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Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 5

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Hello Friends!

Yesterday’s Readlong was an intense one. We got a major plot twist, that left me positively shook. However, some of you guys were theorising it from day one which is super impressive. Well done to you!

We’re all very intrigued now to hear about Fairy and Broomstick’s plan now and quite literally all of us want to know more about Daemon, so fingers crossed we get more information in these next chapters.

Today, we’re reading chapters 41 – 50 and I have a feeling, that it’s about to get pretty intense.

Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 41-50 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Right off the bat, we’re discovering Fairy and Broomstick’s plan. And, I am very worried for Fairy’s safety!

She is absolutely one of my favourite characters thus far, and now we know she is going to step in as Empress Aki to go meet Prince Gin, and I’m really worried that this could be the end of Fairy. I am praying to Luna right now! And,  I feel awful for poor Broomstick as he clearly does not like this plan, but Fairy is a determined little soul and has her mind made up.

Prince Gin now receives a letter from Empress Aki, requesting a meeting. I am kind of glad that he didn’t fall for it, because you know, he’s not silly?

(Anyone else hoping he didn’t hurt the little Dragonfly messenger?)

He instructs Sora to go with Hana to kill Empress Aki, and as she is under his spell, she agrees, claiming that she’s more than ready to put Aki’s reign to an end. This just shows how much of an effect Gin’s magic is having on Sora, as merely days before she was a Taiga fully dedicated to protecting Empress Aki and her home of Kichona.

My heart breaks a little when Sora feels Daemon trying to send something along the bond. She’s even tempted for a moment to lower the walls blocking his signals, because she misses his laugh, she misses him! How cute! But Prince Gin’s magic acts pretty quickly to suppress those feelings. I’m really damn curious now to know how Prince Gin is hypnotising these Taiga’s. We’re closing into the final stretch of this book so I hope we get answers very soon on that front. I feel like it may be a gift from Zomuri himself?

We get a really “nice” moment between Hana and Sora, where Hana admits she doesn’t think she’ll be able to kill Empress Aki. Sora tells her that she will do it instead. I believe this was an important scene to add in order to remind us that Hana is still young, and this task Prince Gin sent her might be too big for her. For the first time in a long time she will need her big sister’s help. And I really liked that! Even though, it’s quite a morbid thing Sora has agreed to do.

However, it’s just hit me that Fairy is going undercover as Empress Aki. Sora is going to assassinate Empress Aki. Sora might end up killing her best friend!

Image result for noooooo gif

Daemon joins up with Broomstick and Fairy at the location they are supposed to have the Empress Aki and Prince Gin meeting. And of course, Fairy hits him with a little flirtation, which admittedly made me laugh. She’s so smooth guys.

Daemon feels sorry for Fairy and Broomstick for being so ready and willing to lay down their lives for Kichona, so he joins them and agrees that if they’re going to go down fighting. If anything happens to Daemon, I will be devastated!

Fairy is trying to be strong and keeps telling Daemon and Broomstick to leave and let her deal with this on her own. But, as if her Gemina would leave her, and Daemon? Well, he’s a goddamn gentleman. He would not leave her either.

When Sora enters to try and kill “Empress Aki” I was gripping the book so hard and ready to yell at Sora. DON’T KILL FAIRY! But then, she lunges for Daemon, because she’s angry that he once tried to stop her from joining Prince Gin, poor Daemon, he’s probably on an emotional rollercoaster.

I did not appreciate that cliffhanger where Fairy waited on the knife. Thank god we’re reading to chapter 51, because I would need to know if Fairy is okay!

Image result for panic reading gif

Daemon throws himself onto Sora and again we experience that charge of electricity that wakes Sora from her illusion. I want to know what the hell this is and how Daemon can break that spell. Although, it does say that he sends his fear through their Gemina bond, so perhaps their bond is just so strong that in moments of desperation, they can save each other?

Sora knocks both Daemon and Broomstick out – man, they are not having a good day – and she convinces “Empress Aki” to take the poison that will help her fake her death. I’m personally a little shocked that Sora didn’t notice it was really Fairy till the last minute when Hana entered. The fact that she falls and vomits just shows how anguished she must feel that she almost killed her best friend. I wonder if this scare will be enough to stop her from being hypnotised by Gin again.

In the final chapter of today’s readalong, we see Daemon and Broomstick waking up. Broomstick is panicking for the safety of his Gemina, Fairy. I’m right there with you Broomstick. He is even in disbelief that Sora is back to being one of them. And, I don’t blame the poor guy.

I can’t believe what we just read! Sora almost killed Fairy! That would have been absolutely heartbreaking. But now Sora has taken her body to Prince Gin. Empress Aki’s twin. Will he notice it’s not her? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be reading chapters 51 – 60, Oooo, we’re almost at the end guys.

Again, please be wary of spoilers in the comments. This post is only for chapters 41 – 50.

With Love,





  • Amy (@themagicalbookworm)

    Today’s chapters were interesting! Fairy and Broomstick are finally joining the fight! And I just love Fairy and Broomsticks bond ?

    It’s interesting reading Sora’s side when she is under the princes spell. And I do like how she is so with her sister again. But what is shocking is that Hana is having doubts. Even though she wants to make Prince Gin proud, she is unsure on what’s feels right and what feels wrong. I wonder if she will switch sides later in the book and help defeat the prince ?

    I am SO happy that Sora isn’t under the princes spell anymore. I feel bad for her as all her conscience feelings start to unravel and everything she was feeling had boiled over. I just wanted to give her a hug. I thought it was funny how she knocked the boys out, but I wonder what is going to happen now with Fairy ?

    Also what interests me is how Sora still has her Ryuu ability’s after coming out from the princes spell. Does that mean that anyone can build up their abilities like the Ryuu do?
    It also still intrigues me how Daemon managed to get her out from the spell again. There must be something to explain that, maybe when they head back to the palace and explain what happens someone might know how Daemon helped Sora?

    Hopefully nothing happens to Fairy and that Hana or the prince or basically anyone doesn’t find out that Sora isn’t under the spell anymore.
    Again today’s chapters have been amazing! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters! x

    • Lauren

      I’m so glad you enjoyed these chapters.
      I really do want to know more about Daemon, it’s probably what I want to know most haha.

  • Claudia

    I was worried about Fairy offering to go in Empress Aki’s place, and it only grew the more chapters went by,and I couldn’t be more relieved when Sora didn’t kill her. I really hope to see where it goes.

    There was just one part I couldn’t let pass by, since it irreparably changed how I viewed Gin. Conflicted and doubting himself I could buy, but I can’t get past how he was going to let those women assault and kill that diver, and is implied to have let them do that in the past. The fact Gin only changed his mind because Sora convinced him to doesn’t change anything.

    • Lauren

      That scene with Gin was very worrying wasn’t it? Because we’ve seen him doubt his journey and his plan, but then he allows his followers to do something like that? It makes me wonder if Gin’s doubts have disappeared.

    • Mikayla

      I never thought anything good about Gin to begin with. Anyone who thinks “well yeah of course paradise is gained by sacrificing two hundred people, including babies!” is probably someone to watch out for and is pretty irredeemable in my mind. But that was a good turning point to show that maybe, possibly, he could have a conscience if someone stood by him suggesting that maybe all these terrible things shouldn’t be happening all the time.

  • AmbWitch

    Well I was wrong about my theory about Hana helping Sora break the mind control but hey ho.

    When Sora was holding the knife to Fairy I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if she did kill her, how she would feel, whether her friends would forgive her, even knowing that it was because she was under Gin’s influence. It would have been an interesting plot line, but I am glad that she didn’t kill Fairy as I like Fairy’s character.

    I think it might be interesting to see how Sora copes with being around the Ryuu and not letting them know that she is no longer under the influence of Gin’s magic.

    There seems to be so much of this magic system and world that has not yet been explored and I can’t wait to find out more. I was tempted to read further on today but restrained myself.

    • Lauren

      I am really glad too that Sora did’t kill Fairy, but I’m still worried for her now that she’s on her way to Gin.
      We have sooo many unanswered questions that I hope are explored soon. But I believe this is the first book in a series too.

      • Mikayla

        From what I’ve seen, it looks like the first in a duology. (I have bets on the next title being “The League of Rogues.”)

        • Kirsty @kirstyes

          Ooh that would be a fab title. You should def suggest it to Evelyn.

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    How brave was Fairy, though? Honestly, when we first met her I thought she was a bit foolish, but first she surprised me by believing Sora straight away about Prince Gin, and now she was willing to sacrifice herself for her Empress and county!
    I thought it was nice that Broomstick and Daemon were willing to stay with her, too. Thank goodness that Daemon was able to snap Sora out of it, right?
    But how exactly is he doing that? This weird electrical power of his? Does it just work on his gemina, or would it work on anyone that’s been taken over by Gin? I’m still rocking the theory that he’s some sort of god or something!
    I really like that Sora and Hana had some time to bond in these chapters. It’s nice to see them relaxed around each other, and Hana without her defenses up. It’s just a shame they were off to assassinate the Empress while they were doing it!
    Have any of you guys watched The Winter Soldier? When Bucky is fighting Cap, and Steve manages to break through his brainwashing? That fight scene in the tent totally reminded me of that!

    I was really surprised by Gin’s acceptance of the Black Widow group. I thought he had a pretty good conscience and moral compass (you know, aside from all the killing!), and only did the bad things he thought was necessary for the Evermore. But condoning what was going to happen there, without even having to think about it? That was awful! He’s really gone down in my eyes now. At least he stopped it for Sora’s sake.

    • Lauren

      I want to know more about Daemon’s electrical magic! It’s killing me not knowing!

  • Vivian (@mayushiibooks)

    Prince Gin is easily my top favorite character. The more we see of him the more intrigued I am and feel he is complex. I like the small glimpses we see of his conscience working. Its obvious his moral compass conflicts with finding Evermore. Its why I theorize that Zomuri is the real villain.

    Perhaps Zomuri has somehow taken over his mind. What if Evermore doesnt truly exist and just a ploy from Zomuri to be summoned into the world so he can rule over it? Aki had to use blood yo summon Sola. And Zomuri needs the heart and blood of people for “Evermore.” Maybe Evermore is the world of chaos Zomuri creates if he is brought to the world to rule it.

    I also find it curious that Gin goes through the trouble of charming and hypnotizing people to love him. If he wants glory, power, and obedience, wouldn’t fear and intimidation be more effective? It makes sense to charm taigas for submission and people to volunteer as Hearts. But everyone else? I think maybe this plays into a part of his insecurities. That maybe he feels the need to ensure he is loved and admired.

    Its intriguing Daemon can break Sora from Gin’s spell. Maybe whatever dormant magic he has or his ancestry allows him to do that? It would be interesting if his magic allowed him to control the gemina bond.

    • Lauren

      I’m almost convinced Zomuri is the real villain in all of this!

  • Moandh

    Those chapters were so great! They seriously kept me on my toes the entire time, it was insanely hard to stop there…
    I can’t wait for tomorrow, I still have so many questions, especially about Daemon
    I also really really love Fairy, I think she’s my favorite…
    Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Verena

    I was so worried about Fairy. In fact I still am… what if Gin sees right through it. I do belive Sora will be able to fool Gin, at least for a while. Hope nothing happens to Fairy ?
    I am so ready to find out how Daemon is able to break that spell, the color blue has to mean something… but why didn’t Sora tell him about her sister and why she does what she does. I mean she has to know what Daemon will go through an Broomstick. I feel so bad for him, not feeling Fairy there. That has to be horrible.
    Curious to see how Sora will confince Hana to switch sides.
    Is it just me, ir do the ryuu seem more… ähm “bloodthirsty”? Sora seemed so set on killing an torturing Aki that seemed incredibly unlike her…
    So cool to get that littlw glimpse into how geminas “find” each other. That is an interesting thing. Curious to know more

    • Lauren

      Oooh, that’s a good point, the Ryuu do seem more bloodthirsty.
      I wonder if that’s a side effect from their magic?

  • The Bookerina

    Readalong day 5: YES! Fairy and Broomstick have their hero moment! They deserve it. I would love to be friends with them. They’re kind and definitely have their hearts on the right place. Where can I find my Broomstick and Fairy??

    Ehhh so much happened! But fortunately our Sora is back! Eh stand in Empress is gone and the boys aren’t sure what has happened but they or actually Daemon has faith in Sora. But can Sora convince Gin that Fairy is his sister? Oooh I can’t wait for tomorrow! Evelyn makes it difficult to stop with reading

  • Tabatha

    So i was thinking what is daemon can resist the Dragon princes spell and break sora free from it because he is in love with her. This would mean that he had a stronger bond with her and would be subconsciously thinking about her all the time making it impossible for Prince gin to hypnotize him. I’m probably wrong but it was just a thought that stuck while I was reading

  • C

    I still have that theory about Deamon. Gah, can finally be revealed why he is immune to Prince Gin? I can’t stand not knowing. >.<

    Also I am really loving Fairy and Broomstick. I was so worried about Fairy posing as the Empress and I hope it will turn out okay for her in the end (like the real end).

    I love the dynamic between the characters, but still find getting into the chapters when they switch views a bit confusing. Otherwise I enjoy the story and I still enjoy the little gaps left to speculate about the out coming.
    It's incredibly fast paced for some reason, and I never realise when I reached the final chapter for the day. I usually read at least one more without noticing. XD"

    • Lauren

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book so far! (:
      I’m with you though, I’m worried about Fairy, I hope she survives.

  • Angela Bycroft

    I finally caught up with my first Fairyloot readalong – yay the weekend.

    This section was the first time I REALLY got this story. Up until now I hadn’t really felt connected to any of the characters.

    But seeing how Sora’s story can’t 360 degrees from good to bad to good again – I loved that major plot twist. Loving that she is now literally a spy in the enemy camp.

    Bring on the last few sections.

  • Anke (@ankereads)

    I thought that Sora would recognize Fairy right away and that that realization would ‘wake’ her up again. I’m excited to see whether Sora will be able to fool Prince Gin… I sincerely hope so!

    Anyone else hoping for a Fairy/Broomstick sequel /prequel?

  • Noor


    What the hell on many levels!!!!!!!

    1) Sora was about to kill Fairy. I think my heart skipped several beats when Fairy was suspended, then i was like ‘breathe breathe’

    2) Deamon & Fairy?! ummm are we about to have a romance twist?! im ok with the usual trope of the heroine discovering her feelings late, but I did not see this coming even though i looove Fairy! it doesn’t make sense! I hope this isn’t a hint at what’s to come! or would just be a detour for all 3 to realize their true love blah blah. But Daemon & Fairy aren’t natural! too forced >.<

    3) Empress Aki's character development is great to watch, but the council is a disappointment really! you would think all the Society would have a respectable role, but they are like a background. Even the other taiga's have no role. Maybe book 2 or the coming chapters would involve them more ..

    4) Really hoping Hana & Sora would be saved together ..

    Let's see .. theories .. i don't like coming up with those cause I want to be shocked at every turn really, but oh well since I stick to Daemon being God related. Do i have any though? nope I don't LOL
    Ah, now I have the last 10 chapters of today to finally catch up

    • AmbWitch

      I also started to wonder about a Fairy/Daemon pairing but it seems to have come out of nowhere. I am all for it though, but hope that if it happens it will take a while to form.

      • Noor

        Well .. the issue with me about their possible ship is that it came out of no where! The whole book Daemon had strong feelings for Sora then all of sudden once Fairy cleaned up & became Aki, he started thinking of her .. let’s see what happens, but I don’t think i’ll be happy about the romance, at least in this book ?

        • AmbWitch

          His feelings fro Fairy did seem to come out of the blue.

  • Tessa

    I finally read all the chapters, I found it difficult to get in to the story. It did’t start so great for me with the standard tropes like girl breaking rules, forbidden romance etc. Now I’m curious to see how it ends.
    I like the theory that Deamon could be a son of a god, but we will see. I don’t like the Deamon/Fairy romance. Is it a romance? It seems so since he keeps thinking about her. Strange development for me..
    And I was wondering, what happened with the guards in the camp? All were dead and missing body parts.. Did Hana do that? But she couldn’t kill Aki, so it’s strange that she doesn’t have a problem with others?

    • AmbWitch

      I think with Aiki it was because she was the Empress and she couldn’t get passed the idea that you can’t kill royalty. Ordinary soldiers fine, but royalty no.

      • Noor

        Yes i agree .. her problem was with the ranks .. with Aki being the symbol of the throne ..

    • Noor

      Oh yeah those missing body parts! Weird & creepy!


    Anyone else feel physically sick when Sora went to attach Fairy. I’m so invested in these characters.

    I’m shipping Daemon/Sora so hard. Like just make out already please.

    Why do I feel the next section is going to rip my heart out?!

    • Noor

      I was on the edge pf my seat as well!! Wah just imaginig how she crept on them while invisible gave me the creeps ?

      I ship them too, but im all for a slow burning romance & i hope at least in the 2nd book they get together & realize they are perfect together ? (yep i already prepared myself for heartbreak in this book)

  • Sheila

    Oh, Fairy was so brave… I feel so bad for Broomstick and Wolf, now both of them without their geminas!

  • Kirsty @kirstyes

    Aki listens to Fairy and Broomstick’s dangerous plan. It is not allowed to be a suicide mission!!! Ok author lady.
    It’s a good thing Broomstick asks Daemon to join them in the dessert because he’s going to be needed to snap Sora out of it so she stops Hana Killing Fairy. Both leaders are sending pawns in their place. Sad to know Hana actually believes Gin belongs on the throne.
    Sora still has a protective instinct in her away from Gin, and thinks of Daemon again until blocked. She even persuades him to call the Black widows off the diver. But as soon as she gets the request from Gin to kill Aki she’s back under and acquiescing.
    Hana’s having qualms but why does their sisterly bonding have to be over who kills Aki/ Fairy. Sora still bewitched agrees to do it to save her little sister pain. Sweet but not like this.
    Daemon joins the others pretty quickly and discovers the plot. I hope he can save everyone if they get mind controlled.
    Sora’s feverish with Gin’s command. Hopefully she collapses before completing her mission.
    She infiltrates the tent with no problem but is surprised by her friends being there and starts to fight. She doesn’t recognise Fairy.
    Daemon breaks the bond but Sora quickly decides she needs to continue to act as if fir Prince Gin. She renders then both unconscious then gives Fairy one of her own concoctions to make it look like she’s dead. Finally she realises it was Fairy and not Aki.
    Jeez Hana is a gruesome killer. Sora has had to take Fairy back to Gin as proof. Broomstick didn’t see her snap out of the trance so is understandably upset. Will Gin realise that Fairy isn’t his sister?

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