Caraval Readalong: Day 2

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Welcome, friends!

It is day 2 of the ‘Caraval’ readalong! Today I’m extra excited because, if I remember correctly, we will actually be entering Caraval itself.

Today we’re starting the Readalong by reading chapters 8 – 13, and stopping at the beginning of chapter 14.

Grab your ticket, friends. It’s time to enter Caraval.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Caraval chapters 8-13 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We left off yesterday with Scarlett and Julian getting provided with some ravishing attire they find in a Clock shop along with a note from Legend.

We’re suddenly introduced to Algie, who opens a portal within a beautiful Grandfather clock and claims that it will take them straight to the heart of Caraval. I think I would take the risk if I was provided with a portal that would save me time. The lazy side of me would definitely make me want to take that route!

Julian decides not to take the portal and leaves Scarlett in the shop with Algie, rude. However, Scarlett is following him shortly after as she also decides not to take the portal when Algie states the price of using it. Scarlett would need to sell her voice to Algie for 60 minutes. She obviously regrets declining the offer when Algie opens the door to reveal the heart of Caraval and has Tella already inside. Uh oh.

Scarlett hurries off now, more determined than ever to get into Caraval and find her sister, when she runs into Julian again. When they reach the gates of Caraval, he proceeds to act like her fiance so they can get through. I love this part as we get to hear one of the announcements of Caraval, reminding them it’s only a Game. Or is it? 

Scarlett and Julian step inside and take the path on the left to play Caraval.

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We find out now that Julian definitely does have his secrets. He’s played this game before. Which is why he was so confident with how to approach that girl at the gate. Suspicious…Suspicious…

Scarlett seems truly conflicted about whether she should trust him or not before going into the game, but she decides to go ahead with him despite her better judgment.

Julian and Scarlett find their way onto a Balcony, finding themselves looking down on a miniature kingdom. Julian explains that the house is more like a big theatre than anything else an d they are just watching from above. Which is pretty darn cool! I absolutely adore Garber’s imagination and descriptions right from the beginning of Caraval Eve.

They are interrupted by a stranger named Rupert who explains the rules again more thoroughly and requests blood to be drawn before they can enter the Game. Rupert informs them of the reverse day and night rule. Caraval is only active at night, and everything closes right at sunrise. This causes Julian to rush Scarlet to their rooms in The Glass Serpent / the Serpiente. They arrive just as sunrise hits and Julian pushes Scarlett inside first before the door shuts firmly between them, locking him out!

I remember being so damn worried for Julian when this happened. His mysterious character had already grown on me so much and I was genuinely worried that he wouldn’t get inside.

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Thankfully, Scarlett manages to convince the innkeeper to let him in and provides them with directions to their room, which they soon realise, is the same room. What a sneaky innkeeper. Scarlett declares that if Julian intends on sleeping in the same room and the same bed, then she will claim the hallway as her bedroom. Julian stops her short when he announces that he’s found the first clue. A key to Tella’s room!

Scarlett goes to the room, and realises that Tella is just inside with a man. I wonder who it could be?! And, why is Tella so adamant that Scarlett should stay outside?

Scarlett listens to her sister and falls asleep at the end of the hallway, only to be awoken by a man with tattoos and his sister. I know who this is…

I completely forgot this character was introduced quite early in ‘Caraval‘ so I’m delighted to be reunited with him again so quickly. These characters are Dante and Valentina. Dante is nice enough o offer his room to Scarlett and even invites her for dinner the next night. She refuses due to her ruse with Julian, it would be suspicious if she began dining with another man.

I found it absolutely hilarious when Scarlett went to Dante’s room and discovered that the magical dress she acquired earlier that night in the clock shop, had turned into a lacy nightgown. One that would have for sure attracted Dante’s attention! What an awfully mischievous dress.  

When Scarlett wakes in the morning, she discovers her sister’s room ransacked and torn apart, when she’s joined by two more people who seem to have the same key that Julian gave Scarlett as their first clue. I bet her room was ransacked by all the other players!

The man who comes into Tella’s room steals a precious pair of her earrings and whilst Scarlett chases him, the pregnant woman makes off with the rest of her things. I would be sooo furious. Julian finds Scarlett and he provides her with the second part of the first clue, which basically declares Tella as part of the Game and leaves Scarlett with no choice but to form a partnership with Julian and decide to win Caraval.

What do you guys think of chapters 8 – 13?

We are now in Caraval, the games have begun and the clues have started to be found. As this is a re-read for me, I’m actually finding myself pick up little things that I didn’t before. I’d love to know if you guys have noticed anything you missed before too. Or, if this is your first time reading, tell me what you think of Caraval so far!

Again, please be mindful of spoilers if you decide to continue reading!

We will be back tomorrow and will be reading chapters 14 – 19.

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20 thoughts on “Caraval Readalong: Day 2

  1. Ahh so day 2!

    I have so many questions!
    What happens during the day?
    Where is Tella? Is she safe? What happened Tellas room? What is so special about Scarlett?

    I liked Dante and I hope he’s a recurring character.

    One thing I did take away is not to trust anyone.

    Oooo cannot wait to carry on.

    1. I love love LOVE Dante.
      You will see why in the future.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am loving this book. It is my first time to read it. Honestly, with my personality I would have chosen to watch the games BUT I have a strong feeling that either no one actually chooses to watch or if you do choose to watch it is boring compared to what the actual players see and feel. I cannot wait to find out more tomorrow.

    1. I feel like I’d choose to participate but I’d never actually go find the clues.
      I’d shop or something.

  3. Yup Algie is creepy and I think Scarlett was right not to lose her voice for an hour. Annoyed with Julian for abandoning her tho.

    Caraval is only a game. Is that true or is that the trick?! Some people just watch. What would be the fun in that. Would you play or would you watch or would you avoid?

    Julian pretends to be her fiancé. What’s he up to? What does he know about Caraval? He gave her the warning about people not being what they seem. Ah He’s played before and wants back in but is being very cagey about why. In fact he doesn’t even seem all that happy about it. But he is happy about the flirting. As am I.

    “The sky was black, the moon visiting from some other part of the world” like this line.

    Why does Scarlett hate purple? Is it to do with bruises?

    A contract signed in blood. Mentions of death. A woman died and Caraval stopped. Julian is back. Is this why?

    Time is a huge influence in this book and the concept of running out of time enhances the tension. Julian puts Scarlett first and gets locked out. She’s alone. ?

    But not for long. The special guests of Legend line works again. Is it just me or is that really creepy. What does Legend want with her?

    Ha so the Special arrangements meant that even tho they were about to separate they are thrown straight back together. In the same room with only one bed. And Julian is not a gentleman to give up his comfort and sleep on the floor. Will she give in?

    Guessing by Scarlett’s clue that not everyone has the same one. So is everyone playing their own game, and how does that work?

    Tella has another young man in her room. Hmmmmm. Or. Did she take Algie up on his offer and give up her voice?

    And we meet yet another “uselessly pretty” Dante with his mysterious tattoos and he offers up his room to share with his sister Valentina. Gentlemanly behaviour or ulterior motive. Caraval is already eroding my trust in everything.

    Poor Scarlett is getting all this male attention (partially due to the magic dress turning lacy) and yet has to think about the Count she’s never met.

    The dream where Legend throws her from the balcony seems ominous. Can Legend control dreams here too?

    Donatella is everyone’s first clue and her room looks like the scene of a crime! No ducking out after one night when finding Tella is the outcome of the game. Clue number five has me going ? and thinking back to the dream.

    I really felt for Scarlett racing after her only reminder of her mother.

    Julian is back and the team is back together. Ooh I want to read on – I can’t believe how rubbish my memory is because I can’t remember anything ?‍♀️

    1. I loooved your comment!
      That’s a reaally reaally interesting thought about Scarlett hating purple because of bruises!

  4. I love how eerything is described and how creative it is. I am worried what happens in the day. Julian seemed spooked….
    I think I am going to re-read that book again sometime after this one, cause I can imagine that there are so many clues and things to pick up that you can only get if you know what’s going to happen in the future.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it Verena!

  5. So far, I trust no one and have a billion theories. (I’ve
    NOT read the book before!) Some of them are:
    – Scarlett’s mom, Paloma, was part of the game at some point and that’s how she went missing. She might come back at some point ?
    – Julian doesn’t seem trustworthy. He is the only one I’d stay with during the game, like Scarlett, but I think he is hiding something. Such as he being part of the game and is manipulating Scarlett ?
    – Tells or is a VERY selfish brat or it wasn’t really her in the room.
    – I’m not sure I got the part of Scarlett’s “abduction”. It’s a story not well told yet ?

    I suppose that’s it. All in all, I’m so excited to keep going and find out where this game goes. Even if I’m a bit anxious at what this poor girl is going to be led.


    1. Ooh yes good guess about Paloma being part of the game. I think that crossed my mind too.

    2. Hahah, I love your theories so much!
      And one of them is interesting me in particular…*smirks*

  6. Really enjoying this, already the line between what is real and what is part of the game is so blurred. Not sure I trust anyone as a result! Although Scarlet is a little too cautious you can certainly see why.

    But why is Julian so keen to get into the game again?

  7. I love Scarlett’s new dress so much! How cool is all the magic we’ve seen already though? It really sets the scene for what we can expect in Caraval. I love how there are some really dark elements amid all the magic stuff, too! It’s really hard to work out if it’s all a game or not. ?

    It must be really scary for Scarlett without her sister by her side, and suddenly Donatella is the first clue? I mean, I don’t know if that would make me more nervous, because what’s going on, or calmer, because it probably means she’s somewhere safe at least, right?

  8. So suspicious! I love the world building and the magic for sure. It’s all very vivid in my mind. I can feel the strains right along with Scarlett. There has to be more to this special guest stuff if Tella is a part of the game?

    1. All will be revealed soon…

  9. I have so much to say it would take my days to wright it all so to cut it short.
    Is it just me or does Algie description remind you of the clock from beauty and the beast. (I think hes a bit scary)
    Scarlet Who can she trust I wouldn’t trust no one. I love the way she plays along with Julian about them being engaged. thankfully she got him in to caraval after the innkeeper locked him out.
    Julian still don’t no if i trust him but I love him so many secrets and so funny with his flirting.
    Donatella being the first clue is great. love that idea
    Dante is a gent letting scarlet have his room but she should him the truth about her engagement. but I don’t think I would. she should go to dinar with him to thank him for the room
    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow

    1. So glad you’re enjoying this!

  10. I love how this book really has it’s own vibe and feel. Because this is a reread for me, I’m picking up on all the innuendo and knowing comments by Julian that I never noticed the first time. I love this, since it tells me the author already knew where she was going from the start.
    So far I’ve enjoyed this very much.

    1. I definitely feel the same, there are things I’m noticing too that I didn’t before!

  11. Dante and his hell’s descent… xD I loved the name the first time I read it. And I so want that dress, although it is dangerous as everything, imagine being in an oral presentation and it turning lacy!? My god.
    Tella, Tella…. what a hell of an idea, scarlet is going crazy searching for her sister when she should realize the game

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