Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our readalong of Daughter of the Moon Goddess! Xingyin’s coming into her magic and herself and I’m excited to see where this section will take us!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 8 to the end of Chapter 16. Let’s get reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan, from chapters 8 to 16. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Liwei wakes Xingyin up EARLY, I’d be livid… He intends today to be the day where he claims on the wager and Xingyin has to do his bidding. I wonder what he has planned? They’re heading out of the palace, Captain Wenzhi has returned so the General has released them from their obligations and their other tutors are attending an audience with Liwei’s father. It seems they’re not allowed to leave the palace, since he’s disguising their auras. When Xingyin asks him what her aura is like he says it’s like rain, fierce, relentless and untamed.

They arrive at an amazing magical market. Xingyin is drawn to a shell that’s enchanted to capture your favourite sound. It’s from the Southern Sea and she instantly thinks of Ping’er. Liwei offers to buy it but instead, clever Xingyin gives the stall owner an offer and he lets her play her flute into the shells in exchange for the Southern Sea shell. When Liwei jokingly says she should get a stall here next time and Xingyin says he could sit beside her and sell paintings, they both get kinda doe eyed and think about how good it would be. I’m sensing a lil romance here, fairies. Here. For. It!

Then they come across Sky Drop Tassels. I love the sound of these! Liwei buys a matching pair, he puts his aura in one and gives it to Xingyin and instructs her to put her aura in the other and attaches it to his own belt. If either is in trouble, the Sky Drop Tassel with their aura in will glow red, so they’ll always know when the other is safe.

We’ve jumped forward two years. It’s Liwei’s birthday tomorrow and busy preparing his birthday gift, Xingyin is running late to attend to him today, playing her flute into the Southern Sea shell she purchased those years ago to gift to Liwei. When she arrives at Liwei’s chamber, his mother the Celestial Empress is there and she immediately scolds Xingyin for running late and leaving Liwei to ‘attend to himself’.

Liwei, protective of Xingyin devises a quick lie and says he gave her a task to find snow ginseng root to have brewed into a tonic for Their Celestial Majesties. The empress hints at a grand event happening tomorrow and when she mentions a princess, Liwei seems intrigued? Weird. 

In the kitchen, Xingyin speaks to Minyi about the empress and says she is so ill tempered because of the loss of her kin… her kin turn out to be the SUNBIRDS that Xingyin’s father shot down??? Whaaaaaat! Minyi thankfully doesn’t notice that Xingyin is VERY interested in the outcome of the archer above all else.

Back to their classes, Xingyin is excelling at archery, so much so that her skills result in the applause of a mysterious tall, lean soldier? Who is this?

General Jianyun confronts Xingyin and asks her what she plans to do once she’s no longer Liwei’s companion, an outcome Xingyin clearly never foresaw. He asks if she has considered entering the army and Xingyin isn’t totally against the idea, interesting. He tells her some soldiers strive to win the Crimson Lion Talisman, whoever wins it is granted a royal favour. Could this be Xingyin’s opportunity to free her mother?

Liwei is unsurprisingly interested in knowing what General Jianyun spoke about and we know Xingyin doesn’t like lying so she tells him honestly and he is shocked? Surely neither of them anticipated attending lessons forever? 

They clearly have an amazing friendship, especially since both have been quite forthright about the fact that they’ve never really experienced much friendship before. Liwei wants to help Xingyin with her hopes and dreams but… we all know that Liwei doesn’t entirely know Xingyin. He knows her but not where she comes from. Would he still feel the same if he knew that her mother was Chang’e, exiled to the moon for disobeying his parents and her father was Houyi, who shot down his mother’s, and therefore his own kin?

He does tell her though, not to make any hasty decisions, and I think that’s good advice!

Xingyin wakes abruptly from a nightmare, and here comes her knight in shining armour! Liwei heard her screaming and rushed to her chamber. He holds her hand and strokes her cheek as she cries and then, the atmosphere changes, and he’s KISSING HER! But then he’s moved away and he’s apologising and she’s saying it was a mistake and he’s asking why and WOW their dynamic just changed so quickly. They’ve grown together as friends for more than two years, slowly growing to love each other and now he’s finally kissed her! He admits he’s wanted to do it for a long time, and can’t forget about it.

Xingyin realises it must be Liwei’s birthday now and gives him the shell. So sweet! They promise to spend the day together tomorrow and he leaves her room, leaving Xingyin to consider whether she should tell Liwei who she really is now that they’ve crossed a line from friendship to more.

I need an enchanted dress with starlings that float around the skirt. Unfair. When she finds Liwei, he gives her a hair pin (which are traditionally gifted as a love token, swoon). He manages to convince Xingyin to attend his banquet tonight and then he summons a cloud (coolest way to travel, try convincing me otherwise) and they’re off to the mortal realm.

They have a picnic of sorts and toast to happiness and dreams. Xingyin tells Liwei she dreams of always being with her loved ones. So sweet. We know that’s Chang’e and Ping’er though, has Liwei now been included in that? 

He shows her the Phoenix Fire Bow and in true Liwei and Xingyin fashion, they have a challenge! Whoever shoots from the farthest distance is the winner. Blindfolded, Xingyin shoots, then Liwei is kissing her, in the rain no less! Ah, the romance.

Gasp! After Xingyin goads Liwei that he only kissed her because she won, he says:

“Why did I fall in love with someone who takes so much pleasure in grinding my pride into the dust?”


They return to the Jade Palace and Xingyin is greeted by an attendant telling her someone is waiting for Liwei outside. Weird, are they in trouble?

It’s a girl, and she has a gift for Liwei… this is a bit sketchy. Then she only goes and knocks over a paintbrush and ruins one of Liwei’s art pieces! Unintentionally… but still! Who is this girl causing destruction and wanting to give Liwei gifts? Rude.

Xingyin though, is kind and instead of blaming the girl (like she was blamed at the Golden Lotus Mansion) she says it could’ve been a bird, letting the girl know she won’t tell. 

Once alone, she opens the parchment the attendant gave her. It’s a drawing from Liwei, of her. She’s shocked at how Liwei sees her, strong and beautiful! He’s written a note to say she may have won the challenge, but not the greatest prize. Is he saying the greatest prize is her? CUTE. She adds underneath “there are no prizes in the game of hearts”. Are they both winners?

Ok people, it’s banquet time! I don’t have high hopes for this since Liwei’s parents will be there but hopefully Xingyin can have fun!

At least Xingyin has General Jianyun to keep her company and… who’s this? A cool and fresh aura, dense and strong, black eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw and a well formed mouth.

Ahhhhh it’s the illustrious Captain Wenzhi! And it turns out he was the one that erupted into applause yesterday when Xingyin was shooting bows, he’s very openly impressed with Xingyin’s skills. Xingyin sits with them and Liwei is sitting on the dais next to the girl Xingyin saw destroy Liwei’s painting earlier… Even though he is sitting next to a princess, he’s glowering at Xingyin, assumingly for sitting with tall dark and handsome Wenzhi. After the horrible empress forces Xingyin to play the song she wrote for Liwei after noticing her hair pin, the hair pin Liwei gifted her. She’s a wretched person. 

No. No no no no no. Liwei is BETROTHED???? TO THE PRINCESS???? He literally just told Xingyin he loves her, earlier that day???? WHAT IS GOING ON? Wenzhi can clearly tell from the looks Liwei gave Xingyin and the look that Xingyin now has on her face that there was something between them, and offers Xingyin comfort by holding her hand. My heart is absolutely broken for her. Why would Liwei trick her like this?? I need an explanation!

Liwei finds Xingyin after the banquet and begs her to let him explain, but she’s gone cold. She’s back to calling him Your Highness and acting like nothing more than a servant, asking if he needs assistance for the night. In an attempt to get her to listen he says he won’t excuse her and makes her go through the motions of getting his chamber ready, combing his hair, everything. Does he not realise how much this must hurt her?

He tells Xingyin it’s a political alliance, to strengthen their ties with the Phoenix Kingdom. It doesn’t even sound like he protested this?! I know he’s a prince and has duties, but what about love, WHAT ABOUT XINGYIN?

Even WORSE, when Xingyin says she has to leave, he has the audacity to say he will always have a place for her, when he’s marrying another? I’m with Xingyin on this one, does he expect her to tend to his future wife and children?

It looks like Xingyin has made her decision, it looks as though she’ll take up General Jianyun’s offer to join the army. Poor Xingyin.

Xingyin HAS joined the army and we’re joining her as she’s tasked with slaying Xiangliu, the nine-headed serpent… sounds easy. When she joined the army her terms were that she has no rank and has the ability to choose her own campaigns… is she trying to gain the Crimson Lion Talisman?

So, here we are, Captain Wenzhi telling Xingyin that Xiangliu can only be shot down with an arrow through the eyes in his fifth head but only when they’re OPEN. Sounds simple enough. OH and looking into its eyes can paralyse you. Is it too late for Xingyin to pull out of the army?

Unsurprisingly, strong and determined Xingyin, takes down the nine-headed serpent. Captain Wenzhi helps Xingyin with her wounds (wonder if he can heal her broken heart) and then… they find a hoard of Xiangliu’s treasures! I’d take as much as I could carry but Xingyin only wants a bangle to gift Shuxiao. Wenzhi gives her a very strong bow called the Jade Dragon Bow, that shoots Sky-fire, and gives it to Xingyin for “safe keeping”

Xingyin awakens to a voice… Liwei! He says he wanted to check she was ok and unharmed. Is it just me that feels this is kind of cruel? He’s the one that agreed to a betrothal and expected Xingyin to stay around. I know he cares for her but he needs to let her go so that her heart can heal!

Liwei healed her as she slept, another overstep I think. He seems jealous of Wenzhi? A bit rich considering he’s betrothed to another. Liwei tells her the betrothal gifts have been exchanged but he hopes the ceremony won’t be for years and maybe then things will be different… Surely he can’t expect Xingyin to linger around for years hoping things might be different and she can get a chance with Liwei again? The audacity!

Suddenly Captain Wenzhi is at the door, concerned as the healer was sent away before she could attend to Xingyin, and then he discovers Liwei healed her. Wenzhi obviously knows something regarding their relationship, since he was the one to provide Xingyin comfort and hold her hand when it came out that Liwei was betrothed.

He asks her to join him on his next campaign, as there might be an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the Jade Dragon Bow (and a lil bit more about each other AM I RIGHT *wink wink*) and Xingyin says she’ll consider it.

Damn, Shuxiao’s here now! Can an injured Xingyin get a moment’s peace? Shuxiao’s hinting that Wenzhi might be giving Xingyin a bit of special treatment. Does he have a crush on her? There are rumours that there’s something between them, is this why Liwei wanted to check on her? Jealousy? 

We leave Xingyin as she falls asleep on the rooftop, under the light of the moon and dreams of being with her mother again.

So much happened in this section, I have so many feelings!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow for day three!



34 thoughts on “Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 2!

  1. Yess!! This section was mindblowing!! I cannot wait to see what becomes of Xingyin!

  2. First I was so happy they were in love and then came the broken heart(s) ? I feel so sorry for Xingyin!!
    And then Liwei turned up in her room…. He shouldn’t have!

    I’m wondering if the bow of Sky-fire only works in Xingyin’s hands??
    Can’t wait to find out more! It helps a lot that I really like this story, still 100 pages a day is a lot for me. I’ll keep trying to keep up ?
    Love, Sandy

  3. So many handsome men to choose from! I’m a little turned off by Wenzhi’s initial reaction of indifference to Xingyin, I’m assuming that he was thinking she was just another simpering woman, and that his interest we only piqued once he learned she was the archer he had seen. I suppose in a way it gives him a better character for not leering after women but at the same time the dismissive attitude is just as bad!

    I really wanted Liwei to have had more time with Xingyin, and a small part of me wants them to find a way to be together, but I fear that their relationship is broken now and it will never work out.

    I really want to know more about the Jade Dragon bow and the sky fire!
    I am really loving that despite being badass with a bow, Xingyin has enough flaws to make her character believable.

  4. I really don’t think Liwei is right for xingyin. His expectations of her are not fair, she shouldn’t have to wait around for him to maybe one day not marry someone?? I hope she finds someone else, maybe Wenzhi??

    I wish there was a little more character development and a little slower pace, I feel like this book has already gone through so much and it’s only been 200 pages

  5. Something about the whole betrothal thing just puts me totally off. Like does Liwei think Xingyin is going to be ok with playing second? Oh noooo boy. You don’t know our girl. I hope she shows him up and falls in love with someone else. He seems the jealous type!!!

  6. I was so mad at Lewei for his engagement honestly! I’m shipping Wenzhi and Xingyin together, though he was rather rude to her at first and was only interested once he realised who she was? I’m interested to see what happens to everyone!

    1. Wow! A lot happened in this section!!

      I’m definitely starting to like the writing style more. I particularly enjoyed the Xiangliu scene, I think because it was much more detailed than others

      I love that Xingyin is always giving 110 % and that she’s quickly become one of the most skilled members of the Celestial army. She’s so determined!!

      Even though I thought her and Liwei were really cute, I’m hoping she ends up with Wenzhi. They have a lot more in common. I really want to see them become a cool warrior couple who go into battle together and always have each other’s backs.

  7. Oh no poor Xingyin, although his reasons are noble, you can’t help bit want to skae him. I love how strong Xingyin is and how she had decided to forge her own path. I see a love triangle with Xingyin the handsome captain and the crown prince. I wonder who, if anyone, Xingyin will end up with. I’m not sure which one I prefer yet!

    The Jade Dragon Bow senses Xingyin’s true parentage and that’s why it’s connected to her. I also want to know the true story behind her parents. Cannot wait to carry on with this readalong

  8. Excuse me, what did just happen here? Liwei, seriously, engaged to another woman and accidentally forgot to mention it. His explanations were super disappointing…and I understand duties and family/land protection but still..shame on you Liwei.

    Captain Wenzhi for me is like a good friend for Xingyin not a potential love interest bit we will see how it will evaluate. Fingers crossed that Xingyin will not follow the revenge path and try to make Liwei jealous because it will not change anything and will be even worse for her.

    Super excited for tomorrow’s chapters!

  9. What a great section! I do wish we got to see more of Xingyin and Liwei’s relationship together before it got ripped away – it felt like it happened for only a few pages and I wasn’t completely invested when they separated, and though I do understand Liwei wanting to stay with Xingyin it’s totally unfair to ask her to remain at the palace while he marries another. I am a Wenzhi fan though, so I’m excited to see where this goes! And aside from the romance, my curiosity has been piqued about the bow.

  10. Wow this section contained so much! I was totally loving the romance and I thought they were wonderful together. What a disappointment when it all went wrong. I’m really torn on what I want to happen now and am intrigued to see how it all turns out. I enjoyed the monster slaying scenes and feel like we’ve moved into a different phase of the story now where we focus on her becoming a warrior ?

  11. Ugh, this book is so hard to put down and I wish my body wasn’t demanding sleep!

    In terms of the love triangle, since that’s the big thing that happened this section… i don’t really care, lol? I liked Lewei but he screwed Xingyin over (though I get his perspective. Like, what was he meant to do?) And I refuse to be all shippy over Wenzhi just because he’s the other option… he hasn’t done anything yet, so I don’t see why I need to like him yet. I’m more invested in her path of making a name for herself, and I like that now she has gotten to a place where the position of power she has is something she earned herself rather than lucked upon because a guy liked her, as her being Lewei’s companion had been. It’s much, much more satisfying.

    Hurry up and save your Mum, Xingyin!

    1. Oh, and I’m excited about that legendary bow she has stashed under her bed. Cmon, sis, follow in your parents’ footsteps and be a hardcore immortal/hero!

  12. Wow a lot happened! I’m not sure how I feel about all the time jumps, it’s only been 200 pages but years have passed and loads has happened ?
    I was so happy when he said he loved her but then the betrothal crushed me immediately after – they didn’t even get more than one day together!!! I get why he agreed but also nooooo? though I do also like Wenzhi and liked that Xingyin is moving forward In her plans to help her mother, and the army and battle were very exciting to read. I honestly have no idea where the story is going, with all the time jumps and changes it’s so unpredictable! Can’t wait for tomorrows section 🙂

  13. Sign me up for the dating sim featuring Liwei and Wenzhi please! xD I mean seriously, that’s what this feels like. Do we pick the princely scholar or the noble warrior?

    I keep hoping Xingyin will find her father. Every time she gets close to the Mortal Realm I get excited. In these chapters when there was a second archer I was like YES IT’S GONNA BE HIM and then it wasn’t. Alas.

  14. This book just keeps getting better! I flew through this section! I can definitely see this being a five star read! The love triangle that is starting to develop is killing me and the fact that the heroine has a goal in place and is doing everything in her power to get there…. I really want to know how it ends!

  15. So much happened in these chapters!
    Oh wow, I fell in love with Xingyin and Liwei as a couple so quickly only to have my heart broken pages later!! I hope we get an adventure group consisting of Xingyin, Liwei, Whenzi and Shuxiao. Wasn’t expecting Whenzi to become a romantic interest, but I’m here for the love triangle.

    I’ve been enjoying Xingyin’s military career. What an exciting scene where they were fighting Xiangliu! I wonder if the Jade Dragon Bow is what her father used to shoot down the sunbirds and that’s why it wants to be with her so much.

  16. The market chapter was so cute. The Sun and the Moon.. what a pair O__O
    If that isn’t some sort of foreshadowing! gahh those two are two cute.
    I love how Xingyin is growing stronger and more confident.
    Sigh <3

  17. Lots of intrigue in this section. Liwei is acting poorly but I think he still has a good heart in there somewhere…

    Xingyin should be careful who she trusts as everyone seeming nice and being her friend doesn’t seem likely…

  18. Liwei & Xingyin’s love was doomed from the start but it was sweet while it lasted! I had bad vibes as soon as we heard the Princess’ name and then Xingyin was going to the banquet!?! I was yelling at my book the same way you yell at the characters in a horror movie! I’m proud of Xingyin for how she handled the news and stood up for herself. She knows she deserves better and good for her, making the choice to leave! I find Captain Wenzhi intriguing and can’t wait to read what happens next!

  19. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to hit Liwei. How can he do that to Xingyin? I happy that Xingyin decided to join the Army, specially because Wenzhi. I feel like he likes her but I like more is that he let her choose what she wanted to do. I’m really interested to see what will happen next ?

  20. Wow! I’m absolutely blown away at how phenomenal the story telling is in this book.

    I was devastated learning about Liwei’s engagement, but definitely saw it coming. While I am annoyed at Liwei, I also don’t blame him. It’s kind of part of his role. I’m a sucker for friends to lovers, but I’m also like “look over there” with Captain Wenzhi.

    Two handsome men, what’s a girl to do?

    I cannot wait to see how this plays out.

  21. So much has happened! The twists! I had a feeling Liwei & Xingyin were headed down a path where they’d fall for each other, but I also figured his mom would have NONE of that. I did not see that betrothal coming like that, without Liwei even protesting it. I thought he might’ve been glaring at Xingyin being friendly with Captain Wenzhi, but to do so (blatantly) knowing he was definitely betrothed to the girl seated by himself? Tsk, tsk. Xingyin’s rise through the combat channels was of little surprise, & I figured she would eventually go into the army because that’s the best way to try to attain her mom’s freedom, but I did think there was going to be a bit more of a pause & dragging her feet as she indulged a bit with Liwei. Speaking of things not working out, that battle with Xiangliu? Hearing she’d been burned by his ACID had me all tensed up. Liwei healed her, & I thought maybe he’d mention the teardrop had alerted him to her being in danger/injured, but they never said it. The following scene was amusing: Captain Wenzhi VS Liwei, the difference in Xingyin’s reactions to each, Shuxiao making her realize that Captain Wenzhi is a hottie with a body (& a soft spot for her great enough to start the rumor mill). Plus, now Xingyin & Captain Wenzhi have a mutual secret: the Jade Dragon Bow … maybe even a secret about the Celestial Emperor being a bit distasteful to them? (Oh, & how sweet was it when they gave that mountain of treasure to the villages? ?)

    I’m going to lose sleep because it’s so hard to put this book down!

  22. I had a bad feeling Xingyin and Liwei’s relationship will go nowhere because the latter is the crown prince and he will likely have to have a political marriage, and unfortunately I was right. Poor Xingyin! 🙁

    I kind of like it that she joined the army, she might have a chance that her talents will be recognized.

  23. This lot of chapters was wild, so many emotions, something that stuck was the matched pair of tassels, I feel there is something more to those as it seemed the vender was please and going to say more, as much as I like when love happens I’m guilty of loving when there is turbulence and drama so I’m excited for the introduction of a possible other love interest

  24. This book already has me hooked! I normally despise love triangles because there is always a very clear “right person,” and I always get annoyed at the person getting in the way of that. This book (so far) has done it so incredibly well that I will be heartbroken for one of them at the end either way but happy for the other. The way that Xingyin is becoming her own person and carving her own path. She sets her own rules and is confident in her abilities. I can’t wait to see how she progresses. I have a theory that the bow she found may have been her father’s, and that is why it was calling to her. I hope that she finds her father and finds a way to reunite them using the bow. I also can’t wait until she finally reveals herself as the daughter of the Moon Goddess who isn’t supposed to exist!

  25. Prince Liwei’s ability to disguise auras and their friendship tassels could come in handy when Xiangyin has to flee, which I’m guessing is inevitable.

    I love that Liwei was looking for a friend when he found Xiangyin. He’s so pure, I love it!

    I love that music is so central to this story. We are lovers of music in my home and this warms my heart. I wish I had a shell that would hold a loved one’s voice. What a beautiful gift!

    I love the prince’s reaction when she talks about her service ending. He’s responding exactly the way we all dream a prince would! How has he been raised a royal and come out so good?

    “My offer stands. Anytime, whatever you need.” Ok! The Crimson Lion Talisman, another great option. Xiangyin is really opening up more doors of possibility every day!

    That kiss!!! Ok now I’m getting nervous. I don’t want them to be pulled apart. Will he defy his parents and his entire kingdom for his love? Even if he doesn’t want to be a prince, could he leave his whole world behind? I think he will understand what he when she tells him but I think he’ll be hurt that he lied about it.

    Ok this earth scene though. I’m blushing. The birthday party! This is getting good!!!

    Captain Wenzhi, I see you! I’m all about this book. I’m drinking it in. I loved the cave scene so much! Xingyin is an exceptional person. I love everything about her!

    I have a completely out there guess – Xiangyin’s father is alive and Captain Weizhi is her brother. I love this book!

  26. So many suff happened in this section!!
    I was starting to like Liwei and Xingyin being together and seeing a start to a love story. But the engagement? That was disappointing and unexpected. I liked that Xingyin decided to do her own thing and joined the army. I fell like those army skills will help her at the end of the book. And yay! Xingyin defeated the serpent!

  27. I am definitely preferring the Captain over the Prince now. Also did this mysterious bow belong to her father?

  28. First of all Now, I’m interested in Liweis ability to hide auras and the fact that he only wanted a friend, someone to see him as a person and not a prince is adorable ? I mean! Could Xingyins father be alive? Could he have some how become immortal? Oh! This IS interesting ?….. IM LOVING THIS BOOK!!

  29. Liwei and Xingyin’s romance seemed a bit sudden for me? I know that technically it has taken them a few years to grow their friendship and love, but the kiss after Xingyin’s nightmare surprised me. Although, I did feel the depth of their relationship more a bit further on in this section. However, I’m team Wenzhi!! The way he comforted Xingyin during the banquet stole my heart!

    I’m excited to see how the Sky Drop Tassels will play into the story. Also, the reveal of the connection between the sunbirds and the empress was so well done. And the hairpin being a gift between lovers was such a nice detail.

    The battle scene with the Xiangliu was epic though! I’m glad that we got to explore Xingyin’s feelings of guilt and shame with the kill. Could the Jade Dragon bow be her father’s?

    Ok, so the scene between Xingyin, Wenzhi, and Liwei after she gets healed was just perfect. I live for this type of drama hahaha. Even Shuxiao sees that Wenzhi is interested hehe.

  30. Wow the time jumps are a bit jarring, but i appreciate that it makes everything more realistic and not insta-love, which I’m not a superfan of. I love how determined Xingyin is and how selfless but still a bit of a hothead who has real moments of doubt, it makes her such a realistic and relatable character

  31. Captain Wenzhi is a nice addition (I am a little suspicious of him, tho. I think he has a big secret and personal motives, hides something…). Guy reminds me a little of Chaol and Rowan from ToG who I love!

    The exchanged gifts ? and later the scene in the soldier quarters…. ?????? I live for Xingyin and Liwei!!! They are so sweet like America and Maxon (The Selection). I am a little upset with the Prince now!!! Betrothed? Dude, not cool.

    I have a feeling that the bow is somehow connected to Xingyin’s father. That perhaps he is still alive maybe an immortal, maybe knows the Captain, maybe is imprisoned in a monster’s body and our h might slay him without her knowing it was her father or something like that. ? If it were possible and YA fantasy books were so twisted as my mind, I’d suspect that the Captain is her Father. ?

    (I hope no one minds that I arrived super later after the readalong ended. ?)

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