Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 3

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Hey friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! I can’t wait to dive in, how about you?

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With that said, I know everyone struggled to stop reading yesterday, I know I did! So let’s dive into today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 20-31!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Bone Crier’s Moon Chapters 1-31! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


Bastien seems to be warming up to Ailesse as he holds her hand during her vision of Sabine. Oof, Jules is not happy that he saved Ailesse’s life. But what choice did he have, if she dies so does he!

Did anyone else’s heart break a little for Ailesse when she told them Odiva won’t be returning for her? She only cared about the flute it seems.

They need a new plan, with the matrone not returning they must find a way to break the bond between them. Bastien reassures Jules that once it’s broken, he will proceed with his plan and kill Ailesse. But do we really think he will go through with this?

This book moves fast! It’s already the new moon-the night the dead need to be ferried! But Ailesse is not looking great having been held in the catacombs for so long.

She has dreams of that mysterious owl again but her light from Elara is almost fully depleted. How long can she stay alive once that spark has gone? Surely hey will have to let her replenish it if they don’t want Bastien to die along with her?

The soul bond still isn’t any closer to being broken between Ailesse and Bastien but he is being adorably awkward around her!

We learn about the soul bridge and what’s at stake if the dead aren’t ferried tonight. They’ll rise from their graves on their own and feed off the Light of the living, eternally, eeek!

Oh my! Marcel has the flute? Jules tricked her, ugh Jules

Interesting…there’s another symbol on the bone flute, but it’s a symbol of earth not water, what could that mean? Is that the key to breaking the bond? She tells Marcel the way to get to the bridge and about the two gates to the Beyond. It’s the perfect distraction and she steals his knife!

Yes she escapes! She had the perfect opportunity to kill Bastien but she didn’t take it. Is she having second thoughts about taking his life, has she become too attached?

So unsurprisingly Sabine is having trouble making her next kill and she’s desperate to find an animal strong enough that it’s grace bones will help her save her friend. None of the Leurress’ have managed to hunt a golden jackal so they instead have a flute made from a ritual stag. I doubt this will work!

Odiva has invited her to observe the ferrying but this isn’t usually allowed. Why does Odiva want her there? Is it really to make Sabine understand the importance of her duty or does she have something else planned? I am suspicious, what is she hiding?

And what did she mean when she said “time is at an end for all of us”?

Bastien is more hurt than angry to find Ailesse has escaped and he did dodge Marcel’s question of whether he really could kill her. As they plan to go after Ailesse to the soul bridge, Jules doubts that Bastien wants to find her just to enact his revenge and I’m with her on that one!

I love that we’re finding out more about the history of the Bone Criers and how the first Leurress was the child of the Gods. They taught her how to ferry the dead but why must their rite of passage demand such a sacrifice?

The melody does lure the dead but there’s no gates at the end! Oh crap..if their gates don’t open tonight, no other ferrying gates in the world will!  The ferries battle against the terrifying chained ones but the only way to defeat the dead is to send them through the gates as they can’t be killed again.

This is a disaster but Ailesse has made it there with the flute, she plays the melody but it doesn’t open the gates? Instead it lures the dead towards her…this can’t be good. Did the gates not open because she hasn’t completed her rite of passage? And why did Odiva seem more annoyed than relieved to see Ailesse with the flute? Is it because she has now been caught in a lie or is there another reason?

Yay for Bastien rushing to help Ailesse fight off the dead but oh no, Jules got there first and she takes the flute again! Thankfully Ailesse explains the gravity of the situation and she doesn’t throw it into the sea. It doesn’t stop Jules from attacking Ailesse though, ugh stop being the worst Jules!

There’s magic at work here Ailesse doesn’t understand as the dead seem to be lured to her and not the flute. If a song from the flute bound her to Bastien, what does that mean for her and the dead?

Odiva says she’s as shocked as Sabine to see both her daughter and Bastien alive. Hmmm I don’t believe that for a second. She is so shady, Tyrus accepted her sacrifices? What sacrifices exactly? Retrieving the flute was Odiva’s main priority until a golden jackal appears! Is this a sign from Tyrus and if so, what kind of bargain or deal have they struck?

Ooh super awkward moment when Jules tells Bastien he can stop holding Ailesse’s hand, yikes that’s gotta sting.

She continues to be the absolute worst and wants Ailesse’s grace bones in exchange for the flute. I understand that she’s looking out for Bastien but really? The dead are going to literally consume people’s souls without that flute! Priorities people!

Bastien has now accepted that he won’t have Ailesse harmed but makes out he’s just trying to save his own skin. Okay he’s definitely caught feelings, but can his feelings for her trump his prejudice and thirst for revenge?

 It seems to Sabine that Odiva has been praying to Tyrus in secret, murmuring of the sacrifices she’s given him and something she wants brought back in return. Whatever it is, it means more to her than Ailesse, who or what do you think that could be?

Ooh interesting! Did Odiva choose Sabine as witness to Ailesse’s rite of passage because she knew she’d fail? And did Odiva try to sacrifice Ailesse in this convoluted way to get something back from Tyrus?

I love how much bolder Sabine is becoming as she straight up asks Odiva about the necklace she wears that she keeps hidden. She says it was a gift from her amouré, who was exceptional and accepted her for what she was. But she said she didn’t love her amouré right? So was this a different man?

Woah the owl brought the jackal to Sabine! Does the owl want the jackal’s graces to be Sabines or is it trying to ruin Odiva’s plans? Can she take it’s graces and make a bone flute too?

Oh damn Ailesse just dropped the bomb on Bastien. He didn’t know that he only has a year to live, that his life is forfeit no matter what. The Gods always find a way! Unless they can break this bond they both will die in a year’s time.

“What kind of raw deal is that?” say it louder buddy!

Ooh so it seems that Tyrus and Elara were married but were forced apart, never able to see one another again. Does this have something to do with the rite of passage and why the sacrifice is necessary? Ailesse says the Gods want them to overcome it. But is this some twisted way of saving the Leurress from heartbreak, like the gods suffered themselves?

“I can’t listen to stories of gods who punish mortals because they can’t figure out their own problems”  Bastien has some good lines I must say

Still he seems to be accepting that what they do is necessary and is going to try and retrieve her grace bones, at least then she will be able to actually see the dead! I have hope for these two!

Today’s chapters have been wild and I’m even more intrigued!

Did Sabine kill the golden jackal? Do Odiva’s secrets pertain to the man who gave her that necklace? With the dead free to feed on the souls of the living, can they retrieve the bone flute in time for the next new moon? And can Jules and Marcel find a way to break the soul bond? The stakes are so high!

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s chapters and please let me know your thoughts and of course theories in the comments!

I’ll see you again tomorrow when hopefully we’ll get some answers!



94 thoughts on “Bone Crier’s Moon Readalong: Day 3

  1. Omg, the suspense in today’s chapters!! So many new questions and so many old haven’t been answered yet.
    I ship Bastien and Ailesse real hard, I really hope they can work out these problems and both stay alive!
    Odiva’s sacrifice might be related to my suspicion, that the amouré doesn’t need to die. I mean I still suspect that the Leurress can choose to let him live and forfeit her life as a Leurress or something like that.
    Interesting to learn new things about the gods and the bone criers, especially still we still don’t know the full story about Tyrus and Elara.
    Can’t wait to read more!!

    1. Oh, forgot to mention my instagram handle is: serenity87hu
      I’ll make a post soon! Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

    2. The pacing of the book is so fast! But its in a positive way!
      I am sooooo annoyed with Jules, she is so set on getting her revenge. At least Bastien is somehow willing to hear Aillesse’s story. With Jules, no clue who she is, except for the girl that wants Aillesse dead. Marcel is even trying to learn more, I love how curious he is.
      I love how Sabine is developing through the book <3
      I'd love to know more about Elara and Tyrus, and the realms.

      My Instagram is neallnoctis and I'd love to participate in the giveaway <3

    3. I love that theory too! It would be an interesting twist if a Leurress can sacrifice herself for her amouré, I just hope that doesn’t have to happen with these two! 😀 I can’t wait to find out more about Tyrus and Elara too. I’m so happy you’re still enjoying this one! And thank you so much for entering the giveaway <3

  2. So, I have this crazy theory: Odiva killed her amourè after conceiving Ailesse, but a few years later she met someone else she loved, the one who gave her the raven skull necklace, and she conceived Sabine.
    So Sabine and Ailesse are actually half sisters.
    Then Odiva managed to get one of the other bone criers to take on the role of mother for Sabine…and that woman died, or better: was killed – by a spirit or by Odiva? – during a ferrying.
    Now Odiva is praying and making sacrifices to the God of the underworld to get back the man who gave her the raven skull necklace, and I suspect she needs to sacrifice Ailesse or Sabine to do so.

    Asylum-worthy theories aside, I’m really enjoying Sabine’s character development…more than the romance, to be honest. It’s not that I’m not liking it, only that the transition between enemies and allies was a little rushed in my opinion.

    However I posted my photo, my Instagram handle is sputnik.books ❤️

    1. Your theory sounds interesting! I had a thought or two about Odiva being Sabine’s mother and not Ailesse’s, but it would make sense them to be sisters and Odiva loving Sabine’s father more. I like this theory more than mine! 🙂

    2. That would be amazing if they’re actually sisters ?

      1. That really would be great if they are sisters!!

    3. I totally agree with this theory, Sputnik.books. ❤️❤️❤️ I somehow suspected it from the first moment that Odiva is Sabine’s mom but at first I was thinking that maybe she just took Odiva’s place with some dark ritual or something. As the plot unfolded this started seeming less possible so I moved to the same theory about Sabine and Ailesse being half sisters – maybe that’s why Sabine mentioned couple of times that it is unheard of for a Leurress to have more than one child. And probably Odiva wanted to say that Ailesse will be happy for Sabine if she meets her father. Ailesse also mentioned how Sabine was always very sad because she was not able to meet him.
      Also I really like Sabine’s growth too and the hate to love transition seemed a little too fast and predetermined for me but we are still half way through the book so there is plenty of time for them to actually develop their relationship. Can’t wait to see what will happen next! ???

      Also my my Instagram handle is voluptuous.reads
      Thank you for the giveaway! ?

      1. Ooh yes interesting that you mention no Leurress having any siblings! Sabine does seem like she grieves her father and how she never met him…
        Yes I agree! I’m excited to see more development in the romance too 🙂
        Thank you so much for entering our giveaway too! <3

    4. I agree! I suspect Sabine is Odiva’s love child. Maybe that’s why she favors her.

    5. Oh, I love that theory. My theories about Odiva change with every part I read. That clearly shows she is a fascinating character.

    6. Dude! I love this theory 🙂 It would certainly explain Odiva’s preference of Sabine than Ailesse!
      My favourite part has been Sabine’s development too and I definitely see your point about the romance.
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway! <3

  3. It’s getting so difficult to stop after the day’s chapters ?. I love Sabine’s character development so far. She’s full on challenging Odiva and it looks like she’s been chosen by Elara. I can’t wait to see what powers she’ll get from the golden jackal grace bone. Maybe Sabine has been chosen to end the curse on the Leuress and their amourés?

    If the man Odiva loves/loved isn’t her amouré, could she be having a sordid affair with Tyrus himself? It seems like her whole plan isn’t a recent development. If she’s been cold and uncaring towards Ailesse for her whole life maybe she always planned on sacrificing her.

    I love seeing Ailesse and Bastien grow closer. They’ll have to find a way to break the curse. Jules is seriously irritating me though ?.

    I can’t wait to read the next chapters tomorrow ?.
    My Instagram is amymccarthy1605 ☺️

    1. Yes I love how much bolder Sabine is becoming and I’m very intrigued as to what graces she will receive from the golden jackal ?
      Oooh an affair with Tyrus! I hadn’t even considered that, there’s certainly something going on between those two!
      Ugh yeah Jules is being the worst ?
      So happy you’re enjoying it and thank you for entering the giveaway ❤️

  4. I’ve entered! @read_as_a_dodo

  5. ’ve entered! @angelica_lichtner

    1. Perfect! Thank you so much ?

  6. I love reading this book so much, I don’t want to stop!
    Odiva isn’t gonna win the ‘mom-of-the-Year-award’, is she!
    I really, really, really don’t like her!!!!
    I’ve entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is @beppie125

    1. Oh yay I’m so happy to her that! ?
      Oh for sure!! Odiva is awful right?!
      Thank you so much for entering my love!

  7. I agree with some people above: my theory is that Odiva fell in love with someone, maybe before she met her amouré? Then had Sabine but pretended she was another woman’s in the group – who she (or a chained) then killed later to hide her secret.

    After then I think she met her amouré and conceived Ailesse but resented her amouré for being the reason she lost her previous love? So she’s trying to get him back through the underworld god.

    I’m intrigued to see what actually happens!

    My photo is posted on my Instagram @alwaysbookishbecca ??

    1. Oooh interesting if the theory is correct, I totally wouldn’t put it past Odiva to have the woman who raised Sabine killed to protect her secrets! I’m so glad you’re as intrigued as I am ?
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway too ❤️

  8. I’m behind on the read along but loving the book so far, trying to avoid seeing spoilers but I have entered the giveaway! My Instagram handle is megreads1 ?

    1. Oh yay I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! No worries at all, read at your own pace and you can alway check back here later ?
      Thank you so much for entering our giveaway ❤️

  9. i will be entering @katcandyfloss
    jules just seems to be acting on jealousy rather than best interests right now.
    so much action here! i am loving this book, and i’ve now finished because i just could not stop!

    1. Perfect! Thank you so much ?
      hahaha I don’t blame you, it’s so intriguing! I hope you ended up enjoying it overall! And a huge thank you for joining the readalong ?

  10. I’m loving reading everyone’s theories, I’ve accidentally read to chapter 42 haha. Struggling to put this book down!

    My instagram handle is: chloescurrentlyreading

    1. Same! All of the theories I’ve read are better than mine were for sure! ?
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying this one, it is hard to put down!
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway my love ❤️

  11. Sabine is totally Odiva’s love child.

    This leads to suspect that she could have created or bended the rule that you must kill your amoure? Not sure, excited to see…..

    1. Yes! This theory definitely would make sense! Ooh I love that idea, I wouldn’t put it past her to do that, maybe out of spite at losing her own amouré? So happy to hear you’re enjoying it ?

  12. More great chapters today, and I’m loving people’s theories! I also think Odiva could be Sabine’s mother, and that she wants her father back from the dead. My theory is that the sacrifice of the amoures is part of Odiva’s agreement with Tyrus.

    Looking forward to seeing more character development from Sabine – and what will happen when she makes another flute from the golden jackal (which I’m sure she’ll have killed)

    I’ll be posting a picture soon for the comp, my insta is @tinasparkle04

    1. I’m loving everyone’s theories too! ?Ooh interesting! I could totally see Odiva using the rite of passage as a sacrifice to Tyrus. I love this idea!

      Thank you so much for entering our giveaway too!

  13. Everyone has such interesting theories and I definitely agree that Odiva could be Sabine’s mother. I also really want to know what happened to Odiva’s lover and who he was.
    Is anyone else super annoyed with Jules as well? Like I absolutely get wanting to protect your friend/crush but she seems to never think about the consequences her actions might have for others. When she took the bone flute even though she clearly saw how dangerous the dead could be for example. With that being said I am not convinced of the romance either. They had some sweet moments but then they talk about killing each other again and I‘m just not feeling it. I do hope that will change though.
    I‘ve already postet and my insta is @nicibooks (:

    1. I really like that theory too and I’m excited to find out more about Odiva’s secrets! I feel exactly the same way about Jules, hoping for some character growth there too 🙂
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway!

  14. So much happened in these chapters! The scenes with the dead at the soul bridge were so intense! I think Sabine is my favourite character, she is developing so much, from not wanting to kill animals and maybe not even wanting to be a ferrier, to having to kill animals to get her graces so she can save Ailesse meaning she has to face her fears, I’m interested to see where her character journey goes in the rest of the book.

    I posted a picture to Instagram to enter the competition! My handle is @m.t.wilsonwrites1891

    Can I ask, how do you announce the winner for the readalong competitions?

    1. Sabine is my favourite character too, I love seeing how much bolder she is becoming and how she’s facing her fears! Perfect, thank you so much for entering! We will announce the winner on instagram stories next week and will private message the winner to let them know too 🙂 Good luck! <3

  15. Wow! Today’s chapters were so action packed. I wonder did Odiva know that the other flute wouldn’t open the gates or was she as surprised as every else? I wonder what she sacrified? Is Ailesse even her real daughter? And was it really Odiva’s amoure who gave her that skull or was she in love with someone else? And is that the person she wants to be brought back? Jules makes me angry. Why can’t she understand that it’s more important to get the dead throught the gates than break Bastien and Ailesse’s curse? I bet Marcel would understand but doesn’t want to go against his sister,

    I’m entering the contest and my insta handle is @ninahilden

    1. I wonder about that too! I wouldn’t put it past her to use the flute, knowing it’s not going to work for some shady reasons.
      I agree, Jules is so frustrating but Marcel is the best!
      Amazing, thank you so much for entering! ❤️

  16. I hate jules so much!! I don’t want to, I really want to like her as she’s looking out for her friend, but I feel like it’s coming more from a selfish, jealous place. She can still turn it around but r right now, she’s just so horrible and manipulative!

    I keep wondering if bastien does love Ailesse or if it’s the song that’s encouraging it and almost forcing it to happen? Would he have loved her, and vice versa, had they have met without the song?

    Sabine is becoming more badass all the time and I just love her so much! I really want her to get an awesome kill for her final grace bone because the girl deserves it!

    Twitter handle is gewi1992

    1. I agree, I wan’t to empathise with Jules but she’s being so short sighted and stubborn! I understand she cares for Bastien but there’s bigger concerns right now haha.
      Ooooh interesting, maybe the song is still having an effect!
      Oh 100& Sabine deserves the best graces!!

  17. Ahhh it was so tense in these chapters! Definitely think Odiva had a bit on the side that wasn’t Aliesse father, it’s almost like she is training up Sabine to take over. The jackel!!!! Oh my days what an arch for Sabine. I am loving it.

    OK so I really do not like Jules the Jealous. She is seriously stupid. Like there is clearly something else going on so stop taking the damned flute.

    I have a feeling it the next set of chapters we are going to have some great Aliesse/ Bastien moments. Can’t wait.

    Tagged on insta – @jodiesbookishposts

    1. Yes! It definitely seems like she is training Sabine!
      hahahah yeah Jules is the worst, she’s being so short sighted and it’s so frustrating!
      So glad you’re excited for more Ailesse & Bastien moments!
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway ❤️

  18. This book is just amazing bloody hell it’s so fast paced!! I had to make myself put it down this evening!!

    Entered photo over in instagram @pinkpygmypuff_

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!!
      Thank you foe entering the giveaway ❤️

  19. “Stay, Ailesse. I won’t be long.” What a nice way for this part to end. And what an exciting part it was. The whole fight with the dead was so breathtaking. Really cool. So glad, no Leuress died during this.

    And I might have mentioned it in every comment so far, but I hate Jules. I rarely wish that passionately for a character to die. She’s so stupid. “Oh, the flute is the only way to end this crazy fight that’s going on and that puts us all in danger? No, I won’t give it to you, because of a boy.” We get it, you’re in love with Bastien, you hate Ailesse out of jealousy, not because she’s a Leuress. You just want to see the world burn and die before you do anything right or useful. There’s your chain, have fun in hell.
    Kind of disappointed of Marcel, too. But at least he is loyal. To his undeserving, stupid sister. Sorry, needed to be said.

    Why are the other Leuress putting up with Odiva’s weird behaviour? They obviously are happy that Ailesse isn’t dead and even has the real bone flute. And now they’re into worshiping Tyrus.

    I’m really excited to learn why Elara or the owl wanted Sabine to have the jackal’s grace. And it will be fun to see, if Odiva still can keep her cool and be sweet to Sabine when she learns that she won’t get this power. Unlike Jules she is not an obvious villain. She’s a dubious character and very entertaining to read.

    Both, Ailesse and Bastien, start to grow attached to each other. The ship is sailing. Hopefully we see more of it in part four.

    1. Oh, and I only now realised that the little picture at the beginning of each chapter shows a moon phase. Nice little detail.

      1. Ah, instagram handle: I’ll do my best to post a picture soon.

    2. This part ended on such a lovely note! I 100% agree, Jules is truly the worst!! “here’s your chain, have fun in hell” LOL
      You have a point, why are the Elders not intervening? They must know Odiva is up to something shady, it makes me wonder if they are perhaps in on her schemes?
      I completely agree, Odiva makes for a very entertaining character. The ship is indeed sailing! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ?

  20. I have put the book inside my wardrobe to prevent me from reading more today. I’m really enjoying this book and I’m surprised! I don’t know why I was expecting to not like it, but Bastien and Ailesse are like every manga couple I have ever shipped and I’m thrilled to continue reading. I’m loving how fast this story is going!
    *enters giveaway* @aliasvalia

    1. hahah I love that and I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it so much ? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for entering the giveaway ❤️

  21. Right now I’m truly enjoying every character (well almost, I hate Jules. Seriously, I hate her.) I’m glad Sabine got such a great evolution, she felt a little flat for me in the first chapters, but now I’m a big fan.
    It’s fun to come up with theories about Odiva’s goals. I have 2 or 3 now and they pretty much resolve around the point that she wants her true love back (probably from Tyrus)
    Can’t wait for tomorrows chapters =)

    I entered the giveaway, my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

    1. I’m such a big fan of Sabine too! It sure is fun trying to figure out what Odiva is up to ?
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying it and thank you for enetering the giveaway ❤️

  22. First, soooo complicated to stop reading today! Can’t wait to keep going tomorrow!
    I feel like the earth symbol on the flute is a clue to break the bond or something else, but nothing linked with both rituals we know so far.
    Odivia still act suspiciously! Maybe the one who gave her the bone was Tyrus? That’ would explain many things.
    I read people’s theories in the comments and thinking about it, Sabine and Ailesse could totally be half-sisters. That would explain why Odivia was not harsh with Sabine before that, because she is her love child.

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying this one 🙂 Oooh interesting! perhaps the bone is from Tyrus… Yes! I love that theory too!

    2. And I finally posted for the giveaway! My insta is French_booklover

  23. I’m starting to get more sucked into the story and I love it!?

    Sabine is still my favourite character, I’m really enjoying how her character is developing throughout the story and I already had this gut feeling that she was the one destined to find the golden jackal, and I’m so excited that she did! For some reason, I’m hoping that she is able to kill it and take its bones to use as her final grace bone. I mean, there already is a bone flute lying around so if I were Sabine I’d probably tell Odiva to suck it and I’d take the jackal’s bones and use them for my own graces??‍♀️

    For some reason, I just keep thinking that there is more between Sabine and Odiva.. it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Sabine turns out to be Odiva’s daughter or if Odiva loved Sabine’s father (what if he is, somehow, still alive?) or something like that. However, for some reason, I also have this weird feeling that Odiva’s lover might be Tyrus, considering that she worships him so much? I just can’t stop thinking about it! I can’t wait to discover the tea!

    As for Jules.. I can get behind the reactions about her being annoying (because she kind of is), but I do have to admit that I kind of get where she is coming from. She’s clearly smitten with Bastien and I mean.. if I were in love with a boy who’d kissed me a couple of times and he would start fancying a girl that was planning to kill him and also be her bound soulmate at the same time.. I’d probably turn into an annoying, bitter thing too? I do like how she tries to protect Bastien, though!

    I do have to admit that I’m still not really convinced of the romance, but perhaps my mind will be changed soon! I can’t wait to find out!?

    Oh and I have entered the giveaway ?
    My instagram handle is @amortentiously

    1. I’m so happy you’re loving it! Oh my god, she should totally tell Odiva to suck it ?
      I love that theory, maybe there is something going on between Odiva and Tyrus and I love the idea of Sabine’s father actually being alive ?
      yeahhh I get what you mean, Jules is doing what she thinks is right but I can’t help but get annoyed at her short -sightedness. I’m hoping we get some good development from her character though ?
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and entering the giveaway! ❤️

  24. Sputnik.books you totally nailed that theory it would explain so much of Odivas mysteries and why she always favors Sabine over Ailesse .

    Like most of you I love Sabine even more especially for standing up to Odiva soo bad ass

    Oh the moments that Bastian an Ailesse feel their connection and are nicer to each other are so ooooo moments and I have a feeling they will be the ones who will break this nonsense of killing their amoure and some how helping Elira and Tayrus back to each other I feel that is the key

    And i think that earth simbol has to be the trick of ending the bond/ curse it has to do with the other 2 gods hmmm

    ok now I have to read on this is getting to intense and I do hope Sabine killed that jackal

    I will be posing a picture sooon and my instagram is danica.brnot

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