Darker By Four Readalong: Day 3!


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Hi fairies!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to day 3 of our readalong of Darker By Four by June CL Tan. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

But before we start reading, we have our secret giveaway! What’s that? Oh, just a chance to get your next FairyLoot for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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Good luck!

 I hope you’re all having a fun time reading so far!

Today we’re reading from chapter 18 to the end of chapter 29. Let’s do this!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Darker By Four by June CL Tan from Chapter 18 to Chapter 29. Please only read on if you have finished this section!

We kick off today’s reading with Rui’s POV and is anyone else a little nervous that Ten is going to pop up at any moment? 👀

Rui receives a text from Zizi telling her that he has been hearing chatter of mages disappearing. Could this be connected to the spell he was asked to create or the revenants? Do you have any theories?

Yiran and Rui’s heartfelt conversation was rather touching. Their growing friendship, strengthened by the spell’s bond, offers them insight into each other’s emotions. I really hope they begin to realise that they do actually have a lot in common. Plus I just find their budding friendship so wholesome!

I absolutely agree with Rui. Mint chocolate icecream does not taste like toothpaste and anyone who says otherwise (I’m looking at you Yiran) is simply wrong.

Ten finally appears before Rui, causing time to freeze. He introduces himself as Ten, King of the tenth court of hell, and questions how she managed such a powerful spell. Ten explains Four’s disappearance and seeks her assistance, initially met with refusal until he coerces her into a deal using his power. He promises revenge by delivering her mother’s killer and ensuring her friends’ safety if she aids him in finding Four.

Ten warns that his brother may be in the form of a human, but it will be someone extraordinary. He emphasizes the urgency of locating him to prevent worsening blight and the surge of revenants.

Ten then instructs Nikai to keep an eye on both Rui and Yiran.

Rui starts her search for Four at the academy, but finds no leads. She then turns to the Night Market, where she discovers a missing mage, mirroring Zizi’s earlier warning about disappearing mages. What could be the reason behind this targeted disappearance? Is it all conncted?

During a night out at a karaoke bar, Rui encounters Zizi, slightly intoxicated, who has news to share. They slip into an alley, where Zizi discloses details about the client who hired him to create the separation spell. The same client has suddenly died which seems very suspicious. Zizi also reveals that other mages where tasked in creating the same spell and have consequently also gone missing.

Amidst their conversation, Yiran appears, embroiled in a confrontation with a drunken man. The man blames people like Yiran for attracting revenants, and that they should be fed to them. A strange woman then comes and steers the man away, sending a shiver down Rui’s spine. I wonder who the woman is?

A while later we learn that Rui hasn’t heard from Zizi since the karaoke night and a few weeks have now passed. I hope he’s not missing!! I’m scared.

For weeks, Rui senses someone observing her and finally confronts the watcher, who turns out to be Nikai. He reveals his origin from the Fourth Court and expresses his desire to assist her. Handing her a small piece of glass, a fragment from the Fourth Court’s mirror, Nikai explains its use for communication. Moreover, he speculates that Four separated his power from his soul, allowing him to linger in the human realm for an extended period.

Rui decides to visit Zizi’s place to search for him, with Yiran offering to accompany her. However, Yiran receives a phone call instructing them both to join his grandfather for dinner. Ooooop.

Upon arriving at Zizi’s, Rui notices signs of distress—the usually tidy kitchen is messy, with unwashed dishes and a half-drunk mug of coffee on the counter. Concerned, she reflects on Zizi’s uncharacteristic lack of communication; he never misses her calls or goes a day without texting her. I am officially stressing. I hope nothing bad has happened to him!

Despite the locked door, Rui manages to access Zizi’s secret room, where she discovers drawings he made of her. I am crying. WHY IS THAT SO CUTE.

Rui recounts the night she saved Yiran’s life during dinner with his grandfather. Later, as they retrieve car keys from Yiran’s room, Rui notices an article about the drunk man they encountered who is now deceased. Suspecting foul play, she links it to the strange woman they encountered, adamant that she was in fact a hybrid and killed him. They suddenly hear a noise from the closet…

You’ll never guess who they find in there? The one and only Zizi. He describes his recent memory loss, only recalling falling asleep under a tree. There are strange black markings on his hands, worsening with each awakening in a different location. He say’s it’s getting worse and is a magic he doesn’t understand. Is this all connected to the other missing mages?

Suddenly Zizi starts to get one of his bad migraines. He mutters something and waves his hand, a number 9 appearing. He then says they’re going to visit his grandmother.

Anyone else think the paintings at Zizi’s grandmothers hotel sound very similar to those described at Zizi’s place? Also suspicious of the fact they seem to depict elements of hell… I may be overthinking but could this be a little easter egg, potentially foreshadowing something?

The hotel is surrounded by magic and it’s clear Zizi’s grandmother is a powerful mage.

Their simple act of holding hands as they accompany Zizi’s grandmother fills me with joy. It’s moments like these that remind me why I adore slow burn romance – the smallest of things mean everything!

Zizi’s grandmother looks at Rui’s palm and says “I see he has chosen well.” Does she mean that in terms of romantic love, or something else? She also tells Rui to stay away from him because “her story will not end well” and that her path is a difficult one. I wonder what she can sense? Poor Rui.

Well, the ending of today’s reading has me excited (but scared) to continue! This book is so much fun!

Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?

What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow?

Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man?

I’m so excited to see what will happen in tomorrow’s chapters, see you there fairies!





  • Amelia Jayne

    I have a feeling four could be zizi or his soul is in zizi. I dont know why im feeling that or how the age gap can be explained but i think granny defo knows something too. That would explain the migraines though if fours soul is somehow trapped in zizi. I have no explanation at all for any of that though 😂

    Im not sure if it was a hybrid who killed the drunk man. It feels like something fishy is going on with the kings though. I feel like theres so much still to unpack im absolutely loving this read!

    My post is on @cosy_daze ☺️

  • Andy Calladine

    I have entered the competition and my instagram handle is @emowyn


  • Tasha

    Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?
    so yesterday i thought it was Yiran but now I think four is zizi. I also think that somehow Rui is four/ zizi lost love mentioned by ten and the photo of Rui is actually real – some sort of time travel scenario or reincarnation maybe?

    What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow? – yes I think it’s a fallout from four being in or actually being zizi. Perhaps his grandmother is the lady of the lake who disappeared with four.

    Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man? – no clue on this definitely related to the women who was him though I think but who she is I’m not sure 🤔

    Really enjoying this one overall so far I’m very intrigued to how things are all going to come together and play out.

    • Jodie

      I love your theory, I have been wondering that too! 👀 So happy to hear you’re enjoying it! 💜

  • Katie

    I agree about how fun this book is.
    I usually try to come up with theories and all but I’m not really sure where this is going and how it’s all going to come together. I’m just enjoying the ride for now.

    Zizi is an icon.

    I will probably put a post up in time to enter the competition and my Instagram is @onlybooksiveread 🙂

    • Jodie

      So glad you’re enjoying the mystery and unpredictability of it all! I agree Zizi is an icon – I adore him! 😂💜

  • spudko.vik

    Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?
    – It’s still a bit strange that Rui was soo powerful I’m still thinking that she has some connection to Four’s power

    What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow?
    – Hard to say, I think his disappearance affected all of them a bit and the search itself.Plus the kings 🤔 I don’t trust them that much

    Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man?
    – might be but need more information and new chapters asap😅

  • Lisa Spanu (@lisashelves)

    I am loving this book so much!!

    1. Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?
    Still a bit clueless, since I believe multiple options are possible! Which I love, since it will probably leave me guessing until the reveal! I now believe Zizi might be the vessel in which the soul is staying, while Rui might have his powers.

    2. What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow?
    I think it is connected to the other mages that have been going missing, not because of Four. I do think he is connected to Four now, though

    3. Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man?
    It wouldn’t surprise me. It is rather suspicious that he was killed shortly after ‘meeting’ with Yiran, Rui and Zizi. Or it was Zizi who went after him after his comments about them being freaks, that also wouldn’t surprise me as much

    • Jodie

      So happy to hear you’re loving it! 💜 Yes, totally agree it’s so fun not knowing it adds to the mystery! 👀

  • Lisa Spanu (@lisashelves)

    Entered via my account @lisashelves

  • fatima

    Ahh Rui finding Zizi’s sketchbooks! The pining is exquisite. 🤌

    Also, I think Four might be in Zizi? The obsessive sketches of Rui, including the one of her in the future + Ten saying this earlier:

    “Foolish, foolish brother, what have you done?” Ten murmured to himself. “All this because of a broken heart?”

    Maybe Four was in love with a past version of Rui in another lifetime and it didn’t end well? So that’s somehow seeping through Zizi’s crush on her. Idk how that works to be honest 😂

    Also, what does Madam Meng know?? And I really want to know what Nikai did to end up in the Nothing before Four rescued him! So many questions I’m on the edge of my seat!!

    • Jodie

      Yesss, I am living for all the pining and the slow burn romance! 😍 Ooooo that’s such an interesting theory!!

    • fatima

      Forget to mention I joined the contest on @infinitenovels! 💗

  • Andy Calladine

    ooh, maybe Four recognised Rui in the baby.
    And what was that about Eleven???

  • j.iris

    My current theory after today’s chapters is that Zizi definitely has something to do with Four, and Rui could be the woman One mentions Four couldn’t save the last time. I never did think about the fact that the vessel of Four’s powers could also be an object, I thought it could only be a person, and it would make sense to be Rui, but there’s more theories to explore now,

    That strange woman from the karaoke club could possibly be a hybrid Revenant, and I wonder if this has something to do with the missing mages. Maybe someone wanted a way to transfer the magic from a Revenant to a human so they could create hybrids?

    I’ll also enter the giveaway! My IG is

    • Jodie

      I agree, I’m thinking the same thing! That is such a good theory about the hybrids! 👀

  • Rachel

    Im thinking Four could potentially be Zizi? With the stars on his ceiling and the pictures of hell possibly being memories at his grandmothers house🤔 I don’t know how but is it possible in some form he already knew Rui? And future Rui that he is drawing? Im so invested now and I’m loving it! Not sure how Zizi waking up in random places is fitting in to it as well yet but excited to see how it all comes together💜

    • Jodie

      Yes! The stars on the ceiling had me questioning that too… So happy to hear you’re loving it! 💜

    • Rachel

      Entered with @minnie_reads_

  • Tiffany Salangsang

    It seems like Four is Zizi, but it would be awesome if Four was in Mao instead lol.

    Maybe Zizi is getting sick because he’s not supposed be the mortal realm for this long?

    Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man? yes

  • ladymeg

    1) My current guess is Zizi is the vessel and Rui has his powers. Or Yiran does now. They’re all tied together!

    2) Seems likely to me!

    3) I definitely do.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix

  • Ronan55

    Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?
    It has to be Zizi! References to the star ceiling and the sudden headaches could be Four’s soul being too strong for his body to hold.

    What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow?
    I 100% believe Four is connected ^.^ I think Four’s soul is fighting to break free (in some sense?) and Zizi is unable to contain the power of a King

    Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man?
    I think a hybrid did do it but there is a bit more to this I think. I want to say Ten is up to no good

    I entered the contest on Instagram under the handle @ronansnextchapter

  • Andy Calladine

    Ooh if Four is Zizi. Then his powers could keep coming back to him and maybe hes putting them into new paintings each time they do.
    Or its his cat Mao. 🐈


    I will be entering my ig name is mangapenguin

    Do you have any ideas as to who Four could be, or any theories as to where his powers are?
    Is he Zizi??? Or connected to this spell mages were requested to create?

    What do you think is happening to Zizi? do you think it’s connected to Fours disappearance somehow?
    I am curious if he/four has been gone to long and with the longer time comes worse magic oddities.

    Do you think it was a hybrid that killed the drunk man?
    Maybe?? Honestly I’m not super sure about anything at the moment.

  • TupaKitty_Reads

    I’m a little late to the party, but
    *I’ve already posted my #DarkFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  • susy34633

    Ok, so maybe that night that Four saved Rui’s mom, he transfered his powers to the baby?
    Could Zizi be Four, and the marks be related to the nothingness affecting the underworld?
    I didnt like that premonition from Zizi’s grandmother, i am kind of scared right now. I really want them to be together ❤️

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