Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 2

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Hello everyone!

It’s day 2 of our Readalong for Bone Crier’s Moon!

We left off yesterday with such a cliff-hanger! Ailesse and Bastien are now soul bonded which means Ailesse must kill Bastien to complete her rite of passage. But Bastien is determined to avenge his father’s death by killing Ailesse! Will either of them go through with it? I’m very excited to find out what is going to happen! So without further ado, let’s read!

Today we’re reading Chapters 11-19!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie Chapters 1-19! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Oh phew Bastien hasn’t killed Ailesse…yet

Instead they are going to hold her underground in the catacombs where she will be weakened without access to the moon and star light- that’s a smart move! But wait, the new plan is to use her as bait, they’re going to try and take on the matrone, I can’t imagine that’s going to end well!

I love how these two are just exchanging death threats

Turns out Jules had the bone flute all along but she snaps it! Oh noooo! Without the flute the dead will wander the land of the living and wreak devastation. So Ailesse must hunt a golden jackal and carve a new flute from it’s bone. But can she find a way to escape and find this creature from legend before the new moon?

Bastien is starting to have doubts, what if she really is his soulmate? If so, that means his father was truly soulmates with the woman that killed him and he can’t accept that.

Does anyone else feel bad for Jules in this situation? She’s clearly feeling threatened and understandably so. The boy she is in love with is soul bound to another, but she did also break the bone flute so…I don’t feel too bad right now!

Bastien thwarts Ailesse’s attempts of escape and she wakes up to find him sleeping at her side? Things are getting cosy and I love seeing her goad him!

So Marcel who seems to be the Hermione of the group-I’m immediately attached- has a plan to find a way to break the soul bond so they can kill Ailesse without killing Bastien too. Ailesse is sceptical that it can be done, will this bide her enough time to escape?

Wow okay, so a silver owl appears and leads Sabine to where Ailesse is being held, was the Owl sent by the Gods? Damn she almost had Jules but she flees underground and now the matrone is here!

Meanwhile Bastien and Ailesse are getting to know each other a little more, this seemed to start off well with Ailesse challenging his misconceptions of her and her kind. He didn’t know that they ferry the dead, That’s changed everything you thought you knew huh Bastien?

 But it gets tense real quick when Ailesse brings up the fact that she never knew her father. Will Bastien start to see that what the Bone Criers do is necessary and that they have no choice in it?

Hhhhm Marcel reminds her of Sabine and they are around the same age? Will we see any development between the two?

Interesting, so Ailesse’s biggest secret is that no one but her call kill Bastien-if they do, she dies too. The curse goes both ways! A secret that didn’t last long as Marcel soon figures it out, they know the matrone won’t kill him, she won’t risk her daughter’s life too… will she?

Ailesse sees killing Bastien as unavoidable, as the gods chose him, “The sooner I kill Bastien, the better I’ll feel. We can work out our differences in the afterlife”

Odiva won’t let Sabine follow them into the ravine and says she must kill to obtain another grace bone and won’t be allowed back to the Chateau until she does. That seems kind of harsh, no? I’m glad Sabine didn’t mention that mysterious silver owl! Poor Sabine though, doing what she hates, killing an animal out of desperation to save her friend!

As Bastien, Jules and Marcel construct a scooby -doo- like trap for the matrone, Bastien seems to be catching feelings for Ailesse! He has to hold her close or she’ll escape…

As Ailesse tells him of what they do as ferriers and explains about the chained, he begins to understand. But he can’t get on board with the killing your soulmate part-yeah that’ll be a hard sell!

When Ailesse tries to defend her gods to him, it turns nasty again! They both believe their actions and beliefs to be justified, is there any hope for these two? Do we also think Jules will cause trouble between them? Things have been real awkward between her and Bastien…

Just as they are about to come to blows the formidable Odiva has arrived! Their agreed exchange, doesn’t go to plan as Bastien wasn’t aware that as the matrone, Odiva has five grace bones-not three. Ooooh sneaky!

Woah just before Ailesse attempts to jump to her mother the explosion happens! Ailesse is holding on to the chasm wall for her life- Can her mother reach her before she falls?

Wait there’s the owl again, it gives her strength somehow. It has to be from Elara!

Oh wow with Spiderman like ability Odiva makes it to Ailesse but she can’t save her! She abandons her daughter to her death once learning the flute has been destroyed, this is so heart breaking! Ailesse feared she wouldn’t make the trade just for her and she was right. There did seem to be a hint of remorse there, what do you think? Does Odiva truly not care for her daughter and heir?

Just as it seems Ailesse is about to fall to her death Bastien reaches for her! Is it possible Bastien isn’t just saving her to save himself, maybe he has started to care?

Sabine makes it back to the Chateau with her kill to find Odiva who claims Ailesse is dead?! Why is she lying or at the very least assuming Ailesse didn’t make it? I get that the rush is on to hunt the all- but-extinct golden jackal, but couldn’t she take a second to even pretend she’s mourning her daughter?

Okay she says they must appeal to Tyrus, something shady is happening between her and the god of the Underworld for sure!! I had a theory this was something to do with the matrone’s amoure but under her breath she murmurs that she didn’t love her amour? Any theories guys?

Wow so Odiva said that Bastien also died the moment Ailesse did, she’s clearly lying! I’m so glad to see Sabine isn’t falling for this!

It’s interesting how once she apologises to the Gods in front of the owl, she is forgiven and receives the graces from the Nighthawk she killed. More reason to suspect the owl has to have come from Elara right? Plus she had a vision of Ailesse which I’m assuming came from the owl?

The stakes feel so high now! Bastien’s plan didn’t work and Olivia has seemingly abandoned her daughter! Plus Bastien can’t kill Ailesse without it causing his own death, at least without severing the soul bond between them first! Even if they can do that, will he still fall for her and ultimately abandon his need for revenge?

All I know is that I can’t wait to see them interact more! We have to leave it there for today but boy am I finding it difficult not to read on. I can’t wait to see what happens in tomorrow’s chapters!

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and theories and let’s all chat in the comments!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!



67 thoughts on “Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 2

  1. I’m really enjoying this book! Especially that there’s a Marcel in the story, a nice guy! On Friday I’ll be married for 14 years to my own Marcel ???
    I like it when Ailesse said ‘The sooner I kill Bastien, the better I’ll feel. We can work out our differences in the afterlife’, like it’s no big deal and he undoubtedly will forgive her for killing him……I’m not so sure of that.

    1. Congratulations! <3

    2. Oh wow Congratulations!! That’s amazing ?
      hahaha I’m with you! So glad you’re enjoying the book!

  2. Ugh Odiva is awful but also her motives are still very mysterious.

    1. I really want to know whats going on between Odivia and the god of the underworld. And what about her hidden necklace?

  3. Today’s chapters were intense to say the least!

    I’m curious to read how the relationship between Ailesse and Bastien will evolve…I mean, we all know it’s a enemies-to-lovers kind of thing, what I mean is what will trigger the change and help them overcome their hostility. I think that Ailesse’s mother betrayal will surely help, but in my opinion what they really need is a common goal. The crafting of a new flute might be it, as well as that petite problem of the dead rising to feed off the living.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters…actually I think I’ll read ahead a bit, I just can’t stop thinking about what will happen next ?

    1. yesss very intense! I agree, a common goal will hopefully bring them closer.
      hahaha I don’t blame you! It’s so intriguing 🙂 I’m so happy you’re enjoying this one!

  4. There is something foul with Odiva. Thinking up a theory (unless it was already mentioned) that Odiva maybe wants to use the Bone Criers for something more sinister. She worships Tyrus more than Elara, her interest in the flute rather than her own daughter, and her particular need for Sabine.

    Plus the catacombs are extremely fishy. And the fact that the Bone Criers dont have any books about them or know how to read much. Is there something about them the Matrone and elders dont want them to know about? Maybe Odiva has been using the sacrificed men to gather some sort of power in the flute. I am also curious that Sabine mentions each Bone Crier makes their own ritual knife but not even she knows why thats necessary.

    Also, Marcel is a cinnamon roll and I aodre him.

    1. Agreed, completely adore Marcel, he is a sweetheart! And I think too that Odiva (and possibly the matrons) has some fishy business with Tyrus, the kids are possibly left in the dark intentionally… So many possible theories!

    2. omg yesss! That would make a lot of sense, I think there’s still a lot more about the bone criers to be discovered 🙂 It’s definitely fishy that there’s no books about them and that Ailesse and Sabine still don’t know the meaning behind certain things such as the ritual knife. The elders and matrone may be keeping secrets!
      yes Marcel must be protected at all costs!

  5. Okay, these chapters were intense! I still think Odiva has some scheme and those who chose their amouré are cursed by either her or something like that, she seems so suspicious.
    I’m glad Bastien saved Ailesse, I hope they’ll be able to get to a truce for the time being to stay alive. They are so cute together, despite, you know, the wanting to kill each other part. 😀
    Glad Sabine doesn’t take everything granted what Odiva says and takes action. I hope she’ll be able to find something very useful as her third grace.
    That owl definitely seems like divine intervention if it isn’t the soul of someone who died, or something like that.
    “Marcel who seems to be the Hermione of the group” Seems like it, he is also a sweet cinnamon roll who must be protected at all cost. <3 I hope he'll stay alive!
    Can't wait to read more, duh!

    1. The idea of Odiva somehow being involved with the deaths of bone criers who choose their amourés is really interesting. Maybe she’s doing it on behalf of Tyrus?

      1. Yeah, that’s my guess so far!

      2. I’m starting to think the necklace Odiva is hiding was a gift from him?!??

    2. oooh yes I agree, she is definitely suspicious so I wouldn’t put that past her!
      Interesting! The owl could be some kind of spirit, maybe someone’s dead amouré?
      I swear I will be so mad if anything happens to Marcel hahah
      Yay! So happy you’re liking it! 🙂

  6. I’m loving this book! It’s making me think about which graces I’d want… maybe a mantis shrimp for seeing all the colours and strength, a cheetah for speed and grace, and a fire salamander just like Sabine for healing (so useful! I don’t know why the others can’t see it)

    1. omg yessss the salamander’s graces are so useful!! 🙂 so happy you’re loving it!

  7. I feel so bad for Ailesse! Her mother cared more about the bone flute than her! But it does make me wonder why Odiva doesn’t seem to care for her more. I’m thinking it’s something to do with her amour. Either she did love him, and Ailesse reminds her of him. Or maybe Ailesse isn’t actually her daughter? But that would be a pretty big deception to pull off when they live in quite a small group of people. Odive is definitely fishy with her worshipping Tyrus, she’s hiding something. I’m thinking there’s going to be a big twist of some kind, but I’m not sure what it will be…

    1. Ooh Ailesse not being her daughter would make a lot of sense! Or perhaps like you say she reminds Odiva too much of her amouré! I feel so bad for Ailesse too 🙁

  8. Odiva is just about as shady as they get, I think! I’m wondering if there’s more to the sacrifices of the amoure than the Leuress’s have been told – maybe there’s a way they can get their powers to ferry the dead without having to kill their soul mate, but it suits Odiva’s purposes better to have them killed???

    I don’t know, but I don’t like her!

    Marcel is my absolute favourite character so far, I think he would do well with Sabine – provided Sabine doesn’t have to kill him!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters, to hopefully get some answers about the mysterious owl, and fingers crossed Sabine finds herself a strong third animal

    1. Sabine x Marcel would be a dream! What could we call them? Sabcel? Marbine?

      1. I think the same so cute together!

    2. Yes! That would make sense, the reason the sacrifice is necessary hasn’t been explained so maybe it is to suit Odiva’s purposes, as you say 🙂
      hahah yeah that would suck, them getting together and Sabine having to kill him. Marcel is such a sweet cinnamon roll!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one 🙂

  9. I am loving this book so far! Odiva is giving me major Mother Gothel vibes – cruel woman. Or do with think this is a red herring and actually there is something more she is holding on to?

    I am living for the tension between Bastien and Aliesse, if this is do well it could be a great slow burn romance – I kind of hope its dragged out a little more.

    Sabine is definitely my favourite. She is ride or die and I love that. I think if Aliesse and Bastien run off in love and bliss she would make a great Matrone.

    Marcel is a cutey and I hope he makes it through this ?

    Can’t wait for more. Think I’ll go straight into the next chapters.

    1. That’s who I imagine Odiva as looking like!! I couldn’t place the similarities but yes, she has definitely mother Gothel vibes!

      Aww Marcel ❤️ Another character I expected to be boring but have fallen in love with. He’s such a goof person

    2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re loving it 🙂 Definite Mother Gothel vibes! But it could be a red herring as you say! I love Sabine too, she would make a great Matrone. So glad you are enjoying it 🙂

  10. I really don’t know what to think of odiva. I don’t like her. Every time I think she’s redeeming herself, she does something despicable. I can’t wait to see what her motives are!

    I. LOVE. SABINE! Originally I thought she’d be a typical, semi boring sidekick but she is awesome and would be such a good role model for people. I didn’t expect her to have such a large role. I love the whole story but her chapters are my favourite. I love reading about her adventures.

    I’m intrigued about the silver owl. It’s so magical and mystical. I need more!

    1. I agree!Sabine is really coming into her own and it’s lovely to see 🙂 So happy you’re liking this one!

  11. This book is really starting to pull me in. I love all the tension between Bastien and Ailesse. She’s going to be a lot more vulnerable now that her mother left her to die, so maybe they’ll grow closer as a result?

    Odiva is undoubtedly a horrible mother, but there was a smidge of regret at letting her daughter die. Although it’s a far cry from what’s expected of a parent, maybe she’s being manipulated/controlled by Tyrus somehow and that’s why she’s performing weird rituals and chasing after the bone flute so much. “Tyrus will provide”? There’s something going on there. It’s also strange that she said she didn’t love her amouré when all the other leuress did.

    I love Sabine so much. I think her compassion will prove to be a strength. She might have been chosen by Elara to change the bone criers so they don’t have to kill their true loves anymore.

    1. Yesss so much tension! I feel like this will bring them closer for sure 🙂 oooh interesting, I like that idea! Maybe she is being manipulated by Tyrus in some way…
      That would be awesome! I’d love to see Sabine change things for the better. So happy you’re enjoying it!

  12. I really liked getting to know Jules, Marcel and Bastien. Jules seems like a very broody character and Marcel is a sweet cinnamon bun ? I have to say the author is really good and introducing the mythology in a very natural way into the story. The author is also very good at keeping tension high!!!

    1. I agree, it’s done in a very natural way and doesn’t feel info-dumpy at all 🙂 Plus the tension!

  13. This really enjoying this book. I agree with your suspicions that the owl is Elara somehow.

    The read along so far is split up perfectly into challenges. (How did you know?)
    day 1: kill the boy/kill the girl
    day 2: save Ailesse/lure the queen
    day 3: create a new bone flute

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it 🙂
      hahah happy accident but it worked out pretty well so far!

  14. I totally think that Odiva is hiding something. It broke my heart when she just abandoned her daughter like that. I’m so happy Sabine didn’t believe and goes to help her friend. I’m really curious to know about this Silver owl. I’m quite positive that Bastien didn’t save Ailesse just to stay alive himself. They might be starting to have fond feelings towards each other. Wonder what Jules thinks about that?

    1. Right?! I do empathise with Jules, it can’t be easy for her to watch them get closer. I hope we find out more soon about the owl too 🙂

  15. Ugh i knew Odiva would abandon Ailesse but I still felt so bad for her. There is something seriously sketchy about Odiva and I’m beginning to think the theory of Odiva preferring women to be correct, especially after that under the breath comment of never loving her amoure. I’m also living for the tension between Bastien and Ailesse.

    1. Definitely sketchy! I love that theory and it would fit pretty well, also that would be heartbreaking too 🙁

  16. Just jumping in to say how much I loved the chapters. There is something fishy going on but I’m far to tired for theories….
    I left my place to go to work at 5.30 this morning and came home at around 7 this evening…. I’m glad I stayed awake long enough to finish todays chapters, they were so much fun to read. Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re loving the book! 🙂

  17. I really like the scene where Marcel and Ailesse talked about the Bone Crier/Leuress, even if at the end she probably revealed more than she expected.
    Odivia who left her daughter to die as soon as she learnt Jules broke the flute.. WOW. And then she tells Sabine Ailesse is dead when she has no proof.. I’m glad Sabine didn’t believe her tho! Odivia is definitely hiding something. And praying Tyrus for that rare bone?? Duh I don’t like where it’s going. I just thought of something, what if Sabine is THE one who can kill the golden jackel so that’s why Odivia now rushes Sabine to kill?
    The silver owl is so weird! Must be on the girls side, I wonder if you’re right and it’s from Elara!

    1. Odiva is so shady right?! Ooh I love that theory, maybe it could only be killed by Sabine, but if so why? I hope we get some answers soon!

  18. I really liked these chapters! Sabine is still my favorite character I relate to her so much but I like the witty banter between A and B now and can see them being good together. I think A gives too much away about the bone criers though! I like how we now have to go on a quest for a golden jacket which is cool and I just love seeing all the animals and their powers! I also hate Jules she is so mean! Very curious about that extra bone with a ruby tho…

    1. I had the same thought! Ailesse did tell them a lot considering they want revenge against her and her family. So glad to see you’re as intrigued as I am 🙂

      1. It’s not just that she tells too much to her enemies. By revealing that the unferried souls will attack the living she she also tells them things that are supposed to be secret and she didn’t even tell Sabine.

  19. I’m really enjoying this read overall!? Although, for me, the pace of the story does feel a bit slow at times, I think the overall storyline (so far) is just great and it raises so many questions that I’m so curious to find the answers to!

    I love, love, love Sabine‘s character! In my opinion she is just so pure and I’m loving her character development. I did not expect her to play such a big role but I think that she’s going to play a crucial part within the rest of the story and I’m really looking forward to see what’s going to happen to her! Her chapters are actually my favourite to read! For some reason, I also have this gut feeling that she is the one destined to find and kill the jackal.

    Besides Sabine, I think Odiva has also become one of my favourite characters so far as she’s just so intriguing! She’s so sketchy and I love the villainous vibes she’s giving off! I really want to find out what she’s up to and why she abandoned her only child and basically left Ailesse to die. Something tells me that she prefers worshipping Tyrus over Elara and that Ailesse is now functioning as some sort of sacrifice. I can’t wait to find out!

    I’m still struggling a bit with connecting with Bastien and Ailesse though. I’m not feeling very convinced of their bond yet so I hope that the rest of the story will convince me soon??

    1. I’m also eager to connect the dots. I have so many half baked theories about Odiva. (Did she kill Sabine’s mother after she learned something and that’s why she favours Sabine now– out of guilt?!) Literally I’ve got dozens of schemey schemes whirling in my brain.

      1. Hahaha same!! I just finished the book and my mind is still swirling with crazy theories! I’m very excited for the sequel! (:

  20. I just love Sabine she is such a kind loving person and also strong even if she does not know it jet. I just love her strong motivation towards her friend in helping her and not giving up but especially her kind heart towards all living things and how she morns the bird that she keeled I just really love that about her and I think we will read great things from her.

    Ailesse and Bastien I just love their dynamic and I cant wait to read how they will move forward . I loved reading how they got to know each other a bit better and their secret desires for each other.

    Odiva is just awful. How can you just leave your daughter and lie about her death. I mean I sort of get that she does not want to appear week but she is also so shady and is hiding a lost of secrets. Seriously what is she hiding i need to know if her ” sacrifices ” made her emotionless ( come on how can you care more about the flute ( ok I get it is important because of the chained roaming the earth otherwise but still rrr) than your own daughter )or was she always like that. She is such a bitch

  21. Okay so I really thought at the beginning of the book that Bastian and Sabine would be the soulmates. I’m not sure how I feel about Ailesse – since the story started with Sabine, I assumed that she was the fated one. I guess we’ll see.

    I don’t think Odiva is awful. I think she’s in over her head – tampered with something and now it’s out of control maybe? I agree it’s got something to do with her aumore. I have a hunch that she made some kind of deal or trade with the Hod of the Underworld…

    1. For some reason, when I started reading I also thought that Sabine and Bastien would end up together! I don’t think they would be a bad match actually. I’m curious to see where the story goes?

      1. That was my assumption too– the flute would play and Bastien and Sabine would be drawn together but Ailesse seems like a much better fit for him!

  22. I’m enjoying the book so much- it was so hard to stop reading at chapter 19! I’m so intrigued by the myths of the Bone Crier’s and I also really like reading from the different perspectives of the opposing characters (they each have such a strong voice).

  23. i really enjoyed getting to know more about the lore of the bone criers. i don’t really like jules at all, she’s very annoying and feel like she’s just going to get in the way a lot, when she broke the bone flute my heart…very suspicious of odiva now to be honest, what is she doing? i’m loving seeing the tensions ease slightly between ailesse and bastien, especially now they have a bit of common ground with both not having their fathers.

  24. I have a theory that the Bone Criers think they’re worshiping Elara but they are really worshiping Tyrus. I think the sacrifices that Godiva was talking about in the first day’s chapters are the amoures that each Bone Crier kills. I think the Owl is either Elara or at least sent from her and Sabine is going to have to find Ailesse, Bastian, and the gang and they’re going to have to team up to set things right. Very loose theory but that is what I’m thinking.

    1. Yes! I am agreeing with so many parts of this. I am guessing that the current form of the Criers is a perversion and they’ll learn more about origins, etc as they team up!

  25. Didn’t manage to read the part yesterday, unfortunately. But lucky me, now I can read on and don’t have to stop.

    But first I have to say: I hate Jules! She’s just so jealous and mean. The moment she broke the flute and felt like the greatest being on Earth… If only she knew what she’s done. Well, she’s stupid and stubborn enough not to believe it. But Bastien and Marcel would be shocked.

    I liked how Ailesse and Marcel bonded. Bet he’ll be the first to side with Ailesse. But Bastien is already confused by Ailesse’s beauty. Boy is falling and I love it.

    Odiva is not just mean to Ailesse, she’s cruel. Poor Ailesse already sensed that her life would mean nothing to her mother. I also expected Odiva to readily sacrifice her daughter if like Bastien had the flute. She would just kill him to get it back, not caring that this would also kill Ailesse. She must be very convinced about everything she’s doing.
    And she admitted she didn’t love her amouré. That just strengthens my theory from part one. Although now I also think she is dying from a disease or something. And the other elders are in on it. Exciting secrets to be revealed in the next parts.

    By now I also wondered how it feels for a Leuress to ferry one of her own. Or even the amouré. Must be weird. And what if a Leuress is not going to Elara’s realm, but becomes a chained soul? The others would know, right? And she would be prepared to fight. But maybe she wouldn’t fight. Oh, I need a side story about a normal ferrying night of the past.

  26. Ok this book is getting better and better ! Had some issues to find my way into the story first, but with yesterdays cliffhanger the book captivated me! And the story developmet is great! Love Kathryn Purides writing style !

  27. Poor Ailesse, betrayed by her own mother… What is her notice to leave your daughter to die? I need Sabine to find Ailesse!
    And that silver owl intrigues me so much.
    Marcel is a cinnamon roll!

  28. I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would. I really don’t trust Odiva she’s super sketchy. I love Marcel, he is honestly my favorite character at this point. I don’t know how I feel about the soul bond thing, and I don’t blame Bastien for not really listening to her explanations.

  29. Oh I’m loving it! I ‘m looking forward for more interaction between Ailesse and Bastien. Some feelings are developing ?
    And Sabine is so strong! Good that she is suspecting the matron and doesn’t tell her everything. Hopingt the owl will help the two girls to manage this sittuation

  30. I am SO INTO the owl thing and I think it’s making me assume that the animals helping her mean that the use of bones and the ritualised slaughter is some kind of perversion of what they’re meant to be doing as Bone Criers. I find myself more and more suspicious of Odiva, who is clearly a coward in a lot of ways (and the fact that she was praying but theoretically to the wrong half of the deities they worship? SHADY!)

    Ailesse and Bastien threatening to murder each other over and over makes me laugh and while I adore Marcel (and am guessing his knowledge of lore will contribute back to learning about some kind of OG incarnation of the Bond Criers, if that makes sense, and how they might learn something had gone Very Wrong) I’m super afraid he’s going to die….simply because he’s been made so endearing from the get go! That always makes me nervous ? anyone else get those vibes?

    1. Yess me too! But i hope they all survive that mess! Not my sweet Marcel ?

  31. It’s getting very exciting now. I’m really into the story right now. I feel bad dor Jules though but she also annoys me? I absolutely love Sabine. She is the best character in this book.
    I really dont trust Odiva. She is planning something big I guess. Maybe the whole sacrificing your soulmate is not obligated. I dont know but she’s hiding something…

  32. I definitely hate Jules and Odiva. They are both horrible people. I hope at some point Aileese goes on a journey to fix the bond with Bastian so she doesn’t have to kill him and brings Marcel along but leaves Jules behind. I don’t get what Bastian sees in Jules.

    Odiva is definitely the villain in this story. Her motives are still unclear but what little we have learned seems sinister. How do you leave your own daughter to doe and then lie when you know she isn’t dead? Maybe she lied because she knew the other Lauress’ would still want to look for Aileese if she wasn’t dead and Private doesn’t want to “waste” time instead of looking for the animal to replace the flute. Also, there has to be more of a story with her amore and with Tyrus. I want to learn more about her necklace.

    Why don’t the Bone Crier’s know more about their own history? What secrets is Odiva trying to hide about them?

    Right now Sabine and Marcel are my favorite characters. I hope they end up being amoure’s bit without the sacrifice part.

    I like the silver owl too. I think she is a messenger sent from Elara to help Sabine and Aileese. Maybe also to show them how far off the path their family is and how to make thinhs right again.

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