Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 1

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Hello fairy friends!

It is day 1 of our Readalong of Bone Crier’s Moon  by Kathryn Purdie and I am so excited to get into this book!

Before we jump in though, how is everyone? Read any five star worthy books recently? Let’s catch up in the comments!

Alright, now that we’re all caught up, let’s get on with the readalong!

Today, we start from the prologue and we will be reading to the end of Chapter 10! Grab a beverage of your choice and snuggle down for a reading session and then join me in the comments to chat about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Bone Crier’s Moon Chapters 1-10! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We begin with the prologue where a young boy is witnessing his father’s death at the hands of a Bone Crier, what a way to start!

So, Bone Crier’s are mysterious siren-like women from legend, who lure men to bridges with a song from a flute carved form bone. The young boy Bastien, watches as a woman in white dances with his father and then she kills him! She flees leaving the boy with a dead father and a lesson seared for ever in his memory… “believe every story you hear.”

We meet two Bone Criers, Sabine and her best friend Ailesse and learn about their grace bones. Through obtaining these bones they can take on the animal’s characteristics, ooooh interesting! But wait, Ailesse is about to take on an actual shark?! This girl is fearless.

We learn that as daughter of the matrone, she is the heir of her people and once she has her third grace bone she can become a Leurress- a ferrier of the dead. But before she can, she must complete her rite of passage by killing her soulmate- her amouré. A necessary price demanded by the Gods for the safety of this world. This is heartbreaking, what kind of cruel Gods are these?

I like how we can already see the difference between their personalities, Ailesse is bold and seems un-phased that one day she will have to kill the man she loves, whereas Sabine can’t stomach killing. Will Sabine ever be able to take a life to fulfil her destiny of becoming a Leurress like her best friend will soon become?

Oh okay, so half of the Leurress’ powers come from their grace bones and the other half from Elara’s Night Heavens, the goddess’ moon and star light. I must say, I’m very excited to learn more about these Gods!

Ailesse seems to have put her life in danger, hunting the shark to impress her mother. But she didn’t exactly get the reaction she expected from her. The matrone disapproves because the hunt for a grace bone shouldn’t compromise one of their lives, as their numbers are so few. I can understand that but she still seems a little…cold? What are your thoughts on her? I can’t help but feel bad for Ailesse.

The more I learn about the Leurress, the more I want to know! We learn the importance of their duty and how they ferry the dead through the gates of the Beyond. There’s some really cool details too! Such as how each ferrier wears a bone from an animal that gives her the ability to see the colour of the dead, I am intrigued!!

Oh damn! With the full moon approaching Odiva asks Ailesse if she intends on bearing a child. She lies and says she will- but really she has no intention of providing another successor in their line. Oh wow, this just got more interesting!

She will kill her amouré on the bridge during her rite of passage, as possibly falling in love with him and then killing him- is a cruelty she can’t face. This is so sad 🙁 If she can resist her amouré, she’ll have the strength to resist the ultimate siren call- the song of the Beyond. But will she really be able to resist her soul mate?

Okay so Sabine will be Ailesse’s witness to the rite of passage. The pressure is on for Sabine to kill to obtain her grace bones and become a Ferrier too but does she have the heart to kill?

Oh my, so it turns out that if a Leurress doesn’t kill her amouré, after a year they’re both cursed. The magic of the unfinished ritual will cut his life short and hers. This is so brutal!

We meet Bastien again, older and hell-bent on getting revenge for the death of his father. He has been hunting the Bone Criers along with his two best friends who lost their father to one too. There is definitely some tension between him and Jules, once they’ve had their revenge will they get together?

It’s the night of Ailesse’s rite of passage already and Ailesse is feeling confident in her decision to kill her amouré, believing the man the gods chose for her tonight is fortunate.

Sabine believes the Gods shouldn’t ask them to make a sacrifice like this and I’m with her on that one! However Tyrus does sound like a God you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of.

Here we go, the grace bones have been buried under the bridge, Sabine is watching from a safe distance and Ailesse puts the flute to her lips, the rite of passage ritual is about to begin!

So Bastien’s plan is to pass off as the fated boy the bone crier lures, whilst Jules takes the grace bones form under the bridge weakening the woman and Marcel distracts the real amoure. I think I see where this is going…

He hears the melody as they approach the bridge and ooooh they see each other! As they dance, she’s curious about him and thinks about kissing him- the tension people!!!

But before Ailesse can finish the dance and take Bastien’s life, Jules has exacted her part of the plan and has taken one of her grace bones from under the bridge! Oh no!

As she draws her ritual knife, Bastien draws two!! He’s going to try and exact revenge for the death of his father!

Oooh they’re fighting but without all of her grace bones Ailesse has lost her edge and the bone flute too, that’s not good…

Oh no! Bastien has Ailesse at knifepoint and Ailesse tells Sabine to run and warn her mother that the bone flute had been lost. I would hate to be the one to give the matrone bad news…yikes

Damn! Because they are soul bound if she dies-he does too? That sure throws a spanner into Bastien’s plan. Marcel confirms he hasn’t seen another soul mate so Bastien has to be her amouré! But he doesn’t believe Ailesse, he’s still determined to kill her!

I knew Odiva was dodgy, she’s praying to Tyrus? And what is that necklace she hides away when interrupted by Sabine? What strange ritual is the matrone doing? why does she pray to Tyrus and not Elara?

I like that Sabine trusted her instincts and lied to her about the flute being lost, does the loss of the bone flute mean more to her than her daughter?

To be fair the bone flute is majorly important as it opens the gates on ferrying nights. Without the bone flute, none of the dead, near or far, can move on to the afterlife.  At least if Odiva believes Ailesse’s amouré has the flute she will rescue Ailesse-if only to get the flute back.

Side note How terrifying do the chained sound though? They feed on the light of souls, excuse me?!

Odiva tells Sabine not to pursue Ailesse instead she needs her to hunt for more grace bones but Sabine has the uneasy feeling that she wants something more from her, something she won’t like. What could that be?

Yay! Sabine is determined to save her friend, she will kill to obtain more grace bones if that’s what it takes to save her! I love their friendship, I just hope she gets to Ailesse before Bastien takes his revenge.

Wow what an exciting start! I’m already loving how this is set up with the gods and the magic of course! What is everyone thinking so far? Any characters you’re immediately drawn to? And do you have any theories as to what the matrone is up to? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

See you again tomorrow!



82 thoughts on “Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 1

  1. I’m definitely intrigued. I feel like Odiva has some tragic back story (more tragic that having to kill her true love?) and has been warped into some kind of villain. Throughout today’s chapters she barely seems to care about Ailesse at all? I can’t wait to see more interactions between Ailesse and Bastien & co. I presume they’re going to have to go on some kind of quest to break the soul bond between them?
    I think Sabine is my favourite character so far. Does anyone else feel like her and Marcel would make a good match? ?

    1. Yes!! That’s what i was thinking, Sabine should end up with Marcel!

    2. I definitely agree! Maybe Odiva does have some tragic back story that we are yet to learn ?I can’t wait for more interactions between them too and I think Sabine and Marcel could be a great match ?Thank you so much for joining the readalong!

  2. The concept and world building of this book is so intriguing! The way they get their magic from the animal bones, the ferriers and everything is really interesting. Unfortunately for Ailesse the secrecy of the bone criers works against her because Bastien doesn’t understand the importance of what they do, he just thinks it’s a cult or something! Unless, the bone criers aren’t all that they seem, and Ailesse will learn there is more to what they do… maybe something to do with the weird ritual her mother was doing… hmm…

    1. Yes! isn’t it so interesting?! I can’t wait to find out more about the Bone Criers and that creepy ritual Odiva was doing! I’m so glad to hear you’re finding it intriguing too ?Thank you for joining and leaving your thoughts!

  3. Wow, a great start to the book! An interesting magic system, taking the strengths of different animals from their bones.

    Definitely something not right with Odiva, there’s no warmth to her at all, and whatever ritual she was doing looks pretty dodgy.

    I’m really liking Sabine – she clearly feels like Ailesse is better than her, but I get this feeling she’s going to find her inner strength to get her bestie back.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters

    1. I really like the magic system too! Oh for sure something dodgy is going on with Odiva and I love Sabine too. Can’t wait to see her character arc throughout the rest of this book ?thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far ❤️

    2. I really like the bone magic as well! So excited what other bones Sabine will get

  4. I’m loving this book so far!!! Can’t wait to find out what Odiva’s hiding and how Ailesse and Bastien both will managed to survive, hopefully! And i love Sabine, will she really kill without remorse, can she??

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far! I love Sabine too, I just hope she has what it takes to save her friend. thank you so much for joining the readalong and I hope you continue to love it ?

  5. Oh what a start I actually found it really hard to stop reading!
    I wonder what odivia is hiding?
    I love Sabine and I’m so excited to carry on reading this tomorrow 🙂

    1. Same! Odiva is definitely hiding something and I can’t wait to find out what it is! thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ❤️

  6. I am really loving this book so far! I couldn’t stop reading it!
    I really like Ailesse, when she was on the bridge I was like “Kill him! He has feelings for Jules! Kill him!!!!” ?

    Anyway, I am enjoying my first readalong and my first box so much!! Thank you for this amazing experience ?

    1. omg I love that, “kill him” ??So happy you’re enjoying your first readalong! Thank you so much for joining and for sharing your thoughts so far ❤️

  7. Oh, I loved it so far. So curious about what will happen next to Ailesse. I bet he plans to do cruel things to her but won’t be able to make himself really do it. It’s just like Ailesse during the dance, suddenly she’s all like “I want to make him smile, I want to get to know him – oh wait, I wanted to kill him, I forgot”. That was cute.

    Don’t like Jules, though. She’ll be the unwanted part of the love triangle. Reason enough, to dislike her. I’m already a fan of Bastien and Ailesse. And I’m curious to see, how they will make it work. Maybe there is a curse or something, passed down from the mother’s line. And when it’s broken, no Leuresse has to kill her amouré ever again.

    What slightly confuses me is the timeline. So Theo, the father of Jules and Marcel died, when Jules was nine years old. Now she’s 18, like Bastien, that means he died nine years ago. And such a coincidence, he was the amouré of Ashena. So that means, she also died nine years ago. But Sabine remembers Ashena giving her something when her mother died, which was two years ago. This timeline doesn’t add up unfortunately. And it’s too explicitly stated to not bother me.

    Oh, and btw, the cover of the book and the artwork on the author letter are so gorgeous. It’s a perfect illustration for the characters.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. If Bastien hurts Ailesse, I’ll be quite mad at him. He should just kick Jules of some ledge instead.

    1. That’s.. actually a good point. I didn’t pick up on that weird time gap. Good catch! Maybe that will be explained in the future?

    2. Yay!! So happy that you’re loving it so far! hahaha that was cute when she forgot ?yeah I’m not feeling Jules either and I love the idea of there being a curse!
      oooh I didn’t notice the timeline discrepancy, I wonder if that will come up again.
      “He should just kick Jules of some ledge instead.” LOL
      Thank you so much for joining and for sharing your thoughts and theories!! I hope you will continue to love it ❤️

    3. Yes! I noticed that too and it was driving me crazy. I’m hoping this gets explained or worked out in some way. That would be too big of an oversight!

  8. I’m so invested in this already ?
    The world building is so unique and the magic system seems to be really thought out.

    I am here for an enemies to lovers situation so bring it on.

    Normally I have a POV I prefer but these all seem really distinct and clear.

    Cannot wait for more.

    1. Enemies to lovers is the best trope ?

    2. I agree! The magic system is really well plotted and I can’t wait to find out more. yessss love that enemies to lovers situation ?
      So glad you’re enjoying it so far! Thank you so much for joining and sharing your thoughts ❤️

  9. I really like the book so far =) The magic system is truly great and something a little different. I really like the girls so far (also Sabine is still a tiny bit boring or maybe flat for me…. still looking for the right word). Bastian I have to get more from. So far I can’t really form an opinion yet. Good it’s only been the first tiny part.
    Although I’m not super in love with the characters (yet I suspect) I really enjoy the story and the setting. Also I love what she based that story on (I do love that folklore)

    I really appreciate how much reseach went into the abilities of the animals and the reason why someone would chose those abilities.
    Really want to see what happens next. It was hard to stop today

    1. Yes! I love the inspiration she used to create the world of the Bone Criers and the magic too 🙂 I can see how Sabine could come off as flat, I’m hoping we get more of a character arc from her for sure! So happy that you’re enjoying the book so far, I hope you continue to do so and a huge thank you for joining and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  10. I am really enjoying this book so far, the prologue gripped me and the fight was really intense as well. I love the friendship between Sabine and Aileese too, not sure on Odiva and what she’s up to, but there’s more there for sure. I do think the bone flute is what’s really important to her. I feel so sad for the price for their magic, having to give up their true love and kill them, or if they do their year and fall in love they’re cursed to die too, surely there is a way to break the curse?!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad to hear that! Isn’t their friendship just lovely? It’s definitely a lose -lose situation they’re in, I’m hoping there’s a way to break the curse. Maybe with the owl’s help? Thank you o much for sharing your thoughts my love ❤️

  11. I’m good thanks and how are you? Well i hope. What an amazing start for a book! You would think the bone criers are evil but they’re only the way they are meant to be. First 10 chapters have been so thrilling i can’t wait to read more. I hope Sabine will save her friend and find the bone flute.

    1. I’m good! thank you so much, glad to hear you are good too 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying it so far! It’s definitely been a thrilling start. Thank you so much for joining the readalong and sharing your thoughts, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this one! <3

  12. I don’t even know where to start on this. What a beginning! So much world building and action. If it wasn’t for the read along, I probably wouldn’t have read this for a while but I’d have been missing out!

    I’m loving Sabine! I feel like she’s going to have a great story arch ahead of her as she still acts very young and naive compared to the other leurress. Yet she’s already so strong and fearless in her own way when she looks out for Ailesse!

    By the way, how is everyone pronouncing her name? Ay-less, Ay-lessa or something else??

    I’m not keen on Odiva. I like her as a character as she’s mysterious but as a mother? I don’t trust her.

    I’ve read other books where bones were used as a source of magic but this has been set up the best in my opinion and I just can’t wait to read more!

    I’m wondering what will happen with Bastien and Ailesse as I imagine there will be some kind of romance between them but obviously, she’s got to kill him eventually. And what about Jules? Is this going to become a love triangle?

    1. I think I’ve been calling her A-lease in my head. Like Elise but with an ‘A’

      1. I prefer yours! I used to teach phonics to children so can’t see ai as anything but ay now ?

    2. Because I learned French for several years, the last e has to be silent for me. So in my head it’s pronounced like a fancy and broad version of Alice. For me it’s ay-LESS.

      But I must admit, for some reason it’s hard for me to stay with the French pronunciation of Bastien and not call him Bastian instead.

    3. I’m so glad the readalong prompted you to pick it up! Thank you so much for joining in 🙂 I’m excited to see Sabine’s character arc for sure! She definitely has strengths, just not in the same way as the other Leurress it seems.
      In my head I’ve been pronouncing it A-less-eh, because all the bridges give me Venice vibes. So maybe it’s an Italian pronunciation? I may be completely wrong hahaha
      Yeah I do not trust Odiva either, so shady…
      Yes! What about Jules? I have a feeling she will get between the two somehow!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thought so far! I hope you will continue to enjoy it 🙂

    4. I’m really hoping it avoids love triangle territory… And Bastien strikes me as s bit too brutal for Sabine tbh.

  13. The book definitely has me hooked so far; I really want to learn more about how the Bone Criers function and how they began (I’m a sucker for this kind of lore) but at the same time I want to see Bastien and Ailesse interact more (their interactions are giving me some real Jude and Cardan from the Cruel Prince vibes).

    1. Yes! I’m with you, I can’t wait to find out more back story of the Bone Criers. Ooooh I totally see the Jude & Cardan vibes! So happy you are enjoying it so far, thank you for joining in 🙂

  14. So far I love the story, the magic and the world.
    It’s quite fast and it was easy to get into!

    I feel like Ailesse is the ‘main character’ with al the stuff about her being the heir, doing the ritual, and having to find the best grace bones.
    But I feel like Sabine will play a bigger part in this story, at least I hope so. I’d love to see Sabine as her own main character.

    Like Sabine, I’m starting to doubt the intentions of Odiva. Yes I get it, the flute is very important, but your daughter? She comes over so cold and heartless. And is the rite of passage really needed to become a ferrier? I feel as if they’re just making sacrifices for Odiva to gain more power or something.

    I loved the reverse dust cover btw with the art, reading about the rite of passage and the dance, I imagined Ailesse exactly like the art on the dust cover??

    1. Reverse dust cover? Is there supposed to be a reverse? Mine doesn’t have one 🙁

      1. Wait, ignore me. I figured out what happened and now I’m sad.

    2. I agree the story is more focused on Ailesse right now, I’m hoping we’ll see Sabine play a larger part in the story too!
      Ooh I love that theory! Yes, what if it’s all a lie and Odiva is just using the sacrifices for her own motives? ?
      Oh yay! I’m so happy you love it, I love the art too ?
      Thank you so much for joining the readlaong and sharing your thoughts and theories of course! ❤️

  15. I am loving this book so far! I like the dichotomy between Sabine and Ailesse and I think the book will prove to show they’re both strong in different ways. I also really like what we have seen of their friendship. I’m curious about the relationship between Jules and Bastian especially since we find out that Bastian is Ailesse’s amoure later on. Which speaking of, totally saw that coming! Odiva is so shady. Don’t know what is up with her but certainly don’t trust her. I wonder if the other elders are trustworthy or if they are in on whatever she is up to. Also, speaking of Odiva, I’m really curious if we are going to hear more about her amoure, especially since Ailesse says her mother suffers from the loss of her amoure.

    I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it ?I love their dichotomy too, their friendship is so lovely even though they have their own strengths. I’m definitely intrigued to know more about Odiva’s amouré too, could that be the reason why she’s acting this way? Yes, perhaps the Elders are in on whatever dodgy thing Odiva is doing! I love that theory!
      Thank you so much for joining in! ❤️

  16. Yay!?

    I was so excited to read this book and so far I’m quite enjoying it!?
    I personally think that the magical system is very interesting and I really like the way it is described and explained. Sometimes when reading a book that focuses on magic, the systems are often quite complex and very difficult to understand, but not this one. Even though it still works in mysterious ways, the system is made very clear to the reader while still being intriguing at the same time, which I love!

    I’m very curious to see what Odiva is up to! I love morally gray/villainous characters so much so I’m very excited to see where her sketchiness well take us and if she is truly going to ‘save’ her daughter! Something tells me she has other ‘more important’ matters on her mind.

    The only thing I’m still struggling with a bit is connecting with the characters and the overall storyline (even though it’s very interesting!). So far, I really like Sabine and I feel like she’s going to play a crucial role within this story, but I’m finding it hard to connect with Ailesse and Bastien and liking them. Even though I love how Ailesse seems very strong but also clearly shows her insecurities, I find it difficult to really like her. Male characters such as Bastien usually don’t need much to steal my heart but for some reason he still feels a bit flat to me and I just need more! Maybe that’s also because it’s way too late over here and I should be sleeping by now (oops?) so I might find it harder to fully focus on everything that’s going on and on the characters.

    However, overall, I’m quite enjoying the book so far and I’m very excited to see where the rest of the story will take us all. I can’t wait to discover all of the book’s hidden mysteries!??

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! ? I agree completely, the magic system is so well thought out! Still complex enough whilst being clear and understandable and I’m so intrigued too! hahah I can totally see that! I think once Ailesse and Bastien have interacted more it will be easier to become invested in them, hopefully!
      I’m with you! So may mysteries still yet to be discovered! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I hope you will continue enjoying this one ❤️

      1. Yeah I think so too! I’m very excited to see what’s going to happen next so I need to dive into today’s chapters ASAP! (:

  17. I keep wondering why Odiva is so nice to Sabine, but not her daughter? There’s some sort of reasoning there, and at one point Sabine even said she had uneasy feeling that she wanted something more from her. I agree with what someone else said as well that it doesn’t take much for me to swoon over the male characters but at the moment Bastien isn’t doing it for me. Definitely don’t care for Jules, she can kick rocks ? I’m really enjoying the magic system and I am curious to see where all of this goes, liking it so far!

    I just recently read From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout and it was easily one of my favorite books EVER. Absolutely loved it, if you’re a fan of SJM I highly recommend it!!

    1. Yes! I agree, there has to be some reason as to why Odiva seems to prefer Sabine, maybe she does want something from her…I don’t trust it ?
      I completely agree, it’s hard to empathise with Jules for sure! I’m so glad you’re liking it so far, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! oooh I may need to pick that one up! Thank you ?

  18. Solid start – has a lot of things I like in a YA fantasy: witchy-vibes, action, female friendship, doomed romance, magic from kick-ass bone jewelry! I want some :p

    I like the added perspective of the best friend, Sabine – reading how different they are, yet compliment each other.

    I’m also really glad Bastien and Ailesse didn’t have an insta-love.

    1. Yes! That bone jewellery sounds so cool, I want some too ? I agree, loving the dichotomy between Sabine and Ailesse, their friendship is lovely!
      Oh I feel the same way 100% Much prefer a slow burn romance myself ?
      Thank you so much for joining and I hope you will enjoy the rest!

  19. This book hooked me so fast! That shark fight?! EPIC! Sabine is my favorite character so far I really want her to to get with Bastien… we’ll see! I love the lore in the book it’s so fascinating and can’t wait to learn more and see where this goes tomorrow!

    1. YESS So glad you’re enjoying it! The shark fight had me on the edge of my freakin seat! Ooooh interesting, Sabine and Bastien! I hadn’t even considered that hahah
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts my love and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it 🙂

  20. My one comment is that Jules is incredibly irritating.

    The rest is amazing.

    1. Hahahaha oh yeah 100% agree!

  21. Wow I’m loving this book so far! What a great start, we got straight into the action and it has me hooked. I really like the Sabine and Ailesse dynamic, I feel Sabine will definitely become much more powerful and I’m ready for it. I also can’t wait to see more of Ailesse and Bastien together, I’m ready for enemies to lovers, I hope we don’t get too much a love triangle situation between Ailesse, Bastien and Jules though.

    1. I agree! I’m not too much of a fan of love triangles, unless they are done exceptionally well! So I’m hoping she won’t try and come between them too much 🙂 I’m so happy you’re loving it! It’s definitely fast paced and the friendship between Sabine and Ailesse is so heartwarming! Thank you so much for joining and for sharing your thoughts my love <3

  22. I started theorizing a bit about Odiva and why she is nice to Sabine, what she meant with sacrifice and so on. Sure, she is shady and there is definitely some hidden secret. She kind of reminds me of Mara in Wicked Like a Wildfire.

    But what if Odiva is actually into women and her true soulmate was Sabine’s mother? And Ailesse only came to be because when she was young, she was a dutiful heiress of the Leuress and took the man who followed the siren song, even though she didn’t want to. It would explain the coldness towards her daughter (and her distance in general, because it’s kind of a trauma) and why she’s sweet to Sabine. Because Sabine reminds her of her lost love.

    1. This is a great theory ?!!!

    2. Oh my god!! Yessss I love this theory! That could explain so much ??

    3. I definitely agree that something about Odiva’s experience was traumatic and I can’t wait to learn more. Gahhh.

  23. So a recent five star read? sky in the deep! I loved that book so much, I cannot wait to read the sequel.
    Now when I started reading Bone criers moon, I was just immediately hooked. I knew I would like this book right away. I love the worldbuilding. It’s quite easily explained and we can just dive right into the action. I think Sabine is a great character, I would probably be more like her and be scared to kill any animals.
    I really do not trust Odiva. She is hiding something. Maybe she never killed her true love because its not necessary after all? I have no idea but I’m intrigued so I will continue right on!

    1. Ooh I’ve heard great things about Sky in the Deep….adds tto ever-growing tbr 🙂 Thank you!
      I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying it so far! Yes I agree, the magic system and world is really well thought out but super easy to pick up! haha same, I’d definitely be more like Sabine too.
      Ooooh I love that theory!! That would be such a good twist 🙂
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and i hope you will continue to enjoy it!

  24. Sooo this book is already so intriguing! The fact that even if Ailesse chooses not to kill Bastien (and we know she won’t) they’ll both die anyway makes all their story even more doomed.

    I also have the feeling that Sabine will become borderline-villainous in order to save her friend, and maybe the matrone knows? That’s why she’s always been so indulgent with her while not particularly fond of her own daughter?

    1. Ooooh I love that theory! What if Sabine does a complete 180 and becomes the villain, it could explain Odiva’s behaviour towards her! I’m now even more intrigued!
      Thank you so much for joining in on this readalong and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this one 🙂

      1. I’m loving this book so far! I’m so happy I was saved by the bell and my package arrived just in time for the readalong ?

  25. This is a great start! I liked it! I’m intrigued… I loved all the Bone Crier’s stories! gimme more enemies to lovers, please and thank you! lol

    1. Yesss I love hearing that! Thank you so much for joining and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the enemies to lovers goodness 🙂

  26. Pretty sure Ailesse and Bastien are not going to kill each other, not even a little bit. Odiva is definitely up to something & cannot be trusted. Jules is very annoying but I really like her brother (please don’t kill him off). I’m looking forward to seeing Sabine growing all fierce & coming to the rescue.

    1. Hahaha yeah I have my doubts too 🙂 I love Marcel too and if anything happens to him, we riot! Yes, excited to see Sabine’s character arc as well. Thank you so much for sharing your thought so far!

  27. Like it very much so far, the world and magic system is very interesting and I like the characters. Odiva seems fishy definitely, I ship Bastien and Ailesse at the moment, so I hope they’ll find a workaround for the cfurse. Or maybe there isn’t any curse, but those who died staying with their amouré are somehow related to Odiva’s weird ritual and they were just punished or something. Guess we’ll see later, can’t wait to read more!

    1. Ooh interesting theory! That could be really cool, Odiva is definitely up to something…
      Thank you so much for joining the readalong and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it 🙂

    2. I think I ship it too and I’m really curious about the specifics of the curse and how/why it came to be. Why only one man? Why is the bone flute key in all of this? It’s so brilliant and I really hope they team up and begin sharing knowledge!

  28. Wow I really liked the beginning of this book!
    I am intrigued by so many things. I don’t like Odivia for sure, she acted weirdly before Sabine interrupted her and even after.. Sabine is probably right and Odivia expects something else from her..
    I wonder if Bastien will find something to break the connection between him and Ailesse to be able to kill her without dying too.
    Can’t wait to read more today !

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! I trust Sabine’s instincts when it comes to Odiva too, I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on with her.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I hope you’ll enjoy the next chapters too 🙂

  29. Hi all

    Catching up on my readalong

    It is interesting how thy get their magic and different kinds by killing different animals, but as someone who doesn’t want to kill animals I would probably be as Sabine well only if I would have known that it it necessary for the souls to pass especially the Chained ones I mean come on eating the souls of other humans scary. That is why I don’t understand how come they don’t tell them that from the start it is not reasonable.

    I like Ailesse she is such a kind and fierce woman and I do get how she constantly want to prove her mother she is worth it. I is tough not getting the approval of your parents when wanting it soo much

    Poor Bastian seeing his father death no wonder he hates Ailesse but I cant wait to read on to find out how they will get through that and if they will
    this is going to be interesting

  30. I am very intrigued by the story so far. I think my fais Sabine. I am very much like her; I would cry too if I was required to kill animals atball much less to gain power from them. I also like the relationship between her and Ailesse. They definitely have a strong friendship. Although, sometimes I get vibes from Sabine that her feelings for Ailesse are more than just friendship; sometimes they seem almost like romantic feelings.

    I hate Isla and Odiva. We don’t know as much about why Isla is so mean but we’ve definitely gotten more interactions wIth Odiva. I think Odiva is definitely keeping a big secret from the famile after what Sabine witnessed in that Cavern. I also think her plans for Sabine are more sinister now.

    I definitely think Bastian is going to team up with the two girls to figure out how to break the curse. I am interested to see what happens next.

  31. I’ve been struggling to read recently and actually make it past a chapter one in a book but I started reading this and was entranced into the world. I really like all the characters, my favourite is Sabine though. I loved how even though she was so scared she jumped into the water after Ailesse and the shark. I’d say I’m intrigued to find out more but before I knew it I was reading ahead!

  32. I’m so intrigued!! I love how naturally the author explains the world building. Not too fast, not too slow.

  33. So far this book is intriguing! I love a YA fantasy romance and we can already see we will get that. The magic system is interesting as well. It is different than what we usually see which is a nice change of pace. Sometimes each chapter being a different POV bothers me but I can see we will get a well rounded story.

    I think Ailesse is a strong character but over confident. She is going to have to be brought down a few notches to really grow. Perhaps she will see that her very foundation of her world (her famille) isn’t as innocent and honorable as they seem? Which ever path she chooses in life you can see she will do so with fierceness. She is someone I’d want on my side.

    I love the friendship her and Sabine have. It is strong and loving and deep. Sabine is a kind soul. But I hope she doesnt become a very self righteous character.

    Odiva is skech. At this moment, I don’t trust her.

    I am eager to see what happens for Bastien when he realizes life isnt all about revenge. And revenge won’t end his grief for his father. That is a really complex thing.

  34. Finally I’m reading this georgeous book! I love it so far. Well most of it… Jules and Odiva are not my cup of tea ? But i really like Sabine. And Marcel. It took me some time to befriend with Ailessa, but now I really like. It’s tough with a mother like that. I’m so excited what will happen next. Obviously Bastien can’t kill her. How long does it take for them to fall in love? And what’s happening to Sabine? Is she really going to kill? SO EXCITING ?

    1. Sabine is one of my favs too ?! And needed my time too , to warm up with Ailessa ??.

    2. I’m so suspicious of Odiva and I’m really having a hard time liking Jules at all. She just seems brash and petty. ?

      1. Oh yes Jules really petty. But maybe thats because Bastien doesn’t love her back

  35. This book is so darn intriguing it’s difficult to put down! I love the way that the premise and intricacies of their history and their duties are woven into the story (it doesn’t feel like an info dump). Sabine and Ailesse are such polar opposites– I will admit I found it a bit off-putting when I first met them because I didn’t really “feel” the spark of friendship there other than being told it exists but I think this will develop for me the more the story goes on.

    Bastien and his quest is incredibly interesting…. But to be honest, it’s the siblings that interest me a bit more! I’m REALLY fascinated by the idea that they’ve been looking at all of this lore and that so many people don’t know the Bone Criers actually exist.

    I’m also a bit suspicious of their purported mission as well, or how it’s carried out. In general, if a person has to go to another location entirely to perform a duty they’ve been raised for, I kinda assume they’re lambs for the slaughter, so I’m REALLY suspicious of Odiva.

    I read sections one and two today and can’t wait to get caught up with the rest tomorrow!

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