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Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 3

Stunning photo by @lulumoonowlbooks

Hello Friends!

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to Day 3 of the ‘Circle of Shadows‘ Readalong.

Guys, your theories for this book are insanely good! There’s a lot of theories going around in the comments about Sora’s little sister, and Daemon’s past somehow being linked to the gods they worship. Like me, a lot of you enjoyed Daemon communicating with the Wolves too, so fingers crossed for more of that!

Without further a-do, let’s tackle chapters 21 – 30 and find our what our favourite Taigas are getting up to this time.

Remember, “work hard, mischief harder!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 21-30 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We left off yesterday with Sora and Daemon heading to the Society’s Command post to try help the Taiga’s. Today, we are continuing as they both reach the post and use their magic – again, Daemon struggles – to climb up and get and idea of what Prince Gin and his followers are doing up there.

As they both listen in to Prince Gin’s speech to the other Taiga’s – who are becoming helplessly hypnotised by his words – Sora begins believing him too. She’s suddenly starting to see Prince Gin’s vision and somehow, Daemon isn’t affected in the slightest. WHY? We see how he panics when he can’t get Sora to snap out of it, and has to resort to making her pass out just so he can get her to safety. I bet as her Gemina, that was really hard for him to do!

I’m wondering if that blue electric shock through their Gemina bond is maybe some kind of magic Daemon might have laying dormant inside him, what do we think?

Image result for ponder gif

Okay, the Glass Lady is really getting on my suspicious side. I still feel like maybe I’m being quick to judge, but she seems far too calm about this whole situation. Poor Empress Aki is beside herself with panic and worry, begging the Glass Lady and other society members to take some kind of action to help her protect Kichona. However, at the same time, I can see the logic in why the Glass Lady is trying to remain calm and analyse the issue at hand. I just don’t know what to think of her yet guys!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Aki summoning the Goddess Sola. But my jaw dropped when we learned the cost of summoning the Goddess. A whole year of your life gone, just like that! Poof! You gotta’ hand it to Aki, she cares about her people. Enough to pay a hefty price like that just for some advice from a Goddess.

Again, we’re provided with some vivid descriptions of the palace and the temple itself near the top turret. Every time we learn more about this place, I’m absolutely in awe. Could you imagine being in a building so beautiful that it’s actually called the Rose palace. For some reason I have a very vivid image of a palace made entirely from Rose Quartz crystals.

I still believe that Gin and Aki care deeply for each other. They’re twins after all, and it’s making me eagerly anticipate the moment they finally meet again, if they even do?! Will they be happy to see each other again? Conflicted? Will Gin doubt his purpose even more? I have so many questions! Although, I don’t see it being a pleasant reunion. Let’s not forget the blood rift, Aki defeated her brother so badly that he was presumed dead.

We rejoin Sora and Daemon, now on Prince Gin’s ship as they sail to the next destination. I absolutely think they will get caught. Is it bad that I kind of hope they do? I care for these characters, but I also really want Daemon to kick Prince Gin’s butt.

Daemon is having more thoughts about Sora and fighting them off. Quite a few of you guys have been mentioning how you’d prefer Sora and Daemon’s relationship to remain platonic. And from the way things are going it seems that it may be an unrequited romance as we’ve had no hints from Sora that she thinks of Daemon in any other way than being her Gemina. I would feel really bad for Daemon if this were the case, because he seems to be struggling with these thoughts too. Does he even want to be thinking of Sora that way?

Image result for Anime blushing boy gif

We’re jumping POV’s again, and this time we’re learning more about Virtuoso. Who I’m getting very curious about. She’s constantly by the Prince’s side (she’s his protegee!) and we learn that she is the best of the best when it comes to Ryuu magic. Virtuoso is definitely going to be playing a bigger role in the book, that much I’m convinced of. But HOW? That’s the question.

We get more Wolf-y Daemon time. That’s totally what I’m calling it from here on out. He’s using skills he learned with the Wolves whilst he creeps around in plain sight, trying to reach his target of getting to the Prince’s cabin. He gets the information he needs from the hidden bottom of Prince Gin’s desk drawer and it’s even enough to make even me worry. Prince Gin has this whole plan figured out and I’m really starting to struggle to see any way out for Empress Aki, Sora, Daemon and the other Taigas. Although, I do kind of love it when I feel this way, because it means the story is going to get much harder to predict.

In the final chapter of today’s Readalong, we rejoin Fairy and Broomstick (Yay! I love these two!) and they’re doing what they do best, breaking the rules. I absolutely would not put it past them to eavesdrop on a confidential meeting between Empress Aki and the Glass Lady. Fairy is clearly very worried about her best friends, but she also seems quite reckless as a character, so I hope she doesn’t throw herself head first into danger to protect them. I love Fairy and would be devastated if anything happened to her!

Image result for Anime worried gif

Well guys, chapters 21 – 30 were relatively quick reads today!

I absolutely flew threw them and honestly, I have more questions than ever, I want to know more about Virtuoso, if Sora will be able to use Ryuu magic, what Fairy is planning. I want, no, I need more information on all of this, so I’m really, really excited to continue tomorrow!

Hit us with your thoughts, I want to know what you’re all thinking now that we really seem to be getting into the depths of this story. We’ve been getting some really interesting predictions the past few days and gosh, you guys are blowing my mind!

Again, please be wary of spoilers in the comments!

Tomorrow we will be reading chapters 31 – 40, stopping at the beginning of chapter 41. How exciting!

With Love,





  • Ella

    I really hope we get to see more of the wolf pack. So far I like the magic system (well systemS really). And I am curious to learn more about Hana. But what excites me the most is, what is the driving force for Gin? Like is he just a bad guy or what made him like this?

    On to next chapters, hope you all enjoy them!

    • Lucie

      Well, Gin believes in this paradise where everybody lives forever and he thinks that that is the best way for Kichona even though there are some sacrifices on the way, about which he seems to be conflicted time to time. So I would say, that that is his motivation, he doesn’t seem himself as a villain he seems himself as a savior who will lead Kichona to the paradise.

    • Mikayla

      I also want so much more of the wolf pack dynamic and Daemon’s background in general!

  • TheLondonFaerie

    I think there’s something going on with the glass lady, maybe she’s been hypnotized by gin already? It doesn’t really fit with his pov but it could be that the attack hadn’t gone as planned in a different way? Either way I don’t like her!
    Also I really want daemon and sora to be a thing, he’s so cute!
    I’m interested to see what daemon and sora are going to do since they’re stuck on a ship!

    • Alina

      I’d love to see them as a couple too❤ all the cute scenes and no more reasons for Daemon to put his wards up to hide his thoughts&feelings ?

    • Mikayla

      I don’t know if the Glass Lady is evil. I think she’s just super incompetent and doesn’t believe young people can accomplish anything. Her perspective when she was surviving the storm wasn’t like “oh yeah, this is cool because Gin is coming” so I’m left to believe she’s just a stereotype of an older person who thinks they know better than anyone else, even if others have more or different experience. She’s driving me absolutely mad though. I *hate* when characters don’t listen repeatedly.

  • Alina

    By this point I am so involved in the story I’m surprised I stopped myself from continuing with the chapters for tomorrow. :))

    I loved how Daemon was the rational voice when Sora got all fired up, and stopped her from doing something silly. I definitely need a Daemon in my life. ?
    I hoped Sora is gonna snap out of Gin’s hypnosis by herself, so when she started chanting along with the other taigas I was really worried. Hold my breath in anticipation for what Daemon will do about it. Also, why was he not affected? Is the fact that he grew up in the wilderness somehow made him mentally stronger? Maybe he’s already a ryuu and he doesn’t know it. Like his ability to talk to wolves could be part of that new magic , but he doesn’t know it yet, like the boy that controls the bugs? That would be cool.

    Right, we got Sora back (and I’m breathing again). Loved how their Gemini bond is so strong that can overcome the weird magic that messed with Sora’s head, and how strong Daemon’s feelings must have been to send that shock through it to wake her up.

    Poor Daemon getting all red and embarrassed at the thought of them both being so close together on such a small space. And how it must’ve sting when Sora said she doesn’t feel that way about him because they’re gemina. Also later, when he got all heat up about them sleeping closer and needed to imagine ice cold water to try and gain his cool around her. That’s so sweet, he’s feelings are getting stronger and I can only hope Sora will feel the same way about him, cuz he definitely can’t take any more of this.

    Back to more serious thoughts, I like how they challenge each other in the darkest times. And boy does Daemon prevails. He manages to sneak in Prince Gin’s office, after easily avoid trouble with the ryuu soldier. And he finds all the info he needs about their plans, plus a way to poison all of them quick and clean (putting Fairy’s concotion in the wine, which is gonna get to everyone on board except him and Sora).

    I start to belive whoever predicted that Virtuoso could be Hana. “Virtuoso had learned at a very young age not to get her hopes up when there was any measure of uncertainty”. Makes me think about how she was so excited to spend the night with her sister in the apprentices dormitories but never happened because Sora chose to go have fun with the older kids.

    Loved the fact that Fairy and Broomstick are inspired by Sora’s spirit to be mischievous and come up with a plan to figure out how to deal with the unknown approaching danger sincer the Society doesn’s seem to want to do anything outside their comfort zone. Also,.why doesn’t Princess Ali tell them what they’re up against? If they’d known Prince Gin is alive and he’s back trying to achieve Evermore, than they’d know Sora and Daemon were telling the truth and maybe figure out a way to stop him.

  • Vivian (@mayushiibooks)

    First off, Lauren, I love your Kakashi shirt . So appropriate!

    Now I very much enjoyed these chapters. I am liking the build up and the POV switch makes it more dynamic. For us to see what is going on around.

    I wanted more Gin and Aki chapters though. I feel I am not getting enough Gin. I am definitely curious to see how things will go down between them. Have a wishful thinking that maybe the way to achieve true Evermore is by joining forces. Or maybe Zomuri has to be defeated by Aki and Gin together. Maybe Zomuri twisted the Evermore myth for his own bloodlust? Its interesting Gin was blessed by both Luna and Sola whereas Aki was only blessed by Sola. Makes me wonder…

    Speaking of wonder, maybe the reason Daemon isn’t affected by Gin’s charms has to do with whateved magic he could possess. Maybe its a part of him so strong that makes him immune to being controlled by others. Still sticking by my previous theory of him and Luna.

    I already read ahead so definitely eager for tomorrow to discuss it!!!

  • Lucie

    I actually like Glass Lady, she is tough but she does what she does what good of Kichonna. (You can laugh at me when it will turn out that she was bad guy all along 😀 ) But so far, I think that she is on the good side.
    I actually kind of change my mind on Daemon and Sora, I still would prefer if their relationship would just be platonic, but I am actually not that much against them be together, together.

    Daemon immune to Prince Gin’s spell brings a lot of questions – why? Is this a reason why Luna picked him even though he is not that good in magic? Is he the only one?
    The scene with the goddes was interesting, because till now I just thought that gods are myth and people just pray to them but I actually did not think that they will show up and talk to people, even though it seems that the gods are not so in love with humans and that their help has a price, in this case a 1 of life taken away from you.
    Daemon found out Prince Gin’s plans and it looks like that Prince Gin has a solid plan and he is actually make it happen.
    I was happy while reading, that Sora was struggling with the ryuu magic. That it wasn’t easy to do it, which is great, because it is kind of trope, that the main characters in books, just think of something and they can do it almost perfectly after few tries, so this was a nice change.

    I have a feeling thought, that something will go very, very wrong and very soon…BUT I can’t wait to read more.:D

    • Kirsty @kirstyes

      Good point about the gods and goddesses. I thought the same and then was surprised when she actually appeared.

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    So, why wasn’t Daemon affected by Gin’s mind control? I’m still riding on my theory that Daemon isn’t entirely human. Do you guys think that Daemon will be better at this elemental sort of magic once he works it out? I mean, he struggles so much with taiga magic, it would be cool if he was more inclined to the other kind.
    I am glad that Gin’s mind control worked on Sora, though. It would be a stretch too far if both of them were immune to it. I’m also not too sure how I feel about Sora and Daemon sneaking around the town and the boat without being spotted. They’re just apprentices, are you telling me that none of the fully trained taigas have any idea they’re around? It just seems a bit too convenient to me.

    How cool was it to actually see the goddess, Sola?! Normally, deities are talked about a lot and we just have to take it on faith that they really exist. But, to actually see Aki meet with Sola was super cool. Also, did the fact that Sola required a year of Aki’s life to visit her kind of reminded anyone else of Caraval where you can pay for things in time? I though the whole scene was pretty awesome!

    Oh, and this plan of Sora’s to poison everyone on the ship? Isn’t it just a smaller scale of what Prince Gin is planning to do to Kichona? They want to kill everyone, even the innocent brain-washed taigas, just to be sure of defending Kichona’s future. Gin wants to ‘sacrifice’ people, including innocents, to bring about a haven for Kichona as promised by his, presumably, very real god, Zomuri. I don’t really see much difference between the two plans…

  • Claudia

    There were a lot more pages for these chapters, and I can see why with all the stuff that happened. I couldn’t flip through the pages fast enough.

    I love the friendship between Fairy and Broomstick, and I want to know more about their dynamic.

    I am curious about how Daemon can resist the brainwashing, maybe it’s because he’s not that good with magic? He was raised by wolves and it makes him think differently?

  • Jasmine (@aseriesofpages)

    I’m on the fence about Glass Lady right now. I like how she’s calm and how she’s determined and plus she did listen to what Sora said. But I don’t like how she’s kind of dismissing Aki who I’m super intrigued by and really like as a character. I hope we get more from her and also more about her relationship with Gin.

    I have a feeling that Daemon not falling under Gin’s influence might have something to do with his blue hair? “But a genetic quirk gave him blue her, and the strangeness…” Or maybe I’m reading way too much into it lol. I sort of feel like his parents’ identity might tie into this somehow but I don’t really how or why that would happen at the moment.

    I’m super intrigued by the Gods now and I wonder if we’ll see any more??
    Also, whoever theorised that Virtuoso might me Hana literally blew my mind! I had not even considered that and now I kind of want it to be true lol.

    I’m enjoying this and can’t wait to continue on!

  • Rike

    I seriously have a hard time to put the book away and I have to make myself stop.

    I also wonder what the blue electric shock is meant to tell us. I wonder if there is any connection to Daemons blue hair that was mentioned earlier in the book.

    I also think that Glass Lady is acting a little strange but maybe she is just too scared of what she is going to find if they changed their way to investigate. It is odd though that they are only sending ships.

    Someone mentioned the idea of Hana being alive and maybe even being Virtuoso. Well I gave the idea some thought and what if it is true. Maybe Sora and Daemon will get cought by her?
    I had another thought about her. Sora is pretty good at using magic, maybe even one of the best so what if that runs in their genes. If Virtuoso is Hana then maybe she is also very good in using magic and that’s one of the reasons Prince Gin made her his protégée and gave her a high position…

    So may thoughts! Icannot wait to see what will happen next.

  • Amy (@themagicalbookworm)

    I’m seriously loving this book so much! I love all these amazing characters especially Daemon, Sora, Fairy and Broomstick ? it’s just been so enjoyable and exciting to read the chapters everyday!

    I knew! Something was going to happen! I just knew! I thought it was funny a little when Sora was hypnotised and Daemon was trying to get her to snap out of it. Bit it is really interesting how it doesn’t affect him ?
    Could it be because he was raised by Wolves that he somehow gave him an ability of some sort. For example, if he had that magic that Prince Gin has he probably have something related to his ability with Wolves.

    I am starting to get worried for our characters as Prince Gin is building his army more and more. I am hoping they will be able to warn people soon, but I also fear they won’t (Also I have a really bad feeling that this book is going to stop at a really big cliffhanger of some sorts).

    I am loving Fairy and Broomsticks bond! And how Fairy just wants to help Sora and Daemon. I do hope they can come up with something, that the council will actually believe. Hopefully, when it’s not too late.

    I think Queen Aki is getting worried now, that she has a bad feeling that her Brother is back. Will it get worse and get too far that the Prince will succeed? I hope not, but it would be an interesting start to book 2 if Evelyn is planning this for a series.

    Again I have loved today’s chapters, and I am really excited to read what happens next! ? x

  • Sheila


    Am I the only one not feeling the spark with this book? I’m loving the worldbuilding, Kichona, the Taigas… but I am not feeling the characters. I mean, I think the villain has revealed his plan too early? I don’t know… it is a fast read and I am hooked but I need a plot twist to shut me up and surprise me! I am suspicious about Glass Lady too! I need to see more of Daemon’s family and his time with his wolf family and more about the taigas, their traning. And I like that theory about Hana being Virtuoso!!! Anyway, can’t wait to read more tomorrow! 😀

  • Bethany

    I am really loving all these short chapters cause it keeps the action flowing! I feel like I saw some others predict this as well, but more and more I’m leaning towards Virtuoso being Hana. She mentions that shes younger than everyone else, that she’s been with Gin the longest, that she took to the ryuu magic really well… And if Sora is great with magic, it stands to reason her sister might have an affinity for it as well. We’ll see though!

    I’m a little irritated with Glass Lady as well. I can appreciate her trying to look at things logically and wanting to research all her options. But thinking outside the box is also necessary for survival against an enemy she admits she’s never seen before! Seems like she’s relying too much on the fact that they’ve always won before to hold them through any new conflict. Doesn’t seem like a great plan to me and I’m glad the Empress is pushing Glass Lady to keep at it.

    Things are building steam quick in this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Tasha

    It was so intriguing how Daemon wasn’t affected by the mind control, I assume it has something to do with his mysterious parentage and I need to know what! I also love how he was able to push his feelings aside and beat some sense into Sora, he’s a good friend.

    The whole love interest thing is starting to feel really awkward now, it’s very clear his feelings are unrequited but it’s not like he can find them. I feel so bad for him because I love him and want him to be happy, just not with her.

    The Ryuu magic system is amazing and I love it. I feel like I actually know more about them than I do the taigas, who I feel we haven’t really been given enough information on.

    Touching on my last point I feel sometimes like this book is all action and no talk. How did the taigas come to be? How do you find your gemina, is it like parabatai or is it more something inside you?

    Meeting Sola was awesome, it was probably my favourite chapter in this section. She seems so cool and I would happily worship her. Possibly not to call on her for anything though, life is going too fast as it is!

  • Verena

    Is it just me or was everything in those chapterd way to easy… If there is one thing I have learned (well mostly back in school) if it’s to easy, something is wrong.
    So I believe right now is just the calm before the storm and something will go horribly wrong very soon…
    It is so hard stopping myself from reading further. I just want to know more and I really want to know more about the gemina bond. How does it work, how are geminas chosen. Something…

    Also I love all the theories about Daemon, I would never have thought about that. It does make sense so I wouldn’t be surprised. I kind of thought that Daemon would be immune to the mind control, I just didn’t think we’d find out that soon. I am pretty sure it has to do with his past and parents and his blue hair (why else would it be described as a blue shock).
    I am also pretty sure that either they won’t poison them or they won’t get the chance to do it. I mean I understand the thought within their world, sacrifice a few to save a lot more… but I would hate for them to kill so many people…

    I don’t hate the glass lady… I just thinks that she thinks she is better then everybody and knows better, because it has always been done that way (if it ain’t broke… u know) but that’ll come back and bite her. Good thing fairy and broomstick are there to follow Soras Motto.
    So far I feel the geminas we’ve encountered are pretty much opposites of each other, which would make sense.

    Boy I feel like I can ralk about this book for hours (feels like I just did…) but it’s just so good and captivating… I just want to know more about the magic, the history, everything and can’t wait (if that’s not a sign that this book is awesome, I don’t know what is)

  • Alina

    Not related to the chapters or anything. But I was wondering when we get more details about the photo chalange of this month? ?

  • Chantal

    really random thought:
    Did anyone else get really confused in chapter 25 when Aki summoned Sola. It said that the amount of blood on a handkerchief can say something about how long an emperor ruled and how turbulent his/her rule was. But later it said that every time you summon Sola it costs you a year of your life. Is it me or does that contradict each other. Because when you summon Sola a lot you will die soon so the handkerchief can’t really say something about how long you rule.

    • Linda

      Each drop of blood would indicate a year of life lost. So if a past ruler had a very bloody handkerchief you’d know not only that they would have had a very tumultuous reign but how many years of their own life it had cost them.
      Would be rough getting near the end of your life, ‘do I seek help to save the kingdom or not so I could live?’

  • Kristy

    I’m loving this book, it’s so different from many of the other books I’ve been reading which have all felt very similar to me.
    I’m in love Daemon and want to understand why he didn’t get hypnotized? Does this have to do with his affinity for the sky? Will this lead to figuring who his real family is?
    Also I’m loving his slow burn feelings for Sora.
    The more I learn about Fairy the more chapters I want of her.

  • Rachel McQuoid

    Does anyone else think that Daemon must somehow be related to Prince Gin as his magic doesn’t affect him?

    • Kirsty @kirstyes

      Interesting theory. Hadn’t considered that.

  • Moandh

    Catching up a date late and I’m really liking this.
    I’m still on the fence about Sora and Daemon becoming a thing but I do like Daemon a lot. I really want to learn more about him and I guess I was wrong about him being tempted by the other side at some point… ^^
    I really want to know who is biological parents are now and yeah I guess he could be a half god or something. That’d be cool. I was so surprised that he wasn’t affected by the green thing and awed when he snapped Sora back!
    About the glass lady, I don’t think she’s evil, just old school and prickly
    It’s highly frustrating though
    I kept wishing, in the last chapter, that Aki would mention something about her brother probably being back and then, the glass lady remembering what Sora has told her…
    Anyway! Still got to read today’s chapters and it’s 3.15am already, so back to the book!

  • Caryy_On_Kate

    My anxiety is through the roof now that Daemon and Sora are on Prince Gin’s boat. I was convinced that Daemon was going to get caught.

    I am nearly 100% certain I know who Virtuoso is, and if my suspicions are correct it’s going to be a huge game changer for Sora’s fight against Prince Gin.


    Okay I’m totally thinking Daemon is going to be some mystery royal brother or something and that’s why he was immune. I mean, raised by wolves, twins- I’m getting Ancient Rome vibes.

    The world building in this has got to be some of my favourite I’ve read in a while.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Lefie12

    I’ll admit I’m a bit conflicted about Sora and Daemon’s relationship. On one hand I would have adored it to be a very deep platonic relationship. On the other hand, I’m a sucker for warrior couples and it’s a thing for warriors to be romantically involved with one another (I’ve loved that since I read somewhere that Ancient Greeks encouraged relationships between soldiers so they’d get more attached to one another and so would fight more ferociously to protect them) so I don’t exactly mind? Plus I like Daemon’s timid kind of crush on Sora. One thing I’m loving is how Sora looked like the special snowflake Chosen character because of her expertise in magic but as I get through more chapters, it’s Daemon that’s demonstrating those character traits (bad at taiga magic but immune to ryuu magic, raised by wolves, unknown parentage). It’s done very interestingly and I love that neither main character steals the spotlight from the other. Also as far as the story goes, I gotta say, I’m loving its progression, and I’m also getting suspicious of Glass Lady but I’m not sure if I consider her a double agent character or just a character that is very very VERY wrong in their approach of the situation.

  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)

    I am curious why Daemon wasn’t affected by the hypnotism. He definitely has more abilities than we know about yet. Especially with that description on how he snapped Sora out of the hypnosis.

    I lkie that Sora has to work at figuring out the ryuu magic. It is refreshing to see a main character he more realistic. She is right though that Prince Gin had to have gotten tbe ability to see the green particles from somewhere. He can give people the Sight but what gave it to him?

    I also am curious on if Prince Gin has or had a Gemina bond. It said he trained in the palace as a tiaga but aren’t all tiaga’s supposed to have a Gemina? If he had one, where is that person now? Is it possible that because he and Aki are twins that she is his Gemina even though she isn’t a tiaga?

    Based on what we learned about Virtuoso in these chapters, I agree with the people who think Hanna is still alive and that it is likely she is Virtuoso. I am curious why she keeps her face hidden all of the time though. What is she hiding or wgo is she hiding from?

    I think it would be awesome for Sora and Daemon to be romantically together but so far Sora seems uninterested. I feel lime it might come to a point where she almost loses Daemon and at that moment she will realize she has deeper feelings for him

    • Jess (bookwyrmbella)

      I forgot to mention that I find Glass Lady very frustrating in the way she dismisses so many possibilities and isn’t more concerned about the three villages that haven’t been in contact.

      Also, I am curious why Empress Aki didn’t bring up what she learned from visiting goddess; that it is possible that Gin is the “new” enemy. That would hopefully prompt Glass Lady to bring up what Sora and Daemon saw and maybe reeavaluate dismissing that theory.

  • Kirsty @kirstyes

    And I was right to worry it seemed. Sora was immediately under Gin’s spell. Good thing Daemon wasn’t. But why wasn’t he?

    To see the Ryuu magic the Taigas were pushed off the building. I was surprised no one failed and fell.

    So he cured her somehow through the bond. Perhaps a bit too easily. Will she be susceptible again?

    ‘Obviously I don’t think of you like that’?

    ‘Failures are not end points. They are merely challenges to be mastered.’ Them being taught this definitely helps explain her gung-ho attitude.

    Aki is brave calling on Sola and sacrificing a year of her life. She has it confirmed that Gin is back but I think that adds to her troubles. An unknown enemy would be easier to defeat.

    The Ryuu powers are strong and the list of specialities that Daemon finds do make Aki’s chances of winning seem slim. If only Sola has given more help.

    I’m glad we get to keep in touch with Fairy and Broomstick – really hoping they manage to find a way to communicate with the others soon.

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