE darker and brutal? This was pretty bleak, not sure it has to be darker.

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this novel so much! It was like a far darker Grishaverse/Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies mashup and I was absolutely here for it! What I loved most of all were all the shocking twists and turns that I did NOT see coming. So much betrayal and manipulation (that even Sloane is guilty of)!

    The found family, revenge, forbidden magic, and enemies to lovers to enemies tropes are fantastic, too!

    This had me riveted all the way up until the very end and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next! I’m thrilled to know the sequel will be even darker and brutal!

    I hope that Sloane and the Blades find the Shadow Rebels. That Sloane is truly a chosen one of sorts to set her people free and that she can set Jericho and Nazanin free.

  6. This book is so brutal and twisty. I really did not see the twists in the last few chapters coming at all. I’ll be interested to see if the aunt is in book two. I suspect she will be the Wolf who leads the Blades. Also will be interested to see mote of Caspian. Will Lord Sol (bad Dad) continue the draft now that he is ruling? If so Luna is going to be up for the draft very soon. She was 3 months away from turning 15 at the beginning of the book.

  7. I have really enjoyed this book! I can’t wait for the sequel! The fight to the death was sad and I kinda knew that Amiyah was going to be killed. I hope Sloane will get what she deserves and try to get a happy story for her but probably not.

  8. How is book two going to be darker!?!

    I enjoyed this but there was something that stopped me from really loving it… I think it almost all felt like build up, especially with the ending. I can see book two being so explosive and non-stop.

    I was not convinced by Dane. I wish Sloane had had a chance to think her way through everything more. I’m hoping in book two she has more power over he situation and is able to plot more.

    I wish we had some other characters to cling to, as it seems like everyone she gets close to dies or betrays her. Poor thing can’t cop a break… although she is also quite ruthless like when she didn’t go back for her friends, and when she killed her other friend. I wish she’d had some better options!

  9. That betrayal hurt! Dane, or I should actually say Omari really hurt us here. I was so mad but then I had to go back and remember that he too is just a product of all of this. He just wants to save his sister and will do anything to do that. The same as Sloane doing anything to succeed. I can’t wait for the sequel. I’m sure the romance between Omari and Sloane isn’t over.

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