Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 4

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Hello Friends, and Happy Valentines Day!

I can’t believe it’s the 4th day of the Readalong already! I hope you guys are enjoying this book as much as I am. There’s still lots for us to read together, which is a relief because I’m really having a wonderful time hosting this for you all. Your predictions for the book are genuinely blowing my mind. You guys are spotting things that didn’t even occur to me!

You’re all (like me) very interested to know why Daemon isnt effected by Prince Gin’s illusion. What makes Daemon so special, whell the most popular theory is that he could either be related to Gin and Aki, or perhaps he’s the offspring of a god. I love both theories and I’m really interested in finding out if they’re right!

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Best of luck to you!

Anyway let’s get on with reading chapters 31 – 40 today. I know you’re all probably eager to know what’s going to happen.

I certainly am.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 31-40 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


W’re picking up where we left off, Sora is still in the cargo hold trying to focus in on Ryuu magic, which surprises me, because for some reason, I always had a hunch Daemon would be the one to become more interested in Ryuu magic, since he struggles with the Taiga magic every single day. Perhaps this is something that will happen in future chapters?

I get a bit excited when they decide to use the poison on the Ryuu because I’m thinking, Yes! We’re finally going to see Fairy’s concoctions in action! *insert evil cackle here*

However, I’m pretty worried for them, because if they’re going to get caught this is when it will happen. Surely! It’s a big risk, but I salute them for taking the leap of faith and going ahead with their plan.

Image result for good luck gif

Annnd shocker, they were caught! But by Virtuoso.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s more worrying, getting caught by Prince Gin, the villain himself, or by Virtuoso, the master of Ryuu magic. You guys can let me know!

I really did think Sora was going to manage to talk her way out of this. She seemed to smoothly get out of trouble before. But Virtuoso has her own plans and takes her hood off only to reveal that she is Sora’s little sister?! HANA IS ALIVE!

Image result for the plot thickens gif

I did not see that coming, but a few of you guys did and I applaud you! Hana is alive and well, in fact, she’s in her element. Their mother told Sora that Hana always wanted to be a Taiga and now she’s using Ryuu magic even stronger than a Taiga’s, and she’s the best at it. I am mind blown.

Again, I’m feeling bad for Daemon as he’s had to keep his promise and abandon his Gemina on the enemy’s ship. He even feels the jolt of shock that Sora feels when she comes face to face with her little sister. He’s worried about Sora, and he’s floating in the middle of the sea needing to get to Prince Gin’s next destination before he does. Thankfully he manages to use his magic first time and it helps him swim at an inhuman speed towards land.

We jump back to Sora who has finally come face to face with Prince Gin. I’m not too surprised when he makes her fall under his spell again. However, I’m very curious to find out what magic in their blood line Hana is referring to. It must be important, because the Prince was ready to kill Sora. What kind of magic do you think it is? Do you think Sora will become as talented at Ryuu magic as Hana?

Was anyone else gripping their book so hard when Prince Gin tells Sora to block the Gemina bond? If Sora was in her right mind, she’d be devastated.

Image result for my heart gif

I can’t tell if Hana really believes that Sora left her to be taken, or if it’s what Hana wants to believe. She is clearly very loyal to Prince Gin, but do we think that eventually Hana will forgive her sister over time? Or do you think Sora will need to do more to get Hana’s trust back?

From the Prince Gin meeting, we can tell that Hana is still really mad at her sister (she tells him about Daemon after all) but, as she stopped him from killing her, clearly she still wants to keep her safe. Conflicting feeeelings.

We get to experience a scrimmage upon the ship. A battle against two Ryuu to help them train their magic. I thought this was really cool, and honestly, I’m starting to feel Prince Gin’s magic work on me. This environment seems much more fun than training to be a Taiga. Hana challenges Sora to a scrimmage to help her train her magic for the first time. I like how Hana is ruthlessly throwing her sister in the heat of it to try get the most out of her training. Or perhaps she’s doing it to humiliate her sister?

Related image

We learn that Hana has the ability to turn invisible using Ryuu magic, and I assume that’s the magic that Prince Gin values so much. Having two invisible Ryuu warriors would be invaluable to him.

The admiration that Hana lets slip through when Sora finds her almost makes my hear burst. I really hope these two can mend their relationship in the end. One, because they are sisters torn apart by a traumatic event. Two, because I really love Hana’s character and I think she may be my new favourite.

Daemon finally makes it to land and meets two fishermen who immediately comment on the blue roots of his hair. This is the first time another character has acknowledged Daemon’s unique hair in the book, and guys, I need to know more about his past. It’s killing me. His parents abandoned him, he was raised by wolves, he sucks at magic a excels in physical combat. And on top of that, he his blue-ish hair. What does all this mean?!

The strangers refer to him as a Nauti. Do I sense some foreshadowing?

We switch back to Hana and Sora, who are training some more with the Ryuu magic. It’s got me wondering if Sora will be able to use this magic if she ever manages to break free from Prince Gin’s spell. It would potentially make her the most powerful Taiga in all of Kichona and it could mean that Daemon could tap into this magic too.

Daemon is starting feel the loneliness now that he can feel his Gemina bond being blocked. I think we’ll see some great character development from him whilst Sora is away with the Ryuu. Perhaps the determination he has to save her will help bring out any magic stored up inside him. A lot of you guys believe he may have some dormant magic somewhere in him and I totally agree with that. I believe this is when we’ll maybe start to see some of that magic come to the surface. But some good character development will take place for sure.

He makes it to the post to sent a message to the Society of Taiga in the Imperial City, and does anyone else find it positively adorable and magical that they use dragonflies to send messages? We’ve heard of dog messengers, bird messengers, but never Dragonflies and I just think that’s really adorable. However, writing a message to send by Dragonfly doesn’t sound like an easy task. Each letter has to be half a millimetre? That. Is. Insane!

Related image

In the final chapter for today’s Readathon, Empress Aki just got sassy and took the Glass Lady’s chair. Woo! Go Aki!

We learn that they received Daemon’s note, filling them in on everything they needed to know about Prince Gin, and the fact that Sora and Daemon were the ones out there gathering this information for them (I hope they thank them at some point).

I’m absolutely delighted when we find out Fairy and Broomstick are still up to their sneaky eavesdropping. Although, sneaky may no longer be the correct term since they get caught. But, that’s where our chapters for today end. I hope Fairy’s plan, if she has one, is revealed soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next chapter.

So, so much happened in today’s chapters, and we got our first BIG plot twist. What did you guys think of it? I know some of you have been suspecting it from day one.

Please share your thoughts below and let’s discuss!

Again, please be wary of spoilers in the comments. This post is only for chapters 31 – 40, and make sure you get your Giveaway entry in!

Tomorrow we will be reading chapters 41 – 50, stopping at the beginning of chapter 51. I hope you guys are ready, I have a feeling things are about to really pick up.

With Love,


54 thoughts on “Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 4

  1. Things are so crazy. I decided to join the readalong yesterday and I’m all caught up now! I suspected from the beginning that Sora’s sister was going to be alive. Now I suspect that Daemon will have a reunion with his parents? I originally thought that Sora was going to figure out the magic all on her own so I was a little disappointed when she gained the sight, however it was understandable. I DO think that she’ll probably gain her own mind back at a vital point in the story – maybe during a big battle or something?

    The magic the Prince casts only seems to work if people are actively thinking of him and I find that interesting. I want to know more about how his magic works and how he learns it. Honestly at first it seemed like such a big, daunting book and now I want to know everything about this world.

    I’m completely hooked and on edge. I’m so worried. No one is safe!

    1. That’s such an interesting observation about the Prince’s magic!
      I wonder if you’re right.

  2. I’m so glad they decided to change their plan for poisoning everyone on the ship, but Sora got caught by Virtuoso who turned out to be Hana! *patting myself on the back for calling that one*
    Do you guys think Hana had Prince Gin spare Sora ‘cos she still loves her, or just because she’s super powerful? I think there’s a much softer side to Virtuoso than she likes to show others, in fact I think she might have a bit of a crush on Gin!

    Beetle is so cool! The power to control insects sounds pretty gross, but could you imagine a magic where you could just ask spiders and other creepy-crawlies to leave you alone? Sign me up for the Dragon Prince’s army, please!
    I also really like Aki. I hope she starts working with the apprentices soon, and I really hope she’s not going to be mad at Fairy and Broomstick for spying.
    I’m so excited to see what happens next! It’s torture having to stop after each day’s chapters, but I just love this readalong so much that I’m limiting myself. I don’t want to read ahead! XD

    Also, I’ll be entering the Photo Challenge, my Insta handle is love.the.villain
    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I can’t think of a better bunch to spend the day with! ♥♥

    1. Haha, well done for calling that plot twist!
      And that’s an interesting point, perhaps Hana likes Gin. Oooo.

  3. Okay so i haven’t finished reading my chapters! almost tho! But i just had to say this! Oml I NEW IT WAS HER SISTER! and yet I cant believe Virtuoso is actually her sister! wtf!?? I just want virtuoso to switch sides and help sora pls! also maybe that beetle kid 2 he seems nice from what i’ve seen (then again i haven’t finished my chapters yet but was to shook not to post?)

    1. I love that you couldn’t wait to post haha!

      Yes! What a shocker that was!

  4. Nice twists and character development so far.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from finishing the book tonight.
    Really like the magic and I am super intrested in how everything will come together in the end!

    1. Ohh Ella! I hope you finish it!

  5. Okay so whoever predicted Hana was alive and was Virtuoso, kudos. I hadnt expected it at first until we got more Virtuoso glimpses. This story feels so much like an anime. Especially when Hana revealed herself. It was exciting.

    I was also hurt when Sora walled the gemina bond. Like why?! But I cant wait for what happens next. I want to know more of how Sora develops her powers. But I feel we will have a very painful situation between Sora and Hana. Much like Aki and Gin.

    Still stand by my theory that Aki and Gin maybe have to work together. That Zomuri is the real villain rather than the Dragon Prince.

    And Daemon was called Nauti? Is it related to whatever we predict? Maybe Nauti is his real name. Maybe Nauti is like a lot son of Luna, or a lost relative related to Luna. Is his powers maybe connected to controlling the sea? What if he is a sea god reincarnated? Might explain why Gin’s charm didn’t affect him.

    1. I really love your theory about Zomuri being the real villain, he is the one demanding all the hearts after all!

  6. Kudos in that prediction!!

  7. I am worried about when (or if) Sora is freed from the spell, will she be able to get Hana to go with her, or be forced to leave her?

  8. Such interesting chapters today! I’m not a big fan of Hana though, I get that she’s clearly had a tough life and she saved Sora but still…
    I’m thinking she might turn sides though, it would be nice for them to be a family again
    Also I can’t stand Sora and Daemon apart – I need them to be together, also I love his blue hair
    I’m so glad he managed to get a message back to everyone! Bring on tomorrow’s chapters!

    Also will be entering the photo challenge, probably tomorrow, handle is @thelondonfaerie

    1. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  9. That plot twist got me screaming and shocked for 2 minutes a least !
    I mean, I totally saw Coming the fact that prince Gin was still alive but not this one !

    Also, am I the only one who is a bit annoyed by the fact that Sora can do almost everything super easily ? ?

    I can’t wait to have more informations on Deamon, where are those ???? Ugh.

  10. First of all I have to say Daemon and blue hair!!! I am in love!

    Second I was pretty happy to find out that I was right in predicting Virtuoso was Hana but I wasn’t ready for how much she hates Sora. I feel so bad for Sora but now that she’s under Prince Gins spell I hate how mushy she is when thinking about him.

    Finally Empress Aki has shown the council who’s boss! So far what I’ve read really had me unimpressed with the way she let them treat her but I’m so glad she finally stepped up!

    Can’t wait to keep reading tomorrow!!! Going to do the photo challenge probably tomorrow, Insta is @book_lover486

    1. Yes! I love blue haired Daemon too!

  11. Well, twists and turns in this chapter. I knew Hana is alive and that is because I accidently opened book on wrong page and BOOM, Hana name jumped at me.:D And I also really do not like her, something is bothering me about her. Lots of characters development is in waiting for so many of them and I can not wait for it to happen.

    Ok, some thoughts while I was reading:
    I knew, that they will get caught, because that would be too easy if they would be able to poisened them.
    Sora wanting to be sisters as they used to be but I think, that Hana is not so keen to it, but we shall see.
    You can see on Hana what an upbringing can do to person. Also she snitch on Sora but than saves her? And also, Hana, Sora could’t come to rescue you, at first she thought you are dead and second she was a CHILD!
    I was so curious if Sora will snapped out of Prince Gin’s magic by thinking about Daemon but she unfortunately did not, but it would be nice to see it.
    I was happy that Sora kicked Hana’s bottom…:D
    My heart was hurting for Daemon, when he was feeling so useless and hopeless and not worthy. I wanted to hug him and tell him that everything will be alright.
    Empress Aki showing what is in her and “poor” Fairy and Broomstick are caught.

    I really admire the frienship between Sora, Daemon, Fairy and Broomstick, I like how they stick together and they are trying to help each other. Also the loyalty of people to Kichona and Empress Aki is wonderful.
    I am really invested in the story and characters and really can’t wait for everyone to finish the book because there are so many things. I finished the book today and boy! (Don’t worry, no spoilers, I have my notes to each part.)

    1. Wow! I love that you went ahead and finished the book!
      We must be in for some exciting chapters ahead then!

  12. Hana is Virtuoso, I knew it!!! I liked that!! Sister reunion… The things she can do with magic are awesome.. I don’t like that Sora and Daemon are appart! And finally Aki decides for herself! yay!! I need to know the secret about Daemos hair…

    1. Same! I love the blue hair but it’s killing me to know if there is something specific to his hair being blue that maybe has to do with his parents.

  13. So much happend and it was so hard to stop reading. Again no real surprise that Virutoso was Hana even if I didn’t really thought about it untill day 2.
    Also the conection to the sea god, that has to be foreshadowing. Maybe he isn’t related to luna but instead to the sea god, maybe he is related to luna. But I think it is likely that he has at least one special parent (possibly a god).
    And can I just say I was so so happy when Daemon finally let himself think that he might be special after all. You go, you deserve it, you are special. We all know it.
    And it was so cute how he reacted when those fishermen called him by that gods name and bowed. So cute XD
    Always hearing that Sora was so gifted with magic, it wan’t surpised that she learned the ryuu magic so quick. Not sure I’m that thrilled but well.
    I really don’t like seeing Sora under that spell she’s just wrong…. but it is cute how she tries to get her sister to be proud and to be with her again. Sometimes it feels even though she’s supposed to be full on “I love Gin”-mode she is doing it more for her sister than for him.
    And in addition to that I am so sad she but her barriers up, so that Daemon can’t reach her. I bet he’ll get quite some character development but it does break my heart….
    Last but not least I loved Aki in that part. Finally putting them in their place and the way she thought about Sora and Daemon maybe doing the right thing by doing something different. I feel she’ll be open to suggenstions from fairy and broomstick (I can’t wait to hear their plan)

    1. Daemon has to be related to a god in some way, he has to, there’s too many connections and foreshadowing now.

    2. Before I forget, I entered the photo challenge (right after I finished the book). My instagram handle is @books_and_artsy_things

  14. Today’s chapters were amazing as always. I am really enjoying this book so much!

    I had a funny feeling that Virtuous was Hana. I had that feeling from when she was introduced. I had this idea floating around that Sora’s sister is alive somehow. I am glad that it has now been confirmed. However, I find it really sad how she is now on the princes side. That she has these powers and her emotions about her sister is all over the place.

    Having Sora hypnotised once again but going through the whole thing wasn’t a shock. I had a feeling again (like I mentioned a few days ago) that either both Sora and Wolf gets caught or one of the other. I felt so heart broken when the prince told her to close up her bond with Daemon. And how he feels empty and realising that he can’t communicate with her. I just wanted to give him a hug, it was just heartbreaking to read.

    However, Daemon has managed to find a dragonfly and send a message (THANK GOD!) So now they know it’s the prince, what his plans are, and everything that Daemon and Sora have witnessed. I wonder what will happen now, will the prince succeed or will everyone ban together to fight another war.

    I am hoping that after all this is over, that Sora and Hana can reunite with their parents and be a family again. And hopefully Daemon and Sora can have their bond back (please let this happen ?) Anyway! Another amazing bunch of chapters today (even though some hurt and some of my suspicions were revealed) I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters! x

  15. I am quite happy Sora is the one that’s been caught, instead of Daemon. She has more chances to survive this, also she gets to spend time and reconnect with her sister (which by the alive ? Who’s surprised? I wasn’t.. was expecting it since yesterday’s chapter and the paragraph stating she was used to being disappointed…). Anyway, she gets to learn how to use this new magic and possibly getting closer to Prince Gin is gonna give her some more Intel about his plans and how she can stop him. Plus she has a badass gemina following her , determined to save her once more, and we already know he can do it, it’s just that he needs to believe on himself.

    On the other side, I think this separation is good for Daemon. He gets to be the hero like he said and, not being in Sora’s shadow he might actually discover how awesome he is. The fishermen on the island seem to think his some sea god because of his blue hair, so maybe he can find something about his past or his parents in the library ? I feel sorry for him feeling lonely without his bond with Sora, but I believe he’s gonna push through to her eventually. Can’t wait to find out more about him, his past and how special he is.?

    Also, Princess Aki just started to crawl on the list of my favourite characters. She finally takes charge and puts the Society back in their place. Loved how she seems to be very interested in Sora and Daemon and the fact that they decided to act against this unknown that they’re facing instead of following the old protocols. I feel like Aki might put them in charge of the Society because of they’re fresh thinking, finally some acknowledgement for Sora, Daemon, Fairy and Broomstick for they’re innovative thinking. And they deffinetly would deserve it.

    1. I agree! I’m excited to see how Daemon acts as he’s not with Sora, he might shine a little bit more!

  16. I thought that reading ten chapters a day would be a lot to read but it turns out I am flying through these pages. Although I don’t think that the book is anything special, I am really enjoying it and look forwards to the daily reading. Also, why do we keep stopping on cliff hangers? It probably has something to do with how action packed the story has become.

    I am enjoying seeing the relationship between Hana and Sora and are starting to come up with a theory. I think that it could be Hana who helps Sora break Gin’s mind control over her (or help lead to Daemon breaking it). There was a moment when Hana seemed bothered (at least in my opinion) by something that Sora said around following Gin. I think she was bothered as Sora said it because of the mind control whereas Hana is following Gin of her own volition. I’m not yet sure in my theory as to whether Hana will help Gin because she questions him, because she want Sora to think for herself or whether because she wants Sora to follow Gin the same way that she does, because she wants to.

    1. I’m so glad you’re flying through this book!
      I am too, and finding it really hard to stop.

  17. Those chapters were so great. I’m really excited for the rest! I also cannot believe I was right about Virtuoso ^^
    And I definitely sense some foreshadowing Nauti/Daemon wise
    I can’t wait to see more of Fairy and Broomstick!

    Btw I entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is @moandh

  18. I just knew that Virtuoso is Hana. Wasn’t it obvious? XD”
    I love how there is so much space left to theorise. I have some more left, especially for Deamon’s heritage.

    Also entered the giveaway >>@a.princess.fairytales<<.

    1. I swear I didn’t see it coming! I feel like I was the only one! Haha

  19. No Sora got caught!! Poor Daemon having to leave Sora behind. He is a bit epic though trying to swim back to the mainland.

    I love the theory that Daemon might be a son of a God!!! I never would have thought of that.

    I was right Hana is Virtuoso!! And the magic that Prince Gin’s soldiers use is so interesting. I don’t want Sora to be under Prince Gin’s influence but I do want to see her develop new magic skills.

  20. WHAAAT ? SORA’S SISTER IS ALIVE?! Okay I didn’t see that coming at all? Evelyn you can’t just drop this bomb out of nowhere‼️ WHAAAT! what?! (I literally wrote this after the reveal).

    So uh… the sisterhood is really gone now. Gin I hate you. You managed to take Hana’s love for Sora away. You’re even worse than I thought. Just leave Kichona alone please.

    Wait Sora just LICKED magic? Oh wow? Well maybe I would’ve done the same? Everything was nice until Gin asked her to block the Gemina bond. Gin why do you ruin everything? Oh right you’re the villain of this story.

    So uhhh.. Daemon is suddenly a god called Nauti because of his blue hair. See Daemon? You are special?

    Dragonfly left safely, the council knows, Daemon is still alive and nothing has exploded yet. Do we call this good news??

    1. Yes her licking the magic made me giggle but it suits her character perfectly.

  21. I just finished the chapters and caught up with the posts (so far)! I didn’t have time to read during the week and I’ll have to continue tomorrow.
    My thoughts so far: I was suspecting that Hana was still alive from the very beginning. Reading has taught me many things, e.g. to never trust that someone who is supposed to be dead is actually dead. I also can’t wait to learn more about Daemon’s past! Mysterious hair and raised by wolves? Can’t wait to learn more!
    Last thing I want to mention is Hana’s character. I really like her so far. I love reading about siblings and I’m looking forward to them developing their relationship and earning each other ‘s trust.

    I’ll also be joining the photo challenge on my instagram (@ankereads)! Good luck everyone!

    1. I always say when watching TV/Movies or reading that you shouldn’t believe they’re dead unless you have seen the body and even then you can’t be 100% sure.

  22. I’ve been playing catch up today, but really enjoying how quickly this story rattles along. Long thought dead sister turning up though, okay. And no surprise, she thought they had left her. Not sure how I feel about that plot point, but it’s already looking like Hana isn’t completely comfortable with her choice.
    I’ve done the Instagram challenge. You can find me under @wyrmbergsabrina
    Looking forward to reading more and being all caught up by tomorrow.

  23. Hello hello =D

    Just finished Chapter 40 & will post some thoughts then continue reading ..

    SORA’s sister is ALIVE as you guys predicted! wow wow I never saw it coming! poor thing got kidnapped, but at least she has some family bond with Sora regardless of what she tries to ignore.
    I really love that they are training together (sort of) & can fight together equally <3 although it is obvious that Sora would exceed her considering her speed at learning the invisibility trick!

    Okay, those fishermen thought Daemon to be a God! hinting to his lineage maybe? I can't wait to find out more! besides, I was jumping of excitement when he totally resisted the prince's honeyed mind control =D AND he was able to snap Sora out of it too! so cool!

    I can't wait to read how they would rescue Sora & get Hana and the others on the Empress's side ..

    Speaking of her, it was totally cool when she asserted herself in the Society's council when it was obvious that the old and traditional way wasn't productive. The council wouldn't take action even though the reports kept being missing from the 3 mentioned outposts ..

    Did anyone laugh at the end when Fairy & Broomstick were caught & introduced as the 'fireworks hooligans' xDDD hopefully we'll see more of them in action ..

    On to chapter 41 ..

  24. I will be joining the photo challenge too =D by tonight hopefully It’ll be there. But my account is private is that okay? @noorallawati

    1. Hi Noor. Not sure if you will see this but if your account is private I don’t think the Fairyloot team will see your post.

  25. I actually didn’t thought about Hana until the reveal that she is Virtuoso, so was caught of guard when it happened.

    I love this book so far and I’m quite happy that I’m finally able to join a Readalong since I wasn’t able participate in the first few because of time constraints

    I’m can’t wait to finish the book tomorrow and will obviously join the giveaway.
    My Instagram Handle is @neledars_reading_nook

  26. I mean. I am shook. What a load of action- things are really getting pacy and I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

    I really respect Aki and how she wants to do things differently – why do I get the feeling she is not long for this world?

    I’ve also posted on the Instagram as the handle @jodiesbookishposts

  27. I am now finished the book and I loved it. I have also posted a photo on my instagram for the photo challenge,

  28. I posted a picture for the contest. My IG name is @enchantedbyfiction. I can’t wait to see what happens in the end of the book today!

  29. Things got wo crazy in these chapters but like. You know that Brooklyn Nine Nine gif with Captai Holt shouting “VindicatioOOOOOON!” and pumping a hand in the air? That was me when Virtuoso was revealed to be Hana. I knew it! I hope they can mend their relationship though because it hits hard at home and just. Ouch. Also I feel so had about Daemon and I’m both excited for and dreading his reunion with brainwashed Sora. In the meantime, Prince Gin is having the exact opposite effect on me. I’m growing increasingly disturbed and horrified through Sora’s muddled POV.

    Also I entered the giveaway and just posted a pic on my Instagram (@a_library_of_wonders)

  30. Loved this book! A few days later than planned but put up my pictures for the photo challenge. My handle is @dqnelson!

  31. Finally put up my photo for the challenge *hides* sorry it took me a hot minute! This section was actually really interesting and while I wasn’t shocked at Hana’s resurrection, I felt like it was well-foreshadowed for sure! Handle is @madamepincers

  32. I posted the pic and I am entering! My instagram is @dreamtimebooks

  33. Honestly, for fantasy book, if we don’t see the body, the person is not dead! I wasn’t surprised that Hana is not dead but I WAS surprised when she is actually Virtuoso… Because is it just me or she reminds me of the Commander from An Ember in the Ashes xD! I pictured her as this cruel, strong, and unstoppable commander.

    Finally able to post my photo challenge! @thebookpalace_ (#sorrynotsorry for all the Fairyloot’s pictures on my ig)

  34. I entered the giveaway after posting about the book earlier today ?
    (@Shadesofbooks on Instagram)

  35. I am entering the photo challenge, my instagram is @bookwyrmbella.

    I am not surprised that Hana is Virtuoso. For the most part, I am glad she is back and that Sora doesn’t have to feel quite as guilty about what happened to her sister. I do think that Hanna is being a little unreasonable considering that Sora explained that they all thought she had died. If they had had any suspicions that Hanna had still been alive, her family would have tried to rescue her. Right now I jusr find Hana frustrating. I hope she lightens up towards Sora eventually and that she shes how manipulative Prince Gin really is and switches sides with Sora.

    I was so sad when Sora closed off her gemina bond! I know Daemon will not give up on her and fight to get her back. It was interesting that some of Prince Gin’s magnatisum was receading whe Sora was recounting thier disguise’s to Beetle. Unfortunately, as soon as she started to think about Prince Gin she was back under his power.

    It seems like Sora is going to be an even more powerful ryuu than her sister. Although, it makes sense as Sora does have a knack for learning new things quickly.

    I was so excited when Daemon remembered that Broomstick had told him about backup Dragonfly’s. If I had to compose a letter that tiny I would probably go cross-eyed?. I am glad he was finally able to get a message to the society and the empress. Now he is waiting for their reply and he is going tondo research about his own origins! I hopenhe finds them. I like your idea that he might be relato this new sea god we just learned about. I also had considered that he was related to Aki and Gin.

    I am curious what plan Fairy and Broomstick will cook up with the empress and Society members. This story keeps getting more interesting.

    It was so smart to have us read 10 chapters each night. It seems like it lines right up with the ups and downs of the plot. Ot answers some questions and then turns right around and gives us more questions that we need to continue reading to get answers to!

  36. I am very late , but I finally updated my photo today so, I am entering the photo chalange and my Instagram is @alynutzaa23

  37. They try to poison the ship – just with food poisoning but Sora gets caught.
    Bravo to those who guessed so earlier that Vituoso was Sora’s sister.
    Who feels betrayed Sora never came for her. Sora tries to explain she thought she’d died. That there were bodies. Hana immediately calls Prince Gin and sets people hunting for Daemon. Will his mind control protection keep Sora safe?
    An actual sensible response from someone- it never happens that they keep their promise and leave partners to the enemy. And immediately the Gemina bond gives him and us fear about Sora’s fate but he is going to raise the alarm.
    What he felt was her blocking off their connection. Hana persuades Gin not to kill Sora because they might share the same power – which is obviously one he covets. He does control her again and she can see the magic immediately. Is Hana using her to overthrow Gin or is she really loyal to him? She’s put in charge of Spirit’s training and told to treat her harshly but there is some hesitance. She’s conflicted. She mentions wanting to fight alongside her when younger. When it comes to it will they be fighting on the same or opposing sides. Which will be stronger?
    OMG I want a dessert sandwich with sugar cookies filled with chocolate and sliced pear ?
    A citrus ? ? versus fruit ??? now that would look funny in anime style
    Did the invisible fight scene remind anyone else of Arya in GoT with that annoying woman?
    Sora is a natural too and Hana was impressed and then pissed?!
    Daemon is definitely a teenager. Fantasising about being a hero and saving the day. His blue hair makes the fisherman think he is Nauti – The his of the sea so the descendant of god argument now has evidence for it.
    Ok so Gin shows his evil evil side by snapping the man’s head off!
    Sora is a very quick study and gains Hana’s respect I think. I love how their sisterly relationship comes back with Hana’s laughter and general sibling rivalry.
    Back up frozen dragonflies. That was lucky ? and a library to find out who he could be.
    Aki turns badass and takes charge and she is impressed that Spirit and Wolf used their initiative. Hopefully that means she’ll be on board with Fairy and Broomstick and won’t punish them for eavesdropping.

    I liked this section a lot more and really enjoyed Hana and Sora’s interaction. I’m hoping they can fight on the same side against Gin if Daemon saves Sora and she persuades her sister to forgive her.

    Ps. Lauren your gif game is strong with the one relating to dragonfly messages. That scene reminds me of The Rescuers.

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